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Arbistar Review 2020

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Arbistar is a platform that I’ve been monitoring for quite some time, but ended up not investing in it because of negative experiences some of my friends were having, and this was before they made some important changes, which made it a far less platform anyway (see more in the video below).

This is therefore a platform I’m glad I skipped over. If you’re looking for a way to make up 220% return on autopilot then might be interested in my Yieldnodes review. Follow that link to find out why it’s one of the best investment platforms I’ve found in the last few years.

Arbistar Review 2020

One of the popular online cryptocurrency companies is Spain-based ArbiStar ( If you were to check out its reputation, you would find mixed reviews online. First, many agree that ArbiStar helped them make the most of their hard-earned money investing in Bitcoin. However, other people say otherwise. We will review ArbiStar’s trading structure, and it’s pros and cons to find out if this is worthwhile.   

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ArbiStar Headquarters And Regulations

ArbiStar headquarters are in Spain in the Canary Islands of Tenerife. Owner Santi Fuentes also resides in Spain. Fuentes has a background in promoting three companies (Organo Gold, MoneyBox TV, and Global Unity) using Network Marketing. Take note that among the three Organo Gold is a legit MLM company while the remaining were Ponzi Schemes and are no longer operating.  Arbistar is now Arbistar 2.0, released in 2019.

Here is a good Arbistar review video;

Where Are ArbiStar Clients From? 

ArbiStar operates worldwide, as evidenced by its site supporting users from Spain, UK, Italy, and China. It is also unknown how many clients ArbiStar has all over the world.  

Are There ArbiStar Products Offered?

ArbiStar is an MLM company and but does not offer retail products and services to customers. Affiliate members can take advantage of the ArbiStar trading bot, a cryptocurrency bot that guarantees that users earn 1% daily earnings.  

What To Expect With ArbiStar?

Here are essential features that you must consider when trading in ArbiStar

  • Account Sign Up And Verification

Interested clients can sign up at the ArbiStar 2.0 website login page. Choose from an individual or an institution account. Register with your first name, last name, and date of birth. You may also be asked to indicate your nationality, and register your ID or passport number as proof of identity. The verification process follows, and all you need to do is to follow the instructions. 

  • Account Deposit

You must deposit at least 100 Euros in Bitcoin to start at ArbiStar. You can store as much as 50,000 Euros in Bitcoin to start, and the company promises a weekly return of investment. The Personal Trading Bot makes Bitcoin trading more efficient, and this costs 5,000 Euros in Bitcoin.  

You can trade, manage your account, and access your investments using AirbiStar’s website or through its trading app available in Google Play and Apple Store. 

  • Deposits And Withdrawals

Minimum deposits are from 300 Euros, and payments are in Bitcoin. Minimum withdrawals are 10 Euros, and the payment is in Bitcoin. All withdrawals are made every Saturday, and this is done automatically.

  • Fees

ArbiStar has several fees, some of them openly mentioned while some may be hidden fees. 

  • Referral System And Compensation Plan

ArbiStar promises ROI every week, but aside from this, the company also guarantees commissions from MLM. You can recruit members and earn using the ArbiStar system. Commissions are paid through a plan structure. 

The first level of the uni-level plan will be from the members you recruit. Second level compensation comes from the members that the level 1 members recruit. Third level compensation comes from the members that your level 2 members recruit and so on. You can earn up to five levels down when you’re a new member, and you can make up to ten levels down if one of your team members has at least 30,000 Euros investment.

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You can earn up to 2% commissions for reinvestments made on every level and earn more on commissions on their ROIs. If any of your members buy a Personal Trading Bot, you can earn 6% of the sale. There are also Investment Bonuses, World Club Bonuses/Pool Commissions.  

  • Tools And Training

There are no tools or training materials that beginners or first-time users can use before investing in ArbiStar. Trading is done solely by the system, and there are no tools that you can refer to. 

  • Customer Support

ArbiStar has a weird Contact Us policy. If a user was referred by another client, questions must be directed to the contact person. If this is impossible, you may use a customer contact form found on their website. 

Is There A Fee To Transact At ArbiStar?

Yes, there is a fee when depositing funds at ArbiStar. Other fees may not be stated by the company as well. 

What Are The Advantages Of Transacting With ArbiStar?

The following are good reasons to trade using ArbiStar:

  • It has several ways to earn: ROI and commissions through MLM.
  • You can earn more money from bonuses and pool commissions.
  • Account sign up is easy.
  • You can sign up for an individual or an institution account. These vary in account requirements and verification.  

Some ArbiStar disadvantages to consider

  • ROIs promised are not kept by the company.
  • There is no clear way how ArbiStar earns money and how it manages your investment.
  • The owner has a shady background after being involved in two Ponzi Schemes.
  • It’s hard to get customer support, and it has a weird way of supporting customers as well.
  • There are hidden fees.
  • There are no tools or learning materials.
  • It’s hard to make a commission.


ArbiStar is a legit cryptocurrency company that offers secure investments, but it is still unclear how it works, and many are not satisfied with its service. It is every user’s right to get the fast and correct information, and it is impossible to do this with ArbiStar’s poor customer service. There are no tools, no learning materials, and because of this company’s poor ratings, getting people to sign up is hard. Hence, it’s even harder to earn from commissions. 

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