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Gala Games Review [2021] – The Best NFT Games Company In The World?

Gala Games Review 2021
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Gala Games are a crypto gaming company that develops world-class games and give control and ownership to the players through the use of their NFT cryptocurrency – Gala coin. Although the company only launched in 2019, they already have a strong following both from the gaming community and crypto enthusiasts in general.

The company was created by Eric Schiermeyer (CEO) who has a strong track record in the gaming sector, having been a co-founder of Zynga games, as well as being involved in a number of other successful start-ups. Many of the team at Gala Games have experience in game development and they have a number of exciting games currently in development. The company has a strong focus on developing great games, and cryptocurrency is used to decentralize everything and give ultimate ownership to the gamers.

In this video I do a full review of Gala Games, explaining more about how they’re going to be a major disruptor in the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry, and how anyone can get involved to support the growth of this company, whilst receiving valuable rewards in return.

If you want to buy a Gala node and need help setting it up I will give you 1 to 1 support! Simply register your account using the referral link on this page I will be happy to help you get your Gala node running.

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Key Features;

  • Target audience of almost 2.7 billion gamers worldwide
  • Earn rewards by creating a free account and sharing a link with gamers and potential node owners
  • Gala Games is an exciting company with a proven track record, although still in its infancy
  • 1 live game but 7 in development and potentially dozens more to be launched in the near future
  • Node ownership pays out daily rewards of Gala tokens and random NFT drops
  • Price of nodes going up for every 100 sold PLUS daily rewards get more watered down with each sale
  • Gala coin price has grown very well with plenty of room to grow further, although it also could drop significantly too
  • New coins (game coins) will give even greater rewards to node owners in the near future
  • Nodes themselves will become NFT’s

Get started today by registering a FREE account and play the games or introduce people to the network!

The Future Of Gaming

In the past, gamers could enjoy games to their heart’s content, but any money spent on in-game purchases were specific to that game, not fully owned (couldn’t be re-sold), and were non-transferable. All of that changes with Gala Games because the company doesn’t own the game assets, the players do! That means that if a player plays a game for a long time and accrues bonus items or even Gala coins, they can exchange them, take them into different games within the network, or even sell them for other cryptocurrencies or even fiat currency. It means that the “old way” of gaming is becoming redundant because now gaming is not just about having fun but accruing real assets too.

This results in extremely high retention rate for game networks because when gamers get bored of a certain game, they are more liekly to look for other games within the network rather than looking elsewhere. It’s likely that gamers who start with Gala Games will game with them for many MANY years, even if they move between games in that time. The ability to earn and move or trade assets between games is making gamers rush away from the old style of gaming and become lifelong Gala gamers.

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Here is a recent Youtube video hosted by the senior team at Gala Games. IN this video they discuss all kinds of aspects of the business, from the basic concept of decentralized gaming, to how gamers can help to shape the future of the company…
(if the video fails to play please use this link

Gala Coin

Gala coin is an NFT (Non-fungible token) on the Ethereum network, which means it has the ability to create and distribute rare and unique (or very limited supply) items that are authenticated on the blockchain and cannot be replicated or copied (authenticity is guaranteed). The coin can be won or purchased by gamers and then used in the game or used for purchasing NFT’s, which can also be used in the games or traded/sold.

More details about the Gala coin ecosystem can be found here –

Here are some examples of NFT’s currently available for the game Mirandus (not yet launched);

gala games nfts

You can see that many of these NFT’s have already sold out, showing just how popular these are. THe popularity of these NFT’s is only set to rise as more games are released and more gamers join the network.

4 Ways To Earn Gala Coins

Gala Games are helping to establish a redistribution of wealth and putting game ownership in the public domain. This means that anyone can potentially benefit from the growth of the company through playing the games, buying and holding the coins, or buying a node. Here are the 4 main ways that someone can receive Gala Coins;

