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Timothy Sykes Review Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Tim Sykes review
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Tim Sykes turned his life around, from a failed hedge fund manager to a millionaire in just a few years. He is a shining example of what hard work, dedication, and positive thinking can do. Now, he shares his best trading techniques through video lessons, introductory courses, and webinars through a trading course called

Key Takeaways

  1. Comprehensive Offerings: Timothy Sykes provides a wide range of educational products, from subscription plans like Tim’s Alerts and Pennystocking Silver to DVDs and books.
  2. First-Hand Experience: Many top reviews include personal experiences with Timothy Sykes’ services, adding credibility and depth to their content.
  3. Screening Process: If you’re considering the Millionaire Challenge, be prepared for a personal interview that assesses your financial situation and commitment level.
  4. Controversial Figure: Timothy Sykes has had his share of controversies, including allegations and negative reviews, which are worth considering before diving in.
  5. Philanthropic Efforts: Beyond trading, Timothy Sykes is also involved in charitable activities, adding another dimension to his public persona.
  6. User Community: Timothy Sykes offers a chatroom and a platform,, where traders can interact and learn from each other’s experiences.

Let’s find out if this online trading course is legit, or if it’s just one of the many scams on the web with this Timothy Sykes review.  

Timothy Sykes review

Timothy Sykes Headquarters And Short History

Timothy Sykes’s trading courses are available online through his official website, and the company is headquartered in Miami, FL, USA.  

Tim began his journey to becoming one of the most profitable day traders in US history when he used his Bar Mitzvah gift money amounting to $12,415 to invest in penny stocks.

Through an in-depth study of day trading and adapting different trading styles, he earned more than $4 million in profit.

Besides being a prominent trader and entrepreneur, Timothy Sykes has also launched trading websites like, Stocks To Trade, and Investimonials.

Today, he has one of the most popular online day trading educational sites and has students from different countries.

A Comprehensive Guide to Timothy Sykes’ Trading Arsenal

Let’s break down the extensive range of products that Tim Sykes has designed to turn you into a trading maestro.

Subscription Plans: Alerts and Lessons

Tim’s Alerts Plan
This is the entry-level subscription that gives you access to Tim’s daily watchlist, real-time trade alerts, and a chatroom where you can interact with other traders. It’s a good starting point if you’re new to trading and want to get a feel for the market.

Pennystocking Silver Plan
A step up from Tim’s Alerts, this plan includes everything from the Alerts package but adds a massive library of over 5,000 video lessons. These lessons cover a wide range of topics and are essential for anyone serious about mastering the art of trading.

DVDs: Your Personal Trading Library

Timothy Sykes offers a plethora of DVDs, each focusing on different aspects of trading. Some of the must-watch DVDs include:

Books: The Written Wisdom

The Complete Penny Stock Course
Written by one of Tim’s students, this book aims to encapsulate all of Tim’s teachings into a single, organized resource. It’s a great supplement to the video lessons and DVDs.

Millionaire Challenge: The Ultimate Commitment

For those who are extremely committed and have the time to dedicate, Tim offers the Millionaire Challenge. This is an intensive program that requires a significant upfront investment, both in terms of time and money. It’s not for everyone, but for those who make the cut, it’s a fast-track to trading success.

If you’re considering taking the plunge with Timothy Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge, be prepared for an initial screening process. This isn’t just a click-and-buy deal; you’ll go through a personal interview. During this interview, you’ll be asked questions about your current financial situation. The aim is to gauge whether you’re a good fit for the program and if you have the financial means to commit. It adds an extra layer of seriousness to the program, ensuring that only committed individuals get through.


Tim also offers a software platform,, where he displays all his trades transparently. It’s a great way to track his performance and learn from real-time trades

What Is The Timothy Sykes Training Course All About?

Timothy Sykes membership is for beginners and aspiring traders who would like to learn about Tim Sykes’ day trading techniques.

It is a training program available at different membership levels, such as TimAlerts, Tim Challenge, and Penny Stocking Silver.

All trading lessons, profit strategies, and courses offered by Tim Sykes membership are made by none other than Tim Sykes himself. 

