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By Veterans For Veterans: A Liberty Blockchain Review

Liberty Blockchain review
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Over a decade ago, blockchains made their presence in the tech industry by launching the infamous Bitcoin. Since then, blockchains and cryptocurrencies have been considered by many people synonymous concepts. However, blockchains are far broader and more complex, with countless systems and projects. 

This new technology is a multi-purpose platform you can use in various projects and fields. A car insurance company may use blockchains to store details on policies and contracts. Some blockchain projects are applied to healthcare and wellness. Meanwhile, there are also specific blockchains for veterans, like Liberty Blockchain, that we will discuss in more detail in this review.

If you’re curious about Liberty blockchain, keep reading! 


Before discussing the topic, know first what umbrella application supports this blockchain for veterans. 

Liberty crypto project is just one of the unique offerings of a blockchain application that supports innovation. Connect United is home to blockchain projects that aim to connect and change the world, one person at a time. They have projects related to renewable energy, health, banking, and compassion.

When you purchase a license or join a project using ConnectUnited, you have the option to operate Nodes, a digital network that helps support and expand the project. We will discuss the importance of nodes later in this review.

Meanwhile, like the above-mentioned causes and advocacies, Liberty uniquely launched a blockchain that would connect veterans and first responders globally. If you are one of those who bravely served your country through military practices, then Liberty is for you. 

This blockchain project’s main purpose is to provide big opportunities for veterans worldwide. Liberty has created a community that includes skilled and professional military pioneers and citizens in over 20 countries. 

According to Liberty’s website, the opportunities they provide vary from “starting and owning a business to leveraging skills learned in the service.” In summary, Liberty wants to provide a fresh start for veterans and other military-related personnel outside their miulitary career. 

The Two Main Concepts Of Liberty 

Aside from providing opportunities and building a community for veterans, Liberty blockchain has other concepts that could cater to the general public.

Here are the two concepts to give you a more in-depth understanding of Liberty’s goals: 

Liberty Comms

This first Liberty concept is the Comms, a military-grade communications service that offers high-level data security for voice and text messages. Liberty Comms works through advanced encryption and decentralized blockchain cryptography to ensure that public data is secure. 

The inspiration behind this concept is the rising users’ data selling among social media giants. As the public consumes social media applications for free, their data are the products advertisers buy. So, Liberty creators created a platform to prevent this from happening. 

Generally, Liberty Comms has four main features: avoid outside tampering, express freely, secure system, and guaranteed high caliber. 

Since Liberty Comms have a military-grade quality, they claim to be impenetrable by tampering and interception. This communication platform uses Libertas as its underlying digital communication tool to ensure security.

Meanwhile, as the platform secures your data, you can freely express yourself without fear of getting restricted. With this, you will have the opportunity to voice your stance on political and societal issues. 

Lastly, Liberty Comms is created by the best global technologists, engineers, and cyber professionals. This ensures that the tool’s system is built securely and is conducive for everyone. 

This has resulted in rumours of a Liberty Ghost Phone as the image below shows.

Liberty SmartMedia

Information is an essential thing people need daily. And the media plays a huge role as they are the key information providers. That is why Liberty has also ventured into this field through what they called Liberty Press or SmartMedia. It is a “worldwide, decentralized media platform designed to protect free speech and a free and open press.” 

SmartMedia is comparable to data protection and security, focusing on media platforms. It will serve as the technology and protection platform for media producers to ensure they can continuously perform their jobs without gatekeeping.  

This technology will work through, of course, an international, decentralized network of nodes. Its key services are 24/7 access to information, wide content distribution, and connection.  

More Reasons To Support This Project

After learning about the key services Liberty offers, you might still wonder if you should sign up. So, here are more reasons why Liberty Blockchain is favorable for you and others. 

The two main concepts of Liberty are services that the general public could avail of in blockchain project. But since the Liberty community is mainly for the military with various practical aptitudes, they have veteran-specific features.

According to Liberty’s opportunities for veterans, its primary aim is to assist these people in linking with business opportunities. The project is also in communication with other career-giving companies and volunteer projects. These offerings will allow military members to continue the skills they acquired in service. 

Besides employment prospects, Liberty also helps fund and gives veterans access to mentors and professionals. These mentors mostly pilot the Liberty community members on managing profitable enterprises and selecting volunteer projects. 

Additionally, the visions or products Liberty offers to the general public are high in security which the military has a great sense of. So, they can be guaranteed the opportunity within the program through system operation.

How Liberty Works: The Liberty Node

Like any other projects in the ConnectUnited applications, Liberty works through a blockchain or network of nodes. The platform has incorporated smart tools that incentivize specific actions from community members. A Proof of Action protocol of blockchains is used to monitor the actions and their corresponding rewards. 

To start your Liberty journey, you must familiarize yourself and understand the Liberty Node. This is the system that keeps Liberty up and running. 

The Liberty Node is software that generates a decentralized network of private computers. This node is responsible for performing and confirming computations and transactions through advanced blockchain cryptography. It is also the one letting users secure their data. 

Additionally, Liberty Nodes has an excellent interface that lets you see and monitor your nodes’ performance; rewards are also tracked. 

Speaking of rewards, once you have your licensed Nodes, you will be considered an operator. And operators are generously compensated using Liberty Rewards. This is a cryptocurrency reward “supporting the project and providing unused computational power.” 

In summary, anyone can buy and host a node. By doing so, you will be helping to host the Liberty Blockchain and therefore will earn rewards for doing so.

Starting Liberty Journey 

Now, you might ask how to start your Liberty journey.

There are three easy steps to acquire the Liberty Node: purchase the node, install the software, and contribute. Aside from the easy set-up, the Liberty Blockchain software is also affordable at $25. And it’s a one-time purchase, so you will not worry about monthly payments. Once you are in, you need to monitor, track and connect.

The Liberty Node software has a wide variety of compatibility as it fits macOS, Linux, or Windows devices. You can also install and operate it using an online private server. The price of nodes may increase over time, and the rewards distributed will also decline as more nodes come online, so if you’re interesting in hosting a node then best to do it sooner rather than later to earn maximum rewards.

Meanwhile, you can also install a Liberty App to ensure that you can monitor the network anytime, anywhere. The app runs on Android or IOS devices and can be accessed through laptops, cellphones, tablets, or desktops. 

Other than monitoring, Liberty App provides an avenue for the accessible storing, managing, and spending of digital rewards. You must also know that your rewards are automatically deposited to your Liberty Vault, which is safe and secure.

What’s Next For Liberty 

The future is super bright for Liberty. This project, alongside others that ConnectUnited endorse, is just a start-up concept full of potential. 

Liberty’s focus is also interesting since media and technology have continuously risen over the past years. So, it is just that businesses that transfer to completely virtual have enough high-level security. 

Apart from services, Liberty also promises to provide many digital rewards for their Liberty Nodes operators. A community that uplifts and guides each other is another thing that this project is proud of. So, imagine how many people will find out about this project later. 

With all these plans, you must know that Liberty Blockchain is yet to go live, but expect it this 2022. If you have already purchased your nodes, you will be the first to get notified if the project goes live. 

Is Liberty Worth It? 

Whether you’re a veteran or just waiting for Liberty’s service to be available, one thing sure is that it’s worth it. Aside from the given high-quality and impressive features earlier, Liberty still has a lot in its arsenal. So there’s more to offer. 

Even if it’s yet to go live, you can still purchase nodes. Because in technological innovation like blockchains, it always pays to be in there first. More perks and connections await!

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