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Elysium Capital Review [2021] – 100% Brutally Honest Review From A Real Member

Elysium Capital Review 2021
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Elysium Capital looked like a very promising service, and I was excited about it when I first invested. However, it soon became apparent that their trading history was misleading and that they trade with very high drawdowns. I have left my original review below, but you can also follow along with my journey in various monthly updates that I post to my Youtube channel. You’ll see that my trading account was blown on both portfolios in May 2021 on ALL portfolios (Satoshi, Alpha Linea, and Pinnacle).


I’ve tested many MANY copy trading services over the last 15 years, and most of them turn out to be a bust. Some platforms are very well known (such as eToro and Zulutrade) and others are less well known, but they all share one thing in common – they simply aren’t very good! Check out my Youtube channel to see how most of my reviews are warning people of low-quality products or even scams in this copy trading arena.

Elysium Capital looked very promising initially, but they failed to deliver what they promised, and personal experience was total losses on the portfolios I invested in.

Please watch my original review of Elysium Capital here, but also make sure you check out the update videos lower down the page so you see how my account moved into losses…..

>>> To Register An Account With Elysium Capital Please Click Here <<<

Latest Update (February 2021)

Here is my latest update on Elysium Capital. I’m currently experiencing very high drawdown on 2 of the portfolios. The videos below document my journey and the shape fo my investments through January and February 2021.

In this video I show my resutls after 3 months of investing. Unfortunately, whilst the balance on my account has been ticking upwards, the equity has been moving further into drawdown, so I’ m currently in a negtive position (if I were to close all my open trades). I think it’s important that people understand the way the trading works with this platform, hence the reason I show inside my connected trading account.

In the below video, I show my latest results as of February 2020….

June 2021 Update – My Elysium Capital account has now been blown – almost 100% losses on both Pinnacle and Alpha Linea portfolios. Here is the video update for May where I discuss it further……

What Is Elysium Capital?

Elysium Capital are a Fintech company that create and develop (among other things) forex trading bots, also known as EA’s. They have used these bots for their own trading for a number of years, but in 2020 launched a public service to allow investors to copy and benefit from the profits being generated from their bots. For investors, Elysium Capital therefore offers a MAM account with a regulated broker. This means that investors can open a private account in their own name with the 3rd party broker, connect to the Elysium Capital MAM, and copy all trading activity (buying and selling) automatically into their account.

Elysium Capital Review

Elysium Capital are not a securities company, and your money is not sent to them to be traded. Those that wish to benefit from their trading results simply are simply connecting to their trading bots via the third-party broker, who are regulated by the JSC and the FCA. At no point will funds be sent to Elysium so they remain within the full control of the investor (via their broker account) at all times. This means investors always have instant access to their funds and can withdraw at any time (although the broker may take a few days to process a withdrawal). Once connected to the Elysium Capital MAM, your account will be run completely on autopilot, with trades being opened and closed automatically in your account. You do not need to do anything with the account to maintain the signals or trades. The only action you may want to take is to withdraw profits or deposit additional funds, but essentially no action is necessary once you are following a strategy.

Elysium Company are based in Sweden, where they have 17 staff, including experienced traders, bot developers, and support staff such as sales and marketing managers.
who’s in the team?

Trading Strategies

Elysium Capital currently offer 3 trading strategies that can be copied via the regulated broker. They also have a 4th strategy (focused on bitcoin trading) that will be added to their portfolio soon. The current strategies are;

Pinnacle Portfolio – this is their longest running strategy, which has been running for almost 10 years. It is a trend following strategy using 12 indicators, 2 of which have been developed by their inhouse team. The total return (compounding) since inception is reported as 1592.79%, with an average monthly return of 2.5% per month and very good Max drawdown of just 15%. I’ve been able to verify their recent trading activity is accurate (from July 2020) according to their data sheet, but not the full trading history. Minimum investment amount required to copy this strategy is €1500. Full data sheet on this strategy is available here.

Alpha Linea – This is quite a new strategy, having started in May 2020 trading major currency pairs. Since then it has performed very well, averaging 7.13% per month returns (compounded gross return) for investors and max DD of 17.48%. The minimum investment is €600 making it very accessible to smaller investors. Full data sheet on this strategy is available here.

Aurum Digital – This is a precious metals trading strategy, trading mostly gold but can also trade other commodities such as silver etc. This strategy has fantastic performance, with a total return of 11171.10% since inception in January 2019. However, it is the most volatile trading strategy and has the highest max DD of the 3 strategies (51%) as well as having suffered quite large losses (see the trading history). I would consider this to be the highest risk portfolio based on past performance, but it also has the highest average monthly returns to date. Minimum investment amount is €3,000. Full data sheet on this strategy is available here.

