Forex Fury Review [2021] – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Forex Fury Review 2021 - Is It Legit Or A Scam?
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Please watch my Forex Fury review for 2021 below. I have owned Forex Fury for over 2 years and did not have any success with it, which is why I wanted to put this review video out with a warning on my website. I hope you enjoy this review, and if you want to know what are the most profitable services in 2021 then be sure to check out this page.

Here is my full forex fury review video;

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I hope you enjoy this honest review. As you can see, Forex Fury is part of a very misleading chain of websites. Even if that wasn’t dishonest, the bot itself isn’t profitable and since making my video a lot of people have got in touch with me saying they wish they never bought this bot.

Here is the video transcript for this Forex Fury Review. The website for this product is

Hello, It’s Jonathan here from Trade Wise and welcome to another edition. In this video, I’m going to be reviewing Forex Fury. But I need to start this video with a warning, it’s actually the first time I’ve ever started a video with a warning. There’s actually some quite misleading information out there about this trading Bot and I really want to tell you guys all about it. And so please stay tuned to this video, make sure you watch it all the way through and I’ll be exposing some of the things that I consider to be misleading information about this Bot and you need to be extremely cautious if you’re thinking of buying it.

As always, if you find any of this information helpful, please give me a thumbs up. And you can subscribe to my channel, as well. To just be kept informed of any future videos, I’m always trying to put out good content for you guys. And also on my website, I have three products in particular which are very good. They’re making very good consistent profits month in, month. out. You can find out what those are, absolutely free, on my website. So, in the description below, there’ll be a link to my website. Go over there and discover what those best three trading products are right now. And without further ado, let’s do this Forex review.

What is Forex Fury?

Alright, so let’s talk about Forex fury, then. So, this is an auto trading Bot which runs on MT4. There’s a lot of these around, it’s known as an EA. I’ve tested many of these, the vast majority don’t work, but there’s one or two decent ones out there. And I was quite excited about Forex Fury, and when I first bought it two years ago, and because there was a lot of positive sentiment out there on the internet. But as I said in my introduction, quite a lot of information that’s out there is misleading. So, my aim of this video is to give you as much information as I can. I’m not going to tell you whether or not to actually buy it, that’s obviously your decision. But hopefully as part of your research, whether to buy or not, at least you will see the other side of the coin and the misleading information that’s out there.

So Forex fury, then. You’re probably familiar with the website and some of the claims that are made and some of the past performance, and all that kind of thing. And let’s just start at the top very quickly. So it says here is its “automated forex robot, 100% very verified results”. Well, let’s just have a look at some of the results that are being touted for Forex Fury. So, these are showing fantastic results on different currency pairs, if we have a look at some of these though; bear in mind, this Bot has been around since about 2015. And yes here it says track record verified with my effects book, but this is only since March 2019. For a Bot that’s been around since at least 2015 I’m not sure about it, but I’ll leave you to make your own decision as to why. Look again here, July 2019 is the track record here, and so it continues. Now there’s one here with a longer track record, so for this currency pair. I think this is JPY, Japanese Yen. This one goes back to 2017, with very consistent profits. However, this one is not verified. So, the ones that are verified tend to just go back a matter of months, I’m filming this in December 2019. And as I say, there’s only a few months’ worth of a verified track record.

How does Forex Fury make money?

Now when I use this Bot personally, I found that it worked quite well for a while but then started making losses and it didn’t blow my account book, but I was certainly losing money. and I suspect that that’s what the proven track record will have shown as well, so that’s why they’re having to keep resetting and the actual data here. So, some of this data is verified, but I would strongly question why they’ve only got a few months’ worth of trading history when this Bot has been around for quite some time.

