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Step Hero Review – Scam NFT Gaming Company?

UPDATE: It would appear that Step Hero project is dead, but there are plenty of amazing GameFi projects with a long and exciting future ahead of them. Gala Games Myria Games and Playa3ull Games are probably my 3 favourite.

The Step Hero ecosystem successfully integrates NFT gaming with DeFi, allowing players to have a good time and make money in one go. Step Hero RPG, Heroes Farming, and NFT Marketplace all work together to form a unified system.

Additionally, Step Hero is more than just a game—it features a robust community that advises and assists its participants in their in-game financial endeavors.

Keep reading this Step Hero Review to learn more about the game and determine if you should invest in it.

Step Hero Overview

A fantasy RPG with alluring gameplay is one component of the expansive ecosystem, along with cross-chained NFT collectables, a marketplace, and the HERO coin. In addition, Step Hero offers the experience of social networking within a community that is encouraging to its users.

The team behind Step Hero comprises young, driven individuals enthusiastic about blockchain technology, particularly cryptocurrencies. They brought back the classic characters from their favourite games into the real world, keeping with the current trend in technology known as 4.0.

Additionally, the team invested a lot of time and effort into developing an innovative NFT project with an RPG game and a marketplace with a high level of liquidity. The correct working mentality and the world-class design of unique treasures led to Step Hero’s creation.

Their team is a passionate gaming studio that was founded in the early part of 2021. They all have years of expertise in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In fact, their group consists of ten people, each with an exceptional history in a separate field.

Hero Game Hub

Step Hero Multiverse’s NFT game collection is known as HERO Game Hub. Each game offers a unique and exciting experience because of its unique genre, gameplay, and earning mechanics. While each game has its unique mechanics and aesthetics, they all use the same two tokens, $STEP, and $HERO, as their primary currencies.

If you own $STEP or $HERO coins, you get unrestricted access to any game in the Step Hero Multiverse.

Hero Marketplace

You may make new NFTs or sell and purchase existing ones in the HERO Marketplace. Additionally, you may earn revenue from affiliate networks as you work on assembling the NFT collection of your choice. HERO Marketplace has the following features:

HERO Farming

You may stake and farm $HERO tokens with reward points, which are rewarded daily in proportion to the quantity of $HERO tokens you have staked.

Revenue multiplier:

You can stake any hero from common to uncommon for the time being. When you’ve accumulated enough heroes, you may cash them in for the coveted NFT.

Bounty Hunting

Staking HERO NFTs for $STEP token payouts is the basic gist of the Bounty Hunting function. The launch date for the feature is September 23, 2021.

Generally, the daily reward pool is set and distributed equally among all active Heroes. Each Hero in the bounty quest will be rewarded following their skill. The success of a Hero’s bounty chase depends on their Bounty statistic. As the rarity of the Hero determines the range in which this statistic will fall, its exact value will be completely arbitrary.

Players participating in actual trade missions are automatically rewarded and can cash their rewards whenever they choose. Bounty Hunter heroes are ineligible to sign up for the Step Hero RPG or be exchanged on the HERO Marketplace.

Users are limited to sending in a single Hero per search. Nonetheless, there is no limit to the number of hunts a person can participate in.

Step Hero Multiverse

Step Hero Multiverse is for one P2E player, providing you with incredible gaming experiences and profitable earning possibilities. The HERO Game Hub, which they offer as part of their NFT gaming ecosystem, brings together a variety of entertaining blockchain games.

Step Hero Multiverse aims to grow into an ecosystem that provides value to millions of individuals and generates revenue for those people daily. Their goal is to popularize blockchain technology while providing those who enjoy NFT games with sustainable income options.

Evaluation of the Step Hero Investment

The most up-to-date HERO fee is $1.11. A Step Hero report indicates that the current ROI forecast is +144.2%, with a safety level of 2.3 out of 10 and a current price of $2.72. Generally, market capitalization is the primary metric used to rank cryptocurrencies.

The algorithm has examined the daily values of the cryptocurrency for the previous 6 months to calculate the potential profit from your investment in 2022. However, coins have a wavy personality. Therefore, there is a considerable chance that HERO will trade close to an all-time high once more.

The analytical tool has placed HERO at the 2204th safest position out of 4138 assets.

Identifying Types of Characters

In the Step Hero MMORPG’s pre-launch stage, there are 16 playable characters: eight Heroes and eight Monsters. Every character possesses a total of four different fighting talents. Additionally, collectables may be divided into two categories: Rarity and Elements.

On the other side, you will discover that heroes are divided into the following categories according to their rarity:

Getting Started at Step Hero

The game’s objective is to assume the role of a hero and defeat evil foes in combat while boosting your strength through acquiring in-game equipment. You will also be accumulating wealth in the form of STEP coins, and improving your cast of playable characters.

