Day Trading with E*Trade – Is it Still the Best in the Biz?

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Day Trading with E*Trade

Thanks to the internet, trading stocks is now more accessible than ever. One of the oldest and most popular online platforms for trading stocks is E*Trade which is a leading brokerage that provides customers with access to the world’s financial markets. It offers an easy way to invest in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. But does E*Trade live up to the hype? Is it still as good as ever, or can newer competitors offer users a better trading experience.

In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know about E*Trade, including its main features, pros and cons, and how it stands up against the competition.


What is E*Trade?

E*Trade is a popular US online brokerage firm. It was founded in 1982 and has been going strong ever since, becoming one of the largest independent brokers in the world. E-Trade allows clients to buy or sell securities such as stocks, options, mutual and funds etc, using their own money either via stock trades with real human brokers or through electronic trading.

E*Trade is used by both beginners as well as experienced traders due to its extensive features. Clients are able to access E*Trade through their website which has been designed so that new users can easily find what they need while more advanced users have access to all the information and detailed analytics they require to make informed investment decisions. There is also an E*Trade app which can be used on mobile devices and offers all the features of the website.This app is available for both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App store respectively.

What is E*Trade used For?

E*Trade allows users to buy and sell stocks, funds, bonds, options contracts, and other assets, and also provides users with banking services such as checking accounts. In addition, many investors use E*Trade margin loans where they can borrow money from the brokerage house in order to purchase more stock or other investments than their balance will allow them to through regular cash purchases alone.

E-Trade makes investing accessible and convenient allowing everyday people to play the stock market without all of the hassle that comes with traditional stock brokers.

What is the Difference between E*Trade’s two platforms?

E*Trade offers users two different trading platforms, Power E*Trade and E*Trade Web. The main difference between these two platforms is that Power E*Trade is more customizable, has added research tools, and enables users to set their own trading alerts.

E*Trades Web platform has fewer features than the Power version but still allows users to place trades in real time using its clean, simple interface. The platform does not require any downloads or installations, with users able to just login directly from a computer browser.

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What are the Main Advantages of Using E*Trade?

  • The E*Trade app – E*Trade has a very user-friendly app which provides all the features and charts users need to make trades and track their balances, changes in the market, and trading trends.
  • Beginner friendly platform – Everything from realtime stock quotes to complex options trading is available through E*Trade’s website, which has been specifically designed with beginners in mind. There are also many educational resources online, to teach new users everything from how to build a diverse portfolio to how to make their very first trade.
  • Two platforms for different users – Power E*Trade and E*Trade Web can be used by both advanced and beginner traders and have varying complexities of features to suit users’ needs.
  • Zero commission – Previous to 2019, E*Trade had very high commissions of $6.95, but now all trades of stocks, options, and ETFs are totally commission-free.
  • A diverse range of investment opportunities – E*Trade offers a wide range of different options for investing, including stocks and ETFs, and also allows users to trade in various popular commodities such as shares in gold and silver.

What are the Main Disadvantages of Using E*Trade?

  • US markets exclusively – This is a major disadvantage as many traders today want to trade on international markets.
  • No margins – E*Trade doesn’t allow margin trading which is a popular feature on some other brokerages such as Interactive Brokers or TD Ameritrade.
  • Lack of advanced features – E*Trade offers basic stock trades but lacks some complex tools like options chains/spreadsheets that are available through other brokers and platforms.
  • No Forex tradingE*Trade doesn’t offer FX trading which is a very popular form of investment for many traders today.
  • No Bitcoin support – With cryptocurrency being as big as it is, not offering Bitcoin through your brokerage service feels like a major oversight by E*Trade team if they want to attract modern day online investors.
  • Inefficient live chat feature – The live chat feature on E*Trade is very slow and inefficient. It takes a long time to get any response through the live chat, which can be quite frustrating for traders who want answers quickly.

Is E*Trade Good for Beginners?

E*Trade has many tools for beginners to learn how to trade on their site and they have an entire section of their website dedicated to teaching users what types of orders exist, where they can place them, and other fundamentals. In addition, they have a ‘Coach’ feature which allows users to ask questions and get feedback from real E*Trade traders, as well as an online community where users can connect and share tips and advice.

Other beginner-friendly aspects of E*Trade are that there is no minimum deposit requirement, it offers free checking, and it has no hidden fees or commissions.

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Is E*Trade Safe to Use?

