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Switch Crypto Debit Card Review

Switch Crypto Debit Card Review
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Switch is part of the six (and growing) evolutionary projects of the Connect United ecosystem. The project aims to be accessible in banking, payment, managing, and converting crypto, all using their Visa debit card.

Generally, Switch is in its early adoption phase and has plenty of competition. So, let’s look into its features, packages, and rewards to evaluate if it could be handy in the future, considering crypto and digital transactions are becoming more popular. 

What is Switch?

Switch basically offers Visa debit card payment services for traditional and cryptocurrency. It’s empowered by a decentralized node network where you’ll earn Switch rewards once you start purchasing and nodes.

They have essentially introduced us to a debit card for converting crypto to traditional currencies and vice versa!

The Team

The team behind a cryptocurrency project is very important. Luckily, Switch have a very strong team behind them;

Kathy Roberts

Kathy is the CEO of the Switch Reward Card. She was the President and Chief Operations Officer of Discover Bank way back in 2006 for 6 years. Being in the banking industry, she applied her experience and knowledge in the era of digital currency. 

Along with the other projects of ConnectUnited, she is also part of the Board of Directors in Galvan, their blockchain project for healthcare.

Bradley Willden

Brad is the COO and also the President of the Switch Reward Card. He had taken leadership roles at Zions Bank and KeyBank, where he was the Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending at Zions Bank. 

Brent Hawkins

Brent is known as the General Counsel of Switch Reward Card and takes the Secretary of Board role. 

Switch Debit Card

Switch Debit Card can be used as a convenient crypto wallet and converted instantly or used directly for payment anytime. The Switch crypto debit card is meant to be used as an international card, where you get to have an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). 

Their Black Card and Blue Card are vertical physical cards you can use for transactions and earn rewards.

Here are some of the features of the Switch debit card;

  • Use your fiat money to buy crypto
  • Add money from your external account to your IBAN through Switch
  • Transfer your crypto from external crypto wallets to Switch
  • Sell your crypto through the debit card, earn more crypto through rewards and spend it too!

Supported Cryptocurrency

Switch is currently accepting the following cryptocurrencies for debit card transactions:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Green (digital reward) – currently working for the exchange

What You Can Do With Your Switch Debit Card

Generally, here are the things you can do with your Switch debit card: 

  • Convert your fiat money to crypto and vice versa with no conversion fees
  • P2P Sharing – transfer crypto to your friends 
  • Smart App – use it for your online transactions
  • Smart Pay with autopay – can help you pay monthly bills automatically, where you can use your crypto by converting it to the traditional currency.

Black Card

Switch Black Visa Debit card is a physical debit card made from metal with exclusive features for card users, and accepted in more than 50 million merchants worldwide. 


Here are the features for Black Card Users:

  • Can top up the card using multiple cryptocurrencies
  • $4,000 daily spending limit 
  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Basic Node License included
  • No load fees


Here’s the loyalty and benefits program for Black Card Users:

  • AutoPay on your bills
  • Comes with a decentralized app
  • No staking required
  • Doubles reward points
  • Get the best exchange rates.
  • Has the fastest crypto conversions
  • Get to store all your digital rewards.

Blue Card

Switch Blue Card is a physical debit card made of a typical plastic card that lets you enjoy the advantages of their Switch Digital card and crypto conversions. If you get one, you can take advantage of their first 30 transactions for free, which are waived each month. The physical card can be ordered for $25.


Here are the features for Blue Card Users:

  • No annual fees
  • Can top up the card using multiple cryptocurrencies
  • $2,000 daily spending limit
  • No load fees
  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay


Here’s the loyalty and benefits program for Blue Card Users:

  • AutoPay on your bills
  • Comes with a decentralized app
  • No staking required
  • Has fast crypto conversions
  • Get to store all your digital rewards

Digital Card

Switch Digital Card lets you make payments to around 50 million traders around the world. Your Digital Card can be used using the decentralized app to store, convert, and spend your crypto. For a $10 registration fee, you can take advantage of its features and benefits.


