HNW Defi Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

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HNW Defi Review 2022
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The world of cryptocurrency continues to create a mark in the industry in recent years, exceeding your expectations and giving you more. Looking at the values in decentralized exchanges or DEX gives you an idea that blockchain applications are starting to grow. It’s starting to gain more serious and large-scale investors and even the general public. 

One of the recent startups in cryptocurrency is the HobbsNetwork coin belonging to the HNW Defi. As we’ll demonstrate in this review, HNW is an entirely new system whose founders aim to create a project that generates passive income with external revenue streams. 

If you want to invest in HNW coin, here is an HNW Defi review and detailed guide. Continue reading to learn all about this system, how it works, and why you should consider investing in this platform. 

What is HNW Defi, and How Does It Work?

HNW stands for HobbsNetwork and not just a token but an entire ecosystem. HNW Defi is a cryptocurrency space that creates revenue opportunities to give investors and clients an additional income stream without having to work too hard or exert so much effort. Could this be the holy grail of passive income?

The project consists of three tokens: HNW, HFuel, and Sidekick. 

HNW Token 

The HNW token was the first token launched by the HNW Defi founders. Otherwise known as the stakeholders token, this token allows you to get a portion of the revenue from the taxes generated. Additionally, another part of the revenue is shared with the stakeholders. Basically, the total income obtained from the HNW token is shared between the staking pool or the investors and the NFT holders. 

HFuel Token

On the other hand, the HFuel token is the primary token you deposit into the refinery. It’s also the first utility token that allows you to receive a payout for every HFuel token deposited. The pay-out starts at 0.8 a day, which you can compound or claim depending on the mechanisms established on your end. 

Generally, the founders of HNW Defi can adjust the daily rate and the parameters to generate the age field’s gamified staking. 


Sidekick is the third and final token in HNW’s refinery system. The best feature about this token is your ability to increase its daily payout to 1.2%, creating a more sustainable payout for all investors. Sidekick was the last token to be launched, but most investors of HNW Defi loved it because it’s a lot more gamified and interesting. 

This fun token has its own development and road map, making it a completely separate token with the refinery system as its partnership project. 

What Are The Features and Services of HNW Defi?

As mentioned, HNW Defi was created to help investors and the general public establish a passive side income in a gamified way. Its features and services make it an entirely unique platform, apart from the other cryptocurrency platforms you see and know online.

Solution Driven

The HNW Defi founders know how daunting the cryptocurrency world can be because any rookie or experienced investor can experience significant losses. This led to establishing HNW Defi, a safe and secure environment for you to invest and grow your cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, the products and features of HNW Defi were tested by the industry’s outstanding developers, with its team always ready to educate and address your inquiries. 

Community-Driven Platform

HNW Defi is a community-driven platform. When it was created, the founders envisioned creating a space where individuals with the same goals and interests in the cryptocurrency space could work together. And as they work together, they achieve the highest payout possible with the invested tokens. 

As part of its community-driven advocacy, HNW Defi has a telegram channel where you’re free to join to learn more about it and stay informed with the latest updates. Its Telegram channel is also a safe space where you can voice your opinions to help HNW Defi consistently improve and impress you. 

Launchpads for Startups 

Launchpads on HNW Defi are the perfect launching platforms, especially for startups who are just beginning to create marks and invest more in the world of cryptocurrency. The HNW Launchpad is also an innovative and advanced launch platform for anyone who desires to launch new tokens. 

In parallel with this, HNW Defi also seeks to establish Jumpstart, an NFT-based crowdfunding platform. Jumpstart mainly seeks various business industries that desire to raise funds to generate external revenue. Basically, it’s a foundational token that feeds back a portion of the generated revenue to the stakeholders. 


The HNW Defi founders successfully established a separate token economics for this cryptocurrency platform. It’s simple and thoroughly researched, created using an investor’s mindset. 

Below are the features of HNW Defi’s token economics:

  • Total supply of 1,000,000
  • A basic 5% transaction tax on transfers, buys and sells
  • 1% each for marketing, liquidity, and project team
  • 2% for stakeholders, which includes HNW stakeholders and NFTs

Why HNW Defi was Created 

The HNW Defi founders had one goal: to create a cryptocurrency platform that enables its users to be fully in control of everything. From choosing which tokens to invest in, when to deposit, and how to build generational wealth with the revenues obtained. 

They wanted HNW Defi to have a properly constructed structure where everyone and anyone is free to join and state their concerns wherever possible.

How to get started on HNW Defi?

The easiest way to get involved on HNW Defi is to purchase an HFuel from the Pancake Swap and deposit it right into the refinery. From there, you can take out a certain percentage that you can increase through various staking options.

The process is quite simple after depositing 1 HFuel. Whether you would like to refuel your tokens on the platform or take out your total revenue is your choice. Additionally, everything is up to you. You need to understand that the crypto market does not consistently go up.

In cryptocurrency, the market will generally get involved in a cycle of going up and down. With this, you need to stay informed and take chances to learn and master its art. When you wait for the market to stabilize before compounding, you might not gain any revenue.

What Sets HNW Defi Apart?

HNW Defi is unique from other cryptocurrency platforms because the team ensures that this project is a total revamp and improvement of other crypto projects exploited in the past. The founding team eradicated any vulnerabilities, guaranteeing that HNW Defi will not cause any major money frauds in clients planning to invest in this platform.

Moreover, HNW Defi does not allow any liquidity pool or internal swap on Pancake Swap. Doing this avoids price manipulations that can cause revenue loss among the investors and stakeholders. The core team of HNW Defi, together with its trained professionals and experts, is constantly seeking ways to improve and upgrade the platform.

The Verdict: Is HNW Defi Worth The Hype?

HNW Defi is a community-driven and solution-based cryptocurrency platform for beginners and experienced in the crypto industry. This platform is all about consistent upgrades for its long-term sustainability. With its features, services, and various tokens, you are expected to earn potentially good revenue in a sufficient amount of time.

The team has put together a well-rounded system that should provide stability and growth potential for anyone looking to invest in the project. If you are interested in learning more about this project, be sure to visit their website for all the latest news and updates!

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