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Gorilla Trades Review [2022] – Plus Free Bonuses!

Gorilla Trades Review 2022
  • Easy To Use?
  • Cost
  • Profitability
  • Time Needed


  • Stock Picks Are Very High Quality And Profitable
  • Various Types Of Trading Available Including Large Cap & Small Cap Stocks And Options Trading
  • Excellent Reputation & Long Standing Track Record
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • 1 Year Subscription Not Ideal
  • Signals Need To Be Manually Traded In Your Own Account (Not Automated)

Welcome to my recent video review about the best stock recommendations website – Gorilla Trades. As I explain in the video, I’ve been buying stocks and shares for over 10 years now and have been searching for a professional trader who I can copy and simply profit from their expertise without having to spend hundreds of hours trawling through data and reading charts. In my Gorilla Trades review, I show you why my long search is finally over! Take a look at Gorilla Trades now.

This is by far the best stock picking service I have ever seen. In this video, I will explain why I like it so much. I’ll also be honest about some of the negatives so you can make an informed decision before buying.

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To get your FREE 30 day trial so you can see how good this service is for yourself, please click here.

Your free Gorilla Trades account does not require any form of deposit and you don’t need to enter your credit card details! 
For 30 days you will receive ALL of the following benefits;

  • ✓ Access To Members Only Website
  • ✓ Daily Stock Picks
  • ✓ Small-Cap Stock Picks
  • ✓ Weekly Options Picks
  • ✓ Free iPhone And Android App
  • ✓ The Gorilla’s Ultimate Stock Picking Challenge
  • ✓ Afternoon Market Update via Email
  • ✓ Nightly Newsletter
  • ✓ Real-Time Market Alerts via Text Message

If you’re looking for the best stock recommendations in 2022, you won’t find any place better than Gorilla Trades. In my extensive review of Gorilla Trades, I’ll show you everything you need to know about it. If you’d like the transcript from this video, I’ve added it below. If you’d like to leave a comment, please scroll to the bottom of the page. I’d love to hear from you!

About Gorilla Trades

Hello, it’s Jonathan here with another episode of Trade Wise. Thank you very much for joining me. I’m excited to be bringing this video to you today because I’m going to be revealing the number one best stock trading tips service that I’ve found in the last 10 to 12 years of looking for something as good as this.

If you’re looking for stock recommendations (or share recommendations) maybe you’ve got money to invest, and you don’t know where to invest it – you know there’s money to be made in stocks, but you don’t know where to put that money or what are going to be the most profitable stocks – then this is absolutely the video for you. I’m going to be revealing the number one stock picking service that I’ve been using for quite a while now and getting fantastic results.

Gorilla Trades review

I’m going to be explaining what it is and how it all works and be honest about some of the drawbacks. I’m always open and honest about things like that, and this video is no exception, so please watch this video right through to the very end so that you know everything there is about this service.

All right, so the keen among you will probably have already clicked the link below this video in the description to find out exactly what stock recommendation website I’m talking about and that I’m getting so excited about.

The number one pick for me is called Gorilla Trades. The first thing I want to say is that there are a lot of similar-sounding companies out there, so just to make sure that you’re going to the exact right one, please follow the link in the description. Don’t be going off finding some other similar-sounding company and signing up for them and then coming back to me and saying that you’re not making any money with it!

Why does this company get my number one stock-picking service recommendation? Who are they, and what’s so good about it? Well, I’ll just start first of all by showing you who’s behind Gorilla Trades so you can look at this on the website yourselves as well. By all means, go and look around, follow the link in the description and have a look.

The guy behind Gorilla Trades is called Ken Berman. He founded the company in 1999, so it’s very well established. He’s been running it for decades now, and it tells you a bit of his background. I believe he’s got a team behind him now as well and what’s also impressive is that Ken was able to turn $250,000 into five and a half million dollars through his stock market trading activities.