Here are the features for Digital Card Users:

  • No annual fees
  • $2,000 daily spending limit
  • No load fees
  • Free transactions


Here’s the loyalty and benefits program for Digital Card Users:

  • AutoPay on your bills
  • Can top up the card using multiple cryptocurrencies

Switch Rewards

Switch Rewards are the points you earn using either of the cards. Once you purchase the card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Switch loyalty program. As mentioned earlier, you can earn more Switch rewards whenever you purchase and operate a Switch Node. More benefits are coming to the members of the loyalty programs, such as:

  • Travel benefits
  • Discounts and special offers or incentives

Once the Switch Rewards go live, the rewards will still include the rewards earned before going live.

Switch Nodes

Since Switch Nodes are related to Switch rewards, it works through its decentralized node network by confirming every transaction and letting the operators get rewarded through SWITCH. These nodes support and validate the decentralization of the network.

The following are features of Switch Nodes:

  • Lets you track your reward earnings with daily, monthly, or annual metrics
  • Advanced cryptography that supports Switch Blockchain
  • Can run on one’s own preferred virtual private server or PC
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, or Linux device
  • Node strength is calculated in real-time
  • Lets you monitor Node performance

There are 2 different types of Switch Nodes available to buy.

Smart Node

Smart Node is the Switch’s premium node license. Here are the perks the Smart Node owners will get once they purchase this:

  • Maximum SWITCH rewards 
  • Be part of the group and have the chance to vote on new Switch blockchain products and services

Basic Node

Basic Node is the Switch’s provisional node license. Its owners will get to have limited SWITCH rewards once they purchase this node.

People on a low budget or that just want to test out running a node can buy basic nodes for a very low cost. For those that want maximum rewards then the smart nodes would be the way to go. Keep in mind that the price of nodes increases with the more that are sold, so if you are thinking of buying a node you may want to do so sooner rather than later to maximise your returns.

To buy a node you need to register an account HERE and then must buy an official node from ConnectUnited HERE.

Switch App

The Switch Debit Cards have a Switch App to provide fast crypto conversions, spend crypto, or digital rewards. It’s compatible with iOS or Android mobile devices and can also be accessed through a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Things To Consider On Crypto Debit Cards

If you were to get a crypto debit card, you must know what to consider to see which crypto debit cards will serve the best of your needs.


Look across the crypto debit cards and compare their transaction fees to see if one has any lower fees or does not have any fees. Crypto debit cards differ; some may ask for transaction fees if you use their debit cards with any cryptocurrency besides USDC.


Take note and be careful with transactions as you convert crypto to government-issued currency. Because you’re using a debit card, crypto taxes may be involved, so it’s best to educate oneself on the possible consequences. 

Ask customer support or get a consultation from tax advisory firms on how the taxes would work around the crypto debit cards. This is for you to make informed decisions on choosing from the other.


It’s one thing for a crypto debit card to convert crypto. Still, one should consider its accessibility regarding merchants and compatibility with digital payment services.

They also have projects that are soon to launch, which can compete with international money-transferring services and have the advantage of lower fees. Just like apps and technology, the Switch crypto debit cards and their services would make upgrades for the convenience of its users.

The Verdict

The Switch Crypto Debit Card has many features that make life easier for crypto beginners and experts alike. It’s especially useful if you want to use or convert money into different currencies, like government-issued currency (USD).

Also, the way they let their users be more involved in the blockchain through rewards makes it easier to use crypto in transactions or the digital market. It fits well on why one should get a crypto debit card. 

First, because of its instant conversion of cryptocurrency and traditional currency, one can have the convenience of managing their crypto investments with faster transactions. Second, their debit card has no load fees. Third, Autopay adds to the convenience of using your crypto to pay bills. 

Lastly, the perks of each loyalty program you can choose from are worth considering and compels one to avail of the debit cards and be incentivized to earn rewards.

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