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Welcome to the Trade Wise Top 3 Services page. We’ve tested over 100 products and services in the last decade, and these are the very best services we have found in that time. These services are tried and tested by us, so there are aboslutely no fake reviews here! 

I am personally invested in all of the top services on this page right now, but you should make sure you’re on my mailing list so you can be notified if anything changes. Keep in mind also that I am not a financial advisor. Everything expressed on this website and associated social media channels is based on my personal experiences and is purely an opinion.


Key Features

Yieldnodes is a cryptocurrency investment that takes advantage of masternoding to generate an exceptionally high return (potentially in excess of 220% per annum). No cryptocurrency experience is necessary so it is suitable ot absolute beginners.

Fixed Rate Bond


For investments over £50,000 I have invested in a loan note that offers a capital guarantee of up to 10% per month (tiered rates apply).

These investments require application through an investment broker. Please Contact Us if you’re interested in receiving the investment brochures and we will introduce you to the broker.

Elysium Capital


Elysium Capital is a copy trading service (MAM) offering a diversified portfolio of strategies and a strong track record.

Returns are excellent so far, and the service overall is reliable and easy to use. Those involved in teambuilding can also build a residual income by referring people to the MAM.

Other Great Services


GPS Forex Robot

GPS Forex Robot is an EA for MT4. It has an excellent track record and comes with additional bonuses. Click here to find out more.


Gorilla Trades

Gorilla Trades is stock signals service with a very strong following and over 10 years in the industry. Click here to find out more.