GPS Forex Robot Free Bonuses

Thank you for supporting me at Trade Wise, I really appreciate you being part of the community. Now that I’ve confirmed your purchase I’m delighted to provide you with the free bonuses, and these are;

  • My exact settings for GPS Forex Robot are displayed in the image below. These are the settings that I use on all 4 currency pairs. To be clear, it is also the exact settings I use on this account You can keep an eye on myfxbook to see when my bot places a trade and check your EA is working. Don’t expect trades every day! The bot only trades when it has a high probability of a win, and sometimes a few days can go by without a trade. This is normal. Again, if you look at myfxbook you can get a feel for the frequency of trades from my account.
  • I’m a member of a very little known copy trading service called Piptionary Club. Their website is I’ve been using them almost 2 years now, and the results are very steady and consistent. In fact, they have a 99% win rate on their service, which trades the USDCHF currency pair, and consistently makes about 2-4% per month. However, you can increase your position size (as I have) to 2 or 3 times their trade size (depending on your attitude to risk of course), and therefore make a steady 10% return per month if you do increase your trade size. The service will connect to any broker, although I use FX Primus. Positions can be open for a long time though (it’s a slow and steady approach using long timeframes) so it’s better for those who like a lower risk but perhaps not suitable for people who want aggressive and very active trading.

  • A free copy of the Bitcoin Profit Secrets Ebook. Click Here to download a pdf version of this book.

Thanks once again for supporting me, and I will try to keep adding value and providing new content as much as I possibly can!