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Vulcan Forged Review
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Vulcan Forged is a blockchain-based studio and ecosystem/marketplace in the world of Polygon (MATIC) games. The PYR token serves as fuel for the ecosystem and market, where it can be exchanged for other tokens or used for staking. Vulcan Forged has built and ported several games on its platform. 

Still, it has also released several innovative decentralized applications (dApps), including STAMP, a blockchain property protection system, and Anvil, an NFT creator, that might let anybody design their decentralized applications. Agora (previously VeriArti) is a blockchain/NFT art exhibition and marketplace part of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. 

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Vulcan Forged Overview

For a short overview of this project, this video is very helpful;


Vulcan Forged was once an NFT marketplace, but it is now responsible for the operation of many NFT games. It is developing into a gaming environment with more than 20,000 players. 

In addition, it runs its own NFT marketplace, which acts as a trading arena for its in-game commodities and has witnessed increased activity since the company’s games were released.

Vulcan Forged is more of an ecosystem than a standalone game and other games in the metaverse. The development firm has a full roster of at least six games that are now accessible. These games include anything from metaverse massively multiplayer online role-playing adventures to card games like Hearthstone and even a 3D version of chess!

Its main product, VulcanVerse, is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, and the ecosystem has a significant amount of history and references that allude to these beginnings.

Advantages of Vulcan Forged 

The following are the advantages customers may anticipate receiving as a result of Vulcan Forged PYR:

Paying Transaction Costs Incurred in a Market

The native cryptocurrency of Vulkan Forged, PYR, is utilized for financing marketplace transactions. So, you may use the asset to take proper care of the costs rather than paying them in fiat money. It is important to note that the costs are relatively modest, so you need not be concerned about spending significant sums to cover the gas prices.


Making money while having fun is a major selling point for metaverse gaming. Vulcan Forged follows suit, and including the Play-To-Earn concept means that you may quickly and simply start making money. 

However, before you can start making money, you will need to acquire some experience. Users may unlock the second token for this project, $LAVA, if they’ve accumulated 10,000 XP in the game through normal gameplay.


It is also important to mention that the project supports staking on the part of its users. Similarly to other DeFi-related projects, all users must do is stake some cryptocurrency to begin getting rewards regularly. 

If a user has tokens, they do not plan to use them immediately or trade but rather retain them in the hopes of future price appreciation. It is a fantastic method to generate additional income.


Getting Started in Vulcan Forged

One of Vulcan Forged’s first significant releases was VulcanVerse, a blockchain video game and NFT marketplace. For this venture, there are two tokens: LAVA, earned throughout, and PYR. Generally, PYR is the primary cryptocurrency used to pay fees, stake, upgrade in-game goods and get admission to the NFT dApp incubator.

The virtual world consists of 10,000 individual pieces of land with a Greek and Roman fantasy theme. However, there are other options, such as Anvil, a crypto-less and gas-free NFT processor that facilitates rapid onboarding of decentralized applications and video games. Berserk, a gas-free NFT online TGG, is also offered, and Frenzy, a platform for making tournaments and rewarding participants with PYR.

Wealth and Social Network

Using a two-token scheme, the Vulcan Forged ecosystem can function. Earning in-game awards or upgrading your NFTs and in-game assets may be done with either PYR or $LAVA, with the former being the major token of the ecosystem.

Moving on to PYR token economics, there are 50,000,000 PYR tokens available, with around 19,000,000 PYR tokens in circulation.

They have kept the token emissions process simple and open to the public. According to the project documentation, the primary source of emissions would come from the staking pool, which is derived through land staking.

In the ecosystem, PYR tokens would mostly be used for staking and levelling NFTs or NFT God companions in the VulcanVerse setting. Simply put, you need to stake a certain quantity of PYR to advance to the next level, and you’ll also get your rewards in PYR. 

If you look at the land, for example, all of the improved plots of land split the monthly PYR token incentives awarded to the best of the best.

LAVA, the ecosystem’s auxiliary token, may be considered the currency earned by participation in the ecosystem’s many games and activities.

In a nutshell, you can get LAVA for doing almost everything that awards experience points in the game or through interactions with the environment. The game guide provides several examples of interactions that may be completed to gain LAVA, such as:

There is no hard limit on the number of auxiliary tokens, like LAVA, that may be created. Tokens would primarily be used to acquire resources, enhance Vulcanites, and acquire other NFT properties such as deities, territory, etc. As a gift for those who’ve already committed their PYR for the long haul, it is also airlifted to those who have held PYR for longer.


The main project is an MMORPG called VulcanVerse (VV). Generally, the fictional world, which takes its inspiration from Greco-Roman history, is split into four sections, with the capital city of Vulcan City situated in the middle.

Players may once again construct buildings and populate them with Vulcanites, who can be recruited to participate in the game and engage with the team’s land and structures. Players may terraform their land plots to different terrains, climates, and so on, providing land plots with virtually limitless potential to represent a wide variety of terrain features.

