Useful Information For Gala Games Members

Thank you for visiting this page. If you haven’t created a Gala Games account yet, you might want to check out my full Gala Games Review or you can open an account here.

This page is designed to help anyone with a Gala Games account learn more about how to get the best out of your membership. I will cover as many topics as I can and will be constantly updating this page (you may want to bookmark this so can get back here quickly and easily).

The first thing I want to mention is that after you create a Gala Account account make sure you keep your login setails (including passwords and transfer codes) very VERY safe! You do not want to lose these or it could mean you lose any assets held in your account.

Create you free Gala Games account

Discord – The Discord Group is available for all and anyone to join so jump in to stay up to date on all things Gala Games

Gala Games Frequently Asked Questions –

For Node Owners – this is the Facebook group I’m in where we talk about nodes and what’s going on in the world of Gala Games

How To Set Up A Gala Node

You can buy a node using Ethereum (you don’t need to buy Gala). When you’re in the members area you can click on the Gala box and it brings up the other options, as I demontrate here –

Also, make sure you send enough Ethereum not just for the node, but also some extra to cover gas fees. $50-100 will cover you for a little while, depending on how often you withdraw the Gala to your external wallet of course.

Basic Steps For Setting Up A Gala Node

Please use my referral link to create you account –

Setting Up A Node Using A VPS

How To Sell Gala Coins

When you wish to sell the Gala coins you’ve earned you need to send them to an exchange. From there you can convert them to another crypto such as Ethereum. There are 3 exchanges where you can do this at the moment;

Create an account with any of these exchanges to convert your Gala.

How To Sell NFT’s

There are various places where you can list and sell your NFT’s. The most popular is probably