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LQDfx Review [2022] – Plus Free Bonus! Avoid The Scams

LQDFX review
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If you’re thinking of opening an account with LQDfx then you should definitely check out this honest review. I will explain what’s good (and bad!) about this broker so you can make an informed decision if they are the right forex broker for you.

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LQDfx Review

LQDfx was established in late 2015. In spite of being new in the FX industry, the company positioned itself as one of the best and award-winning leaders. It offers its traders top-notch customer service available 24 hours, 5 days a week.

The company offers its traders opportunities to trade several instruments such as Contract of Difference (CFD), commodities, indices, and metals. Furthermore, they have 71 forex currency pairs, 7 nonmetallic commodities, and 12 equity indices. LQDfx aims to establish a name as the most loyal and devoted broker with the highest quality through the STP execution avenue.

Where is LQDfx Located?

The company is located at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960.

LDQfx review

Is LQDfx Regulated?

Regulation is the main consideration in deciding which broker to register. The reason why regulation bears so much importance in the industry is that it gives assurance of safety for traders. Moreover, regulated brokers are less likely to scam their clients. Although there is no guarantee that regulated brokers do not scam at all. 

LQDfx is located in an unregulated area, the Marshall Islands. This implies that LQDfx is an unregulated broker. Due to this unregulated status, the company is usually tagged as a scam. However, this issue is common among trading companies. Uneducated traders claim that brokers stole their money but failed to understand the high risk of capital loss in trading.

What Are The Account Types LQDfx Offer?

LQDfx has currently 5 different account types that cater to the needs of its traders. The account types of LQDfx except for Electronic Communication Network (ECN) are Straight Through Processing (STP). 

The following are the accounts together with their minimum deposit:

  • Micro Account – $20
  • Gold Account – $500
  • ECN Account – $500
  • VIP Account – $25,000
  • Islamic Account – $20

LQDfx abides with the laws of Islam by forbidding Islam traders to pay interests or swaps. The Islamic account is exclusive to Islam believers and the company seeks proof for clients to qualify.

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LDQfx account types reviewed

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How High LQDfx Leverage Can Go?

The ratio of leverage varies per account type. The leverage of 1:500 below is the maximum authorized. Traders can trade with little to no leverage at all. There are other brokers that allow 1:1000 leverage which is way higher, but this level elevates the risks.

How Much Is The Trading Cost In LQDfx?

While other LQDfx accounts namely Micro, Gold, and Islamic offer commission-free trading, the ECN, and VIP accounts have commission charges. For ECN accounts, 3.50USD/ EUR commission charge per 100,000. For VIP accounts, there is a 2.50USD/ EUR commission charge per 100,000.

What Are Assets to Trade With LQDfx?

The company has over 70 total assets offered to its clients. The majority of these assets are dedicated to currency pairs. There are few dedicated indices and commodities as well as metals. LQDfx does not have assets for cryptocurrencies which may be problematic for some traders.

LDQfx inforgraphic

Does LQDfx Offer Variable Spreads?

Yes, LQDfx does offer variable spreads. The ECN and VIP accounts have the lowest spread of 0.1 which is also the lowest possible in LQDfx. The firm offers a live spread with 16 total assets as reported on its website. The Micro account has a spread starting at 1 lot. This is reasonable for the commission charge is not in effect on that particular account level.

What Platform Does LQDfx use?

LQDfx utilizes MetaTrader 4 in all account types they offer. This platform is readily available for Windows, Android, and Apple devices but it is not available for Mac-based systems.

MetaTrader 4 is a free trading platform for trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and other financial instruments – futures, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. This platform is ideal for beginning traders as well as advanced traders.

What Are the Deposit Methods and How Much?

The following are the accepted deposit methods for LQDfx:

OptionsMaximum Deposit AmountMinimum Deposit Amount
Bank Wire Transfer$/€ 500,000 per day$/€250
Credit Cards$10,000 per transaction and $15,000 per card$20
Bitcoin CashNone$20
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrenciesNone$30

Wire transfer is subject to a deposit fee which can be avoided by depositing $500 or more. With the several deposit methods available and deposit fees being avoidable, it serves as a tip for clients.

How Much Are the Withdrawal Costs?

The following are the withdrawal costs in LQDfx:

OptionsMaximum Withdrawal AmountMinimum Withdrawal Amount
Bank Wire Transfer$/€ 500,000 per day$/€250
Credit Cards$10,000 per transaction and $15,000 per card$20
Bitcoin Cash$/€20,000$10
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrenciesNone$30
VLoad$/€25,000 on accounts up to Tier 2$10

LQDfx cannot process withdrawal amounts by credit cards that surpass the initial deposit or sum of all card deposits.


The most common issue of LQDfx is its regulations. Having regulation amplifies the trust of the clients in the company. This issue tagged the firm as a scam. However, this issue is common among trading platforms. This can be attributed to traders who do not have a thorough understanding of the risks of losses in trading. Overall, LQDfx is a competitive trading company with lots of options available for clients’ needs. 

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