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Galvan Blockchain: Reinventing Healthcare Through Cryptocurrency

Galvan Crypto Review
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Blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency. It’s an innovative technology that has opened doors to new opportunities in virtually every industry and sector of the world economy. This includes finance (think: stocks), healthcare (medical records), and even country governance models. 

Specifically, it has been crucial for countries that want less interference from centralized authorities. But it still needs some system where people can trust their leaders with absolute integrity.

This means blockchains won’t only be used by those looking into investing money online. Anyone could benefit from its use, whether they’re trying to make transactions faster when dealing internationally or securely storing data. 

As of writing, you can contribute to many blockchain projects depending on your liking and advocacies. This article will let you familiarize yourself with one such project: Galvan. This project is part of the Connect United ecosystem and allows you to be rewarded when you focus on your wellness and health. 

IMPORTANT: If you want to get the most out of GALVAN then you need to register an account with Connect United HERE so that you can benefit from their entire ecosystem.

If you rather just create an account with Galvan then you must do it HERE.


Galvan is one of the most exciting blockchain projects in the ConnectUnited ecosystem. This project is specifically for wellness and healthcare enthusiasts (even if you’re not), as it’ll help keep users motivated and has a strong focus on preventative health

It offers authentication of incentives for a members’ good health choices. And you can show this through the application’s ecosystem that encourages you to keep moving and be informed.

Additionally, Galvan’s features and services are trackable as they work on the Proof of Action (PoA) algorithm. This means Galvan will reward the members’ physical exercises, health data, and any wellness-related activities using blockchain technology that is supported by a network of node owners.

This project uses the blockchain to ensure that it can make self-care into a “reward-generating activity.” It is a decentralized distributed application that allows users to earn, transfer, sell, buy, and own rewards and digital currencies.

Their mission is about “galvanizing humanity to invest in personal and community wellness.” Also, Galvan is individually focused, so you don’t need your physician or therapist’s approval to hop on this great project. 

Healthcare System Problems

The problematic current healthcare system inspires the creators of the Galvan project. There’s an increase in uninformed healthcare consumers, resulting in a lack of control over their services. And it’s alarming since this sector is an important part of each person’s day-to-day living

Galvan highlighted the other key healthcare problems it encountered that it wished to solve using the project. The first is the expensive cost of availing services, making it unaffordable for most people. Health systems are also too centralized that sometimes it does not meet consumers’ individualized needs. 

Lack of control and transparency in records and medical costs are also bothersome. Galvan believes that patients must access these details to make informed decisions. And one of the most important is the generally low motivation of people to exercise or perform physical activities.  

These problems are what Galvan aims to provide solutions to tweak the system somehow and make it accessible to all. 

Galvan Solutions: The Advantages of Availing Their Services 

Now that you have a glimpse of the problems Galvan tries to solve, let’s get to the solutions. 

The main goal of Galvan is to reinvent the health and well-being service and maintenance paradigm. But how? Here are what Galvan does to solve the problems mentioned above: 

Creation of Decentralized Network and Community

Since the centralized system is sometimes inaccessible and unfit, Galvan provides a decentralized blockchain community of thousands of individual supporters worldwide. This will serve as the platform or infrastructure for all health-related transactions across the entire Galvan ecosystem.  

Galvan also ensures that this new network is focused on individuals, giving them complete control over their services. 

Complete Access And Ownership To Personal Data

Having data that is readily accessible is proven to be an effective way to encourage consumers to be wary of their health. So Galvan offers users complete ownership and control of their health information. All health services information and cost are also given to help people make informed decisions about their health. 

This step is crucial since it might solve some problems, such as a lack of transparency and cutting administrative costs. 

Make Healthy Habits Reward-Generating  

Galvan can incentivize all user’s health practices through the blockchain system, nodes, and digital rewards. Users might be encouraged to adopt good practices and make healthy decisions with these rewards.

Better And Transparent Relationship 

This blockchain project is also improving the people-provider relationships to ensure that each gets the proper care and services. Galvan will make this possible by facilitating a great and transparent platform between stakeholders. 

The Galvan Ecosystem 

Aside from the features suggested to solve the earlier concerns, Galvan also has an ecosystem. Or also known as the product offerings or six elements of Web3 wellness and health, each provides individualized solutions. 


