Yieldnodes Review 2023 – Did We All Get Scammed?

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Yieldnodes Scam Reviews 2023
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This review was updated on 2nd September 2023.

I have been invested in Yieldnodes for almost 3 years and it was all going very well until the project hit some serious liquidity issues and had to pause withdrawals. They are now moving to Yieldnodes Pro, which involves real-world assets and NFTs.

They will still use the same crypto tokens and will be masternoding them as they did in the past, but instead of having speculative value as they did in the past Yieldnodes Pro will have assets behind them generating real-world revenue so that token economies remain strong.

Because of the liquidity issue and freezing withdrawals, many people are calling Yieldnodes a scam.

I disagree with this, but I do explain what happened in my update video below.

I’ve also been keeping in touch with the yields nodes team, and they agreed that I could do an interview with the CEO, Steve.

Here is the recording of that conversation. It is especially helpful for a better understanding of how the NFTs might work in Yieldnodes Pro.

It’s unclear right now if we have lost money or will be able to retain value through these NFTs. I remain optimistic that I can still be in profit once Yieldnodes Pro goes live and that I and many other investors didn’t lose our money. Some people are calling it a ponzi scam, while others are saying it is a pivot and are still optimistic for the long haul.

Time will tell and I will continue to keep this Yieldnodes review updated with the latest news as things develop in the future.

So what happens now? If you’re researching Yieldnodes because you were thinking of investing then deposits are frozen and we await to see how the next phase of their journey will play out. When our investment is minted into an NFT (Yieldnodes Pro) then NFTs can be traded (bought and sold) and anyone wanting to join will then be able to do so by buying an NFT that they will earn a residual income.

If you’re invested in Yieldnodes and want to know more about what’s happening then you can learn more about Yieldnodes Pro if you join their official discord group here – https://discord.gg/ZkhanJez

You can also get some updates via email and on their website here – https://yieldnodes.com/

I believe it’s no longer possible to deposit funds and they stopped withdrawals, although there is an emergency withdrawals option launching, which allows people to sell their deposits potentially at a discounted amount.

What Is Yieldnodes Pro?

Whilst many people are calling this investment a ponzi scheme and feel that the Yield Nodes team has scammed them, what they are promising with Yield Nodes Pro is quite interesting. They want to provide investors with NFTs and pay rewards from the revenue of real-world assets, such as solar farms and real estate. This revenue will be committed to the project for a period of time allowing masternoding to continue and high returns to (hopefully) also continue. I believe that all is not lost, and I hope that they can deliver on Yieldnodes Pro as the next phase in their journey.

In the last few weeks I have decided to mint my Yieldnodes balance as an NFT. Although this means that I now have new terms and conditions, it also means that I have the option to exit by selling my NFT. Keeping my funds in the platform might be beneficial for legal reasons but I wanted the option to sell if I want/need to in the near future.

My full Yieldnodes review is still available below. Although Yieldnodes was audited, I explain more about how losses could be incurred at the end of my second audit review from 2021. 

(OLD) Review

This is my full review of Yieldndodes, based on my personal experience of investing in their platform for over 18 months. I have created various videos to help you better understand how Yieldnodes works, what to expect as an investor, and how the platform has performed during the 2 years+ that I’ve invested.

The investment has been going well for me, but it’s important to understand the risks, which I explain various times in the content on this page. 

If you sign up for the Yieldnodes platform using the links on this page, I am happy to give you 1-to-1 support to help you get set up and answer your questions!

The link gives me a small referral bonus, but you will see from my reviews that I am a genuine member with my own funds invested, and I’m trying to provide valuable content in this detailed overview.

Please note that I have implemented some FAQs at the bottom of the page that I hope you will find helpful.

Let’s now have a look at my detailed case studies of my own experience of being investing in Yieldnodes for the last 3 years.

Original Case Study Video (Part 1)


Key Features

  • Monthly returns from masternodes of circa 10% per month
  • Total compounded return 12,256% (since inception in Sept 2019)
  • Minimum deposit €500
  • Minimum term 6 months
  • Deposit funds in BTC
  • Returns/Profits are paid monthly in bitcoin or USDT (tether) and can be withdrawn or auto-compounded
  • Monthly returns can be withdrawn from month 1 but if auto-compounding, each compound has its own 6-month time-lock.


