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Ranger EA Review – The Best Forex Robot 2021?

Last updated on April 20th, 2022 at 02:24 pm

Ranger EA Review
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Over the last 10 years or so I’ve tested many MANY forex robots (EA’s) for MT4 and most of them have been a real disappointment. I post some of my findings on my Youtube channel, where I have a lot of reviews for bots that have ended badly. It, therefore, gives me great pleasure to have tested the Ranger EA as well as the copy trading service, as this one seems to outperform any EA I’ve tested before now. This is my full Ranger EA review, where I share my findings and trading results. As with all of my reviews, I tested both services with demo AND live accounts using my own money. I will therefore share not just the testing and results provided by the developer, but also my own results, which are verified on myfxbook. I hope you enjoy this Ranger EA review, and if you have any questions please post them in the comments below.

Ranger EA Review

Here is my full video review of Ranger EA, including an interview with the developer, Ryan Brown;


Key Features:

  • Trades GBPCAD & AUDCAD
  • A license can be used on UNLIMITED REAL/DEMO accounts!
  • Instant download after purchase!
  • Projected monthly profit of 2-6% (default settings)
  • Auto-compounding – The Ranger EA will automatically detect your account size and leverage and trade accordingly!
  • No complicated set-up. Self-installer installs all the necessary files for you in MT4
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to a private Discord group
✅ Easy To Use❌ Data Can Be Slow/Inacurate
✅ Convenient For Tracking Your Portfolio❌ Recently Aqcuired By FTX
✅ Free To Use

Ranger EA is a forex trading robot for MT4 developed by Ryan Brown. Ryan is a full-time trader and has developed over 100 trading bots throughout his trading career. Ranger EA is his most successful trading bot to date, and has a proven track record both with backtesting (13 years profitable) and live trading (15 months of live trading results on myfxbook, see below). At the time of writing, this EA is on version 4.2 and has been continually developed and improved for over 6 years. The EA uses GBPCAD and AUDCAD, trading both pairs from the same account and using 2 indicators for the trading parameters. The bot does not trade continually, and it can be a few days between trades, however the bot will enter a trade whenever the trade parameters are hit, and it will fully manage these trades without the need for any input from the bot owner. This is therefore a completely hands free EA (although it does require settings up and configuring) and no trading experience is required in order to run this forex robot.

Typically the bot makes about 4.75% return per month, and gains are automatically compounded using Rangers built-in money management feature.

Perhaps the best feature of the Ranger EA though is the way the bot manages risk. Although the returns are very good, the robot only trades with a small percentage of the account, meaning risks are relatively low, and this is reflected in the drawdown, in which at the time of writing (Feb 2021) the bot has a DD of just 10.19% from 13 months of trading.

Trading Proof

Here are the trading results from the developer showing consistent profits since January 2020

MyFXbook image

MyFXbook image

MyFXbook image

My own results have also been very good so far. Here is my own trading account results, which are verified on myfxbook;

MyFXbook image

MyFXbook image

MyFXbook image


Drawdown Levels

Whilst I’m not a big fan of backtesting forex robots, Ryan has used very good quality modeling data to provide an indication of how the robot would have performed over the last 10 years. It’s encouraging to note that the live trading results Ryan has achieved are the same as those shown in the backtesting result, so they seem to be an accurate reflection of what this forex robot can do. However, I should note that past results are no guarantee of future results and there are no guarantees that the robot will continue to perform at this level over the coming months and years. With that being said, the results show in the backtesting are impressive;

Backtesting Results

I’m normally not a fan of backtesting results (I’ve seen too many sales pages that have no live trading results and rely on questionable backtesting to “prove” that their EA will be profitable), but Ryan has every tick data to get an accuracy score (according to MT4) of 99.90%. Although I suggest that the results should still be taken with a pinch of salt, the backtest results have been similar to the live testing results so far, suggesting they might be fairly accurate. Keep in mind also that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

The results of the backtest were impressive.

$1,000 to $1,040,150.08 on AUD/CAD pair over 10 years!

AUDCAD 10 year backtest –

Ranger EA backtest results

GBP/CAD 10 year backtest 

Risks & Limitations

Whilst this EA has posted some impressive results in the past, there are some important risks and limitations that need to be considered.

  • Forex trading is very high risk and 100% of your funds are at risk.
  • The minimum recommended leverage (according to Ryan Brown) is 1:200, which means many cases the use of a non-regulated broker (regulated brokers often offer only up to 1:30 leverage)
  • The bot has been tested to run on just 2 currency pairs and it is uncertain if it can be run profitably on other currency pairs
  • Past performance can only be used as a guide and in no way guarantees future performance.
  • The software license does not come with a refund or money back guarantee. Ryan has committed to helping people who are struggling to setup the software, so support is available but no refunds
  • This software is for MT4 only and cannot be used on other platforms (such as mt5)



The Ranger EA will work with just about any broker. However, Ryan believes the optimum leverage for the EA is 1:500. Most brokers who offer this much leverage are unregulated and can be hard to find (especially for those living in the USA). Here is a list of brokers that will offer 1:500 leverage (and the countries they will accept);

LQDFX – Unregulated but accepts customers from the USA

FXPrimus – Leverage up to 1:1000 but does not accept customers from USA

Roboforex – Up to 1:2000 leverage (does not accept USA)

FXChoice – Leverage up to 1:200

Discord Group

Ryan runs a public discord group (you don’t need to have purchased any of his forex robots in order to join). Here is the invitation link –


What Pairs Does This EA Trade?