Forex Robot Nation

The other thing that I really am concerned about with this, in terms of misleading information, if we just do a quick Google search for Forex Fury, one of the top results here is the Forex Robot Nation. I would recommend that you have a look at the Forex Peace Army reviews, because they’re a lot more genuine. I do trust that community, but here’s one here from Forex Robot Nation. Now, you may well have found this site, maybe you actually found Forex Fury by coming onto Forex Robot Nation. Now this website claims to be like a review site, where they review lots of different products. However, one thing that it doesn’t say is that these top products here on the right-hand side, they are created and owned by Forex Robot Nation. Now I discovered this when I actually bought Forex Fury and the videos are made by the same person that has done reviews for Forex Robot Nation and they’re all linked together, all of these products. So basically what Forex Robot Nation is aiming to do is they they don’t actually do proper reviews of other services, they don’t buy them and they don’t run them for 6 months or  12 months or whatever to deem whether they are profitable or not, they write reviews based just on the homepage of what they can see. They make them negative reviews to pull in traffic to this website. So they are pretending to be a genuine review site, but actually this site is really just trying to filter and funnel traffic towards these products, of which Forex Fury is one.

Are Forex Robot Nation’s Product Reviews Genuine?

So you’ll always get Forex Fury being touted as one of the best products by Forex Robot Nation because they own the product, and I just wouldn’t take any of the reviews on this site to be genuine. The alarm wheels first started ringing when there were good products, that I was using, that I read a review on here, and I could just tell that they hadn’t even bought the product and they didn’t own it, they have no track record, they’ve just written a review based on what they could ascertain from the website and then we’re trying to steer the traffic, as I say, to some of these top products. So, I just found that misleading. Obviously, if they want to drive traffic in whatever way they want to drive traffic, that’s fine. But I just wish they were a bit more honest about it, and not pretending that they’re doing a proper genuine reviews of products. This is all just a front for making sales off their own products. So, I don’t really feel comfortable with that, and I think it’s worth you understanding that that is the case.

And so what I’ll do is I will just quickly log in, so that you can see the members area, anyway. And if it hasn’t deterred you and you may find that you still want to give it a go, that’s fine.

 The Members Area

What I’ll do is I’ll log in to the members area now, so that you can actually see inside the members area. So here we are, inside the members area. I wanted to show you this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you are deciding whether or not to buy, and hopefully it just gives you a bit more information of what you can expect once you’re actually a member, and I also just wanted to show that genuinely I have been a member of this, I have tested this Bot as well, it wasn’t particularly profitable for me. However, I’m not saying “don’t buy it”, it could just be that I have some settings wrong or it could be that they’ve improved the Bot since then, and I don’t want to keep using it just based on the misinformation that I kind of feel was presented through Forex Robot Nation, as I mentioned earlier. But if you do want to buy it, then as a member, you will get walked through, you will get shown how to things up. They’re suggesting that you use a VPS, so I’ll show you how to set up a VPS. There’s not a lot of information here in this members area, but there is enough to get you set up. And you can download your EA, and then it will walk you through the installation on how to set it up.

Is Forex Fury a Scam?

It is nice and easy to get set up, it is a genuine bot, it will trade for you on your account. So, I don’t have any issues around it being like a scam product or anything like that, it’s just what it ultimately comes down to me is, it wasn’t particularly profitable for me. Well, it wasn’t so profitable, I lost money with it, and just the way they’re trying to manipulate traffic into it – I just find it all a little bit misleading. So it’s not going to be one that I’ll be using ongoing, if you do want to know the products and services that I highly rate and that I’m trading with and profiting from on a daily basis, then jump over to my website and I give that information away for free.

Closing Remarks

Okay, so I think that’s everything covered there on Forex Fury. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. And if you have found this video interesting or helpful in any way, please give me a thumbs up. It’s always good to get positive feedback from you guys. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye for now.

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  1. very good post and honest. Forex Fury, Forex Steam and Forexrobotnation are a scam. He keeps updating the track records and whats even worse, he bashes other EA developers after which each “review” he will direct you to his own robot. Best to stay away from this clown from the USA (you can easily google his house address) which proves he doesnt sell many robots 🙂


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