Exclusive Investments For Millionaires

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Exclusive Investments For Millionaires - 500% Return Or Higher
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“High yield investments from $1 million and above”

I have always found it amusing when people use phrases such as “the rich get richer” and “once you have money it’s easy to make more money”. When I was working in wealth management in the offshore world, I met many millionaire’s, most of whom were simply trying to eek out a savings return of 4 or 5 % per annum because they couldn’t find anything worthwhile investing in. Some of these wealthy individuals went chasing investment opportunities that promised very high returns, only to get their fingers burned and lose most, if not all that they invested. It’s fair to say that I saw plenty of millionaires who lost most of their wealth through making bad investments.

The idea that there are “secret” or exclusive investments for millionaires had therefore always struck me as a myth. That is until I found out about private placement programs. These investments are notoriously difficult to get into, and usually require a minimum investment in excess of $10,000,000, but have returns that can be substantial. In fact, some PPP investments, also known as bullet trades, can carry returns of up to 100% per week for a period of time, and then returns of 25% per week for a further 40 weeks. When I first started to investigate this type of investment it seemed as though it as simply a myth. Was it really possible to make such high returns even if you have millions to invest?

At the time I first started to look into this all I heard were whispers, and all I spoke to were the usual sharks who circle any high value investment opportunity looking for victims to fraudulently deprive of their savings. I therefore drifted away from the sector, despite hearing rumours of people who had successfully completed a PPP trade here and there. It wasn’t until recently that I was informed of a PPP trader in London who I could meet and who would be happy to trade PPP’s for clients that I started I really started to see that not only are PPP’s genuine, but that they can actually be traded in a very safe way. As I’ve investigated this further, I also found ways to enter trades starting from $1million making it accessable for small cap investors. Feel free to contact me to find out more about this if you have over $1million to invest.

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High Yield Investments For Investors With Over $1 Million

Although this type of investment is reserved for very high levels of investment (often $1million or more), meeting the trader and seeing that the returns are genuine has made me realise that there really are exclusive investment opportunities reserved for millionaires and wealthy individuals. What’s more, it’s actually relatively straight forward to invest once you have a legitimate trader. It seems slightly unfair that one can only gain access to such high returns when you already have so much wealth, but when you understand how the trade works it becomes clear that even these millionaire investors are small fish in a pond made up of huge institutions where billions of dollars worth of assets are being traded.

Also, whilst exclusive investments for millionaires only might be real, it’s not as easy as it may sounds for them to significantly increase their wealth in this way. Even within the social circles of the rich and super rich, many people simply aren’t aware that PPP’s exist and even those that are, are unable to find a genuine platform that people can use. There are so many scams and fake platforms out there that some people spend years searching for a legitimate PPP without success.

Indeed, if you are searching and would like me to refer you to the trader I met then please contact me and I will put you in contact with them.


How Do Private Placement Programs Work?

If you’re unfamiliar with PPP’s then here’s a summary of how they work.

In simple terms, they involve the trading of medium term notes, which are debt assets that are traded between major banks and other financial institutions. These MTN’s are openly traded between these institutions, but in order to gain access to the marketplace one requires a certain level of funds, usually $100million. Once access is granted, one can buy and sell notes freely.

I mentioned above that the minimum investment amount is usually $10million, and this is because leverage is often used to take a $10million to $100million, which is sufficient to gain access to the marketplace.

The leverage is quite important because it helps to explain why the returns are so high. If an MTN with a  value of $100million can be purchased and sold for a profit of 0.2% then this is fact a return of 2% on the initial investment of $10million. If just two trades were made per day in this way, then within one week the return could be 20% for the investor simply by buying and selling 10 MTN’s in total. In theory, many more trades than this can be made on a daily and weekly basis though because it is such a liquid market.

What To Do If You Are A Millionaire Investor?

If you have at least $1million to invest and are looking for this type of exclusive very high yield investment then contact me and I would be happy to make an introduction for you.

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