Cloud Token Wallet Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

  • Easy To Use?
  • Cost
  • Profitability
  • Time Needed


  • Very Profitable, especially if building a team
  • Can Instantly Withdraw Funds As Crypto Or In Benefits Such As Hotel Stays
  • Over 1 Million Users And Growing Fast
  • Excellent Road Map Of Extra Benefits, Products And Services
  • Recruiting Can Be Time Consuming, Although Is Well Worth The Effort
  • Extremely High Risk – Only Invest What You Can Afford To Lose

1,000,000 Users And Counting!

This is an honest review and overview of Cloud Token Wallet. If you are considering investing then you would benefit hugely in being part of our team. Why? Well, the real value in this wallet is in building a team, and to do that you need people like Tim (in the video) that can provide useful content to use AND do live Q&A’s both for you and your team so that we all grow together.

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Here is the full review video, with Q&A at the end. I encourage you to watch the video in full to get a full underanding of Cloud Token and why there is a good opportunity here. To get the App go to your mobile phones app store and search “cloud 2.0”.

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Cloud Token Introduction

Welcome to all of you. To those that are here and to those that are new, I’ll share my screen to start with so that we can get started. So, a little bit about myself. I’ve been in crypto for about four and a half years now. I was buying Bitcoin when it was under a thousand dollars and involving myself in lots of things. In 2016-2017, I watch Bitcoin go up to 20 grand back down again, investing in a multitude of different ICOs, opportunities, lending platforms that came out. Some work, some didn’t, but I do believe we’ve got a great opportunity here with Cloud Token.

What is Cloud Token?

For those of you that are new, it’s a place where you can store your cryptocurrency. At the moment, if you have the crypto or holding it, you’ll be holding it on an exchange-like finance or Poloniex, Bittrex etc. And those exchanges don’t pay you to hold your crypto there, you just have the ability to buy and sell other coins with your Bitcoin, etc. But you’re not paid to have it there, the same as if you don’t have your money on an exchange or your crypto on an exchange. You’ll hold it on a ledger or trestle; which are called cold storage units. So they’re not online, they’re not hot wallets, so they can’t be hacked. And again, you don’t receive anything there. So what Cloud Token enables you to do is move those assets into your own wallet held on the phone, and you are rewarded with tokens for the company trading with those coins, and then you receive your Cloud tokens, you cash them into other crypto, and bring them out daily. So it’s a smart little ecosystem.

Rules for Investing

I think this is important for everybody now and in the future. Because there are lots of opportunities always coming to light and I failed in a whole chunk of them years ago because I didn’t have a setter for rules. I always sort of felt “Oh well I’ll give it a go, it sounds good.”, chuck my money in and then the bitcoin gets stolen or scammed away. I trade quite a bit on crypto exchanges and I have trading rules where I’ve had my TA, my technical analysis, of support/resistance, fibs, all of it, it’s all laid out. I have my entry and exit points, my leverage that I’m prepared to put in, and that way if I follow that plan, the chances are I’m going to succeed. And if it goes against me, my losses are set as well. But when it came to crypto, I didn’t have anything. So I set this up at the beginning of the year, really. And I’m in three projects now that are all producing returns, because all of my questions here got answered.

The first one is to have full visibility of the owners. There’s a reason for that, because if somebody is coming or launching with what is called an ICO, that they will have a roadmap and a whitepaper. And they will say “we’re trying to generate a hundred million dollars. invest into it, our coins going to do this it’s going to be worth that.” etc., and there are no owners behind it. And the only reason that an owner who’s trying to generate that amount of money, who wouldn’t put his name, and be proud to put his name on it, is he’s just going to scam your money.

So very important for visibility of the tech team for exactly the same reason.

Full visibility of the project offering. What it is and how it’s to be sold.

What does the project have there’s going to create mass adoption and guaranteeing success? So you’ve got to look at where you’re at in the market, what the project is, how it’s going to develop and grow into the future to see if there is some sort of longevity with the project.

If the investment is in crypto, then full visibility of the funds up on the block need to be there. there’s no selling into what is called a ‘shit coin’ first, to then hold in a project. That was the trend back in 2017 with Eighth Connect, NeoConnect, Bitconnect, all of those things, Davorcoin. You put in your crypto, they sold it. You had their coin, it went up and down, and they had your crypto. They shut the thing, and they ran off with billions of dollars doing that.