He guides his students personally through webinars, video courses, and daily watch lists. Many say that he can be too “in your face” as he challenges his students daily.

He is also guilty of feeding his students too much information and many often find it too hard to handle. But if you listen well, and use every chance you get to study Sykes’ advice, then this style may be useful for you. 

Range Of Services

The following are a part of Timothy Sykes’s daily trading training courses.

Services vary in price but here are some of the costs of the various services available;


The watchlists at are a great way to keep track of penny stocks and trades.

Each watchlist gives you a look into real-time stock data, giving you up-to-date information on what penny stocks are trending and which ones have the potential for increasing profits.

The watchlists also allow you to compare different stocks and make an informed decision about which stocks to buy right now.

Additionally, membership provides helpful educational materials that help you understand the stock market, so you can make smarter decisions when trading penny stocks.

Watchlists included in the subscription include;

  1. AI stocks: AI stocks are penny stocks that Tim has identified as having the potential for high profits. These stocks have been analyzed by him and his team, so you can be sure they’re quality investments.
  2. Trending: The Trending watchlist is a great way to keep up with what penny stocks are popular at any given moment. This watchlist updates in real-time and can be a great way to find stocks that could potentially increase in value quickly.
  3. Undervalued: The undervalued watchlist is perfect for investors who want to look for potential opportunities and buy stocks before they become popular. These stocks have been identified as having potential for growth, so they could be a great way to get ahead of the market and make more money.
  4. Biotech Watchlist: The biotech Watchlist is a great way for investors to keep an eye on stocks in the biotech industry. This watchlist provides data on the latest news and developments in the biotech world, which can be very helpful when deciding which penny stocks are likely to increase in value in this sector.
  5. Crypto penny stocks: This watchlist is perfect for those looking to find crypto-based opportunities with massive growth potential. This watchlist updates in real-time, so you can always stay on top of the latest news and developments in the crypto market. Membership also includes educational resources to help you understand crypto penny stocks and make wise investments.
  6. Cannabis watchlist: Timothy Sykes’s Cannabis watchlist is a great way to stay up to date on the latest news and trends in the cannabis industry. It provides insightful data on the latest news and developments in the cannabis world, which can be very helpful when making investment decisions in the fast-growing cannabis sector. It also provides educational resources to help you understand the cannabis market and make wise investments.
  7. Penny stocks to watch this month: Tim Sykes’s Penny stocks to watch this month is a great way to stay up to date on the hottest opportunities for the current month. Timothy updates this watchlist every month with the latest stocks that have the potential for high profits.
  8. Penny Stocks to watch this week: This is a great way to stay up to date on the hottest opportunities for the current week. He updates this watchlist every week for his members
  9. Nasdaq penny stocks: The Nasdaq penny stocks watchlist is perfect for those looking to find opportunities listed on the NASDAQ. This watchlist provides data on the latest news and developments in the Nasdaq penny stock market, which can be very helpful when deciding which stocks to invest in.

How to guides

The website also provides several ‘how to’ guides which are perfect for investors who are looking to learn more about penny stocks and how to make the right investments. Tim provides detailed instructions and guidance for investors who want to become more knowledgeable, helping them to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in high-risk assets.

About The Course

The trading course is the perfect resource for investors who want to learn more about penny stocks and how to make profitable investments. Tim provides detailed instructions and guidance on how to identify potential stocks, when to enter and exit trades, and what strategies can be used to maximize profits, as well as providing helpful educational resources.

The course is a great way to learn more about penny stocks and how to make the right investments.

30-Day Boot Camp

The 30-day boot camp is the perfect way to jumpstart your penny stock investing. Tim provides detailed instructions and guidance on how to identify potential stocks, when to enter and exit trades, what strategies can be used to maximize profits, as well as providing helpful educational resources.

The 30-day boot camp is the perfect resource for those looking to get started in penny stock investing.

1 Million Dollar Challenge

The one million-dollar challenge is an exciting way to test your investing skills and see if you can make a million dollars in just 30 days.

