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This is an important update so please read it carefully. Since posting my original review of Mirror Trading International earlier in the year there has been a lot of negative press about the company and I have become concerned about the the safety of the platform and the security of my funds with them.

In August (2020) I withdraw almost all of my money from the platform, and only left a small amount with them in order to keep my account open. I am not fully against the platform, and I’m always careful to avoid using terminology such as “scam” because I can’t be sure either way whether or not this is indeed a scam, or if it’s just had a lot of unwarranted attention from regulators. I will therefore be closely monitoring to see if I can get comfortable with it again in the future and I’ll be keeping my subscribers informed as things progress over the next few months. In the meantime, I moved my bitcoin to Yieldnodes as a much safer way of making over 10% profits per month.

Also, if you’re looking for a teambuilding opportunity, Elysium Capital is a great way to make monthly trading profits for your own savings, as well as being able to invtroduce people and grow a potentiall sizeable income. Check out my Elysium Capital review here.

If you want to do further reading about some of the negative press about this company then you can visit these sites;



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I will leave my original review below so you can learn more about MTI (in case you’re still interested) but I wanted to make it clear that I’m currently neutral on the platform, believing it to be an unsafe place to invest my funds right now, but without necessarily saying that the platform is a scam.

Original MTI review

Mirror Trading International is a bitcoin investment platform that allows members to significantly grow their bitcoin holding on autopilot through use of a proprietary forex trading bot. The platform is completely free to join and returns (so far) have far exceeded any other bitcoin platform I’ve ever seen and tested. In this review, I will explain everything you need to know about this platform and show you inside the members area. If you’d like to join after watching/reading my review then I would love to have you in my team!

August 2020 UPDATE: I have now reached over 800% return on my initial investment since I joined MTI 6 months ago! This still paying an average of 10% trading bonus per month (plus the other bonuses too), but factoring in daily compounding and my fast growing team it has massively grown my bitcoin balance.

Join Mirror Trading International today and be part of my team! https://mymticlub.com/userpanel/register.php?referral=tradewise&place=auto I can help you get set up and even help you grow a team. Contact me to find out more. (If you already have a sponsor then make sure you use their link for signing up.)

Here is some feedback I got from one of my team just the other day….

“I joined under Jon (Trade Wise) a few days ago. The first day I joined I already had two people in my downline! Jon keeps his promise of providing spillover into your team. Great opportunity and great sponsor!” ~ Rolando

Mirror Trading International Trading Proof

Since creating this review a few weeks ago, I’m now pleased to report that MTI recently allowed exclusive access to the trading bot and their lives trading accounts for one of their early members (my upline sponsor). Here is the video proof that the trading bot is real and that your investment will be used in trading;

Sign Up To My Team Today – https://mymticlub.com/userpanel/register.php?referral=tradewise&place=right

This is a Mirror Trading International review for people who are looking at growing their Bitcoin. I have researched (and discounted) mining as a profitable way to grow my bitcoin balance passively, and find that Mirror Trading international is by far the best way I can increase my bitcoin holdings in 2020 and beyond.

Here is my full (written) Mirror Trading International review. It will consider the highlights of trading through MTI and any disadvantages that one may encounter. With this review, we hope to help shed light as to what MTI is and what you can expect as a member. My full review video is above, but I try to cover some additional points below.

What Is Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading International is an online forex trading platform that uses highly-specialized digital software plus AI to trade fiat currency, although deposits and profits are rewarded in Bitcoin. This famous cryptocurrency is the company’s base currency as it considers Bitcoin as the future of investment trading in the Forex Market.

With MTI, members’ funds are received and are paid in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It does not accept other cryptos at this time. The returns are paid daily, and the rate depends on how much profit is made that day from the forex trading. A breakdown of trading results is provided each day by way of a profit/loss statement so it is very transparent. Members/investors can also withdraw their money at any time because their capital is not locked. Tutorial videos are provided to explain how to easily withdraw funds at any time.

Who Created Mirror Trading International?

MTI was founded by Johan Steynberg, a South African promoter of a US-based fuel additive business called Syntex Global. Steynberg was once interviewed about Bitcoin, and he remarked that he had taken an interest in cryptocurrency, which is why he created a platform for its development. He has been in the industry for about five years, and now owns one of the largest bitcoin trading systems in the world. 

Mirror Trading International Sign-Up Guide

Sign up for MTI is done on its website https://mymticlub.com/?referral=tradewise&place=auto using the “Become a Member” tab. This process is simple, easy, and quick. After filling out a personal information sheet and acknowledging the Terms and Conditions of the company, you may now proceed with your registration. 

Initial Deposits And Withdrawals

Every new member will be asked to make a minimum investment or deposit of $100 in Bitcoins to start trading. MTI will post your daily profit and how the trading performed on that day. You may only withdraw your profits when it has reached $5 value. 