E*Trade has a fine track record and is considered very safe to use. The company provides most investors with SIPC protection, which protects customers’ accounts for up to $500,000 in the event of bank failure or bankruptcy. However, this does not protect traders from risk such as fraud or theft by an employee within the firm itself (which is rare). E*Trade also offers FDIC protection on savings account balances up to $250K per individual owner. This means that if a broker fails, the user will still have some security in knowing that they will get they money back.

Who are E*Trade’s Main Competitors?

E*Trade’s main competitors are TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, and Fidelity Investments. These companies are among the most popular online trading platforms in America, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But how does E*Trade stack up against the competition?

E*Trade VS Ameritrade

E*Trade and Ameritrade both have a lot to offer their users. Both are great for beginners and provide many trading opportunities:

The user interface on E-Trade’s website makes it easy for people who aren’t very experienced with stock markets or day trading to start making money by buying stocks in minutes. Ameritrade is also one of the best options for new traders because it provides very user-friendly tools which make investing easy. Like E*Trade, Ameritrade also offers many different trading options including stocks, ETFs and, mutual funds.

Furthermore, both sites are safe and secure with SSL encryption. This is very important because it protects traders’ money and gives them confidence.

The main difference between the two companies is the fees they charge. E*Trade charges a fee of $0 for stock trades, whereas Ameritrade has the same trade price as most other brokerages.

E-trade VS Scottrade

Scottrade site also has an excellent user interface that makes it easy to find the right investments and start making money right away. What’s more, Scottrade offers very low commissions on trades which make investing affordable even for users with limited budgets. Scottrade also gives its customers access to real time stock quotes and research tools like fundamental data, news feeds, and charts, so they can make informed decisions about when to buy or sell their securities.

The main difference between this platform and E*Trade is how users have to pay in order to use Scottrade. You have to pay a $25 deposit in order open an account, then pay another $12 per month for the right to trade stocks online and access easy-to-use research tools.

E*Trade VS Fidelity Investments

Another major competitor of E*Trade is Fidelity Investments which also offers low commission trading options – one of the lowest in the industry actually! Like E*trade, Fidelity Investments allows its customers to buy or sell stocks from anywhere they are with their mobile app. It’s very efficient because it enables users to do everything right from their phone: place trades, check balances and even transfer money between accounts all without having to go through a browser on computer.

The main difference between them is that Fidelity Investments is a full-service brokerage. It offers its customers access to financial advisers along with their account, whereas E*Trade is strictly an online discount brokerage that provides a platform for trades.

This makes Fidelity Investments ideal for those who are looking for professional assistance when it comes to investing decisions because they can discuss these choices directly with one of their trained advisors.

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What is Day Trading?

Day trading is a form of active investing where traders buy and sell assets on the same day in order to generate short-term capital gains. Day Traders try to take advantage of market volatility, buying at low prices before selling high after holding for only minutes or hours.

This type of investment strategy does not require investors to hold onto their investments overnight, thus there are no interest payments or dividends that need to be paid out when using this method (unless you’re carrying over your trades into the next day).

The main risks with day trading include having insufficient funds in an account which can result in large losses if enough margin isn’t available; along with the emotional and psychological strain of such fast moving trading. While some people may believe that day trading is easy, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can put yourself in major financial danger. It’s important to note that even the most experienced traders can suffer major losses.

Why do so Many People do Trading?

Trading is a way of making money by buying and selling stocks, currencies and other types of financial instruments. Trading gives anyone the chance to become an investor – whether it’s for retirement or as a hobby – without having to buy anything physical such as land or gold (although those can also be traded). So many people do trading because you don’t need any previous knowledge or formal education. Some of the most successful traders in the world are self-taught, and with the development of the internet and smartphone apps, it is now possible to do all your trades from the comfort of your own home.

How can you Improve Your Trading Skills?

There are various ways to take your trading skills to another level, and all can help you to mitigate your risks and increase your trading revenues. These include:

  • Using spreadsheets to backtest your strategies. This allows you to see how profitable a strategy would have been historically, which is an excellent way of measuring its viability before putting it into action with real money.
  • Completing a trading course. This is a fantastic way to learn more about the industry as it will allow you to learn from experienced traders who will teach you what has worked best throughout their careers. These courses go through everything from basic chart reading skills right up to complex options trading tactics so there really is something for everyone regardless of experience level or goals.
  • Reading trading books and other publications. This will allow you to learn from some of the best minds out there, and it will help you to understand tried and tested trading techniques and incorporate them into your own trading practices.

To Sum Up…

E*Trader is an excellent platform for experienced traders and newbies alike. It has zero commissions and providers users with a diverse range of trading options. With the easy-to-use mobile app, anybody who wants to get into trading has everything they need with E*Trader.


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