The first product aims to provide high-quality medical information globally. Galvan believes their customers’ decisions should be as good as the information they’re based on. By availing of this product, you’ll be guaranteed to have the most effective treatments. You’ll also have a platform to store and manage all your records. 

A specific sample product under this category is Personal Health Record. 


Knowing your body is a must to know what medical services you need to avail yourself of. So, Galvan also provides a feature that lets you assess your situation. Through integration with the best devices and APIs, Galvan will be able to provide you with the most accurate health data. 

Apple Watch and Canary Speech API are the tools associated with Galvan to test your physical and mental fitness, respectively. 

Medical Expertise

Galvan acknowledges that program users need a professional to interpret the data to give them the best possible medical advice. Currently, Galvan is working on connecting with the best health professionals worldwide. As the program progresses, it promises to connect and expand more to ensure that all are catered to. 


To ensure that good health is sustainable, Galvan offers diet and lifestyle programs. There will be accessible roadmaps and resources, including exercises, coaches, nutritional plans, and meditations. Programs under this category are very similar to fitness applications.


One of Galvan’s great pride is the community it provides to the people. The program believes living healthy is more effective and fun when shared with others. Through various games, motivational messages, and positivity, you can find a warm community that can be your comfort. 

The Technical Aspect: Blockchain, Nodes, and Digital Rewards

Galvan’s digital and technical aspects might be quite intimidating to discuss, but it’s beneficial to understand how it works.

Don’t worry because it’ll be easily digestible!

To decentralise their ecosystem, Galvan needs to utilize blockchain technology built using a network of Nodes operated by members of the community. According to Galvan, this system is made possible through Ethereum blockchain (L1) integration. Galvan will also incorporate it with its ecosystems’ two layers: L2 and L3. This will all then be powered and secured by Galvan Nodes. 

Generally speaking, Galvan Nodes are the worldwide individual computers that help keep the Galvan Ecosystem. Like any network or database, computing power is needed to make them run. In the centralized economy we’re used to with web2, a single company will host their own database. With web3, members of the community provide the computing power to support the project, and this makes it decentralized.

Anyone can purchase these nodes to have a license to run them on their computer. After doing so, you’ll get a chance to win and get IZE prizes and exclusive NFTS. 

There are a total of 25,000,000 Lite Nodes and 100,000 Smart Nodes in the Galvan ecosystem. Smart Nodes are more expensive than Lite ones but earn higher rewards. They offer a full amount of IZE distribution, random NFT drops, 100,000 max supply, a price increase, and more. 

As per digital rewards, Galvan Nodes will head the distribution of IZE tokens. It is a token supported by the ETH blockchain. There are tons of available IZE, especially in the first year of its distribution. 

Galvan revealed that there would be a 50,000,000,000 maximum supply of IZE tokens. Half of this number will be distributed after the first year of Node Network Testing. Galvan will cut the IZE distribution by half each year it runs for distribution. 

Starting Your Galvan Journey 

There are easy steps to start your Galvan journey: purchase a Node license, install the software, and start testing. 

First, you need to register an account HERE.

But, you might be curious about how you can purchase a Node License. So, here’s how: 

  • Set up a crypto wallet on any of these platforms: Paypal, Venmo, Coinbase, and Gemini
  • Send some Ethereum (ETH) to that wallet
  • Purchase your Galvan Smart Node or Lite Node license
  • Run it on your computer to earn rewards!

Running on a computer means downloading the Galvan Node software. Your computer must at least have 4GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, and a 60GB hard drive to do the running. You can run one Smart Node or 100 Lite Nodes on a single computer. 

The final step in your beginning journey is putting your computer to work. When you start operating Node software on your PC, you will be an automatic contributor to the network. 

Should You Purchase a Galvan Node License? 

If you believe in the vision of the Galvan project, then buying and operating a node will earn you excellent rewards. Aside from the given high-quality and impressive features available Galvan is still at its early stage. This presents risks for early adopters but also opportunities! Also, given that the price for nodes increases the more that are sold, if you do intend to buy one you should do so sooner rather than later.

If you subscribe now, better perks and benefits await, especially regarding rewards and Node supply. But, of course, the best part is you’re also investing in having a healthy lifestyle and great well-being. So, the rewards are far more valuable than money alone.

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