Each of these strategies is very different in terms of both what and how they trade. The great thing about how the MAM operates though is that you can copy as many of the strategies as you like, with any amount you want (as long as you meet the minimum amount). Therefore, you can copy just 1 strategy or you could copy all 3. More cautious investors might put more money into the more stable strategies, whereas those with a higher risk appetite might go bigger into the Aurum Digital strategy, where there are bigger monthly swings.

You can also easily compound your wins simply by leaving them in your MAMM trading account. Your trade size will be adjusted automatically based on your account balance.

Risk & Warnings

Whilst we consider Elysium Capital to tbe genuine (i.e. not a scam) the trading they undertake is high risk and they offer no capital guarantees. Your money is therefore at risk. Also, they way they report the monthly/annual returns we believe to be somewhat misleading. They show the gross return of closed trades in their fact sheets, without showing the open trades. In my experience with the trading so far, I am often carrying large losing trades in my account, meaning my acocunt can be in negative equity even though the numbers reported by Elysium Show profits. I explain this in my monthly update videos above.

Charges & Fees

In case it isn’t clear, the returns you see on the strategy sheets are net returns that have been awarded to investors. There is no monthly subscription cost and no fees for investors with Elysium Capital. Elysium Capital make all of their revenue by taking a share of the profits generated each month (50% of profits). This profit share covers all of their operating costs, including the referral program. They therefore have a strong incentive to generate profits for investors as this is where they derive the majority of their income.

The broker also does not charge a subscription fee for the MAMM and there are no fees for depositing and withdrawing (unless your bank or card processor charges their own fees).

About The Broker

In order to participate in the Elysium Capital copy trading service you need to open an account with their approved broker. The broker is Equiti Group – They are a regulated broker who operates in many countries around the world but NOT the USA.

Although you are copying the trades of Elysium Capital, your account is with Equiti and therefore you deposit and withdraw through their platform. I have found them to be a good broker so far, with good support and an easy to use dashboard.

How To Join

You can participate in Elysium Capital by applying to join on their website by clicking here. They will guide you through the process of opening an account with the broker and getting you connected to their copy trading MAM. It took me about 24 hours to get the accounts opened, verified, funded and connected and the trading started almost immediately after that.

Weekly Live Webinars

Elysium Capital host live webinars 3 times per week that anyone can join. These webinars cover different topics, from how to get involved, each of the investment strategies, current performance (and open trades), and the opportunity to build an income (for those wanting to build a team). These webinars are often hosted by the CEO, Fred Stege, so they are an ideal way of learning more about this business and how it works. You can attend the webinars simply by registering an account by clicking here, and you will be invited to the webinars once you have an account. You do not need to verify your account, or open and fund a broker account in order to be invited to the webinars, so why not register your account and attend a few of these webinars so you can learn more about the business even before deciding whether or not to invest?

What Is Elysium Network?

Elysium Network is the promotional arm for Elysium Capital, where people can become affiliates, or Introducing Brokers, and promote not just Elysium Capital, but other fintech products and services too.
This is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals, especially those that enjoy using these services themselves and want to build an additional revenue stream by promoting them within their networks. You do not need to be regulated to promote these products and services, and they are very easy to promote. In fact, Elysium Network have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you already, by providing the full product suite that can be purchased online in seconds with no requirement for buying and holding stock, and by providing free webinars to potential investors and IB’s. Promoting Elysium Capital & Network can be as easy as inviting someone along to one of the webinars and letting the company take care of the rest!

Elysium Capital Review smaller image

I appreciate that promoting these services is not for everyone, and for those that simply wish to invest in the Elysium Capital MAM without making any referrals then you can absolutely do so without any pressure to bring in new people. The returns are fantastic for investors and as a standalone investment opportunity it is one of the best I’ve seen.

For those would be interested in joining Elysium Network and promoting their services then feel free to contact me to discuss it further.

To join my team in Elsyium Network please go here –

Get Rich Slow

The CEO of Elysium Capital, Fred Stege, has extensive investment experience and understands that the way to build wealth is to do achieve consistent returns but look to do so over a long period of time. Get rich quick schemes never work, and that is absolutely not what Elysium Capital is trying to achieve. In fact, Fred has a great phrase of “get rich slow” which he regularly uses in the weekly live calls. This is the mindset of both the owners and ideally their investors too. There are significant sums of money to be made with both Elysium Capital and Network, but everyone involved should take the long view and achieve the returns they want over a period of months and year, not days and weeks.