As previously said, players can’t participate in the game without their own Vulcanite companion beast. The principal inhabitants of the VulcanVerse are the Vulcanites, each of whom has unique abilities and a backstory tied to their home planet. These non-faction tokens may be upgraded and traded with other players.

The scarcity and potency of vulcanites are graded on a scale. Generally, the issue number indicates how many units of the same Vulcanite are in circulation. There are currently 28 known Vulcanites, but more will be added as the game is refined.

Vulcanites may be obtained at no cost and in infinite quantities from level 0 to let players gain a head start. Additionally, you can buy stronger Vulcanites in the store or call them by having your Vulcanites hunt for certain things and scrolls.

These allies aren’t only helpful in the game you’re playing. In fact, they may be your heroic card in the Berserk card game or another game on the same system.


Web3 Games

Vulcan Forged has announced many web3 games that will hosted in their ecosystem, with many more in development that have yet to be announced. For more details on each game visit, and here is a brief overview of the NFT games they have so far.

Vulcan Eleven

This is a cricket fantasy sports app. While specific details are not provided, it can be inferred that the game likely involves creating fantasy cricket teams and engaging in cricket-related challenges or competitions.

Vulcan Fight League

Described as an upcoming MMA game, this title suggests a focus on mixed martial arts. The game is likely to feature elements of combat sports, possibly allowing players to manage fighters, train them, or engage in fights.


This is a turn-based card game for 2 players. Take to the battlefield to claim buildings, build your army, and destroy your enemy.

Vulcan’s Creed

Vulcan’s Creed is a first-person 3D wave-based Greco-Roman themed game playable on iPhone and Android phones. Defeat the hordes of mythical creatures attempting to breach the gates to Vulcan City. The further you progress, the faster and more powerful the enemies.

Vulcan Runner

This is a mobile-based endless runner. Try to survive against obstacles and pits to beat your high score!


The Berserk card game is a solo collectable NFT card game that may be played independently. To put it briefly, there are many parallels to Hearthstone. The game requires users to construct a deck out of 30 cards and then pit that deck against other players in various game ladders to gain experience and other benefits.

For those who aren’t already well-versed in the CCG genre, here’s a brief overview of how the game is played:

The basic objective of the game is to deplete the HP of the opposing hero to zero.

Your health bar is in the lower right corner of your image, whereas your opponent is in the upper right. When this reaches zero, a winner will be determined. 

Each player’s Lava points (represented by the red gem) serve as the round’s energy reservoir. You start with a low quantity at the beginning of the match but increase each as the match progresses, allowing for more potent plays later in the battle.

The player’s opening hand consists of five cards drawn from the deck. However, before you begin playing, you’ll get a chance to go through them and put any number of cards back into the hand to ensure it’s playable.

Vulcan Chess

The fundamental 3D chess is one of the many retro titles in the Vulcan Forged product range that anybody can pick up and start playing immediately.

Generally, the chess game hardly requires any introduction; it’s just a classic way to pass the time and put users’ brains to the test. Although chess isn’t the major attraction, it may be played frequently for experience and to help unlock LAVA awards from the other games. 

Users can play against real people in this game, but if the matchmaker algorithm can’t find a human opponent, users have to settle for playing against bots.

Fast-Paced Vulcan Forging

Vulcan Forged has gone from its humble beginnings as a nascent digital art NFT platform to the crown as the largest NFT and decentralized gaming environment. With a trading volume of over $6 million daily, it is one of the top 5 NFT markets in the cryptocurrency sector. Because of its meteoric ascent, the initiative is extending its influence by establishing a solid foundation.

Arkane Network is a cryptocurrency network that Vulcan Forged has collaborated with so that they may accept tokens and coins in addition to Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. 

Now that it has been integrated, the ecosystem may be accessed by players outside of the cryptocurrency world. The platform has announced a new cross-chain agreement with Matic to distribute PYR tokens using a variation of the Ethereum Layer 2 Plasma solution. 

Vulcan Forged would be able to move away from the congested VeChain Network and remove the gas cost of PYR operations within the ecosystem, thanks to their collaboration with Matic.

Vulcan Forged PYR and LAVA Tokens

Tokenized as an ERC-20 token, PYR is the fundamental unit of the Vulcan Forged system. There are 50,000,000 PYR tokens in circulation at this time. It is how tokens will be doled out: 20% for the core team, 30% for the community reserve, and 10% for the loyalty rewards pool.

The PYR token may be used for several things, including staking on the virtual property and virtual personalities. It is also used for staking and producing harvesting on Vulcan, allowing access to the environment’s game creators and NFT’s autonomous app development program, and receiving incentives while playing.

