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Myria Games Review 2024 – The Next Gala Games Or Just Another Crypto Scam?

Myria Games Review
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I’ve been a huge follower of Gala Games since early 2021 and since then they have grown into one of the largest gaming companies in the world. I personally own nodes, NFTs, and tokens for their entire ecosystem and am very bullish on them long-term, so when I heard that another company was launching that also offered play-to-earn gaming, nodes, and NFTs I had to check it out.

In this Myria Games review, I’ll be looking at all aspects of the company and drawing some comparisons to Gala Games. If you’re new to the whole play-to-earn space, or simply want to learn more about Myria Games then this video review should be very useful to you as a starting point;


My Myria nodes are paying me thousands of $MYRIA tokens DAILY! Get a node today to start earning passive income.

The Myria platform integrates a gaming environment with the apps, tools, and scalable infrastructure essential to bringing blockchain gaming to life. It supports free and equal access to the blockchain and the virtual world so that more individuals may participate in their development and reap their rewards.

Myria’s centralized system will streamline buying and selling digital assets and playing blockchain-based games. They guarantee the robustness, durability, and safety of the Ethereum L2 scaling solution. Facilitating the creation and administration of software projects for developers.

This Myria Games review will give you an overview of the platform, plus its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to learn more.

Myria Games Overview

Myria is a vast blockchain gaming technology ecosystem. A cryptocurrency wallet, NFT marketplace, distributed exchange, and node network are being developed as part of their mission to establish a new benchmark in blockchain gaming. This framework supports their central hub for blockchain-based games and the Myriaverse metaverse.

Players in the Myriaverse will have access to various blockchain-powered games and the chance to construct virtual homes, interact with others, go on quests, and more. For your gaming pleasure, it provides various genres that all relate to one another. 

Despite the obvious differences in gameplay, the games’ stories, characters, and assets will all be compatible. So far, four games have been announced:

1. In the next few months, users may expect to see the introduction of public alpha gaming for Metarush, a multiplayer obstacle course game.

2. An online multiplayer first-person shooter with a blocky castle setting

3. One may race go-karts in Metakart.

4. A first-person shooter focused on objectives; that’s Starstrike Legends.


Interoperable Morphing NFTs

Myria’s patented technology will enable unparalleled interchange between games, and this will cause a seismic shift in the blockchain gaming market. Assets owned by participants on the blockchain can now be utilized anywhere in the ecosystem, thanks to Myria’s new norm of interoperable NFTs. 

The blockchain records the provable ownership of each player’s digital identity, and gamers may take their attributes, equipment, and rewards from one game world to another. Due to its widespread applicability and equipment ability across all of Myria’s gaming worlds and metaverse, NFTs will be highly demanded and have significant monetary worth to their owners.

Gamers spend billions on virtual objects in traditional games, but they never actually own them or have any say in their use in the game’s artificial economy. These digital objects are being used as short-term rentals for amusement purposes. 

Myria facilitates the transfer of game goods to the players so that they may rise in value or receive additional game assets based on their level of participation.

The Plan of Action According to Myria

Myria will kick off several significant initiatives in the following months, including selling IBCO tokens and distributing Node Licenses. Node License holders will be rewarded with $MYRIA tokens and NFTs, the right to vote, and access to other features for their participation in the Myria autonomous network.


Myria, like other DeFi projects, will create a native random draw $MYRIA, which will be used to enable all ecosystem operations and fuel the governance framework.

The $MYRIA token is the primary medium of exchange, used for all sorts of transactions, including purchasing, selling, upgrading, voting, and collecting prizes. In this early phase, there are fresh things to anticipate, and more are on the way.

Generally, a Myria Node will set you back roughly 3 ETH and can be operated on any modern laptop or virtual machine. Myria is building its blockchain, focusing on the gaming industry, and will employ a proprietary Ethereum Layer 2 solution to power all activities.

Players who compete in their games, complete daily mission objectives, and climb the leaderboards will be rewarded in various ways. The activities will all have a “win to earn” strategy to create a profitable and long-lasting business.