I always talk about Yieldnodes (along with all my other investments) in my monthly update videos on Youtube. Please subscribe to make sure you get the most up to date information about this investment, including news, withdrawals I’m making, new audits, and more. 
Here are some of my recent update videos;

Decenomy Explained

One of the problems facing Yieldnodes has been sustainability. The way masternoding works requires continued support and new funds to be flowing in to sustain price. I’ve expressed my concerns about this numerous times in my monthly update videos and explaining that what they need is a create real use cases for the tokens that they masternode. By having good quality use-cases, they can create far higher demand for the token and therefore make it much more sustainable. 

The Yieldnodes team are very aware of this and have been working on a concept call Decenomy for over a year now. Decenomy is a way for Yieldnodes to create real world use cases for their tokens. It’s taken a long time for Decenomy to take shape, but I’m pleased that they are no starting to provide details of how it will work. I still know all of the details of it, and will be publishing a dedicated video about it soon, but I’ll explain what I know. The main thing to understand is that have partned with a soverign nation, São Tomé and Príncipe to use cryptocurrency to help support their entire economy. This is an incredibly exciting step forwards for Yield nodes, and could be just the start of such partnerships.
 I have the following information about the rollout of Decenomy;

Lighthouse project for DECENOMY

– African island with 200,000 population .

– former Portuguese colony

– Poorly functioning economy

– First official country partner from DECENOMY

– DECENOMY coins will get official currencies

– DECENOMY leaders are official advisers of the president from São Tomé und Príncipe – Coordinated laws

– Support by the local university

– Full banking license


The first real world projects running on the DECENOMY platform
– Decentralized mobile charging infrastructure for electric cars
– EU-awarded solution for ecological purification of sewage sludge with simultaneous
recycling of contained raw materials
Photovoltaics, hydropower and wind power
– sustainable energy supply (São Tomé, Malta, a.o.)
My friend
– AI based Avatar to support the the families and friends from dement people
– C2C Penny auction
– Online platform for betting based on DECENOMY coins


White Paper
– together with community

– News server
  – Distribute messages decentrally
  – Different languages
– Websites
   – DECENOMY site
   – Coin sites
Establishment of project managers
– Marketing, PR, social channels
– Coins
– Real projects
– Support
– Legal contracts, KYC

As you can see, this is very ambitious project and will be an incredible achievement if they can make it a success. They plan to use this as a template to offer to other nations in the future, so this could be the start of something huge. Of course, there is no guarantee of success and I still await further details of exactly how they intend to roll this out and how it will impact returns for YN investors. Stay tuned to learn more as soon as I know!

Case Study 2 – Interview With The CEO

Here is an early interview I did with the CEO, Steve. These interviews significantly increased my understanding of how the investment works and provided me with even greater expertise on Yieldnodes Pro.


>> Visit The Official Yieldnodes Website Here <<


As you can see from my video, this platform aims to generate a very stable return for investors by taking advantage of a lucrative aspect of cryptocurrency known as “masternoding”. Not only are masternode profits generally fixed, offering a very steady return, but they can also be very high AND can be compounded, meaning the returns for investors can be substantial, albeit with an element of risk. The returns are not generated through day-to-day trading as they are with assets such as forex or stocks. The value of returns does fluctuate each month based on coin values, but fundamentally, master nodes pay a fixed number of coins per month, and this is how Yieldnodes can offer a minimum monthly return of at least 5%. It’s still a very risky investment of course, as I explain in each of my videos.

Audit 2 Conducted November 2021

I was granted access to all of their assets again recently in order to confirm that they are still in good shape and have a strong-value of assets compared to the amount invested. This was my second audit of Yieldnodes (the first audit is further down the page).

>> Visit The Official Yieldnodes Website Here <<

Yieldnodes Case Study Part 3 – Update After 5 Months

Here is the 3rd part of my case study about Yieldnodes as I continued to invest over a 2 year period. This was my 5 months update video on my Youtube channel:

Yieldnodes Audit [2021]

In February 2021, I was invited by Yieldnodes to audit their business so that I could publicly verify that their business is genuine and that invested funds are being used in the correct manner (i.e. invested in master nodes). This just shows the transparency and honesty of the company. The results were that I saw a very high value of masternodes (more than twice the value of invested funds), so I consider this to be genuine, albeit the platform is still not without risk. I discuss the risks again in the video below.

