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Gala Music Review 2023 – Is Listen To Earn Legit?

Gala Music Review
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Gala Music Nodes are reminiscent of jukeboxes to those born after the iPod revolutionized how people listen to music. They will keep Song NFTs that they’ve made or gotten from other users in the Music Nodes, and users may select the Node they want to hear the music.

Consumers are more than simply a cog in the wheel of the Gala Music Ecosystem; they generate its energy. The distributed architecture of Music Nodes allows for global hosting, listening, and incentives. I’ve been involved in the Gala Ecosystem for quite some time, and have been amazed by their vision. It’s also been very lucrative for me as you’ll see in my Gala Games review.

This Gala Music Review will discuss everything you need to know about it. Continue reading to learn more.

Gala Music Overview

The user interface for Gala will consist of a music-playing app that, upon activation, communicates with GC to locate nodes containing the selected song. It then finds the Node with the least delay in streaming the music to the user’s device.

Customers will bring their own Song NFTs to the Music Nodes they’ve purchased from other sources. It enables the user to choose the Node from a pool of streaming nodes containing the desired music.

Gala Music tokens are released at a fixed rate for every song played. Those with the song’s NFT receive 35% of the tokens, the Music Node Network receives 10% for staying online, and the Node that played the music receives 5%. How many music NFTs each Node can handle is up to you.

It matters where the user hosts the Node since latency is used to choose the Node and, therefore, the maximum reward. The Gala Music token supply will be reduced by introducing a subscription model, which will maintain consumer interest in the service. 

Said, it appears to be inverting the traditional streaming membership model by giving all revenue back to the content producers and the community.

The Gala coin ($GALA) will also be very important in the ecosystem and used as the gas token on their native layer1 blockchain (GYRI chain). Gala token can be purchased from almost all crypto exchanges including Binance and Coinbase.

Becoming a Part of the Gala Music Society

Gala Music is a new Environment for musicians and their listeners, driven by the distributed ledger technology blockchain. Additionally, Gala began its mission to revolutionize the music business via a “soft launch.” In February 2022, when it distributed a small amount of Player Node licenses and announced a collaboration with Death Row Records.

Recruiting new artists and forging new and exploding relationships, Gala Music is aggressively planting, developing, and refining the Ecosystem. It would enable unparalleled artist and fan engagement that incorporates individual ownership, listen-to-earn, and artistic liberty into the music industry.

1. Various musicians have released NFTs for purchase on Gala Music. Artists are not limited in their ability to mint and sell NFTs by record labels. These releases can take anything from single tracks to full albums, exclusive merchandise, and even tickets to unique events for fans.

2. Listeners and collectors alike buy music NFTs. By purchasing music NFTs from their favorite artists, fans can show their support for them and access special content and experiences hand-picked by the musicians. A percentage of NFT’s earnings go toward subsidizing low-cost streaming for listeners and providing resources for new musicians.

3. Musicians and NFT holders benefit financially. Get rewarded for connecting your music NFT to a Player Node or a Fan Node. Artists and NFT owners receive token rewards whenever their songs are played on the Gala Music Player.

4. Please pay attention to earning. You don’t manage a Node or have a Music NFT? Sure, no sweat. Gala Music is improving the experience of music listening for everyone by making decentralized music more accessible. The listener will be rewarded for every stream of a song NFT by a new artist.

Gala Music: Listen-To-Earn

Gala Music gives you access to a distributed and accessible music collection file system that keeps tabs on all your platform contributions and automatically deducts them from your account daily. Sales, streaming, and licensing income are factors to calculate your maximum return. The blockchain ensures the safety and openness of all financial dealings.

Pairing the music with another user’s Node does not prevent you from earning points. Each possible combination of NFT and NODE should result in a financial gain. Gala Music Nodes may store music files and earn Music tokens in the process. Neither Gala nor any in-game NFTs will be awarded to them. 

The program requires you to “listen” to anything or at least do some action that may be considered listening.

Some have proposed making node owners stake Gala as collateral before participating in the listen-to-earn ecosystem. The nicest feature is that it’s possible to earn money while using the app. Everybody can get in on the Gala Music token action by taking part in the app, where everything will be handled.  It is a big step toward gaming, music, and digital media ownership.

Gala Music is Energized by Nodes

The user-operated Nodes that make up the Gala Music network provide the foundation upon which the platform rests; without them, a decentralized musical future would be impossible.

Player Nodes

The Gala Music Player Nodes are the fundamental building blocks of the emerging autonomous music industry. All of the songs in the Gala Music Ecosystem are powered by decentralized nodes known as Music Nodes.

1. Host MusicGala. Music is decentralized in that each listener originates from an NFT track housed on a Player Node or Fan Node instead of the service controlling access. Operators of a Node can either host their tracks or allow other music enthusiasts to do so.

2. Allow Streaming. When a Player Node hosts an NFT track, listeners throughout the network can access that track via a streaming service. It facilitates global dissemination of Node Operator-hosted music and increases the desire for the most popular songs.


In addition to hosting and streaming NFT tunes everywhere in Gala Music, Player Nodes make it possible for their owners to earn incentives in various ways. Player Nodes are a vital component of the Gala Music Ecosystem.