Tim provides detailed instructions and guidance on how to identify potential stocks, when to enter and exit trades, what strategies can be used to maximize profits, as well as providing helpful educational resources.

For those wanting to get rich quickly, and get personal coaching from Tim himself, this millionaire challenge might be for you! It does however cost $5000 so it is not suitable for every budget.

Trading Strategy

Tim Sykes’s trading strategy is based on penny stocks. He advocates for buying and selling quickly, with an emphasis on buying low and selling high. His strategies include identifying potential companies to invest in, researching the company’s financials, understanding the risks associated with penny stock trading, and using stop-loss orders to protect your investments from sudden drops in value.

He also encourages diversification and creating a portfolio of stocks to spread the risk across multiple investments.

Affiliate Program

He does offer an affiliate program that allows people to make money by promoting and its products. Affiliates earn commissions for every sale they refer to the website.

The affiliate program gives affiliates access to marketing tools and resources such as banners, landing pages, and email templates to help promote and its products. Affiliates are also provided with detailed reporting and real-time tracking so that they can see how successful their promotions are.


Tim offers a chatroom service where users can get real-time advice from experts and other successful penny stock traders.

The chatroom is an interactive platform that allows users to ask questions, get tips and tricks for making trades, as well as discuss their strategies with others.

The chatroom is a great way to get advice from experts and other experienced traders, as well as network with like-minded people.

Net Worth

Timothy has an estimated net worth of $12 million. He is best known as the founder of the popular trading education platform,, which provides educational resources and courses to help teach people how to successfully trade penny stocks.

He is also well-known for the $1 million challenge, in which he offered participants the opportunity to turn $5,000 into $1 million in just 30 days.


A support team is available to answer any questions or concerns users may have regarding products and services. The website has a comprehensive FAQ section, as well as email and phone support options for those who need extra assistance.

Online Reviews

Timothy has a lot of online reviews from satisfied customers who are happy with their products and services. Many reviews of Tim Sykes say that his penny stock trading strategies have made them successful traders, while others appreciate the chatroom for the tips and advice they get from experts and other experienced traders.


Tim Sykes has many competitors in the penny stock trading world, including Robinhood and eToro. Both of these platforms offer commission-free trades and have a much larger selection of stocks to choose from than does.

While the website is more focused on educating its customers about penny stock trading, Robinhood and eToro are more focused on making trades easier and faster. It is important to compare with other platforms so that you can make the best decision for your individual needs.

Timothy Sykes Vs Bulls On Wallstreet

Bulls on Wallstreet is another popular penny stock trading platform. Bulls on Wallstreet provides access to their chatroom, live streams, webinars, and educational content that can help traders become more successful. They also provide real-time alerts for potential trades and offer a variety of different strategies to choose from.

Compared to, Bulls on Wallstreet takes a more automated approach to trading penny stocks and offers more sophisticated tools to monitor potential trades. is still the leader in educational content, but Bulls on Wallstreet has made major strides in providing more advanced tools and features for traders.

Timothy Sykes vs warrior trading

Warrior Trading is another popular stock trading platform. Warrior Trading offers a variety of services such as live streaming, chatrooms, educational content and real-time alerts for potential trades. They also provide access to their proprietary software that helps traders identify profitable trades in the market.

Compared to, Warrior Trading offers a much more automated approach to trading large-cap stocks. still has the edge when it comes to educational content and resources on small-cap stocks, but Warrior Trading is quickly becoming a popular platform for traders who want access to sophisticated tools for finding large-cap stock opportunities.

How To Get Started

Here are essential features that you must consider before taking Timothy Sykes’s courses.

Meanwhile, Tim’s Challenge is for professionals who want to join Tim Sykes’ team of experts. If you think that you can be as good as Sykes, then take his Trading Challenge. The price for this offer is not indicated on his official site.   

Supported Trading 

Tim offers training for day trading as well as other trading markets. He has all the tools you need to learn trading from penny stocks to good stocks available in the market today. 

Tools And Training

The subscription offers tons of training materials, including video lessons, DVDs, and introductory courses. Members get a chance to talk to Tim and his moderators through webinars as well.