Full visibility of your funds when you invest. So if you put your money into a project and you need to be able to see that it’s there in a wallet on the blockchain. If you can’t, don’t enter. If you change your mind at one turn, you need the ability to remove it. You’ve got to have that ability as well, 24/7, and access to remove those returns daily.

Proven track-record of everybody involved in the project. That’s massively important. They need to have visible Facebook profiles, visible LinkedIn profiles, great track record. So that you know that what you’re investing in is with people that know what they’re doing.

Value added services and products either established or about to be that can generate additional revenue into the future. It’s no good being reliant on just a one-trick pony. You need to have a

full suite of products that can continue to grow and develop.

So, these are my nine points. You could probably add some more to that, but pretty much that covers everything. And if you get a nose to some of those questions, I really wouldn’t recommend that you enter into the project.

Who we are

So with that said, who are we? or who are the owners of Cloud Token. This chap is called Ronald Aai.

Is Cloud Token a Scam?

So if you’re new here, your first bit of research is not to go into YouTube and Google “is cloud token a scam?”. That’s not called research. Your first bit of research is to go to LinkedIn and pick up Ronal Aai’s background. So you understand this man’s history and abilities in running a project like Cloud Token. He has a huge resume, like it is honestly huge. From building mobile phones, payment gateways, blockchain capabilities, lots of stuff. And he also won the world blockchain forum for the innovative blockchain project of the year last year, okay? For developing Corous, which is a fourth generation blockchain.

Generations Of Cryptocurrencies

To tell you what that means, Bitcoin is our generation one. It was the first one out in 2009, it can transact at about seven transactions per second. So unusable, really. On a credit card to go and buy a coffee and stand there for an hour waiting for your transaction to be approved.

The Second-generation that came along was Ethereum, they introduced two major things. One was smart contracts, So 90% of all the old coins on the market used the Ethereum smart contract with the ERC-20 token. And the other thing that they did was to develop something called Segway. It’s a segregated witness where the proof of work element out of the transaction was removed from the blockchain to therefore speed up the scalability issues of the nodes all approving that the work took place. And they transacted about fifteen transactions per second.

Generation three was Cardano, EOS, and Ripple (XRP). They can transact at a few thousand transactions per second. Ripple (XRP) is centralized though, so that means it’s controlled. That’s the nuts and bolts of it.


Blockchain is about being decentralized; no one point of control. And surprise, surprise, who’s behind Ripple (XRP)? The Bank’s, there’s a surprise. So it’s not my favorite coin, but they can transact at a few thousand transactions per second. The issue with them all is the more people that use them, the slower their network goes. So Ronald decided that he would develop a blockchain technology where the more people that use it, the faster it goes. That would make more logical sense, wouldn’t it? So every person that downloads the Cloud Token app onto their phones, they act as a node on the network. And every thousand gets us to generate about twenty two and a half thousand transactions per second. We have well over 900,000 apps downloaded now, so we could transact it like 20 million transactions per second. Every little node interconnecting with everything else to speed everything up. These are MasterCard, they transact between 6 and 700,000 per second. So they look like little baby in nappies compared to the technology that Ronald’s developed here.

We’ve got high-level recognized partners. Those that were around last weekend for the big launch, all these products are well aware of those I will cover them in a minute. We’ve got a transparent team and offices now in KL. And we have a real roadmap. I’m going to show you our roadmap in a second. Most of them as I said to you before, with their whitepapers and roadmaps, they have you know little time dates all along. And they’ll say “give us a hundred million and we will do our best to build this ecosystem for you”.

Cloud Token Roadmap

What you’re going to see on our roadmap has already been developed. What we now need are more people to come in and start using this ecosystem, just to grow it and develop it around the world. When we launched back in May, we had our Cloud Token 1.0 Wallet. In June, our Jarvis bot was paired with an algorithm called Verum. Now Jarvis is quite unique, It’s a “triangular arbitrage bot”. So it’s the first of its kind, which means it can triple pair trade. There are 200 of them now on about 32 exchanges, and Verum is the algorithm. So it looks for volume, it looks where it can; increase its volume on another exchange by selling into it or buying into it. So it’s a volume based algorithm, and that’s how it is growing. We also have additional projects coming to light.

