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In our recent article Forex Fury review, we talked about how bad this Forex Fury is and why it’s bad to invest in. In this post I wanted to talk moare about Forex Fury Myfxbook. You can find a Myfxbook account on Forex Fury’s official website that shows previous trading results. The Forex Fury team claims that their product delivers over a 93%-win ratio, which should be amazing when you think about the Forex market’s unsteady nature, but the reality is that most people lose their money.

Forex Fury’s Accounts on Myfxbook

There are a total of 6 registered trading accounts of Forex Fury in Myfxbook. Here is the list of their supposed results, which are only from new accounts with hardly any trading history

  1. Forex Fury GBPUSD – 756.93%
  2. Fury AUDUSD & USDJPY – 590.33%
  3. FRN Forex Fury 5K USDJPY – 45.50%
  4. Fury USD 25K – 149.69%
  5. Fury USDJPY – 75.85%
  6. Forex Fury Live GBUSD (low risk) – 67.49%


The foreign exchange tab that indicates the British Pound’s value against the US Dollar is GBP / USD. This tells traders how many US dollars it takes to buy a British pound. The Pound-Dollar has become one of the world’s oldest and most commonly traded currency pairs.

Track the chart’s live GBP / USD rate and stay updated with news and analysis from Pound-Dollar. Plan your transactions with the GBP / USD forecast and data on main pivot points and levels of support and resistance.


One of the most commonly traded currency pairs globally is AUD / USD (Australian Dollar-US Dollar). The AUD / USD chart tells traders how many US dollars it takes to purchase a single Australian dollar. In order to increase your technical and fundamental analysis when trading this pair, track the AUD / USD live with the interactive chart, and read the latest forecast and AUD / USD news.


The foreign exchange tab that shows the US Dollar value against the Japanese Yen is USD / JPY. This tells traders how many yen they need to buy a dollar from the US. The Dollar-Yen, second only to EUR / USD, is one of the most commonly traded forex pairs and is a benchmark for Asian economic health and even the global economy.

With the USD / JPY chart, you can display the live Dollar-Yen rate and enhance your technical and fundamental research with the latest USD / JPY outlook, news, and analysis.


Entering the Foreign Exchange market is not as easy as it may look. With today’s technology, automated trading systems are being marketed for promised easy money. Keep in mind that being a Forex trader includes effort, patience, and careful analysis. Avoid this EA and look for something with longer trading proof.

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