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How Does Yieldnodes Work? 2022 Explanation

How does Yieldnodes work

YieldNodes is a complex, multi-tiered Node rental program based on the new blockchain-based economy. Since its inception in 2018, the platform has been tapping into different areas of the crypto space in order to stabilize and leverage considerable revenue for its investors.

In this article, we will run through how YieldNodes works. If you sign up for Yieldnodes using the links on this page I am happy to give you 1-to-1 support to help you get set up and answer your questions!

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Learning to use Yieldnodes

Firstly, Yieldnodes is not an investment program but a “pay for service” system that generates profits based on a mathematical algorithm. It is a cryptocurrency platform that allows investors to grow their fiat currency (USD, GBP, AUD etc) or their cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH etc) by taking advantage of a lucrative aspect of cryptocurrency known as “masternoding” and distributing the profits between investors.

The platform has been designed for both new users and experienced traders alike with an intuitive design to help you easily start depositing and generating profits. Once you are signed up to YieldNodes you will have access to your secure member area where earnings and total balance information can be viewed at any time, there is a minimum deposit of EUR 500.00 and a maximum deposit: EUR 250,000.00. After a 7-day grace period your deposit will start accruing yield. A projected 5-15% pure profit is then paid out every month and can either be withdrawn or compounded.

The platform generates a stable return for investors by earning master node returns. The value of returns does fluctuate each month based on coin values, but fundamentally, master nodes pay a fixed number of coins per month and this is how Yieldnodes can offer a minimum monthly return of at least 5%.

It is interesting to note that YieldNodes pays out a minimum of 85% of the generated revenue to its members. They take a maximum of 15% (often less) of the monthly profits, this is because they are striving for a long-term relationship with their participants. They aim for a consistent yield of 5-15% per month, in fact, if the yield does drop below 5% for 3 consecutive months, your investment will be returned along with any accrued profits (if compounded). No fuss! See our full Yield nodes review here.

>> Yieldnodes Can Be Accessed At The Following Link:
Yieldnodes <<

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