Howell hasn’t been developed yet, all our other ones have. So we have the launch of FRIDAY , which is for our whales. You need to have a minimum of 3 to 5 million US dollars to be part of that project, and you get the API keys or Jarvis does it. It trades with your API piece on the exchange for you. We’ve got our version two launched last weekend, there are some bugs in it. Those of you that were here in June would fully understand, or in May, would understand what those bugs are from the first app. Because we have exactly the same things there. So you need to be patient while they make little fixes, especially on some of the buttons, they kick you out of the app, that sort of stuff. So they’re getting it sorted, you just need to be patient.

Our KL office and support is now open and functioning. There were about 6,000 people who went to that. We have our debit card released, also with MasterCard. We’ve got a crypto-to-fiat solution, also coming out towards the end of this year. It’s part of our Atomic Swap

Process, part one and two are active now. We have Rogue launch for our third world countries, it’s like a lottery compounder and you get your money back at the end of 30 days if you’re not part of the daily winners, there’s no losing in it. We have our data SIM cards that were released to all those people, that gives you unlimited data in any country worldwide. And there’d be available for general use by the end of this year, as well. We have our merchant network and point-of-sale system. So there are tie ups with Grab, which was also announced, so now you can exchange your CTOs for Grab credits. We have our point-of-sale machines. So now we have our Travelocity and travel app launch, where you can book your hotels. Flights and cars are coming with that.

So there’s a huge ecosystem being built around Cloud Token. The first part of it is where you earn your Cloud Tokens and the second part is where you can spend them.

How To invest in Cloud Token?

How does it work for us? Well, You deposit your Bitcoin or crypto into the super wallet, that’s the first thing. So transfer it across into your wallet. You then select projects and click Jarvis, or Rogue if you want to do that one as well, you can do more than one project, and agree to the terms and conditions. You’re then loaning your crypto into the trading Bots. So you now don’t have control of your crypto, the company does. But you have full transparency of them 24/7. If you want to remove your crypto out of the Jarvis; you swipe left on your screen, put in your 6-digit payment pin, put in your 2FA and your funds are back into your super wallet and under your control. And you can do that 24/7. The funds are being traded, as I said earlier, on 32 crypto exchanges,200 Jarvis bots.

All exchanges  that your coins are on are fully insured against hackers. So for example; back in April, finance got hacked, 5,000 Bitcoin, right? If that were to happen again and we lost 5,000 of our Bitcoin, they would be replaced. Because the percentage of all of their transactions go into like a reserve pool where they buy additional Bitcoin and store them on a cold wallet. And then if they are hacked, then they have the coins to replace. And all of those exchanges function, that option to protect us with our crypto. The Jarvis trades daily with the balances of all of our coins. So my Bitcoin, your Bitcoin, Ethereum-like coin, whatever. It’s all loaned to Jarvis and it trades with it. That’s in excess of 650 million US dollars. Every day, that’s 650 million makes between 20 and 60 million, and that goes into our profit pool.

This is not a “paid Peter by robbing Paul”, we’re not waiting for new people to join in order to pay those from yesterday who joined. Our ecosystem produces at twenty to sixty million. We get paid the equivalent reward tokens based on the amount of crypto we have in there, and we can then cash those out. That’s how it works. You’ll receive between six and twelve percent a month, in cloud tokens, that pays you daily. And the reward token is actually derived, or the value of it, from the funds in the reserve pool multiplied by the number of cloud tokens actually in existence within all of our wallets. The price now is 50.48. So that means that we’ve gone up another half a percent since last week or one percent, so there is continual growth all the time, and we can all cash out at that level.

Income, there’s an important site here. There’s two ways you can make your income, one is personally yourself by having your own money in there and the other one is by building a team.


But before I can go through, those I have to give you a disclaimer. Because we’re not financial advisors. The ideas presented are our only experience on how to profit in business, they are not financial advice for you. We are not a financial investment company and we make no representation or guarantees of any income that you can make, okay? I personally don’t recommend you outlay any money whatsoever that you cannot afford to lose. I’m not telling you you’re going to lose your money in Cloud Token, but you need to be aware if you put $500 in you, could lose it all. You need to understand that. Don’t rush into anything. Do your own research, massively important. YouTube is not a place of research. There they get paid about $2.50 every time you click on a scam video. They’ll trash Cloud token to promote their own, and they will do that with every single opportunity that’s out there. You can google them all, there’ll be scam videos to tell you they’re all a scam and to join this one because it isn’t. That’s how their industry works.

