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Welcome to Trade Wise. My name’s Jonathan and I’ve been testing trading products and services for over 10 years now. In that time I have found  A LOT of copy trading services that don’t work, spent hundreds of dollars on worthless trading bots, and lost thousands of dollars trading because I followed the wrong services. I decided to put together Trade Wise as a way of sharing my personal experiences and helping people to avoid some of the mistakes I made. Whilst I do still test some new services, I have a few very good services that I stick to and make me good monthly profits. You can find out what these are for yourself by becoming an email subscriber.

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This website is growing very quickly, with a lot of new content being added each week. To discover the best the services I have found and what I am using right now then subscribe above and I will keep you up to date completely free of charge. Here are some links to some of my most  popular posts. Also see my Gala Games review, Ranger EA Review (the best forex ea ever?), token tax review, my favourite Fixed Rate Bond offering, my Connect United review,  and my most profitable investment so far in 2022, my Yieldnodes review.

Although I have done some trading myself by reading the charts and entering trades based on my own trading strategies, I am not a full-time trader and never have been. I learnt to read the markets through technical analysis many years ago, but have always worked fulltime and although I like the idea of profiting from financial markets such as forex and stocks, it never appealed to me to sit and watch charts all day with 5 screens on the go waiting for trade set ups and studying technical indicators. I therefore started looking for copy trading services. There are various types of copy trading services out there, and I have extensively tested many of them.

social style trading platforms

There are the social style trading platforms, such as Zulutrade and eToro, where you can choose traders to copy from a huge list of hundreds or even thousands of possible traders. These platforms allow you to build a portfolio of several traders, and can potentially offer very good returns. However, as you will see from my Zulutrade review and my eToro review, it is much harder to make money from that platforms than you might think, largely because the quality of traders is low.

trading services and newsletters

There is also copy trading services and newsletters, where professional traders will notify you of the trades they are making so you can then execute the same trades in your own account. These signals services are not automated so manual work is required to place trades and manage them, although it does cut out a huge amount of research time.

bots or EA’s

Lastly, there are bots, or EA's, which can be set up that will automatically trade based on trading rules defined within the bot. This is less about copy trading (where you might copy the trades of an individual) than it is auto trading a rule base strategy, but it still requires little to no experience of trading and is therefore very appealing to a lot of novice investors. Whilst there are thousands of bots available to buy there are very few that are consistently profitable. I have tested dozens and have so far only had consistent profit with one (although I am developing my own EA that seems to be making good profits in the early tests). Again I share the profitable bot I like to my email subscribers.


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Copytrading is an automated investment methodology where you have the option to “copy” every action done by a selected trader. But in reality, it just allows the user to mimic everything a trader does, from strategies to picking open positions and such, in hopes that they can earn a profit.

Trading is risky and unpredictable, you may end up with some good trades and make a profit or lose some money because of a bad trade. With Copy trading, it lets you benefit from the experience and decisions from more experienced traders in the market. This could be done via a signal service, an automated trading bot (ea) or a platform that manages investments and returns. 
Here at Trade Wise we aim to test and review various types of copy trading and help investors find the genuine platforms where high returns can be achieved. Whilst copy trading in principal sounds fantastic, in reality there are a lot of services which have high claims but fail to deliver, and you can never be too careful when investing money in such platforms. 

There are lots of different types of copy trading, and they all work slightly differently. There are many platform where you can copy multiple traders in one account, and some of these include the likes of eToro and Zulutrade. Then there are completely automated platforms where you simply deposit funds and everything else is taken care of for you, such as Yieldnodes. Then there are trading bots that will execute trades in an MT4 account completely on autopilot, such as Ranger EA (the best Forex Robot?). Lastly, there are signal services that either send out trade signals from an experienced trader (like Gorilla Trades) or indicators that automatically send out signals based on predefined parameters. All of these types of copy trading work differently, but the main requirement is that they do not need an investor to learn to trade, or indeed to sit and read charts all day waiting for market conditions to be right and then manually placing a trade. It is therefore ideal for beginners, or even people with more experience who want to profit from financial markets such as stocks and forex, without becoming a fulltime trader.

Copy trading in principal is a great way to make money. It enables investors to copy highly experienced traders and (in theory) make a lot of profits without having any experience or knowledge of markets and trading. In reality though, copy trading is a difficult way to make consistent profits. Why? Because most so called “experts” are themselves losing money on trading, and therefore if you copy them you will replicate their failures for yourself. The key to copy trading is therefore finding only the very best copy trading services around. This requires a lot of research and testing, and many give up before they find a good quality platform or service.

At Trade Wise we aim to do most of the research and testing required to find good services. As we find low quality services we will share our personal experiences and hopefully help people avoid wasting money on services that aren’t profitable. As we find the one or two good quality services out there though, we will also share our experience of those and provide in-depth information on why we like them and how to get involved. Everything we express on the website and social media is purely an opinion and we are not financial advisers. Before making any investments you should always do your own research. 

Now that we know what copy trading is and how it works, let’s talk about the structure of copy trading. In most cases, there are 5 basic components that make the structure of copy trading. These are The MarketThe BrokerThe TraderThe Investor, and The Platform.

The Market, or The Financial Market, is essentially the base. This is where all of the trades are executed. These are done on exchanges and markets around the world, such as the New York Stock Exchange.

The Broker is an investors means of trading in the market, and is therefore essential in copy trading because without it, you basically can’t make any trades. You need a broker to get a trading account so that you can receive your copied trades from another trader. 

The Trader, also known as The Signal Provider, is the trader (or traders) you decide to copy. All of their actions and open trades are executed in your broker account, unless you’re using their own platform where profits are paid to you without the need for  broker account. Although in most cases you can just copy a trader straight away, you need to know the trader’s performance before you copy him. Some Platforms evaluate the strategy used before allowing it, while others just record their data the moment they joined. This all makes data that the user can use to determine whether this trader can make good profits or not.

The Investor is the person copying trades. This can be an individual or company depending on the nature of the platform and invested funds.

The Platform, or Copy Trading Platform, is a very important component in this structure because without it, it would be impossible to do any copy trading. The broker might be the bridge between a trading account and the trader, but the Platform is where everything takes place. 

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