ConnectUnited Review: Is It Legit Or Just A Scam?

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ConnectUnited Review 2022
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The blockchain revolution has become one of the most important technological innovations known to every industrial sector globally. A new economic paradigm is born thanks to blockchain technology, allowing pioneers to present tangible solutions to real-world problems.

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Through ConnectUnited, you can have a vital role in joining and expanding blockchain technology by choosing a special blockchain project that you believe helps save the world. All blockchain projects present positive impacts on various aspects of the world that can help improve your overall quality of life. 

Let’s break ConnectedUnited down, describe its specifications, advantages, and how you can set it up to get started.

Overview of ConnectUnited 

Basically, ConnectUnited is an application that allows you to choose a specific project involved in the blockchain revolution to positively impact a certain aspect of the world. When you choose to use ConnectUnited, you purchase and operate certain nodes, allowing yourself to support the blockchain expansion. 

You’ll become a node operator who can earn various digital rewards, contributing to the energy, computational power, and connectivity you need to be able to support the blockchain revolution. These nodes are monitored through Node software that can run anytime in your device or computer’s background. 

Remember that each node is important because it stores vital blockchain data and information. 

The primary function of nodes are the following:

  • Computation
  • Decentralization confirmation
  • Transaction verifications

Determining the best blockchain project that matches what you believe in through ConnectUnited is the fastest way to identify what specific Node to purchase. 

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Generally, you can choose from six blockchain projects:


The Green blockchain project helps reduce your energy consumption bill by contributing to the single decentralized power grid that adopts renewable energy worldwide. When you choose this project, you are an individual Node owner who can earn rewards when you help create the first-ever decentralized power grid. 

This encourages various people in the business sector – from individuals and small to medium-sized businesses to multinational corporations to start using renewable energy, which is friendlier to the environment. 

When you allow the Green Smart Node software to operate on your property consistently, you share your electricity, storage, and connectivity to help power the Green blockchain. Doing this lets you earn a Green, a digital reward similar to a new bitcoin. Through this, you support the blockchain revolution without utilizing inefficient and expensive hardware. 


You can conveniently manage, spend, switch, and store your digital assets through a Switch Visa Debit Card with the Switch project. Additionally, tracking your account is easy when using the Switch Rewards App. The Switch project also allows you to switch between different currencies easily by spending your BTC, ETH, GREEN, or BAT using a debit card. 


Galvan is a special blockchain project for healthcare and wellness advocates. This project is a community that authenticates and incentivizes the members’ health choices to leverage various smart contracts. Galvan aims to allow people to determine the cost-benefit relationship between healthy living and healthcare, transforming the significance of medical delivery globally. 

Additionally, Galvan works on the algorithm Proof of Action, rewarding the members daily after engaging in healthy exercises and activities and sharing the essential biometric data produced. These activities can be simply refilling a prescription, brisk walking for 5 minutes, or getting a proper good night’s sleep. 

The rewards given to the members are through IZE, a medium exclusively in the Galvan Ecosystem. Moreover, members can use their IZE credit to pay their subscription costs. 


The Element project emphasizes diamonds, silvers, gold, and other precious elements. This blockchain helps improve the utilization of these elements by making them more transparent, eco-friendly, and highly accessible. Through the Element blockchain, it can analyze each precious in-ground and refined element for any validation and verification. 


Finally, the Liberty blockchain project was created by veterans to help their fellow veterans in unity, connections, and service from different parts of the world. Through this project, veterans can now gain financial independence easier. 

In simpler words, ConnectedUnited allows you to purchase, run, and operate nodes that help you earn rewards you can use to contribute to one of the blockchain projects mentioned above.

ConnectUnited Advantages

With ConnectUnited, you can freely choose the blockchain project you want to partake in. Moreover, expect to earn more rewards when purchasing nodes through ConnectUnited instead of directly purchasing them from the project’s website. 

Remember that the rewards you earn can be used to help you save your money, depending on the project you choose and the benefits that particular project offers. This is the ultimate benefit of ConnectUnited; it incentivizes its subscribers with rewards so they are more confident in spreading how running nodes can make them help the world.

It’s a creative way to spread the word on the significance of Nodes, allowing the blockchain ecosystem to become more popular, faster, and easier. 

Using ConnectUnited offers a smooth and hassle-free, user-friendly experience as long as you have a Mac or Windows laptop or mobile device. Creating an account is also a breeze and resembles how you would create one on any social media platform. 

Finally, ConnectUnited is an engaging and creative way to convince individuals that they can help save the world in small ways and get rewards for themselves. It’s an outside-of-the-box strategy to get more people to join the blockchain ecosystem and contribute to saving the world. 

Creating An Account and Setting it Up in ConnectUnited

Now that you have an overview of what ConnectUnited is, let’s talk about how you can create an account and set it up. The first thing you need to have is a referral link because it’s the one that will direct you to the login page of ConnectUnited. You can get a referral link from anyone already using this application.

Once you get a link, signing up is easy. The page will ask for your normal personal details. After typing in the needed information, you will be directed to a landing page, which is basically your profile, like on Facebook. You can freely share posts and follow people you know. 

To buy your Nodes and operate them in your ConnectUnited account, you need to link it with your project account, and you can do this by going to your dashboard. You can also see unlinked accounts on your dashboard, where you can choose a certain blockchain project and sign up for it. The project’s sign-up button will direct you to its website to input your information. 

Buying and Installing ConnectUnited on Your Device 

After linking all your desired accounts to ConnectUnited, you can start buying Nodes and downloading the application on your Mac or Windows device. Go back to your dashboard and click the “Buy Droid Blockbot” to buy nodes or “Download Droid or Blockbot” when you wish to download the application. 

When you decide to download ConnectUnited, it’s like downloading any other application on your device. It launches easily, and now you have your Nodes running in your device’s background. 

Introducing the Win Blockchain 

The Win Blockchain allows you to be an influencer in the Blockchain industry through ConnectUnited. When you give your referral link to your friends and convince them to sign up, you earn a particular revenue whenever they purchase in Connect. Additionally, you also get a small reward when a connection down your line also makes a purchase in Connect. 

Of course, you can only participate in becoming a blockchain influencer when you have purchased a node in ConnectUnited. 

You don’t need to have a million followers to become a blockchain influencer. Instead, you only need five. When five of your friends have purchased the Win Smart Node, you are now an influencer. And, if you become a part of the top active influencers, you have the opportunity to earn more:

  • Top 5000: earn 25% of the allocated daily distribution.
  • Top 50,000: earn 20% of the allocated daily distribution.

Here’s a really helpful video to explain the earning potential of WIN and the many different ways you can earn;

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Is ConnectUnited A Scam?

ConnectUnited is a genuine company with genuine technology behind it. the potential to earn is not guaranteed and you should do as much research as possible before spending money on nodes or other software.

The Verdict: Is It Worth It?

ConnectUnited creates an engaging community where you can continuously earn points and rewards while influencing your friends to sign up and join in the trend. Through this application, you are allowing yourself to be part of the blockchain revolution by purchasing various nodes and joining blockchain projects you believe in. 

Additionally, ConnectUnited is an easy way to earn your revenue when you decide to join the Win Blockchain project. Ultimately, this platform is engaging, adaptable, creative, and a unique way to incentivize subscribers so they’ll invite more people to join in the movement and save the world. 

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links, we may earn a commission.

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