Negative Reviews

There seems to some of negative reveiws circulating for this company. I’ve read these reviews, but they seem to completely misunderstand what this company is offering and how it operates. Perhaps something has changed since these reviews were written, but what is very clear is that none of the posts I have read speak from a position of authority by having tested the platform for themselves, so it’s perhaps little wonder that they reach the wrong conclusions.

Much of the negative sentiment on these blogs focuses on 2 areas; 1) The fact that Elysium Capital does not have a securities license, and 2) that the referal plan (Elysium Network) is a ponzi scam. Those that have tested the service understand that such allogations are false. Whilst I can’t make any guarantees about future earnings or ongoing profits for investors, I can say with 100% certainty that these 2 allogations are false. Firstly, Elysium Capital is not a securities company, so they do not require a securities license. You do not need any such type of license to offer copy trading via a MAM. The investor doesn’t have any kind of contract with the signal provider in this scenario – the agreement is between the investor and the broker.

Secondly, Elysium Capital don’t accept the deposits from investors and this is how I can say with 100% certainty that it’s not a ponzi scheme, as some sites claim. The investor sends funds to a third party broker where they maintain full access to funds and with immediate access to withdraw should they wish to do so. Anyone that understands the nature of pyramid/ponzi schemes will understand how it;s impossible for such a scheme to exist unless the platform is receiving investors funds directly (in order that they can redistribute new funds as “profits” to other investors).

Elysium Capital Review the perfect storm image

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Minimum Investment?

The strategy with the lowest entry requirement is Alpha Linea, with a minimum investment amount of €600. This means you could follow this one strategy with just €600, but of course you can invest more into this or any other strategy (there is no maximum investment).

Can I invest From USA?

No. Unfortunately the broker (Equiti) is not regulated for US investors and therefore this opportunity is not available to those living in the USA.

What Countries Are NOT Accepted?

United States, Belgium, Canada, Singapore

What Is The Minimum Term?

There is no minimum term, and investors have instant access to their funds. However, Elysium Capital ask investors to be patient and invest for the long term. It can take a while for investments to gather momentum and often the strategies are managing some losing trades using hedging, which can make open trade positions seem like they are losing, yet all of a sudden they will jump into profit. Investors with a long term mindset can happily sit through these periods of fluctuating equity whereas those that panic and withdraw funds often suffer losses that might otherwise have become profits.

Can I Access My Money?

Yes, you can access your money and withdraw at any time via the 3rd party broker.

How Do I Know This Isn’t A Ponzi Scam?

The ponzi scam works is that investors send their money into a platform, where the money is pooled and profits are paid out to investors from new moneys coming in. Elysium Capital never take control of anyone’s money, and the returns they provide have to be genuine because they are shown live with the approved broker. It’s therefore impossible for Elysium Capital to be a ponzi scam

What Are The Risks Of Investing in Elysium Capital

Although I can say with 100% certainty that Elysium Capital is absolutely not a pyrmid scheme or a scam, the returns generated from the MAM are derived from CFD trading such as forex and commodities, which carried a high degree of risk. Even though Elysium Capital have a strong track record of profitable trading, losses can still be incurred, and your capital is therefore at risk. You cannot lose more than you deposit, but no one can completely rule out total losses.

Keep in mind though that should large losses occur on one strategy, that will NOT impact funds invested in other strategies. Each strategy has it’s own separate trading account, so if you suffer heavy losses on one strategy, there’s a good chance that the other 2 will still be profitable and in this way, spreading funds between the different strategies offers a good way to mitigate some of the risk of total losses.

I Have Seen Bad Reviews Of Elysium Capital How Do I Know They Are Legit?

Most of the negative reviews about Elysium Capital and Elysium Network are completely false. All of the negative reviews I’ve seen are completely unsubstantiated and should not be taken seriously. They have either been conducted without even testing the service first-hand, or they are flat out lying about their findings. Please make sure you conduct your own research about the company and those involved in order to draw your own conclusions.

What Returns Can I Expect To Make?

Each strategy provides a datasheet of what the past performance has been. Although past performance cannon be used to guarantee future performance, you should be able to get an understanding of the risk/reward of each strategy by looking at these datasheets.

Is My Money Guaranteed?

No, invested money is not covered by any type of depositor protection scheme. Invested funds are therefore 100% at risk.

What Is A MAM?

A Multi-Account Manager (MAM) account allows an investor to copy the trades of a professional trader or system without the need to send funds into a collective fund or pool. Investors funds therefore remain in their own account, and effectively receive digital instructions of opening and closing positions in the account from the trader. The trader is analysing the markets and executing trades in their own account, and any actions taken by them are mirrored across any account connected to them via the MAM. The size of the trade is automatically calculated according to the investors account size, and often trade size is determined as a % of the available equity so that it’s proportional for all investors regardless of size of account. A performance fee is taken by the trader as an agreed percentage of the gains each month. Investors can still place their own trades within a MAM account and indeed can adjust or close trades that were initiated by the trader and so total control is still maintained by the investor.