If you have questions, check their expansive knowledge base because you’ll likely find the answers here. 

You will also learn from graphs, charts, and apps, while the daily stock watch list will also help members make sound trading decisions. 

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Timothy Sykes. You may call the company at (866) 567 – 9537, or you may send them a message through their customer form found at their official website:

Pros & Cons

In this section of the Tim Sykes review, let’s have a look at some of the Pro’s and Cons of this service.

What Are The Advantages Of Timothy Sykes?

The following are good reasons to use Timothy Sykes.

Some disadvantages to consider

Appearance On Below Deck

I couldn’t do a Timothy Sykes review without talking about his appearance on Below Deck.

He and his partner at the time (Bianca Wilson) appeared in season 2 of the show and caused quite a stir! Already well known for being outspoken and perhaps even a different character, Tim exceeded expectations by causing chaos on the boat. It will go down in history as one of the worst appearances (although maybe one of the most entertaining) in Below Deck history.

Beyond Trading

It’s worth noting that Timothy Sykes isn’t just about trading; he’s also committed to giving back. Through his Timothy Sykes Foundation, he has contributed to various charitable causes, including building schools in underprivileged countries. This philanthropic side adds another layer to his persona, showing that he’s not just about making money but also about making a difference.

Tim Sykes Review: Conclusion

Timothy Sykes is a good beginner educational site for trading penny stocks, as expected from someone who has mastered penny stock trading.

However, trading can be harsh and in-your-face, but Tim Sykes wants you to focus, become determined, and be dedicated to trading using his time-tested techniques, and this is what you’ll get when you go for Timothy Sykes trading training.

Frequently Asked Questions

The final part of our Tim Sykes review is the frequently asked questions.

Is Timothy Sykes Rich?

Yes, Timothy Sykes is a successful penny stock trader and entrepreneur. He has built an empire from his trading profits and other investments.

His net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. He also has used his success in the trading world to create multiple businesses, including, and become a successful entrepreneur.

He is an inspiration to many traders who are looking to make money from penny stock trading.

How Much Does Timothy Sykes’s Course cost?

His course is offered at a variety of different price points, depending on the package and level that you choose.

Tim’s Alerts – costs $74.95 a month. This plan includes daily access to chatrooms, stock watchlists, real-time emails, SMS, push alerts, trade alerts, and iPhone and Android app access.
PennyStocking Silver – costs $149.95 a month. All the features of Tim’s Alerts plus access to the video lesson library and weekly video lessons.

He also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your investment.

How Old Is Timothy Sykes?

Timothy Sykes is 41 years old. He has been trading penny stocks since he was a teenager, and has built an impressive career in the stock market.

He is also an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist who has made millions from his investments and trading strategies. He is a true inspiration to anyone who is interested in becoming a successful penny stock trader.

Was Timothy Sykes On Below Deck?

Yes! He appeared on season 2 of the show and if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend checking it out.

How Much Does Tim Sykes 30-Day Boot Camp Cost?

The Tim Sykes 30-day boot camp costs $1997. It provides educational resources, access to Timothy’s chatroom and live streams, as well as real-time alerts for potential trades.

He also offers personalized support throughout the entire course so that you can get the most out of your investment.
Lastly, it also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

How Does Timothy Sykes Make Money?

Timothy Sykes makes money through the various trading strategies that he employs in the penny stock market.

He has become one of the most successful penny stock traders in the world and earns a significant income from his investments and trades.

He also offers educational resources, courses, live streaming sessions, and chat rooms on, and he makes money from those services as well.

Finally, he also earns income through investments in other businesses, books, and speaking engagements.

Is Tim Sykes Legit?

Yes, Timothy Sykes is a legitimate penny stock trader and entrepreneur. He has built an impressive career in the penny stock market and has become one of the most successful traders in the world.

He is sometimes called a scam artist because he trades in very low liquidity “pink sheet” stocks, that are very high risk.

However, taking a high degree of risk is not the same as pushing a scam, and many of his students have done well with his unique brand of training.

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