I highly recommend watching this video to understand what’s going on behind the scenes;

>> Visit The Official Yieldnodes Website Here <<


What Exactly Is Masternoding?

Within the crypto world, each coin has a fixed number of total coins that will eventually end up in circulation. These coins aren’t released all at once but slowly released over a period of years. For example, there are a total of 21,000,000 Bitcoins that will eventually end up in circulation, but since its inception in 2009, there are currently still only about 18.4million in circulation right now. The coins have slowly been released over the years, and the last few coins might not be released until as far off as 2040.

But the coins that are released are not just given away. They have to be earned.

There are two ways that coins can be earned. These are Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS). Let’s explore how both of these work, as it’s an integral part of how Yieldnodes generate their returns.

Proof Of Work (POW)

Proof of Work is often known as “mining”. This was the original way coins would be released and is how bitcoins can be earned. POW is based on an advanced form of mathematics called “cryptography” (hence the origin of the word “cryptocurrency”). These are essentially very complicated math problems that need to be solved by powerful computers. For each equation solved, a small amount of crypto is rewarded. With POW, you are therefore exchanging computer power for cryptocurrency.

A standard desktop computer is capable of mining cryptocurrencies, but the processing power required for a reasonable return is extremely high, and so only very powerful dedicated machines can generate a meaningful amount of the most popular cryptocurrencies. These machines cost thousands of dollars to build, require a certain amount of coding experience, and need constant monitoring. They also consume a huge amount of electricity, and it’s possible even to lose money on crypto mining after the cost of hardware and electricity are accounted for.

Yieldnodes review

Proof Of Stake (POS)

Proof of Stake (POS) still aims to reward individuals with currency, but instead of solving complex equations, one simply has to provide proof of “stake” (i.e. ownership of the coin you want to be rewarded for). In order to do this, a user must deposit their currency in a specific wallet, where they are frozen and can then be used to generate coins. There is usually a minimum investment amount needed to qualify for POS rewards, and this is often referred to as a “masternode”. To qualify for a masternode, there is usually a requirement to buy a high volume of coins, which can be very expensive.

Once a masternode is set up as proof of stake, coins are awarded to the masternode owner on a monthly basis. These coins can then be traded into different cryptocurrencies or even exchanged into fiat currency (such as USD or GBP). 

How Do Yieldnodes Generate Returns?

Each POS cryptocurrency has a different reward for its masternodes. Some offer only a minimal return, equating to around 2% per month, whilst others offer hundreds or even thousands of % per month. Unfortunately, most coins have very little value, and the coins that offer very high returns are often worthless. This means that when they are exchanged for other currencies, even a very high number of coins does not buy much fiat currency. The lower % return coins often have the highest exchange value. Therefore, there is a great deal of experience required in finding coins that have offered 1) a substantial value against other coins and 2) offer an excellent monthly return from the masternode. 

The Yieldnodes team, therefore, offer investors value in 3 ways;

  1. Researching the best coins to masternode amongst the thousands of coins available, balancing value with returns to create a steady (and significant!) monthly return.
  2. Pooling money between multiple investors so that even small investors can benefit from masternodes
  3. Providing the technical expertise required to create a masternode as proof of stake

Spreading Risk

As with any asset that fluctuates in value, cryptocurrencies present a risk because the value of the coins fluctuates against each other and fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.). You can minimise risk by masternoding several coins at once so that not too much risk is put into one single coin. This creates a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, so even if there is a big swing in value on one coin, it doesn’t impact the overall portfolio too much. There is still a good amount of risk involved, and losing money is certainly possible.

When you invest in Yieldnodes, you are therefore benefiting from a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, and you’re not just exposed to the success or failure of a single coin. At the time of writing this post, they have held masternodes for a total of 14 different crypto’s. Hopefully, that gives you some indication of the scope of the research and management of this platform.

Applying the Secret Sauce

In addition to pooling funds and setting up a portfolio of masternodes, the Yield nodes team also uses their extensive experience to apply a “secret sauce” to all of this. The future of the crypto space requires people to not only back but also to use cryptocurrency as a realistic alternative to fiat currencies.