So that’s a little bit of background. It’s always good to know a little bit about who’s actually behind the products like this, but really what I’m always looking for is the verifiable and looking at the trade history and things like that because that speaks more volumes than a little bit of written blurb.

Let’s dig into it.

Gorilla Trades Stock Picking Service Walkthrough

What I’m going to do is I’m going to log into the member’s area. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial and have a look at this information yourself, but there’s quite a lot to it. I do want to walk you through what this is all about, how it all works and as I mentioned in the intro I do want to tell you about some of the negative aspects that I picked up on it just so that you’ve got a well-balanced review.

So basically, what Gorilla Trades does is deliver stock trading signals, so they are stock recommendations or stock tips, primarily from US stocks. I’ve not spotted many from the UK or elsewhere in the world.

It’s well-traded US stocks that we’re talking about here, and generally speaking, they tend to be medium-term investments, and from what I’ve seen so far, it seems that the trades will run for a series of weeks and months. It’s not intraday trading; this isn’t short-term. I’m not a big fan of short-term trading anyway – most of the profits I’ve ever made have been a longer-term mindset making consistent profits over time, so this fits well with that. It’s also not too long-term as well, so you’re not going to be in it in trades for years and years, but you should be able to make consistent, steady profits over weeks and months.

Trading Post – Stock market Trading Recommendations

In the member’s area, there’s lots of training and support and lots of guides and things. This is the main dashboard area where we’ve got the Trading Post which I’ll go to. At the moment, that’s where most of the signals are sent. They’ve got guides, your account information, the site map, and information about the costs.

There’s a challenge that they run for people that pick stocks. There’s a prize of $5,000 they give away every few months to two members, so that’s quite exciting. But really, the best part about I think the dashboard here is not just the trading area but also the amount of support.

There are plenty of support documents and information to be found within the sort of tutorial section and the FAQ if you feel like you’re a little bit overwhelmed or you don’t quite know how it works, and you want more information.

Gorilla Trades has also got a support Facebook group, which is very active. That’s fantastic a big bonus of this stock picks recommendation service! 

trading post inside Gorilla Trades


48 of 52 Trades currently in profit!

Let me go over to the trading post and give you an example of some of the stock picks recommended here. So they do email out daily; it’s actually two emails they send per day – they send a midday update on what the overall stock market is doing and a bit of commentary just to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the stock market.

They send a summary email at the end of the day if there have been any new stock trades recommended during that day it will come through on email. I think they summarized the last five days’ worth of activity as well, just in case you’ve missed an update; it’ll land in your inbox, and you can catch up. You might even do that on a Friday and just catch up with the stock recommendations for that week.

And so the email communication is excellent with consistent and reliable advice. It means you don’t need to log into the dashboard very often if you don’t want to, and it’s broken down into lots of different opportunities. It’s not just stock tips that are available. You might want some options trading ideas. Gorilla Trades covers some low-value stocks as well, so plenty to be sinking your teeth into.

How Does Gorilla Trades Make Money?

The main gist of it is the current gorilla trades portfolio, which I’ll show you now. I’m going to open this up, and I’m going to blur out the actual names of the stocks for two reasons. The first reason I don’t want to reveal the stocks is that this is for paying members. I don’t want to be giving away all of the stock recommendations on a YouTube channel. It wouldn’t be fair to the team at Gorilla Trades and all the other paying members.

Really what I want to do here is show you the opportunities and just prove to you how successful and reliable this signal service is without necessarily just giving you a list of stocks, and that’s the other thing- the other reason that I don’t want actually to show the list on the left is because by the time you’re watching this the list might be completely irrelevant, and what I don’t want to do is someone just to take the list and just start investing in these stocks and then come back to me and say “well I didn’t make any money on those stocks!”. Well, they’re probably not up to date by the time you watch this video.

But what I do want to show you is almost all of these are making money at the moment, so this is the portfolio of stocks that are being held over a period of time and what Gorilla Trades encourages you to do is once you start your Gorilla Trades annual subscription you’ll be getting recommendations pretty quickly. You can start to add to your portfolio one, maybe two stocks per week, depending on the size of your investment portfolio. You wouldn’t just go and buy this entire portfolio. You’ll just build up over some time.