The Ranger EA trades GBPCAD & AUDCAD pairs

What Timeframe Does This Forex Robot Use?

It uses M30 and H1 timeframe,but should be set up as instructed in the setup guide provided by Ryan.

How Much Does It Cost?

The lifetime license costs $497 or you can pay monthly at $40p/m

I’m A Complete Beginner, Can I Use This Trading Robot?

Yes. This forex robot is very easy to set up and run and full instructions & support is offered by Ryan.

Can I Compound My Returns?

Yes. This bot will auto-compound returns using the default settings.

What Is The Minimum Investment Amount?

There is no minimum investment amount, although your broker may have a minimum deposit. If using a starting balance of less than $1,000 then it is suggested to use a cent account.

Do I Need A VPS?

No, you don’t need a VPS to run Ranger EA, but it is recommended to use one because using a PC or Laptop could mean you miss potential trades (i.e. if it goes to sleep).

What Broker Should I Use?

You can use just about any forex broker that offers MT4. Some brokers that offer the optimum leverage of 1:500 are detailed above.

Do I Need To Pause Or Manage This EA?

You should leave this forex robot contantly running but it does not need any ongoing maintanence.

What Returns Does This EA Make?

Typically it will make between 2%-5% per month, although returns are not guaranteed.

Does This Bot Work On Other Currency Pairs?

The EA may run on other currency pairs, but has only been extensively tested on the 2 main pairs, so running alternative pairs will require testing to ensure they are safe and profitable.

What Leverage Is Needed For This EA?

Ryan suggests the optimum leverage is 1:500, although the bot will run on lower levels of leverage.

Is There Support For Getting Setup?

Yes. If you require support from Ryan whilst setting up this forex robot then please use the contact form on his websiute or contact him via the Discord group.

Pinpoint EA Review

In addition to the Ranger EA, Ryan has also developed the another forex trading robot called Pinpoint EA. I have not tested Pinpoint in it’s own dedicated account, but I have seen it run on my live copy trading account. The copy trading service offered by Ryan uses both Ranger & Pinpoint EA’s to create a combined strategy that is proving highly effective in my trading account. I’ll discuss this service in more detail below, but I wanted to make it clear that I’ve seen the Pinpoint EA running on my copy trading account, but not run it on it’s own account.

The Pinpoint EA boasts a 94% win rate according to their backtesting results and is a very consistent EA. The bot recently suffered a quite large loss though, which was due to Ryan’s broker. My own trading account didn’t suffer these losses, nor did most of those using the Pinpoint strategy, but Ryan discusses what happened here in this video;

Whilst the Pinpoint strategy does not have quite the same flawless track record as Ranger, it is still an excellent EA, and I think it complements Ranger very nicely. This is why the copy trading service is so appealing as it combines both strategies and is proving to be very profitable.

Responsible Forex Trading Copy Trading Service Review

As mentioned above, this service is provided by Ryan to allow people to utilize both trading strategies (Ranger and Pinpoint) in the same trading account. This works differently than buying the EA’s because you’re not buying a license for the software, but allowing the auto trader to run both strategies in your account. The aim is to maximise profits by combining these 2 profitable strategies. There is also the advantage that the copy trading service is charged for a low monthly subscription, meaning it can be tested for just a few dollars, rather than having to buy the EA’s for a few hundred dollars each

I’ve been testing the copy trading service for many months now and it seems to be working perfectly. My returns have been very good, and the risks manageable. Here are my trading results for the copy trading service;

This was our review for Ranger EA –


I’m Jon, owner of Trade Wise at and
I review forex and crypto trading products and services to find the best of what’s out there for creating a passive income without becoming a full-time trader.

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  1. How come your trading proof above “Ranger EA V4.1” show negative gain of 97.33% as well as “Pinpoint + Ranger copy trader”? Does it mean the ranger EA is not good?

    • The Ranger suffered some losses yes and now Ryan is a doing a 4 EA strategy that I’m testing on demo account. It seems to be stable but I’m not ready to put live money with it yet.

    • Hi Nick yes I’m testing their new 4 EA strategy because took losses on running Ranger on its own. Testing is going ok but not ready to put real money into it yet

  2. can you help me start? I want to purchase an EA, however, I dont have any idea regarding any platforms nor brokerage. Thank you.

  3. Dear Jon first of all thank you very much for your videos, i would like to ask you if it is worth it to buy the ranger ea ( i am from Athens Greece) and have it work for some hours every day. Can you tell me when the specific market is open or i must have all day running. I have a laptop for my work. And which broker you suggest, ( do they accept euros)

    thank you in advance

    George Klaridopoulos

    • Hi George. You need to leave this running 24×5 so all through the week when forex markets are open (not weekends). That is why a VPS is good or you can run it from a pc or laptop as long as you make sure that the device doesn’t go to sleep.


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