The globe map of Step Hero is divided into several different zones, each of which displays the player’s current level. Every area has a large number of sub-maps, and these sub-maps correlate to the stages that you need to go through. After completing three or five stages, the boss fight will begin. 

Following the conquest of an arena, certain heroes, equipment, and artefacts will become available for use.

The name of the token used in the game is HERO. This token may be staked and farmed using reward points, in addition to having the ability to be used as a payment currency in the Hero NFTs Marketplace. 

These reward points may be won daily, and their value is determined by the total quantity of HERO tokens that have been staked on previous days. Meanwhile, you will have the ability to stake heroes from common to rare.

Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of Step Heroes, you are eligible to claim the NFT of your choice. You may make deposits of HERO tokens and BNB tokens on the PancakeSwap platform to obtain a return in the shape of FLIP tokens. Generally, these are the liquidity source for the PancakeSwap platform.

HERO is currently priced at 82.05 and has a supply of 100,000,000. Its 24-hour trading activity is 134,567,271 and its current quantity is 100,000,000.

Enter the Game

To participate in the game, you must acquire characters from either the HERO shop or the markets. The next step is choosing the cast of characters who will participate. You may improve the power of your characters at any time by achieving certain goals, doing well in player-against-player combat, and using things from within the game.

Your characters will have a regular assignment that will allow them to gain precious things, increase their strength, and advance in rank.

After each fight, the hall of fame will be updated to include new names and rankings of the heroes that participated. When a Hero completes a combat map, they are entitled to the award associated with that level. The difficulties of the maps range from easy to extremely severe. You have access to all of the unlocked maps that are appropriate for the level of your Heroes.

Each player can utilize a maximum of one character in the fight; however, using three or five characters is strongly encouraged. You have the option of either fighting on full auto or fighting manually. 

When the battle mode is set to Full Auto, other players cannot intervene in the fight. Before initiating a fight while using the Manual form of combat, you must first prepare your weapons and any other items you want to use. After that, you will assemble a cast of playable characters. To select your challenger, click the “find a match” button.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How can one profit from playing the game?

When you win in player vs. player combat, you are eligible to receive reward prizes. You may also make money by selling in-game things on the marketplace, such as mending potions, power-impulse elixirs, and weapons you have crafted yourself. 

Plus, one of the primary activities that take place in their NFT marketplace is the exchanging of characters. The more original and potent the personality is, the more money you stand to make off of them.

How much does it cost to create a character?

You should be aware that a hero’s worth is determined by the amount of scarcity of the hero and the character. Heroes can be purchased anywhere from 0.500 BNB (253 USD) to 5000 BNB (2,533,500.00 USD).

Who exactly makes up this group?

Their video game studio was launched at the beginning of 2021. The creators have over 15 years of expertise in making games of the highest quality, with breathtaking visuals and gameplay that is very addicting. 

Plus, the CEO has more than 10 years of expertise in the field of e-commerce and has worked as a partner on globals such as Facebook, Amazon, and eBay.

How can I immediately monetize my presence in the Step Hero?

To make money as a player, you may do things like:

1. To win Player versus Player (PvP) matches and receive a reward.

2. Making money by trading in-game things such as weapons, armor, and potions for real-world currency.

3. Trading or selling improved characters later. User earnings are proportional to the effort to create a memorable and potent character.

4. Reward Hunting on StepHero: for $STEP tokens

5. Summon Gate is where you can get your hands on the latest Hero NFT:

Will HERO and STEP tokens work for all Multiverse games?

Despite their differences in mechanics, all games in the Step Hero P2E Multiverse use identical $STEP and $HERO tokens. Those who own $STEP or $HERO can utilize their tokens in the sport for in-game prizes of the same cryptocurrencies.

Will it be possible to access the platform from a mobile phone?

The multiverse will, of course, provide a wide variety of mobile games for people to take part in and enjoy.

Will there also be several chains in the multiverse?

In the not-too-distant future, Step hero plans to broaden the scope of the ecosystem to include additional networks in addition to Binance Smart Chain.

What is Summon Gate?

You can conduct the legendary summoning ritual and bring out a new Hero via the Summon Gate with the help of two Heroes, a $STEP token, and a $HERO token.

Using the Summon Gate, you can acquire a brand-new Hero by exchanging two existing Heroes, a certain number of $STEP tokens, and a set number of $HERO tokens.

Master Heroes are summoned by a ceremony involving two Heroes. Apprentice Hero is the name given to the recently recruited Hero. It takes training for a Trainee Hero to earn the title of “Hero.”

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