Myself or any team members are not liable for any damages, expenses, or losses that you can suffer from the information. So I’m giving you this presentation today, and I’m telling you my experiences of it and how it all works. I’m not liable for anything. I’m trying to share this with you. As with any business, your results may vary. It will be based on your individual capacity, your business experience, expertise and level of desire to succeed. There are just no guarantees at all concerning the level of success you can experience. Our success depends on our dedication, doesn’t it? The desire and motivation to share and go out and win.

Tokenomics And Affecting Prices

I went through this sort of briefly earlier, that the tokenomics of Howard, it works. It’s very simple. It trades our asset and rewards us with Cloud Token. They’re a reward Token. We are not an ICO, we are not a security token. So you will never find a clipout Token listed on an exchange, because we don’t need to be. We’re just rewarding our people internally with our tokens that can be exchanged for products or services, or into other crypto.

Also affecting the price of cloud token in the future now will be our travel program, the master cards, our VIP program and the profits from those travels and MasterCard things. All go into the reserve pool, which help put the price of Cloud Token up. That’s how our ecosystem works. So with the bots, your money in the java spot, you’re going to earn six to twelve percent per month every single month. I have a slide that just gives a further example of that in a minute. If you want to share this, you will receive a hundred percent match on anybody you personally bring in.

How Does Cloud Token Make Money?

So let’s say somebody, one of your friends, deposits $1000 into Cloud Token, they’re going to earn at 10%, a hundred bucks that month, pay to them in cloud tokens so they can cash out. The company also gives you the same hundred dollars as well. On your second level, you’ll get 50%. And on your third level, all the way down to 21, you’re going to get 5%, and then buy well. For all of those that weren’t at the show, you will then be able to put all of your Cloud Tokens onto your MasterCard, whatever value they are. So if you want a $1000 on there, you would technically give them 2000 Cloud Tokens and your debit card here will be topped up with a 1000 US dollars on there. So on the Jarvis bot, once you’ve selected it, you will see that your Bitcoin is loaded on here, once you’ve loaned it onto the Jarvis bot. you’re going to see 6% to 12% withdraw and cancel at any time.

So I want to give you an example: Let’s say you’ve got 20 grand in your Cloud Token wallet, that’s two Bitcoin. You’re going to receive 10% a month, that’s $2,000. If you’ve got 20 grand in your bank account, you won’t earn $2,000 in ten years. That’s a 2%. If you’re at 1%, it’s going to take you 20 years for you to be receiving 2,000 bucks and we’ll pay it to you in your first month. Bit of a no-brainer, really. Paid daily, that’s about $67. You’re going to get that in Cloud Token. So at 50 cents, that’s what? 134 Cloud Tokens every single day. Around 4000 Cloud Tokens a month? And then it’s up to you what you do with them. You can convert them into your debit card when you get that. You can exchange them for your Grab credits, you can now go on to the travel portal and exchange them for hotels around the world, I think there’s over 400 hotels on there currently listed.

Benefits of Sharing

Benefits of sharing this is where it gets interesting. The company has rank promotions. So once you have built a team under you with

$200,000, you will qualify as a C1. And what that does it gives you an extra 5%, which is actually a huge amount. Because you’re already receiving a 100% on your first and 50% on your second. But on your third to twenty one, you’re getting 5%. And now that’s doubled. As a c1, you’re getting 10%. 5% here, and 5% here. As a c2, the same again. Except this time you’re going to get 10%. C3, 15%, C4, and so on.

And monetary wise as a seed one, you’re going to probably earn somewhere between one and about 500 US dollars a day, depends on where those people are located on your first, second, and additional levels. Once you get to C2… I’m a C2 now, I have over a million U.S. dollars in my team. I have three people that are c1, so I have three people there with 200,000 or more underneath them in their teams. And my next level is to get to c3, so I need three people that are c2’s. Monetary-wise, I earn around about 2000 Australian dollars every single day now. So it’s about 14,000, just under 60 grand a month, which is probably what most people earn any year. And I’ve done that since joining on April the 20th, so it’s life changing money you’re earning. An annual income in a month as a C2, and that will grow. Because before I get to see through C3, my downline volumes probably going to be somewhere around two and a half million. So I expect to be somewhere around five to six thousand Aussie dollars every single day by the time I hit C3. C3’s are earning 20 grand plus a day. Luigi has gone to C4, it’s up to 50,000 US a day. C5’s over a hundred grand. Luigi got an award for getting to C4, he also got an award for earning over a million dollars in Cloud Token. And there were a number of people that got up to receive that award. And that’s not paid to him by selling my Bitcoin, it’s paid from the trading that Jarvis is doing, that’s what pays us all. The money that goes in there, pays every single one of us every single day.