This is great if you’re holding a stock and you don’t remember quite where the stop-loss needs to go or what the first price target is – things like that. Everything’s summarized in this sheet of the existing holdings, and you can get everything from the trigger date and the day that it was a confirmed signal. What the prices were, current price, the stop-loss level, and so on.

This is probably the main thing that I wanted to show you just on the sheet because hopefully, this should reassure you of what potential gains there are with the Gorilla Trades System. So this shows the profit that was made on this stock when it hit its first price target. You’ll see here 8.27% return made, 7.86%, 6%, 8.33%. Most of these have got a profit value next to them, and a lot of them once they hit that this profit level 75% is sold and then 25% is left in the stock to just ride further profit.

So this isn’t to say that that’s the current profit. Really what you need to do is you need to be looking at the profit here and the unrealized gains as well. So this one on line one 8.27% when it was sold after hitting the first target 75% was sold and then since then it made a further 5.32% as well, so you add those together. This one made 7.86% has continued on to make a further 8.19% and so on.

As I say, most of these shares here have made significant gains. This one did 6.82% then went on and did another 22.34% and so on so. Some of these numbers are very impressive!

How To Use Gorilla Trades Stock Signals

Now, I’m actually in the UK, so I’m spread betting these, and that is a leveraged return, so I’m actually getting even better returns than are listed here, but even so, if you’re just buying the stock without any kind of derivative or leverage or anything like that then the returns are superb! The stock picks here are absolutely fantastic.

How Profitable Is Gorilla Trades?

That should give you a really good idea of the type of stocks that are being purchased, and how to track it in that type of thing. Now it’s quite interesting because, on the summary of the website, it does say that forty-one of fifty-one current confirmed stock holdings have gains, so what that means is 41 of 51 are in profit, and you’ll have seen that obviously from the sheet we just looked at as well, and they’re not just in profit – most of them are significantly in profit as well.

Now that’s a fantastic record, 41 out of 51 being in profit, and it could just be that the ones that aren’t in profit perhaps are new signals that haven’t quite gathered that momentum yet. Some of them might pull back ever so slightly, but even if those ten aren’t currently in profit, even if they don’t go into profit, the win ratio is significant, so there’s essentially four times more winning trades than there are losing trades. That just blows me away!

 It’s an absolutely fantastic achievement for them. They’re on to a good thing here, and obviously, I want you to be a part of that as well, so let’s say you’re a new Gorilla Trades subscriber. As I say, you don’t want to just jump straight into that spreadsheet and start buying stocks. What you might want to do is look at the previous five sessions and see what kind of shares are being flagged by the Gorillas. So you would come into here just in the last few days; we’ve had new stocks coming in, and we’ve had some great potential picks coming in here.

So, it doesn’t take a long time at all for you to join this stock picking service and start picking up the trades from new stock picks that are being found all the time. But what they also do is they have these low volume pullbacks as well, and what that means is stocks that may well have been a gorilla pick for some time. They might have been holding that position for quite a while, but they’re pulling back at the moment they’re experiencing a low volume pullback.

That means that maybe they’ve been going and growing for quite a while, but then suddenly now they’re just pulling back, taking a bit of breathing space, and that is an opportunity to get in at a sort of low price point for that stock. So that’s a great thing that you can do as well to get the new stock picks.

You can look at the existing stock picks that are having a bit of a pullback so that you can invest in those and get the next wave of growth as it comes through. There are three here now that you could jump into straight away as well as the new stock picks that are coming through all the time.

Gorilla pciklets

Smaller Trading Stocks

They also have picklets, which are smaller trading stocks. These are stocks that are trading below $5. They are sort of higher risk- much more volatile stocks than the main Gorilla Trades picks, which are really big blue-chip well-known brands and stocks, but if you want to take a bit more risk and you want more of these lower price stocks then they do provide those for you.

