Forex Fury: A Collection of Reviews – Is it a Scam?

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Forex Fury is an automated trading system for foreign exchange with a promised 93% winning rate for their clients. I have shown in my review that this is complately false I lost all my money. However, to give a balanced view I thought it might be useful to show other review of Fury. We have therefore collected a series of reviews from different buyers from different websites. Find out whether Forex Fury is a scam or a legit forex trading system.

Poor Customer Service

A gentleman bought the software, but he did not need it anymore due to a sudden event. He hoped for a refund from the customer service a few days after his purchase but was met with an unhelpful response from them. He then stated that people should avoid this software.

Misleading Demo Accounts

A customer stated that the company manipulates the demo accounts to seem that you would have an almost 100%-win ratio. The customer made a list of misleading points by Forex Fury.

  • No real USD account.
  • No leverage is being used, so no risk of a margin call.
  • No stoploss is put in place. They let trades run until it’s profitable.
  • They hide #3 by making open trades private.
  • They stop fury when major news events occur.

There are a lot of negative reviews about the demo accounts being completely misleading in terms of showing positive results but then getting zero profit to bigger loss instead of wins.

Check out below 100% Honest ForexFury Review:

Deleting Negative Comments

Forex Fury has been deleting negative reviews and comments and keeps on making excuses about server failure on their demo accounts. They also urge their clients to post positive reviews on review sites to keep their reputation.

It is also seen on a lot of sites that Forex Fury would comment at negative comments with excuses. They are also trying to delete the negative comments by bribing customers who left negative comments to delete their comments and get a refund in exchange for deleting.

Should Not Be Trusted

When comparing, customers found out that their trades are not the same, even with the correct time period, and are only dependent on the broker’s spread. A lot of them also did not get the win ratio that they were promised with.

Forex Fury would also post false results on their website about the positive results and not publish their clients’ losses. A customer’s equity has dropped from $1000 to $100+, but the company would only show an ascending chart to hide that their client is losing money.


Forex Fury is a scalping system with two significant risks that involve being broker-dependent, and losing trades are being kept open longer than winners. They would always reason out that a problem supposedly makes significant losses with a server. 

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