  1. Play The Games – the games are free to play and can be played on any device that has a web browser. Through gaming, you can earn/win gala coins and NFT’s in various ways. You can of course buy them too, and these assets will be yours (the game company cannot take them away from you) until you choose to trade them on the open market.
  2. Invite People To Join – After you register a free account with Gala Games, you will be given a unique link that you can share with people. If they play the games or buy a node then you will receive a nice reward for introducing that person. The possibilities for this are huge, as it means you can invite game enthusiasts or crypto speculators alike and both will probably find this concept highly appealing. It also means you can potentially earn a good amount of Gala coins without spending a single cent yourself.
  3. Own A Node – Node ownership is a crucial part of the infrastructure and node owners are currently receiving huge daily rewards in Gala coin and NFTs. There is more information about buying/holding a node below, but essentially new coins are released to node owners each day that can then be held in a wallet or exchanged for fiat currency on an exchange. NFTs are also randomly dropped to node owners, and these can have a very high value (thousands of dollars in some cases, depending on the NFT itself).
  4. Buy Coins From An Exchange – Gala coins are currently very cheap and therefore hundreds or even thousands of coins can be purchased on an exchange for only a few dollars. The exchanges Gala coin can currently be traded on are Polyient Dex, Uniswap and bitrue.
Gala Games logo

Gala Node Ownership

One way to generate significant rewards through Gala Games is to buy a node license. There is a cost for buying one of these licenses (see below) but the rewards are significant, and can potentially result in node owners receiving hundreds of thousands of Gala coins. This reward is in exchange for helping the Gala Games network to grow and sustain itself, such as running the node to assist in the hosting of games. In addition to receiving Gala coins, node owners also receive a range of other rewards, which are outlined below.

How it works

Nodes must be operated for at least 6 hours per day to qualify for the daily coin rewards. Downloading and installing the node software is very easy and it’s recommended to run the node 24 hours per day in order to make sure rewards aren’t missed. Nodes can be purchased through a free Gala Games account.

Nodes will eventually become NFT’s that can be sold on sites like The value of nodes once they become NFT’s is impossible to predict and they could be worth more or less than the value a node license was purchased for. Until such time that nodes become NFT’s they cannot be sold, although there is a refund policy that’s valid for the first 7 days after purchase.


There are many rewards provided to node owners, including;

  • Daily Gala coins
  • Random NFT drops
  • Voting rights
  • In-game coins (soon each game will have its own coin that will also be dropped to node owners)

How Much Does A Gala Games Node Cost?

There is a maximum of 50,000 nodes available, and around half of these have already sold (as at 12th March 2021). For every 100 nodes sold, the price increases by $100.

When I purchased my node the price was $7,200, but this price has already passed $7,400 and will continue to rise for every 100 nodes sold. To get the most up to date price on buying a node you can look inside your Gala Games account or join the Gala Games discord group and see the price inside the #gala-nodes room.

How Much Does A Gala Games Node Make?

It’s impossible to say exactly what a node will make as an overall fiat currency value. However, I did find this video useful in explaining how it works and a recent calculation of the value in February 2021. Special thanks to Gala Node Guide for creating this informative video….

(if the video fails to play please use this link

>> Create Your Free Account With Gala Games By Clicking Here <<

How To Buy And Set Up A Gala Games Node

If you’re interested in buying and setting up a Gala node then I’m happy to help you in this process. Here is a short summary of how to get started, but if you have any questions (and you’re using my referral link) then you can email me for additional 1 to 1 support.

How To Buy A Gala Node

  1. Open a free Gala Games account here.
  2. From inside the member’s area click on “Get Gala” tab.
  3. Click on buy and operate a node (point 2)
  4. Under “Select Payment Method:” click on the Gala symbol to bring up all coin options. I used Ethereum to buy my nodes because it’s the easiest to buy.
  5. Once Ethereum is selected click Buy Now so that you can see how much Ethereum you need to transfer to cover the purchase
  6. Add a small amount of extra Ethereum to the amount of required Ethereum (to cover gas fees)
  7. Send the Ethereum to your Gala Wallet (to get the wallet address click “Buy Now” and it will give you the details.
  8. Once Ethereum is in your Gala wallet you can buy the node.

Setting Up & Running The Node

After purchasing your node, this is how to get it running;

  1. Click on your profile in the top right of the member’s area and select “Account” in the left-hand menu select “Node Info”.
  2. Download the node software for your machine (windows, mac, or ubuntu)
  3. Run the software installer
  4. Log in to your node software (same logins as your Gala Games account
  5. Leave the node software running for at least 6 hours each day.

