1000pipBuilder Review [2023] – Is It Legit Or Scam?

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1000pipBuilder (https://www.1000pipbuilder.com/) is one of many online Forex signals provider that promises to deliver accurate signals to guide traders with information to trade. 

It functions under the leadership of a seasoned trader named Bob, who lets subscribers know when to make and not make a trade.

Subscribers expect to get a first-hand taste of his knowledge to take advantage of trading opportunities. The key strategy they use is trend-focused to optimize high odds.

They promise to help you understand the constant price fluctuations and diagnose the happenings of specific stocks. Everything is computerized so that users can access it on phones or desktops. They also have apps to extend their services. Let’s explore them in more detail in this review.

Where is 1000pipBuilder based?

The company has its headquarters in London but boasts of having customers all around the globe, with the bulk of the users being from America and the UK. 

Their services cross boundaries, assisting traders from all over the world, though he only focuses on a few major currencies.

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How Long Have They Been Around? 

Having worked with one of the top monetary services in London, Bob branched out to start his own signal providing company.

As the lead trade adviser, he has more than ten years in the industry and shares his expertise with his customers.

The business itself doesn’t have clear records of how long it’s been in existence. It only emerged in 2016, so maybe that’s how long it’s been around for, and their expertise relies on Bob’s years of experience. 

How Their Forex Signals Work

What they seek to achieve through their program is to make trading easy and simplified.

They claim to have a top Forex signals service. Subscribers are expected to fork out $97 monthly in order to access signals. These are said to potentially earn users thousands of pips annually, regardless of market conditions. 

Trading professionals supposedly develop exchange signals. However, shared trades are disappointingly irregular, with only one being published sometimes, after promising 2-7 daily. When they do come, the win: lose ratio is down to 1:1 with a mean pip gain of only 50.

His means of trade is restricted to US$ pairs only, and they rarely exceed 70 pips. Deals are somewhat of a gamble, but the changing market can’t be blamed for the losses they make. This is especially controversial if other companies are dishing over 200 pips signals that nail the TP.

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Compatibility With Beginners

They promise to hold your hand throughout the process, but in reality, you’ll receive erratic emails and an odd signal here and there. What more, no explanation is ever given for the signals that do come through, even as you sit and lose trades.

For the 97USD people are expected to pay, you may be better off with free services.

As a beginner with a small account, it sounds a bit absurd to maintain a subscription while receiving one signal per day.

Additionally, your account is entirely handled by you. If you want to make a cancellation nor suspend payment, you have to email them to do it.

Apart from the text messages and emails they send, the site’s customer support is frustratingly lacking and even arguably non-existent. The only option you have is to click on the “Contact us” button, which leads you to an email address and that’s it. Not the most interactive form of communication out there, and definitely not the standard they drive their users to expect. 

New users dealing with the website will most likely be put off by the lack of information and access to it.

Their Trading Results

Their only functional system is their customer relations who respond to emails; other than that, the service is substandard.

Apart from their questionable “customer reviews,” they seem to be a ghost company. In their years of existence, no records exist of their live trading. Sounds sketchy? We thought so too.

Their myfxbook account shows inconsistent signals, which also proved unreliable. When questioned, they refuse to share the rest of their activity. 

All their positive reviews make you question whether they’re paid to deceived people.

Customers have reported to have bought their signal software, and after that, lost the deposits in their real accounts. Any credible entity provides free trials and makes provision for refunds, but when contacted, Bob and his team are unresponsive. 

Customer Feedback

The endorsements the company gets in comparison to their performance simply doesn’t make any sense. How does a company with virtually no signal history have top tier ratings? 

Our assumption is either they’re paid for or simply fabricated.

You never get a chance to make a great first impression, and several users had words of criticism for 1000pipBuilder. Some, however, came back to “retract” their statements after having initially made solid arguments against the company. The complete 360 was a red flag, making you question the authenticity of any good reviews they received.

What To Expect With 1000pipBuilder

User expectations are high with 1000pipBuilders non-subtle brag about working under an experienced mentor with a decade-worth of knowledge. While subscribers may anticipate floods of signals, what they get is the complete opposite.

For starters, there isn’t any free trial. Everyone knows that for companies to get customers, they need to provide free trials to allow users to get acquainted with their systems. 1000pipBuilder doesn’t do this. What more, the 30% discount promised upon registration to start accessing their signals is a way to entice customers.

✅ Easy To Use❌ Data Can Be Slow/Inaccurate
✅ Convenient For Tracking Your Portfolio❌ Recently Acquired By FTX
✅ Free To Use


With that said, it’s easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of trading and website building skills to trick people into believing that they’re legit. Unless 1000pipBuilder comes out and proves, with hard evidence, that they’re who they claim to be, their company will remain just that, claims.

Let their defense be screenshots of their records, evidence of success on their unfounded claims, anything! Until then, our advice is to protect your wallet and steer clear of fraudsters.

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