Virtuo Trading Review – The Best Forex Robot Of 2020! Plus Coupon Code

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Welcome to my Virtuo Trading review. Over the last 15 years of trading and investing I have tested dozens and dozens of forex, stocks, and crypto product and services in search of the best of what’s out there. Most products and services I test end up being low quality, and I started Trade Wise as a way of sharing my experiences (most of which are negative!) and helping people find the better products.

Virtuo Trading bot is one of the rare few products that is actually worth looking more closely at. In my opinion, this is not just a great trading robot, it’s probably the best I’ve tested in 2020, if not ever!

In this review, I want to explain more about how Virtuo Trading works and what you can expect to get when you buy it. To be clear, this is an expert advisor that will run on MT4 platform. Once you set it up ity will trade automatically on your behalf. The bot has very good money management, meaning risks are reduced, and the profits so far have been excellent.

Here is a video review where I discuss Virtuo Trading ea in much more detail;

Request to join us in the Telegram group – message @virtuotrading.

If you buy Virtuo Trading through THIS LINK you will receive the following benefits;

  1. An exclusive 10% discount – coupon code tradewise10
  2. Free Support from Trade Wise (this is in addition to Virtuo Trading support)
  3. A Free Setup video to help you get started AND another video to help you understand how to manage risk with this bot.


What Is Virtuo Trading?

Virtuo Trading is a forex trading bot that runs on MT4. It uses hedging and martingale features to constantly lock in profits, whilst also protecting capital and ensuring very low drawdown at all times. The bot uses a hedging strategy so that it doesn’t matter which way the market moves, it will always be able to lock in profits from any movement either up or down. This does result in some losing trades, and these are managed using a martingale strategy (more on this a little later in the review).

I’ve tested this bot on live and demo accounts and it’s very stable, with low drawdown and very consistent profits.

Trading Proof

Although this forex robot is relatively new, there is already a lot of trading proof available. I have my own accounts running and there are various other customer results on myfxbook. Here is a selection of some of the results being achieved with this bot;

My Results

Customer Results

Empire Ambition

Another Youtuber who tests bots is Empire Ambition. He’s been running this bot for several months. Here are his results;

Telegram Group

Virtuo provide a Telegram group that you can join even before you buy the robot. If you like the look of the robot but not quite ready to buy it, then maybe join the group and you’ll see customers discussing and sharing their live results etc. You can request to join by messaging Andy (owner) on telegram @virtuotrading.

Risk Of Ruin

Despite using martingale to recover losses, this bot has excellent money management capabilities and the risk of ruin is therefore very low. Myfxbook provides data on the uymber of consecutive losses that a strategy would need in order to blow an account, based on it’s trading history. From my own trading test, the bot would need to suffer 2,532 conescutive losses before it lost 100% of my trading account, as you can see here –

What Is Martingale?

This forex robot uses a martingale strategy to manage losses. Many people talk negatively about martingale and how it can be a dangerous trading strategy.  The principals of martingale are actually very good, but because it requires very good money management in order to work effectively, and because most traders are bad at money management, then in most cases martingale will lead to high draw downs and in some cases blowing an account. This is why the fact that drawdown with Virtuo Trading is incredibly low, and even when martingale is in use by the bot, there will always be a exceptionally high amount of equity in the account meaning margin calls won’t happen and invested capital stays protected. In fact, this bot trades with the lowest lot size and highest amount of free margin that I’ve ever seen, and this is why I believe the bot to be safe.

Martingale works by increasing trade size if an open trade hits a certain loss size (pip size or monetary amount). The first trade remains open and a second trade is opened for twice the value of the first. This way, the market only need to retrace a much smaller amount to bring the second trade into a good profit, then the first AND the second trade can be closed at the same time, even if the first trade is still showing a loss (overall between the 2 trades there will be profit, so a loss can be taken on the first trade). If the market continues to go against both trades then a  third position is opened, this time double the amount of the second trade, and so it can continue until the market retraces and the account can be brought back into profit.

Here is an example of how this can work on a trading chart;

What Currency Pair Does This Bot Trade With?

The robot is intended for use on EURUSD. All the trading proof provided above is on this currency pair and my own trading is just on this pair. The bot may work on other pairs or indexes on mt4, but it is suggested to keep it to EURUSD alone.

What Broker To Use

They offer several different brokers so that you can trade with a cent account. Also, using their brokers emans you get a discount on your purchase. Discover which brokers to use here.

16 thoughts on “Virtuo Trading Review – The Best Forex Robot Of 2020! Plus Coupon Code”

  1. Great review! This is the first time I’ve heard about cent accounts. Based on Andy’s suggested lot size, how large should your account be before you can use a standard 0.01 lot size? I’m with IC Markets and I’d prefer to continue using them if possible but they don’t have cent accounts.

    • if you can’t get a cent account then you would need a trading account of $20,000 then, which is high to be getting started with. Better to start with $2,000 in a cent account and building it up in my opinion.

  2. Hi Jonathan. Thank you for another brilliant review! I haven’t read many good reviews about Virtuo’s recommended brokers on the internet. Do you find these brokers reliable?

    • I’ve got a live account with Paxforex and they seem to be good so far. I’ll test out roboforex too and share my experience there too. Remember with brokers though that people lose money on forex all the time and blame the broker for their bad trading. It’s hard to find a broker that has a completely glowing reputation.

  3. I would like to deposit 10,000 to see returns of 1000 to 500 dollars a month.That would be 10 to 5 percent a month.Is this realistic?

  4. Hi Jon, great information as always. I looked into their recommend brokers and found this:

    Vantage Fx
    Is the broker we use for clients who are looking for account managment 10,000 USD or GBP minimum required 30/70 profit share.

    What is the 30/70 profit share referring to?


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