Can I Compound My Profits?

Yes, the Elysium Capital MAM will automatically calculate your trade size based on the amount in your account and therefore compounding will continuously happen as long as profits are left in the account.

Can I Invest In More Than 1 Strategy At In The Same Broker Account?

No. Each strategy requires it’s own separate trading account. Therefore it is not possible to deposit €3,000 in one account and have access to all 3 strategies. In order to participate in each strategy you need the minimum required amount in a dedicated trading account. This is beneficial to investors as it keeps the strategies completely separate and avoids any potential high drawdowns that occur from running multiple strategies in one account.

How Much Does It Cost?

To be an investor in the Elysium Capital MAM does not have any upfront or monthly fees or costs. Elysium receive their reward by way of a profit share on trading activities.

How Much Should I Invest?

That depends entirely on your own financial situation and circumstances. There is no maximum investment amount, but minimum amounts do apply and need to be taken into consideration. Also, remember that investing in this type of trading is high risk, and you should only afford an amount that you can afford to lose. Elysium Capital also suggest that you should try to leave the funds in your account for at least 6 months in order to see a nice amount of growth and start to see some compounding, so using funds you know you will need access to in the short term is also not recommended.

Those that need a guaranteed income should also consider the risks of investing and the timeframe suggested by E.C. Most investors want to benefit from compounding their wins and growing their assets over a period of time. For those that need income, you should consider Elysium Network as a great way to build a steady and potentially very substantial income.

Which Strategy Is Best?

This depends on your perspective and attitude to risk. Each strategy has pros and cons such as higher/lower returns, more/less trading history and higher/lower drawdown. Reading the datasheet for each strategy is important and also taking time to understand how much risk you are willing to take is important. How much risk are you willing to take and what potential losses are you willing to take? If you are willing to take high losses in exchange for more aggressive trading (and potentially higher returns) then Aurum Digital probably ticks the box. For those that want to take minimal risks then a low drawdown is important, so Pinnacle or Alpha Linea might be a better choice. Remember that you can also split your funds and invest in multiple strtaegies to further lower your risk of ruin.

I hope you enjoyed this Elysium Capital review. If you have any questions please post them below.

29 thoughts on “Elysium Capital Review [2021] – 100% Brutally Honest Review From A Real Member”

  1. I invested $20k with them and after 4 months was at 50% drawdown. When I checked my account I saw they were trading gold (commodities) when the prospectus clearly states that they would trade only the G10 currencies (for their Alpha Linea product). When I pointed this out their response was:

    “Regarding the Gold trades, the setup opportunity was there for the pairing.”

    They totally admitted what they were doing even though they shouldn’t have been trading in those instruments and 25% of my drawdown was in gold.

    They are liars, reckless and are actively trying to cheat people. I don’t expect they will even be around much longer.

    Good luck!


    • Hi Mark,

      completely agree with your comment. I had the same experience. I lost my money on the Alpha Linea Strategy. In the prospect they state that they only invest in FX but they actually also take trades in commodities (which is false information and actually forbidden). I also asked them about these trades and got the same response.
      I reported them to the regulator and hope not more people put their money in there.

  2. Hi Jon,
    I agree, I don’t think the company is a scam as others here have suggested. But, one of the strategies is actually failing at the moment and not adapted to the current market conditions. On one account I have a balance of about 1000 EUR, but an equity of only 150 EUR. That’s a huge drawdown, so I’m expecting a margin call any day now.
    The company doesn’t disclose what recovery strategy is using, so I’m not sure whether it’s worth topping up my account in the hope of a recovery. For all I know, it could be martingale, in which case a topup is a highly risky move.
    Also, it would be nice to have this drawdown reflected in their strategy description, but unfortunately, it is not.
    On a second strategy, I’m only 20% in drawdown, so that has a bit more breathing space.

  3. Hi Jon,

    I started investing in Alpha Linea at the beginning of February 2021. Today they came out with the performance for February. They are stating that the Portfolio had a Return on Investment of 0.69% after performance fees. My equity is down 95% and I will be stopped out soon with a complete loss of all my money. You mentioned in your last youtube video that they do not earn when we do not earn. As their strategy is to close profitable trades very soon with a very small profit but keep the losing trades open until your account is wiped out, they will always show positive returns and will take the performance fee.
    In my opinion this is a scam and I would warn people to invest their hard earned money in this company. They do not have Money and Risk Management for their Trading with no Stop Losses to keep the losses low.
    Unfortunately I am very disapointed in this recommendation.


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