GPS Forex Robot Free Bonuses

Thank you for supporting me at Trade Wise, I really appreciate you being part of the community. Now that I’ve confirmed your purchase I’m delighted to provide you with the free bonuses, and these are;

  • My exact settings for GPS Forex Robot are displayed in the image below. These are the settings that I use on all 4 currency pairs. To be clear, it is also the exact settings I use on this account You can keep an eye on myfxbook to see when my bot places a trade and check your EA is working. Don’t expect trades every day! The bot only trades when it has a high probability of a win, and sometimes a few days can go by without a trade. This is normal. Again, if you look at myfxbook you can get a feel for the frequency of trades from my account.
  • I’m a member of a very little known copy trading service called Piptionary Club. Their website is I’ve been using them almost 2 years now, and the results are very steady and consistent. In fact, they have a 99% win rate on their service, which trades the USDCHF currency pair, and consistently makes about 2-4% per month. However, you can increase your position size (as I have) to 2 or 3 times their trade size (depending on your attitude to risk of course), and therefore make a steady 10% return per month if you do increase your trade size. The service will connect to any broker, although I use FX Primus. Positions can be open for a long time though (it’s a slow and steady approach using long timeframes) so it’s better for those who like a lower risk but perhaps not suitable for people who want aggressive and very active trading.
    October 2020 UPDATE: The trader is currently stuck in some losing trades so it’s probably not the best time to join right now. I know this trader personally and he has over 10 years experience so I’m not too concerned about the long term but short term the service probably won’t make much returns while he manages the open positions. Monitor their myfxbook and when the equity line moves back towards the red growth line then it will be a better time to join –

  • A free copy of the Bitcoin Profit Secrets Ebook. Click Here to download a pdf version of this book.
  • My full set up video, including how to set up a VPS with FXPrimus, and how to install GPS on MT4 platform step by step. Please watch the full video here;

IMPORTANT: In the video when I’m doing the settings for each currency pair, after loading your settings from the saved file, check that UseTrailingStop is set to true. For some reason when we save our settings that one defaults back to false.

Also, keeping lotriskreductor at 10 is proving better and more stable than increasing it to 20. I suggest you demo this bot for a few weeks, especially to see how the reversal trade works, because this is a large trade aimed at recovering losses. Seeing it work in demo mode is important so you understand how it impacts drawdown and risk. You can disable this feature if you don’t like the idea of a larg recovery trade, but so far it has proven effective on my trading accounts.

To open an account with FXPrimus (link to my review) in order to receive all the extra rewards (100% deposit bonus, swap free account, free vps, dedicated account manager etc) then please CLICK HERE.

For those of you in USA, Canada, Australia or France then the alternative brokers that work well with GPS and accept customers from these countries then I suggest FXChoice or LQDfx

Thanks once again for supporting me, and I will try to keep adding value and providing new content as much as I possibly can. Make sure you subscribe to my email list on the homepage so I can let you know if my gps settings change, or when I find new profitable robots.