Myria’s L2 Boosts Scalability

Myria L2 utilizes the Zero-Knowledge RolluP technology developed by StarkWare to condense many transactions into a single transaction. It allows for 9,000 transactions to be completed every second (TPS).

On Myria, blockchain gamers and NFT users, of which there are around 1.2 million at the moment, will soon be able to establish a Myria wallet with “one click.” They will be able to mint, sell, and transfer NFTs with no gas cost and 100% carbon neutrality. This capability was not previously available.

Myria’s Developer Solution adopts an API-first strategy, which simplifies complicated blockchain interactions by utilizing Myria’s collection of REST APIs and SDKs. This technique is part of the Myria Developer Solution. As a consequence, developers will be able to start any NFT product within hours, such as bitcoin games, without needing to be an expert in blockchain code.

Applications and Games

Myria’s fundamental assumption is the creation of interactive experiences, particularly video games and mobile apps. In fact, the Myria group and their major partners are striving to mobilize a library of games representing various genres driven by blockchain technology. It will largely be the source of all user behaviours and rewards.

Individuals who Can Use Myria

Those interested in gaming and blockchain development are welcome to join the Myria community. There are no barriers, and developers have unfettered entry to the unified infrastructure.

Anyone who signs up for Myria can access all of the games at no cost and without making any initial investments. Plus, Myria enjoys cooperating with the owners of the nodes that are essential to the technological functioning of the universe.

Myria’s open-source code is available to any blockchain-curious developers who lack the necessary infrastructure. Owners of nodes are also crucial to Myria as the blockchain only functions thanks to a distributed network of nodes controlled by players. There is still a way for personal computers to join the Myria network and start earning prizes for their participation.

Assets of Myria

There are certain similarities between the infrastructure of Myria and the Gala Games. This is because they provide the following:

1. Players may buy nodes to join the Myriaverse and gain access to the blockchain’s benefits, like voting rights, coins, and unique NFTs.

2. The $MYRIA token is the game’s major incentive for nodes’ owners and the currency used to get in-game rewards.

3. All of their NFTs will be compatible across games in the Myriaverse. As a result, this greatly improves the practicality and, thus, the value for owners.


The operation of nodes enables a wide range of Myria ecosystem network activities, such as proof-of-concept testing, block generation, and validation. As a result, validators, such as node owners, play a critical role in the network and also play a part in upgrading ancillary network operations for greater benefits.

Expanding decentralized network storage resources and administration voting for crucial choices like deciding on game ideas will be necessary as the platform evolves in the future to accomplish these goals.

Node owners will be compensated in thousands of $MYRIA tokens daily, and their NFTs will be reduced depending on their reputational score in the community. Their regular participation earns this standing, the number of tokens they possess or stake, network uptime data, and track record of sustaining the network.

The better the score, the higher benefits node operators will get as gratitude from the founders.

I have owned a Myria node since they launched and am very happy with it so far. Here is a screenshot of my daily Myria earnings from my node:


Advantages of Myria Games

You may unleash the full blockchain potential of your business with the aid of Myria, a platform that offers a complete solution for developers and publishers.

1. The fastest and most painless approach to getting your blockchain game out into the world. Myria partners with you from the beginning of the onboarding process to the completion of the deployment phase. Additionally, they will offer guidance and recommendations on everything from technical support to best business practices.

2. Take charge of your online shop and marketplace. The architecture of Myria’s NFT store and the marketplace is tailored to blockchain games and designed with the user experience in mind.

3. Making full use of Ethereum’s scalability features. With Myria scaling solution, you may process up to 9000 transactions per second at a low price and with a high throughput rate.

4. Make it simple for you to concentrate on your product. Use the pre-made Myria platform and tools to concentrate on expanding your business while they handle the ancillary infrastructure.

5. Feel at ease as you go into the Web 3.0 age. Consultancy services for NFT sales, blockchain integrations, and platform support are all available from Myria, a blockchain firm.

6. Let the tokenomics team help you get started. Myria helps you reach your business goals through tokenomics consulting and the development of high-quality Play-to-Earn video games.