Therefore, for cryptocurrencies to stand the test of time, they need to have strong community support and a real-world purpose. Yieldnodes use their experience to buy certain cryptocurrencies and develop them to have real-world usage. They don’t own all of the coins that they masternode, but there are distinct advantages of owning some of their own coins and masternoding other popular coins.

An example of this is their acquisition of Sapphire coin. This coin was about to be terminated by the original developers, but because it had a strong community behind it, Yieldnodes took a stake in the coin and became the developers. Because it’s a POS coin, it immediately became part of the portfolio for Yieldnodes.com investors, and to secure the future of the coin, they also set about developing the coin and finding uses for it, creating all kinds of resources, including an online store where Sapphire coins can be spent (https://sappshopping.com/products/). Yieldnodes, therefore, took a failing coin with no real-world usage and transformed it into a valuable asset that can now grow in usage and potential price gains.

Yield Nodes Team

One of the ways you can determine if Yieldnodes is safe for investing is by looking at the team. The full yield nodes team can be found on the homepage of their website.

How To Invest

Now that you understand how the monthly yield is generated, I wanted to explain how easy it is to get involved and invest in this platform. You do not need prior cryptocurrency experience in order to invest in this platform! In fact, you don’t even need to own any cryptocurrency to invest in the platform because they accept deposits in fiat currencies such as US dollar and Euro using payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard or even bank wire (card fees are applicable). Therefore, you can transfer money directly from your bank to your Yieldnodes account, and they will convert your deposited funds to cryptocurrency and invest it for you, taking care of everything on your behalf.

>> Visit The Official Yieldnodes Website Here <<

Once your funds are invested, you can choose to either have your monthly returns paid out to your account or you can compound them. You can even split it – compounding some profits and withdrawing the rest.

You need to be aware, though, that for any invested money (your initial investment and any compounded profits), there is a 6-month minimum investment period, so do not invest money you are likely to need back any time soon. After money has been invested for 6 months, you are free to withdraw them or leave them to continue to earn profits indefinitely (the website states 2-year maximum term, but you can keep money with them for as long as you want after the 6-month initial contract has ended and have complete flexibility on when to withdraw funds). Also, it’s worth pointing out that although you can deposit in multiple currencies, the monthly profits are paid back to you in bitcoin.

NOTE: You can also add new deposits to the platform whenever you like. Some people are choosing to “scale in” to this platform by making an initial deposit and then adding more funds each month, so they have an ever-increasing investment account. This is especially powerful when compounding returns, and each month you will have not just the compounded profits but also new deposits being added, which themselves will provide compounded returns.


Yield nodes have been operating profitably for over 2 years and provided us with exclusive access to their business through an audit to prove that the platform is genuine. This is a totally new way of investing, and yet the cryptocurrency sector is already very well established and growing extremely quickly. Oftentimes, investing in this sector is confusing and requires a certain amount of technical ability. At the very least, it requires a lot of time to research and learn how to buy different crypto coins. Yieldnodes have removed all of the complications in investing, making it extremely easy to get started.

You can find out more about the coins they are masternoding on their website here. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made, and I’m sitting at over 600% profit. I cannot say exactly how long such high yields can continue for, but you can always follow along with my journey on my youtube channel here – https://www.youtube.com/c/TradeWise1


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment?

At Yieldnodes, the minimum investment amount is €500, whereas the maximum deposit is €250,000. If you are adding to your investment you can invest €50.

Remember: This platform has an excellent track record, but our funds are at risk, and there is a 6-month contract, so do not invest funds you may need access to in the near future.

How Much Can I Earn With Yieldnodes?

This depends on a number of factors, such as what the monthly returns are and if monthly profits are compounded or withdrawn. Whilst profits in the past have been very high there are no guarantees of what the profits will be.

Do they accept people from all countries?

Yes, Yieldnodes currently accept investors from all countries.

Can I access my money at any time?

Your money will be locked in for the first 6 months, but there is no maximum term. It might be possible to withdraw your funds within the 6-month lock-in period, but this is at the discretion of Yieldnodes, and costs are likely to be incurred, meaning you could get back less than you invested.

You can withdraw profits from your first monthly earnings (i.e. profits are not locked in, so they can be withdrawn or reinvested). If reinvesting/compounding, each month of compounding has its own 6-month minimum term.

