Forex Fury: How It Works And Its Settings

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Forex Fury is a forex robot that claims to have a high win rate when in reality it only ever loses money, as many unsatisfied customers as atested to. You should avoid this bot, but in case you already own it here is some additional data on the settings.

How Forex Fury Works

From their official website, the developers mentioned that they do things with their capacity to extend a helping hand for traders to grow and excel. For many years, they have “proven it”, but we only see bad reviews all over the internet.

  1. Time-Restricted Trading Strategy

This EA works a classic time-restricted strategy, which uses the M15 time frame. It allows traders to develop their investments into something different and apparently mitigate risks. For traders who trade with deliberated risks and have a limited budget, the time-restricted approach can work for you in a useful way according to them (but didn’t work for me!). 

  1. Adaptability And Flexibility

The Forex Fury adapts and can operate with several various platforms. It is compatible with MT5 Build 600+, MT4, FIFO, and NFA. Moreover, low-risk strategy and proper financial management are beneficial to beginner traders since they can quickly put trades without the hassle of overthinking about the risk of loss.

  1. Proven and Tested Settings

One significant recommendation is the available customizable settings of Forex Fury. It is helpful and practical for traders who desire to experiment using their trading knowledge and creativity. You do not need to touch the preset options to utilize Forex Fury but you can tweak them according to your preferences and your expected outcomes.

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Testing New Settings

Many Forex Fury clients also create minor setting changes. Bearing in mind that this is a scalping approach, you generally desire the SL to raise more than the TP. From Forex Fury Success Guide, these are the primary settings that their clients want to modify. 

Acquiring these are similar to the way you access the settings of the time. You can right-click on the chart and navigate to expert advisor properties. For a few most typical changes that the clients do, here are the following:

  • TP: 5 SL 40
  • TP: 3 SL 30
  • TP: 4 SL 33
  • TP: 5 SL 60

Several of these gain profit, prevent loss levels and reported significant success rates. Note that it always has a skewed risk-reward ratio because this is a scalper. You can check this system with a 1:1 risk-reward balance if you want to.


ForexFury is a losing bot but some people are tweaking settings to try and make it turn a profit. Demo it and test different settings to see if you can make it profitable for you.

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