The 2 Best Bitcoin Investments In 2021

best bitcoin investments

Looking for the best Bitcoin investments in 2021? Cryptocurrencies have done exceedingly well in recent years and will undoubtedly continue to draw new investors in 2020 and beyond. Most beginners eager to earn bitcoins have no idea as to where to start their investment journey. 2020 provides fresh investment prospects amid the shake-up by the novel Coronavirus and on this page we will explore 2 of the best bitcoin investments available right now.

Coin Market Cap estimates a total of 5290 cryptocurrencies currently being exchanged. This leads to a total market cap of about $349 billion. Sounds better? It becomes more lucrative if you can purchase reputable coins at discounted rates or even get small rewards from bitcoin cards that can add up with time.

We’ve reviewed dozens of cryptocurrency investments and there are many fake or scam investments out there. However, in amongst all the bad there is also one or two really good platforms. Let’s look at 2 good examples and explain why they are so much better than everything else that’s out there.

Our Top Pick: YieldNodes

Apart from crypto investments, the blockchain economy provides other ways to earn money. It is not mandatory to own bitcoins, but you can trade in fiat currencies such as dollars or pounds that can be converted into coins. Yieldnodes is indeed a multi-phase investment platform that optimizes blockchain technologies.

The best thing about YieldNodes is that it currently accepts investors from all over the globe. Since its launch has been working on providing investors with a stable and sustainable way of earning money through masternoding services.

YieldNodes promises 5-15 percent income each month to its investors. The positive thing is that it also offers assurance against low performance for investors’ money. When the yield decreases below 5% for three successive months, if the compounding scheme is selected, Yieldnodes returns investors’ deposits along with income and returns in excess of 220% per annum are achievable, making this one of the best bitcoin investments available right now.

Find out more about how Yieldnodes work by reading our full review here.

How to Invest

Many previous cryptocurrencies came based on the proof of the work consensus model used by Bitcoin. The model involved miners competing to add new blocks to the chain to earn their rewards.

Proof of work algorithms can be costly because one has to invest in powerful computers with expensive hardware. Furthermore, mining uses a great deal of energy. Since mining is so capital-intensive, it attracts fewer investors.

Yieldnodes uses a different strategy that offers a sustainable way to earn Bitcoins. The concept of masternoding is based on the proof-of-stake algorithm. Masternoding uses similar ideas like other full nodes to keep the network alive and verify transactions.

However, master nodes have higher responsibilities since they guarantee the overall security of the network. As a result, the rewards are much more significant. Owning a master node is not easy because you have to deposit a minimum threshold that corresponds to the number of coins in line with the proof-of-stake model. 

The good news is that Masternodes aren’t volatile hence minimize the risk of losses in blockchain trade. Even if the value of coins earned fluctuates, your loan contracts would shield you against extreme losses. YieldNotes offers potential returns above 224% every year if you decide to compound your profits. One cannot ask for a better return, especially with little effort on your part!

To invest in YieldNodes, you need a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $250,000. Keep in mind that this is a six -month contract, so invest only an amount you would not need soon.

How Yieldnodes generates Returns   

Yieldnodes logo

As mentioned earlier, YieldNodes have monthly payments with the option of compounding profits. When you sign up and deposit money, your investment is locked up for six months unless you make a withdrawal request. Profits earned can be withdrawn anytime.

YieldNodes pools funds to further ensure small investors are able to benefit from masternoding. Every POS has a different reward for master nodes, some may be as low as 2% per month while others offer higher returns every month.

The YieldNodes team are particularly experienced when it comes to finding coins with the best value. They provide a first-class service when it comes to the research required to master node, striking a finely tuned balance between what people would consider value against a decent return. It also provides the technical skills needed to create master nodes as proof of stake.

In a nutshell, YieldNodes offers a new way of investing even without prior knowledge of cryptocurrency. Investing in this sector can be daunting and require some technical capability, not to mention research. Getting started on crypto investing is now straightforward since Yieldnodes has eliminated all these barriers.

Read our full Yieldnodes review by following the link.

Passive Experts

Passive Expert image

Another great bitcoin investment in 2020 is Passive Expert. Passive experts is a UK based firm that has taken the market by storm. The idea is relatively straightforward, with no mining or any sort of trading. Instead, people invest in what they call “Ad Packs”. Investors can earn passively through these packs every day.

Each pack costs only $5 with a maximum daily cashback of 1%. If you find other platforms like Bitcoin or Cardano, to be a technical jungle, passive experts will suit you! 

Here is a short wrap up on Passive Experts:

The platform is an advertising platform where investors can promote their offers. You need a minimum deposit of $10 to get started. It pays around $ 1 with a maximum cash out of 125%. That essentially means that if you invested $100, you would earn $25 as ROI.

If you share the business with others and pool your stakes, you will raise your profits. They have a user-friendly website that can give new customers the best experience. In our view, this is a good platform for budget investors who have trouble accessing higher forums. The low-risk rating of this platform is also a bonus for many investors.


Many experts expected the financial markets to jump in all directions due to the pandemic in 2020. But the year still presents fantastic opportunities, and we’ve highlighted the best Bitcoin investment in 2020. Cryptocurrency wealth potential is immense. Investors consider cryptocurrency to be a lower risk than equity or forex trading.

Keep in mind that before you invest in any cryptocurrency, go through the white paper. Also remember to set your short-term and long-term goals! Cryptocurrencies can be unpredictable, but the investment opportunities listed above minimize risks and ensure a stable income. We hope you enjoyed this brief look at the best bitcoin investments in 2020. Happy trading!

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