What are the risks?

The returns on masternoding are relatively fixed (in percentage terms), and the portfolio is very balanced, which helps to mitigate risk. Your funds are at high risk, though, and there is no capital guarantee. There is an inherent risk in holding cryptocurrencies because they fluctuate in value against fiat currencies such as the US Dollar and the Euro.

Should cryptocurrency value plummet, then this can significantly impact the value of investments and the net returns. Values have been steady for several years now, and the fluctuating price can be a benefit if crypto values are increasing. A sudden drop in crypto values combined with a high number of investors seeking to exit the program would also impact the companies’ ability to make payments as although pay-outs are in bitcoin. They are linked to the EURO. With this in mind, masternoding can be considered a high-risk investment.

What are the monthly returns?

So far, the platform is generating an average return of 10% per month (as of June 2022). However, monthly returns fluctuate and are not guaranteed.

Can I compound my profits?

Yes. Monthly returns can be set to compound AUTOMATICALLY so that you can leave your investment to grow completely on autopilot. You can also set the platform to pay back returns each month if you don’t wish to compound, or you can split the returns so that one part is compounded and another is paid to you each month. Currently, I am withdrawing half of my profits each month and compounding half.

Current returns suggest that compounding profits could lead to high returns of 2015.67%, although past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

Can I withdraw profits?

Yes, profits will be paid to your dashboard at the beginning of every month, and you can request to withdraw them. You need to request withdrawals by 15th of the month, and they will be paid to your crypto wallet on the 8th of the following month.

What if I don’t own any cryptocurrency?

You don’t need to own cryptocurrency to invest in Yieldnodes. You invest in fiat currency (such as the US dollar, EURO, British Pound, etc.) using credit/debit cards or bank wire, and the funds will be converted to bitcoin and then used for masternoding. If you hold Bitcoin, though, you can pay that directly to your own Yieldnodes wallet to find your account.

How is my money invested?

Your investment will be pooled with other investors to buy masternodes for various cryptocurrencies. Your funds will be part of well over $20million of invested funds and will get a monthly return based on the profit generated by the portfolio each month.

What is Sapphire?

Sapphire is a cryptocurrency that Yieldnodes acquired. It provides some of the masternode profits for the portfolio but is one of at least ten currencies being masternoded. Because Yieldnodes is now the developer for Sapphire, this is a good coin to support, and they have various crypto projects planned that will help the currency to grow.

Are there any costs/fees?

The platform is entirely free to join, and there are no membership/subscription fees. The ongoing management costs of the platform are taken from the monthly profits (15% of profits are taken as a Yieldnodes operating fee), and the returns shown are net of any fees taken by Yieldnodes.com. 

Is Yieldnodes a scam?

Many people have concerns about the high returns offered by this investment and think to themselves “is Yieldnodes legit?”. As long as they are doing what they say and masternoding tokens then it is not a scam, and I have my own money invested in this platform. I have also audited the company and seen proof of the masternodes first-hand. There are still risks attached to this investment, though, and your capital is still at risk even though the investment has been audited and proven to be genuine. 

Warning: As with all risky investments, when things go well everyone gets very excited and when they go wrong they instantly call it a ponzi scheme. A rug pull, or scam is not the same as a volatile asset, and losses can easily still occur without it being a scam. 

Does The Bitcoin Price Impact My Investment?

Yield nodes peg investments to the Euro, so if you invest €1,000 this is the amount they refer to, even though it’s BTC that’s actually invested. Let’s say you make 10% on your investment and then withdraw it all. You would be receiving €1,100 worth of Bitcoin. Crypto price fluctuations do impact the tokens that are being masternoded, and a massive crash in the entire crypto market would be very bad for Yieldnodes, but in stable or growth markets it will mostly help the returns.

Is Yieldnodes Audited?

Yes. I have audited them twice so far and they also had audits from their investors. They currently conduct 2 audits per year and any member is welcome to apply to audit them. If you log in to your account you will see audit details there, and you can apply to audit them yourself as part of their annual audit and meetup.

What Are The Tax Implications?

This is a complicated matter, and clearly, it will be different in each country. This type of revenue is normally treated the same as mining, which in the UK is classed as income. 