The Vulcan Foundation issued 10 million initial tokens for the PYR staking incentive pool over 48 months. In addition to the money donated by the foundation, the pools will be supported by the following:

  • 10% of assets sale fees
  • 10% of Vulcan Trade fee income
  • 50% of fees for improving in-game properties
  • 10% of Frenzy game reward pool and competition costs

The VulcanForged ecosystem also has a second coin called LAVA. Players must participate in and complete any game developed or hosted by Vulcan Forged to gain LAVA. Additionally, players may earn LAVA in addition to XP by their participation in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. A person can also stake PYR to gain LAVA.

The LAVA coin may be used to stake on VulcanDex, improve lands, purchase in-game refreshments, enhance the efficiency of Vulcanite, and more.


With over 40 key individuals from Greece, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine, Vulcan Forged is a truly international team. Company CEO Jamie Thomson operates out of the firm’s Athens, Greece headquarters.

The Vulcan Foundation in Singapore is the administrative and public body accountable for advertising, community building, game design supervision, and general management. At the same time, Vulcan Incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (Vulcan Forged LTD) operates as the token issuer.


Vulcan Forged Hack

Vulcan Forged was compromised on December 13, 2021, and hackers made off with about 4.5 million PYR. Following the attack, the currency’s value decreased by around 30% and many had deep concerns about the future of the token and the company. Since then, the team have secured the token and had their new contracts audited. It was a close call, but they managed to come through the hack with only minimal damage.

The compromised wallet, known as Verily, was used by the attackers to gain access to the Vulcan ecosystem. Using malicious software on the Venly side, they could steal users’ private bank keys. The intruders stole PYR tokens and other valuables before leaving them with nothing.

Those who had PYR tokens had them restored by the Vulcan Treasury. Ethereum Classic, MATIC, and other cryptocurrencies have been taken from user wallets, and the business is now attempting to retrieve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Free LAVA?

Yes! Free Lava is awarded to players as part of their referral program. Simply register an account with THIS LINK and once you reach 10,000 XP you will be awarded 10 LAVA completely free!

Is Vulcan Forged A Scam

No. Vulcan Forged is not a scam, although there was a security flaw with their native token, PYR that cause a problem for the company early in 2022. This has now been resolved and the company is on a firm footing with real games and a strong community.

Is Vulcan forged free to play?

Yes. The games will be free to play, but earning potential can be increased by owning NFTs.

What Blockchain is Vulcan Forged on?

Vulcan Forged is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain currently, although the PYR token is also available on Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. Later in 2022, it is expected to migrate to its own layer one blockchain though, Elysium.

Can I Stake PYR Token (Vulcan Forged)?

Yes. However, staking is not as straightforward as it is for many tokens. In order to stake PYR, one needs to own level 4-7 land and stake this in order to earn PYR tokens.

Is PYR a metaverse?

PYR is the native token for Vulcan Forged, which can be considered as a metaverse. It is still in its early stages of development and will expand greatly over the coming years to become a large and immersive metaverse.

Is Vulcan Forged Safe?

Yes. Vulcan Forged is safe to use and play, although the crypto space is full of potential scams, so make sure you’re always using the official website when connecting your wallet and never respond to DM’s in telegram or discord.

Is There A Coupon Code?

YES! You can earn some free LAVA by joining VF using THIS LINK

What Happened With Vulcan Forged?

Many people refer to the hack that took place on the smart contract for PYR token. This was an exploit that the developers had missed and caused problems for the token price and upset community members at the time. Since then, they have fixed the problem and had their new contract audited so there should be no similar issues arising in the future.

What is Vulcan forged coin?

The native token for Vulcan Forged is PYR. This token is currently available to buy on ETH and MATIC chains.

What Is Elysium?

Elysium is Vulcan Forged’s layer 1 blockchain. Here are some facts about the Elysium chain;
– This is our blockchain dedicated to metaverses and gaming NFTs
– Gas is in $LAVA, generated by holding $PYR
– Level 4-7 land will act as nodes and receive a fee from all tx
– Testnet coming in December
– 3 other metaverses are set to onboard this blockchain

How Much Can I Earn?

Although many people have this question in their minds the answer honestly depends on a number of factors. The aim of play-to-earn gaming is not to simply earn passively from games without actually playing them. Rewards are often based on hitting certain achievements in the game, and earning potential is also increased by owning NFTs. Then the is the price of the PYR token itself to consider, which fluctuates in a lot. Therefore, some players will earn smaller amounts and others larger amounts. It all depends on the amount of time, effort and investment you are able to put into it.


Vulcan Forged are competing with some very strong competitors in the web3 gaming sector including Gala Games and Myria Games. All 3 companies have their own strengths and weaknesses but perhaps not all will survive in the long term. There are enough gamers in the world to support multiple play2earn ecosystems but the competition in this space should not be underestimated and VF will need to be very strong with its marketing and delivering on key goals in order to survive. With that being said, they have strong support and there are enough unique features to their project that it has a decent chance to survive and even thrive over the next 10 years or more.

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