It’s not personally for me, but I think it’s a great little bonus for those people that do want to just take that extra bit of risk, and they’ve got options ideas as well, so if you like buying options, then they have an option idea of the week. I tend not to look at that again myself because I don’t trade options. I trade spread betting in the UK, so I tend just to follow the main stock picks.

You can see here that they’ve got some indications of some suggested calls for the week now. Definitely do not follow these picks; these are for the week that has just gone by. It’s already Friday, so I’m just trying to give you an example of the type of thing they would provide.

If you’re interested in option trading, then that is available for you there as well, and you can also get some historical data on what transactions have been closed and so on. It’s all very transparent; you can see everything that’s being discovered, new picks, you can see what’s in the portfolio currently very easily, and you can see what’s been closed off very easily as well. It’s totally transparent very well communicated, especially with the emails coming through twice a day. There’s just so much to be excited about with this stock picking service.

Gorilla Trades Reputation

Now one thing I would say is obviously I’m supportive of this. I’m making money with Gorilla Trades, and it is the best stock recommendation service that I have ever found, but don’t just take my word for it.

One thing that I do want in this Gorilla Trades review is to show you that if I go over to some of the most well-known review sites out there, Trustpilot being the first one, Gorilla Trades has 224 reviews, 94 of which are saying that it’s excellent and 6% say that it’s great. No bad reviews whatsoever!

Most people are saying it’s top marks, it’s excellent, which is what I would rate it as well, and just 6% not giving it full five stars giving it four stars instead. But still very good recommendations and just having a look at some of these reviews, “expand your horizons to meet the challenges”, “Gorilla Trades do exactly what they say”, “I have high hopes” “best stock recommendation site” “The Gorilla helps me invest intelligently” “great trade recommendations” “an excellent investment service” “great analysis of both fundamental basis”…..and so on.

“Excellent service” “have been a member for four years and I trust their opinions completely” so look, this just goes on and on.

I don’t want to dwell on this too much, but I just want to show you that this is verified not just by me but by the trading community as a whole. So that’s Trustpilot and then on-site jabber as well 28 reviews, 24 of which are five-star and four stars get one and then on this one they’ve got three negative reviews, but I mean if they’ve only got three negative reviews (they’re the only ones I can find on the whole internet!) then I mean it’s just phenomenal really.

These types of services, if someone just loses on the first trade, then often people can just go off and bad-mouth them all over the internet. But to have such a strong reputation is practically unheard of and it’s well deserved, and that’s the same as what I see from Gorilla Trade certainly as well.

How do you get involved with Gorilla Trades?

Again, just make sure you follow the link in my description; just zoom you’re going to the right service; they do have a 30-day free trial, so I will take full advantage of that. It’s a no-strings-attached trial; you don’t need to enter any credit information or anything like that. You just sign up with your email address, and you’ll get 30 days to have a look around the dashboard get used to what’s there and what’s available. Maybe make some trades and get started with it. Then once you’ve finished the free trial, you go onto a subscription basis if you wish to do so, which I think almost all of you will.

How Much Does Gorilla Trades Cost?

In this review, I want to be honest about the negative aspects. One of the drawbacks of this is that the payment method for this is annual, but the reason I think they’ve done that is to keep it cheap so at its lowest price. This service comes in at just $33 per month which I think is an absolute bargain!

It’s one of the lowest-cost stock recommendation services I have ever seen; in fact, it’s the lowest service even for Forex or anything really that I’ve seen. Most price about $50 $60 $70. I’ve even seen some stock recommendation sites that are $100 or $150 per month.

This one comes in at $33 per month if you buy it for two years. If you buy the annual package, it’s a little more expensive but still only $41 per month. Now, if you’re not making a $41 per month return off the quality of these trades, then there’s something going badly wrong!

You’re probably not trading in the right way, or you’re trading with a very small trading account. Even so, over time, that tiny pot will become much bigger off the back of all these winning trades, so I think that the pricing is very fair. Still, it is a bit of a negative that they don’t allow you just to pay monthly, so I always like to be open and honest about those types of things.