You should definitely consult a tax expert to make sure that you take the right actions/precautions as far as taxes go.

How Much Can I Earn With Yieldnodes?

Monthly returns vary and can be high as 19% or as low as 5%. Yield nodes will always try to pay a minimum 5% per month but returns are not guaranteed.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Yieldnodes?

To withdraw you need a cryptocurrency wallet or an account with an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance. Once you have a BTC wallet address you can enter this into the Yield Nodes dashboard and payment will be sent there automatically each month.

Are There Other Investments Similar To Yieldnodes?

Whilst Yieldnodes is undoubtedly one of my favourite investments right now, I do invest in other things to ensure that I am diversified. You can see my other investments by following my youtube channel or by visiting this page.

When Can I Withdraw From Yieldnodes?

When you first deposit funds you investment is locked for 6 months (although emergency withdrawals are available with a fee of 15%). Your monthly rewards can be withdrawn from the outset though, meaning you can request withdrawal of returns after month 1 and it will be paid back to you wallet on 8th of the following month.

Are yield nodes risky?

All cryptocurrency investments are considered to be high risk. If you are unsure of the suitability of this type of investment you should seek independent financial advice before taking any action.

How Much Is A Yield Node?

Nodes come in many forms and are available from many companies, not just Yieldnodes. They, therefore, range in price from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. To participate in Yieldnodes the minimum investment is just €500 though.

Still have questions? Why not email me and I will try to help (please do not ask me for financial advice though!)

Please read more here – https://yieldnodes.com/

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    • If you follow the links on this page to create your account with Yieldnodes then you can deposit from there, but if you need help buying crypto and getting set up then you can email me using the contact us form on this website. Thanks!

    • Yes, I withdraw some profits from yield nodes to my Coinbase wallet. You can basically withdraw to any BTC wallet you like, and now they allow USDT withdrawals too.

  1. That idea of investing to save many dying coins doesn’t sound like a viable business model. Am I wrong to assume for the most part they are investing in coins which are already well supported and with a very liquid coin?

    • they only put funds into coins within their own ecosystem (they’re not buying ethereum or other altcoins for example). Their model is based around resurrecting these struggling tokens ideally with a good community behind them and giving them new uses cases.

      • The yieldnode website lists BTC and ethereum as currenices on it’s page. Does yieldnodes obtain these crypto currencies or are the obtained ones simply converted to these common currencies?

        • They have only had small holdings of these when I’ve audited them in the past. They are important currencies but not a major part of the assets (they can’t be really because they don’t pay high enough yields).

  2. Hi,

    With all the volatility in the crypto market, do you believe that Yieldnodes is still a ‘good’ place to park your money to earn a yield?


    • I tend to check the Sapphire coin price to see how that’s performing as a general guide on how they’re doing and that’s at all time highs so that’s very positive. Another audit is coming up in July too.

  3. Thanks Jon for this amazing dive deep into the YieldNodes opportunity.

    Have you been able to get the info Tom requested?
    Also I can see the members are located in HK, but I thought the HQ was in Malta.


  4. Hi Jon,
    Just one quick question, that for me is the only doubt I have before trying out YieldNodes. If you go to the website of most of the projects they use for masternodes, they all have the same layout, same info, etc. Seems they are like copy/paste.
    Isn’t it fair to assume that they might be being the creation of these coins, with no real use case, so they can masternode them?
    Isn’t this a risky model? They would need money coming in to keep the price of the coins from crashing, no?


      • Hello. I saw a comment about yieldnodes on the scam alert global page on Facebook, which for three reasons logically considered the site a scam, and after leaving this comment, the scam adviser website gave zero rating to yieldnodes and suddenly the ranking of this site dropped sharply.
        Did you see their reasons for being fraudulent yieldnodes? And what do you think of the reasons they mentioned? Do you still think they are approved for investment? Are you still investing there? I am waiting for your response. I hope you read the reasons why the scam alert global Facebook page mentioned and explain to me about their reasons
        Thank you for your accountability

        • You can see all of my investments in Yieldnodes in my monthly updates. People think crypto, in general, is a scam and others say the same about Yieldnodes. I try to explain the reason why I believe it not to be in great length in this review. What specifically are you concerned about and I will try to answer it for you.


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