Mirror Trading International Fees

Surprisingly, there are no fees to withdraw your earnings. However, there are trading fees of up to 30% in the system, so you will receive at least 70% of the tading profits. These are trading and broker fees with 10% to MTI to handle referral commissions and other expenses considering the company’s support and website staff. 

Mirror Trading International Monthly Returns

The monthly returns are not fixed because it depends on the success of the forex trading strategy, although most month’s the return is expected to be in the region of about 10% for investors (after costs). There is also additional ways of increasing your bitcoin by referring people and earning downline commissions from the binary commission structure.

Mirror Trading International Commission Explained

This video is helpful in uderstanding the way the MT commission strucutre works;

You will see that you need to build 2 legs of your team to earn commissions (a right and left leg) hence the name “binary”. You only small investment amount ($200) in your own account though, and small amounts in your downline teams ($100 in left and right leg). It is a great feature of MTI that a) you do not need to do any teambuilding to profit from their trading and b) if you do team building you can do so with very small investment amounts. The commission is very sustainable and can grow to be substantial with a team that grow exponentially below you, even with small investments being made into the platform.

Features Of MTI

The following are essential features to consider before you invest through MTI;

  • Account Types

There are no account types when you join MTI. As long as you can deposit $100, you’re in.

 After your membership has been approved, you can refer people to MTI and earn a 10% commission. 

  • Ways To Earn

You can earn through your ROI on investment when you deposit Bitcoin. You may also earn through referral as MTI promises to give a 10% commission for every referral plus ongoing referals in the binary structure explained above. In short, the more people you invite, the more you earn. This referral bonus earning scheme can seem a bit confusing at first, but becomes clear after watching the videos and especially when you see it working in your own account.

With the binary system, the member has the sole responsibility to make his or her binary tree by recruiting members. As this tree grows, the initiator remains at the top of the tree and earns residually from all the commission that the members make. 

  • Available Markets/Trading Instruments

Only Bitcoins can be used for trading in this platform. 

  • Education Center & Tools

There are no tools to use and nothing to do once you deposit funds – the ROI is generated on auto pilot for you. Those that want to grow their bitcoing more rapidly can focus on building a team so that they have more ways to generating income from the platform.

Customer Service

To contact MTI, you can email them at support@mymticlub.com, or you may call their Johannesburg office at +27 715 095 266. Call within their office hours from 9 AM to 3 PM Mondays to Fridays. 

Trading Proof

It is very important with platforms such as this to be confident that there is a real income generating engine behind the platform. MTI provide daily statements of trading, both in terms of a summary of commissions earned each day, and a detailed breakdown of the trading results each day.

Here is a screenshot from my own account of the daily profit summary;

And here is an example of a trading statement for the day highlighted above (after clinking on “view” on the right of the screen);

How Does Mirror Trading International Compare To Other Bitcoin Trading Companies?

MTI is different than other bitcoin auto trading platforms because they are more transparent about their trading results, and they allow withdrawals much more easily than other platforms, where funds are often blocked for days or even weeks at a time. The platform also uses the more established and liquid forex market to generate returns, so is not relying on the cryto market itself.

Is Mirror Trading International A Scam?

There is a lot of misleading information on the internet about this platform, much of it spread by competing platforms that are less reliable than this one. I have been personally invested in MTI for many months now and have only had positive experienes so far. I have withdrawn funds without any issues, seen my bitcoin balance grow, and started to build a small team, which I can profit from. The biggest way in which this could be considered a scam is if there were not a genuine monetisaion method for the platform (i.e. it was a ponzi scheme). However, as outlined above, there is a clear method of generating profits on the platform, and based on the evidence presented above I certainly do not consider Mirror Trading International to be a scam.

Pros And Cons Of Mirror Trading International?

To conlcude, here is a summary of the pros and cons of this platform;


  • You have three ways to earn
  • Earnings can easily exceed 10% per month and grow on autopilot
  • Sign up is easy and you don’t need to submit any documentation.
  • Customer service is available from the platform and from upline team members
  • There is a trading report provided to members daily.
  • Completely free to join and invest, although profit share is taken from winnings
  • Dowline commissions are realistic and sustainable.


  • ROI is not guaranteed and can vary depending on trading results
  • Trading is not regulated and therefore should be considered high risk
  • Can be time consuming growing a team because of the binary system


Mirror Trading International is a legit company and offers different ways to earn. However, there are also plenty of disadvantages that you must consider based on the above points. It’s up to you if you want to continue and become a member of this company, but if you do wish to proceed then I would be happy to work with you in my team (my link is https://mymticlub.com/?referral=tradewise&place=auto) . Feel free to ask me if you have any questions before you join.

I’m an Independent Member of MTI and all views are personal opinions.

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