How has Cloud Token performed?

This is a good one to show. How have we performed? Initially at the start of May, the price of the token go up all the time. Because new people are joining permanently and they’re not withdrawing. June, we were at 44%. July, we were at 47%. Come August, our price started to fluctuate. So we were at 48.4% at one point, then when we dropped down to 42%, then we went back to 45%. We had over a 100 million U.S. dollars withdrawn over a week, but our system is there to do that, that’s what it’s there for. If you want your money out, take it out. If you want to leave it in, keep it in. We were 50.12% on the 8th of October, now 50.48%; just four or five days later. So it’s a healthy increase, and now it’s one that starts functioning as an ecosystem with people sometimes holding, people sometimes withdrawing. We will see a general up-and-down movement of the price.

Accumulation of Cloud Tokens

Let’s say you got hold of 25,000 and generated that. And we reached the $10, You’ve earned yourself a quarter of a million, holding 25,000 cloud tokens in your wallet. At $20, it’s worth half a million. Nice amount of money to receive. My target is for 200,000 cloud tokens. If we got to $10, that’s 200,000 in USD. To me, that’s nearly three thousand Australian dollars, that’s the mortgage paid , cars paid, and enough money for the rest of my life for holidays and enjoying things. Just for having those tokens and our ecosystem building it to $10

Why Cloud Token?

So, why us? Well, there are no packages to buy. Those of you that have been involved in network marketing and those sort of things before, you have to buy ongoing monthly packages on autoships. You fill your garage up with this stuff and then have to flog it off to your friends and relatives in order to get your money. None of that, no membership fees here, no autoships. There’s no contract. Take your money out 24/7. You earn passively without sharing, this is a massive one for those network marketing people that just don’t want to go and talk to anybody about anything ever again. Put your money into this, leave it there, and it will earn you between 6% and 12% every single month. So you brought your money back in ten months, haven’t you? Based on that? That’s what it’s made you over the course of ten months. And it generates our main revenue from the arbitrage trading, and now from all the other projects as well. That I’ve just gone through with you. And the Tokenomics that I went through, that’s what drives the price. So the amount of assets creating a profit, that gives us the cloud tokens. And the price is derived from the amount of cloud tokens and the amount of money that we have in the reserve pool.

Cloud 2.0 Celebration

At the celebration last week, we launched our Point-Of-Sale. So that was available there, you could see that being used. There are some tie ups taking place now with some large organizations around the world for that. We launched our travel program with Travelocity. Rogue And Friday will launch. Our prepaid cards were given to everybody that pre did their KYC and they collected their cards, our MasterCards. The data SIM card was released, it’s part of the pack for everybody that was there as well. They’re going to be readily available to anybody that goes or by the end of the year anyway, and a lot more that’s happening and going on.

Closing Remarks

So that’s Cloud Token in a nutshell. If you guys have got any questions, I’m just going to show you a couple of bits. This is our data sim, I’ve now got mine. And you can just put this into your wallet, into your phone, and it will be valid for seven days, giving you unlimited data. And the plan is that you will be able to have these, they’ll be a fee for it, they’re talking about something like $200 that you actually keep there and it will be self-generating. Say, you will basically have unlimited data every single month for keeping $200 in the system, if that makes sense. It would be life-changing in the telecoms industry. And this is our little security card, so you can now log in to your phone, no more putting digits in. So everything can get stored on here for you. I don’t have my debit card because you need a KYC for that. But I have these two bits now, which is great. So yeah, if any of you want to unmute yourself so I have some questions.

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  1. It might sound crazy to people but it really is possible because of the way Bitcoin online trading works. When I started out, I had just £250 in my account, so when the prices rose I earned off of the £250. However, once I had £35,000 I withdrew £30,000 and left £5000 in. This enabled me to earn a much larger profit on the way down. Although I wish I had invested more. Thanks to Nation-crypto and Google Nation-crypto let your money make money for you.


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