1. Rewards for Hard Work. Every player who operates a Player Node will be eligible for a regular distribution as a reward for keeping their Node up and contributing to the network. Even though it is not actively acquiring listeners and does not currently feature any NFT tunes.

2. Hosting NFTs. An operator of a Player Node can pair an unlimited number of distinct songs and may also make arrangements with other users to host their NFT tracks. Each listener in the ecosystem divides the fraction of the overall rewards allotted for NFT holders among the track holder and the operator of the serving Node.

3. Dropping NFT. To guarantee that users of the Player Node Network have access to the newest music and ensure artists quickly reach a broader audience. A tiny percentage of the total manufactured NFTs will be allocated at the chance to operators across the network who fulfill the Minimum Operating Criteria for that period.

Fan Nodes

In the world of music, a “Fan Node” is the equivalent of the most devoted fan club. By hosting and streaming music from a single artist’s discography, these Nodes elevate their operators to the status of die-hard fans.

1. Reward Intensification. When it comes to NFT songs created by the artist they are devoted to, Fan Nodes have a better reward possibility than Player Nodes. Occasionally, artists will release songs that can exclusively be hosted on their Fan Nodes.

2. Superior Standing. A Fan Node’s operator is explicitly marked as a key member of the artist’s core support group and directly assists the creator for whom the node was intended. It’s up to the individual artist how they choose to engage with this exclusive circle of devoted followers.

Price Structure Increases

Gala’s early bird specials are a fan-favorite way to thank customers who plan. Licenses for using the Player Node system are another example of a variable cost good; they are offered in batches at escalating price points.

The average cost of one of the initial 25,000 licenses was $1200. There are fewer than 5,000 left to sell before we hit our goal of 25,000.

These twenty-five thousand Player Nodes will launch the Gala Music Ecosystem’s Player Node infrastructure. It is your chance to get a license at the lowest feasible price.

Lastly, Gala Music aims to blend seamlessly with the other entertainment companies within the Gala Ecosystem, such as allowing music to be streamed whilst playing games or overlapping the music into Gala Film. The Gala Games platform is currently the best way to keep track of the entire ecosystem (and their discord channel) but Gala Music will shortly be launching its own music platform.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is a Music Node?

In its most fundamental form, a Music Node can be conceptualized as an individual’s very personal jukebox that is open to the public. You may make money anytime someone plays a certain song if you host it on your Node and let others play it. There are two kinds of nodes:

1. Player Nodes have a broad range of capabilities since they can play any game. Using these Nodes, you can host your own NFTs, keep track of plays, and engage in the ecosystem.

2. Fan Nodes are reserved only for the most devoted fans. It is the right Node for you if you follow Gala Music artists closely and consider yourself a true admirer of their work. You will become a member of an exclusive club, have access to unique drops and the opportunity to conduct events, and receive rewards for doing so.

What are Music Nodes going to do?

Gala Music is a controlled platform for hosting, sharing, and listening to music across a distributed community of Player Nodes. The operators of the host Node, the artist, and the NFT owner all benefit from the playback of music NFTs, which can be hosted on any Node in the network.

A substantial amount of the system’s benefits go to the artists, with the rest going to NFT proprietors and hosting Node administrators for their contributions to the ecosystem.

What is the price tag for the Player Nodes?

In GALA, the initial set of 25,000 Player Node subscriptions sold for $1,200 each. The future is never certain, but they will never be offered for cheaper than this.

Can’t I buy music or NFTs without a Node?

To be honest, you don’t. However, having certain Fan Nodes can often allow you to enter drops ahead of time.

Will the development of Gala Games be slowed down or disrupted by Gala Music?

Gala Music is composed of hardworking staff. They are making a significant investment in growing their workforce. There will be no reduction in the available resources for game production.

What role do Music Nodes play in conjunction with NFTs? 

Music Nodes can be online and earn a cut of the 10 percent revenue pool even if they do not have any music NFTs.

Generally, unless they are linked to a music Node, music NFTs have no purpose. In addition to hosting the owner’s own music NFTs, Music Nodes can also host the music NFTs of other users. As a result, the system has four distinct “owners.”

1. Owners of single music nodes who host the NFTs of others.

2. Those who don’t own a music Node but possess music NFT and host it on another’s Node.

3. Those who own a music Node and host both their own and other people’s music NFTs.

4. Comparing music Nodes to jukeboxes and music NFTs to records is not too far-fetched.

For a node to function, what are the bare minimum requirements?

Nodes are required to be up and serving the system for at least 6 hours each day. The minimum requirements are 2 cores, 4GB of memory, and 50GB of disk space. It is expected that these needs will evolve to serve the network better as the number of nodes increases and new software is released.


Music’s universal and eternal nature makes it one of the earliest forms of artistic expression. Some aspects of music may have benefited from the passage of time, both for the sake of the musicians who create it and the listeners who enjoy it.

Hopefully, this Gala Music Review taught you all you needed to know. When it comes to music, Gala Music is a firm believer in the benefits of distributed control and joint ownership. They think they can provide artists and fans the same brighter future they have given game designers and players. The blockchain is the destiny of the music industry because it will liberate content, producers, and fans.

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