Here is a video showing the full process;

>> Create Your Free Account With Gala Games By Clicking Here <<

What Are NFT’s

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” and is a way to provide authenticity and potential value of digital assets such as art or gaming assets.

According to Wikipedia, NFT’s….

“are used to create verifiable artificial scarcity in the digital domain, as well as digital ownership, and the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple platforms.” Source:

In the case of Gala Games, NFT’s are important game assets that give a player a significant advantage in the game and are therefore very useful. As well as being are scarce, they are also very valuable (hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases). NFT’s are released by Gala Games and can be purchased in the game store and they can then be held and used by gamers, or sold on the open market.

Once an NFT has been earned or purchased it is wholly owned by the individual and the game developer has no recourse to remove or delete the item (it is no longer their property).

This is a significant element in the gaming world because it means ownership truly sits with the gamer, as well as potentially representing a significant re distribution of wealth, with gamers being able to earn and control their own valuable gaming assets.

gala games nfts


There are a number of exciting developments planned for Gala Games in the near future, including;

  • The release of at least 7 new games
  • Decentralization of game hosting to put node owners in control of hosting games for local gamers
  • New coins for each game (these will be distributed to node owners)
  • The introduction of “free” nodes (these will probably be to support game hosting once that becomes decentralized

Bonus Content

The content on this page is aimed at informing about the company and giving an introduction to Gala Games. I provide a lot more detail for members on this page.

Here you will find content such as;

  • Setting Up A Node
  • Access to exclusive Node Owners FB I’m In
  • Referral program explained
  • Selling Your Gala Coins
  • Selling NFT’s
  • Gold membership explained

Find out more on this page –

The Games

So far there is one game that can be played, with 7 more in development. 2 of these have already been announced.

Town Star (Available to play now)

This is a town building and farming game. This type of game is very popular, with 600 million people thought to have played similar games in the past. It is already providing to the very popular and new gamers are joining in the fun all the time.

Town Star Game From Gala Games

Mirandus (Currently in development)

Mirandus game review

Mirandus is an epic fantasy RPG set in a massive world ruled by five player-monarchs. In-game, players have absolute freedom of choice: they can set out into the wilderness alone to try their fortunes against the monsters of the deep woods and dungeons, join with one of the monarchs to serve as a knight in their court, or set up shop in one of the five great cities of the realm.

Not a huge amount is known about Mirandus yet as it’s still in development. There have been some exciting teasers though….

(if the video fails to play please use this link )

Fortified (Currently in development)


Fortified is another game that Gala Games currently gave in development. It looks like a very exciting tower defense game that uses similar graphics to the Town Star and Mirandus. This should help with the seamless integration of NFT’s and make it easier for players to move between games taking their valuable game assets with them.

This is the only picture we have of Fortified, but we will add more about the game as soon as further details are released.

Risks & Limitations

Creating an account is free, and playing the games is also free. However, owning the coins and/or a node does carry some risks and limitations that should be considered.

  • Need to run a node on a VPS or dedicated PC although setup instructions are provided in our additional content.
  • Nodes are not designed to be flipped/traded (although there is a refund policy). They can be sold when they become minted into NFT’s but there is no indication of when this will be or the value of them when it happens.
  • NFT’s can only be sold on certain platforms such as
  • Regulatory risk – regulators may have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency space and this could have a negative impact on Gala Games.
  • Pay gas fees for the transfer of coins to your wallet.
  • If buying multiple nodes you need multiple machines or VPS’s there are plenty of people who own more than one, but you can’t run them from one pc
  • The price of nodes is going UP so the last few nodes will sell for tens of thousands of dollars

>> Create Your Free Account With Gala Games By Clicking Here <<

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Learn More About Gala Games? You can learn more about the company on their website here. They also have an FAQ page here – and a blog here –

Is Gala Games A Scam? Gala Games are a game development company. Their games are free to play and the company is certainly not a scam. The company uses a cryptocurrency (Gala coin), which can be purchased and help or sold. Cryptocurrencies have been known to be highly volatile and therefore buying them is considered high risk.

Learn more about Gala Games at


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    • hi Conor. If you create your free Gala Games account you can see the exchanges that currently list Gala coin from inside the member’s area. There are 3 exchanges right now but more will be added soon.

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