If I were you, I’d just go ahead and try the 30-day trial anyway. I’m convinced after 30 days that you will understand and appreciate the value of an annual subscription anyway. Once you become part of the community in the Facebook group and you’ll never look back, it’ll just be one of the best decisions you ever made.

What Are The Negative Aspects Of Gorilla Trades?

In terms of just giving a full, balanced review, I just wanted to cover some of the negative aspects that I’ve found over time with this service. So, I think the main one is what we’ve just covered, which is that it’s an annual or two-yearly subscription rather than monthly. It would be nice if they had a monthly subscription option.

Also, there is a little bit of a learning curve with this. You need to spend about an hour, maybe even two hours, understanding how the signals work and when to trade them. They have a two-tier flag for this where they signal a stock that they’ve got their eye on, so that’ll be kind of like they’re just watching it, then it’ll get triggered, which if you’re an early adopter you might want to jump in at the triggered stage but they recommend that you don’t jump in at the triggered stage. This means that it’s looking very promising, but they recommend that you don’t get into the stock until it becomes confirmed, and it explains how each of those few triggers works and when to jump into the trade.

I’ve always just gone so far for confirmed trades, but they say that some investors are going in at the triggered stage. So, there is a little bit of a learning curve just to understand when to get into the trade and how their share signals work.

Now I mention this because there are certain things that I invest in which are completely on autopilot – you don’t have any involvement whatsoever. So with this, you do have to have that learning curve, and then I guess one of the other negatives is that even once you understand the signal process is, you still have to invest in the shares yourself, so you’ve got to go and place your trades with your preferred broker. It’s not running on autopilot like some of my stocks, and Forex signals do, there is a bit of manual work.

But the signals aren’t coming through every hour or even every day; maybe once or twice a week, you’ll be placing a trade, so it’s not a huge amount. I do think that these things are worth noting. If you’re looking for something that’s purely 100 per cent automated and you don’t have to lift a finger, then this probably isn’t the right thing for you, but for myself, I like to keep my auto-trading things to one side.

I’m happy that they’re making me money on the one side, and then this is something that yes, there’s a little bit of involvement, but the profits are well worth my involvement in, so I’ve accepted that trade-off.

That’s pretty much it for the negative aspects of it. I really think the positives by far outweigh the negatives, and I’m a little bit disappointed that I didn’t find this a little bit sooner. I’ve been looking for something like this for such a long time now; the trade recommendations are so good, the profitability is so high, and the cost is really low and reasonable and fair as well. That’s why I have absolutely no problems whatsoever recommending Gorilla Trades on my channel as my stock recommendations five-star product.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this video review helpful and insightful. Please follow the link in my description to get started with your free 30-day trial of Gorilla Trades, add comments below this video, get involved in the conversation, or if you know any similar stock recommendation service you want me to look at that you think are worth a recommendation, then please join the conversation on my channel.

Go over to my channel and have a look at the discussion there, and I really wish you every success with your future of trading stocks and profiting from Gorilla Trade signals.

I sincerely hope you found my Gorilla Trades review to be helpful. Please leave your comments and questions below!

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  1. Hi Jonathan, Congratulations on an informative article. As a South African Citizen, can you please recommend a trading broker which will work best with Gorilla Traders? I am a commodity trader, hence the question, is Gorilla Traders the best choice?

    • I have some reviews coming shortly on brokers. If you want to trade commodities only then Gorilla is not the best because it’s mostly for stocks (dow and S&P etc). However you don’t need to do your own research, just follow their signals – it’s very easy and no experience required.

  2. Hi,
    Congratulations on an interesting article, a really professional approach to the topic.
    Can you recommend a broker who will work best with Gorrila Trades (EU)?

    • I’m always a bit reluctant to recommend brokers Peter. I would suggest reading plenty of reviews and make sure that the broker has good listings for US stocks as this is what will be traded.


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