The Best Bitcoin Investment In [2021] – Discover How To Earn Crypto Daily Without Mining

Best Bitcoin Investment 2020
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October 2020 UPDATE: Since posting this content earlier in the year I have become more sceptical about MTI as a genuine platform and no longer actively promote it (I also removed most of my money from them). I know much prefer Yieldnodes, which is a great platform and I have several videos about this paltform.

Although I typically like to make most of my monthly returns from forex and the stock market, I do hold several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Etherum and a few other altcoins. Rather than having my coins sitting with a broker doing nothing (or depreciating in value!) I like to try and get my coins working for me.

After much searching, this is one of the best Bitcoin investments in my opinion. The earnings are very good, the platform automatically compounds wins, the trading behind is stable and there are excellent team building bonuses, even if you aren’t planning to build a team!

Here is my overview video. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is my referal link for Money Trading International (MTI) –

Remember: Being in a good team is important with MTI. It means that you can benefit from people ABOVE you as well as below, so if you join my team I can add referals to your team without you doing anything!

Here is the transcript from the video.


Hello, it’s Jonathan here, back with another episode of Trade Wise. And in this video, I’m going to be talking about Cryptocurrency. And specifically, what to do if you’re sitting on cryptocurrency, during what is looking like a very long and painful bear market. If you’re not already invested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, for example. Then probably I’ll suggest, right now, don’t look to get into buying cryptocurrency. Some are seeing it as an opportunity to buy with it, being a bear market, and it being quite low. And we’ll actually just jump onto a chance in a minute, and just show you why. I’m fairly kind of on the fence, as to whether I think it’s going to go massive again as it has done in the past, or whether it may be on a downward trend. Which will be long term or perhaps even permanent. This isn’t one of those videos where I’m saying to you, “go buy, just buy as much cryptocurrency as you possibly can.”, probably quite the opposite. But if you’re like me and you’re holding cryptocurrency already, then I do want to talk to you about something that I found that I really like. That is allowing me to increase my cryptocurrency holdings, without taking risk. And so, I might as well have them doing something for me. I might as well have these cryptocurrencies growing a little bit. Even if the value might be fluctuating or even going down, at least my holdings of those cryptocurrencies are increasing. So that really is what this video is about.

If you like anything in this video at all, then please give me the thumbs up. I always really appreciate that. And if you’re not already invested in crypto and you’re looking for alternative ways to invest money, then don’t forget on my website, I give away the products that I use. Mainly Forex, but also some stock trading signals and services that I really like. I’ve got a favorite three lists of providers that I will share with you. So, jump over to my website, and you can find that information there. But for now, let’s have a look at the Bitcoin market. And then let’s have a look at what to do if you’re sat holding Bitcoin and how you can invest that Bitcoin, to perhaps make a little bit more money than we are doing in this bear market.

So I’m just gonna jump over this to the screen and we’ll get started.

Is Bitcoin Profitable?

All right, so on the topic of Bitcoin investments then. And just on the BTC pricing chart here, and I’ve gone back to where we can see the peak back in sort of late 2017, early 2018. When it started to crash back down again. And the reason that I’m fairly kind of bearish still at the moment, there’s all kinds of different lines that I can draw just as technical analysis on this chart. But if I go back to the highs and kind of chart somewhere through here roughly, you can see that it’s on quite a bearish trend, it’s kind of not making new highs at all. It had a bit of a rally, but since then has been on this downward trajectory. Even if I actually take that one out, even if I just chart it from the more recent highs up here and just have a look at the price chart, the candlesticks here. Again, you’re talking about it struggling to break through. So that’s why I’m quite bearish, because it could just continue on this downward trend.  Because that’s why I wouldn’t necessarily suggest getting into the crypto market, go for something like Forex or stocks. I’m making very good profits on those, they’re established markets. And I’ve got some great products and services that are doing very well in those more established marketplaces.

So that’s why I wouldn’t necessarily be buying Bitcoin. It may well break through this, hopefully. This is kind of having a bit of a rally at the moment, maybe it’ll break through this bearish trend line here. And we can actually go into new territory and start to rebuild and push on back to the sort of $15,000 – $20,000 mark, but I can’t say whether or not that will happen.

Is Bitcoin a Scam?

You’ll hear a lot of people saying that it will, because they own it and they want to help rally it and get positivity behind it. I just tend to be more of a realist and call it as I see in the charts. But I do hold Bitcoin and numerous other old coins, as I think a lot of us do, as well. And so, the question I’ve been asking myself is, what can I do in this bear market? Because it could go on for years in this bear market. To be honest, even if it has a bull run and we start to see prices up again, I still want as much cryptocurrency as I can get. I don’t really want to be putting fresh money in, so how can I get more Bitcoin? How can I increase my Bitcoin position? I don’t want to set up a mining rig or anything like that, I don’t really have the time, and you’ve got to get it just right for it to be profitable, and so on.