7. Consult with professional legal staff. You have to ensure that your company is aware of and compliant with all relevant regulations if you want to provide a safe environment for your gamers.

8. Promote your endeavor on all of their channels. Using the Myria platform and its network partners, you can quickly connect with and cultivate an active player community of project advocates.


The key to success on the developer side is, once again, simplification. Myria makes game development simpler by using an API-first approach. It enables developers to focus on making games that are highly fun to play without having to be concerned with the workings of the blockchain or NFTs. 

This strategy has been successful up to this point, as evidenced by Myria already playing host to more than one hundred new gaming projects before the platform’s debut. In addition, more than 1.2 million users have signed up to use the company’s video gaming services.

Disadvantages of Myria Games

Myria has been working hard to address the issue of slow and expensive transactions that impede the widespread adoption of Ethereum-based blockchain video games. Because of this, Myria uses zero-knowledge rollups, a technique that combines many transactions into a single one on a secondary chain. 

Potentially, this might increase the number of transactions processed on Ethereum every second from the current sub-50 to a staggering 9000.

Myria also aspires to address the problem of complexity. Current blockchain games demand a high level of familiarity with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Myria’s wallets can be set up with a single click, and NFTs may be created, traded, and transferred easily and without incurring fees.

Platforms Based on the Blockchain

Myria has been hard at work developing an Ethereum L2 solution for improved scalability to fulfil its aim of enhancing existing gaming experiences while also introducing brand-new ones.

In addition to the Myria Developer APIs and SDKs, third-party developers and individual game publishers can easily plug into Myria’s vault without having to go through procedures.


Myria are adding new games to its catalogue all of the time, but here are some of the ones that are currently being created and launched on its platform;

Moonville Farms

A competitive play-and-earn tycoon farming simulator

AB De Villers Cricket

Cricket legend AB de Villiers has joined forces with Myria to deliver the next generation of blockchain gaming to cricket fans around the world.


A hilarious multiplayer game that will have your sides splitting as you bounce, tumble, and bowl over your friends and foes. Battle it out through increasingly wacky landscapes and claim your spot in the hall of glory.


Drift around thrilling tracks in a race for the finish line. Have endless fun shooting at your opponents and wreaking havoc all around you to gain extra points and climb the leaderboards. Dive into our numerous game modes and tracks to claim your rightful spot among the racing legends of the Myriaverse.

Block Royale

Eliminate your opponents in this fast-paced-action-packed-survival game, to achieve victory and claim the spoils of war. There can be only one hero or team standing when the crimson curtain hits the ground.

Starstrike Legends

Utilize your gunplay skills in a combination with your unique hero abilities to win a series of team battles or in other game modes. Manage your ability upgrades and weapons of choice to optimize your chances of winning.

In-Depth Resources

Myria is not only developing and integrating new games but also devoting resources to creating several tools to increase the overall quality of the gaming and trading experience. The “Myria Launcher,” with the Myria Wallet and the Myria Marketplace, will be released shortly to realize the project’s goal of creating a Steam-like interface for blockchain gaming.

Myria’s goal is to replace Steam as the go-to destination for video game content and services on the third-generation web. They plan to follow Steam’s lead and build everything in-house, then provide their game development framework to other companies.

Myria’s long-term plan is for the ecosystem’s assets to have widespread applicability across all games made by Myria Studios and its partners.

The Myria ecosystem provides its customers with access to the whole platform package, which consists of the Myria NFT Market, the Myria Wallet, and the Myria Game Platform.

Myria Games Vs Gala Games

Here are a few comparisons for you to consider Myria compares to Gala Games;


Myria has managed to reach and win the private support of KOLs, such as Guilds (GGG, for example) and GameFi platforms. Their community is expanding quickly, and their library of games is interesting. In this review, I have tried to explain as much as possible about their project and ecosystem. There are no guarantees of how the future will unfold for them, but they have made a strong start and could easily be one of the best play-to-earn companies around in 2 to 3 years’ time. Gala Games have got a big head start on them, and I would say have the best chance of dominating the space, but Myria can still do well and I will be following the project with keen interest!

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