So without having to go down that route, I’ve been looking for an option that will help me increase my position. And that difficulty is that there’s a lot of scams, and what I believe to be, non-legitimate ways of increasing your Bitcoin. But what I have found fairly recently is a service called Mirror Trading International.

How Does Mirror Trading International Make Money?

And I really like Mirror Trading International. Because it allows you to deposit your Bitcoin and you mirror the trading account, but the trading account that you’re mirroring is actually trading in Fiat currency. So what they’re doing is they’re allowing you to deposit Bitcoin, but actually benefit from the Forex market. So, they have traders that are trading very regularly in the established Forex markets, and they’re just better converting the Bitcoin to and fro from fiat currency. And that allows the returns to be much steadier and more stable.

How To Join Mirror Trading International

Now Mirror Trading International, you do need to be referred into this program. I don’t think you can even sign up on their website. Their website is , hopefully you can see up there at the top. But you do need a referral link to get into it. I should have a referral link somewhere on the page here, and either in the video description or on my website, or I maybe even post a comment just with the referral link.

Is Mirror Trading International Profitable?

But if you are interested in this type of thing, then the returns so far that I’ve been getting around and about 8% per month, it works out, as the monthly return from just the trading activities that this does. And once you’ve set it up, once you’ve funded the account, then it’ll automatically just throws your money into the pool and trades for you. It’s nice and easy to get set up. Now 8% is not gonna probably change your life or my life, it’s much better than it just sitting there doing nothing for you, of course. I mean it could just be sat in a broker account, doing absolutely nothing. But at least I am increasing my position, and it compounds as well. So, you’re 8% gain this month will be thrown into the pot, and you’ll make returns on it, on that 8% next month, and so on. So that’s very powerful.

The Referral Program

But there is also a very good referral program for this. If you’re interested in building a team or you know a few people that have crypto that might be interested, then if you introduce them, then you can make a percentage return on what they deposit as well. Now I’m just getting to grips with exactly how the referral program works, but it looks initially to me, like when you become part of, say my team, and you can benefit from people that I am also introducing into this. So it’s broken down into two separate legs for the referral program, you will become part of one of my legs. But as I refer people into that leg of my own, of which you are a part, then they will drop below you. That is my initial understanding on it, anyway. So, it potentially looks possible, that even without aggressively recruiting yourself, you could still benefit. Because I’ll be putting people into one of your legs on your behalf. So that sounds very interesting to me.

I’ll probably do a separate video. I’ll do a full-length review of Mirror Trading international, anyway. Where I go into it in more detail. And once I can fully understand exactly how the referral program works, I’ll probably do a separate video on that, as well.

Thoughts on Mirror Trading International

But for now, I’m just happy with at the fact that I’ve set up my account, I’ve funded it with my bitcoins. I’ve done a test withdrawal and that went okay, as well. That’s all fine. You can withdraw from either the trading fund or you can just withdraw from your Mirror Trading International account at any time, as well. So that all works pretty smoothly, it’s all pretty slick. If it does sound like something that you would be interested in, then definitely check out my full review video, which I’ll be posting to my to channel very shortly.

Closing Remarks

And so, yes. This really concludes what I am investing my Bitcoin in. This this to me looks like the best Bitcoin investment for 2020, whether it’s going to be a bull market or a bear market for the rest of 2020 and beyond. I know that my Bitcoin position is going to be increasing nice and steadily, without me having to do anything at all. No initial outlay and trading profits coming from the Forex market, but being used to actually increase my Bitcoin holding.

Check it out, let me know what you think. If you have any questions about it, then you can always contact me via my channel or via the website, as well. I have a contact form on there that you can reach out to me on. And if you find this video helpful, then please give me the thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to my channel, because I’m often share similar products and services, some of which I’ve bought and are no good, and I call them out as being scams or just basically losing money. But every now and again, I find something that I really like and I’m always happy to share it with you guys. So make sure you subscribe to me, so that you can get the latest information on what’s hot and what’s not.

Thank you very much for watching this video, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye for now.

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  1. Hello Sir, hope you are doing good.

    How long are you investing in MTI? What are the results so far in % monthly? I used your link and subscribed yesterday and want to hear from you about it. Thanks.

    • I invested in mirror trading international on 3rd January 2020 and it has been going very well since then. I make between 8% to 10% per month returns.


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