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GPS Forex Robot 3 Review [2021] – Plus Free Bonuses

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I’ve tested dozens of forex EA’s over the last 10 years, but none of them have performed as well, or stood the test of time like GPS Forex Robot 3.

This is my full  review of GPS Forex Robot 3. If you buy GPS Forex Robot 3 through my link then I provide some free bonuses, including some exclusive broker packages, my own settings for the robot, a complete set-up guide (ideal for beginners) and more!…..


Latest Update: June 2021 – This robot is still trading extremely profitably (see verified trading results below). However, I’m making MUCH more profit with an investment called Yieldnodes.




GPS Free Bonuses

I’ve put together some fantastic bonuses for you if you’re keen to buy GPS Forex Robot 3 after watching/reading my review. You don’t need to open a broker account through me in order to qualify for these free bonuses, however I DO ask that you kindly buy GPS robot through THIS LINK.

To claim your free bonuses after purchasing the GPS robot then simply contact me and I will send you all of your free bonuses, including…

  1. My exact settings for the bot, which have been very consistent and profitable for me so far.
  2. Send you a copy of the bitcoin profit secrets ebook. This book is ideal for beginners who want to learn more about cryptocurrency, as well as explaining some great ways of making high returns from your crypto.
  3. A full setup video where I record the entire process of getting this robot set up – from setting up a VPS to installing MT4 and setting up the bot the right way! I did this to make sure that you get set up quickly and easily, even if you’re a complete beginner!

Bitcoin profit secrets

 >> Buy GPS Forex Robot 3 Here! <<

After you purchase the bot please make sure you email me and request the free bonuses.

My Results With GPS Forex Robot

My initial tests with this robot using the basic settings were profitable, but also did open some losing trades and took my drawdown levels over 65%. As I researched the bot more and tweaked the settings, the bot became much more reliable, with more consistent profits and very low drawdown. Getting the right settings is hugely important, but once you have them the bot seems to run much more smoothly.

In this image you’ll see some past performance of trading with the standard settings…. Once I found the perfect settings (which I’m happy to share with you) the results have been fantastic; Once I knew the trading was stable and profitable using these settings I have traded with live accounts and the results have mirrored those I am getting in the demo account.

These are the Myfxbook results from the very first demo account I set up to test this EA. Notice how stable my results have been since February 2020 when I got the settings just right.MyFXbook image

I’ve tested the bot with various brokers and I find FXChoice to be the best for me. After moving my license around between brokers for while, here is my live account with fxchoice;MyFXbook image

>> Buy GPS Forex Robot 3 Here! <<


The GPS Forex Robot will work with just about any broker. However, the developers suggest using leverage of 1:200. Most brokers who offer this much leverage are unregulated and can be hard to find (especially for those living in the USA). Here is a list of brokers that will offer 1:200 leverage (and the countries they will accept);

LQDFX – Unregulated but accepts customers from the USA

FXPrimus – Leverage up to 1:1000 but does not accept customers from USA

Roboforex – Up to 1:2000 leverage (does not accept USA)

FXChoice – Leverage up to 1:200


Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Forex Robot

  1. How Much Does GPS Forex Robot Cost?The robot costs just $149 (USD) for a LIFETIME license. This includes any future updates and there is absolutely no rebilling or subscription. You can use it on unlimited demo accounts and 1 live account for this price.
  2. What Is The Minimum Investment Amount?
    There is no minimum investment amount for GPS Forex Robot, but your broker might have a minimum deposit amount for the MT4 account that it’s connected to. You can certainly start with as little as $100 in your trading account if your broker accepts that amount.
  3. I’ve Purchased And Set Up The Robot But I’m Not Getting Any Trades. Why Not?
    The robot does not trade every day. Sometimes a few days can go by without a trade (and it doesn’t trade at weekends because markets are closed). However, you should make sure that you have a smiling face on the top right-hand side of your MT4 screen, and don’t forget to add your live MT4 account number into the member’s area of the GPS website. Also, in MT4 check if you have any error messages under the EXPERT tab at the bottom. Any issues with the EA will be reported here. 
  4. Can I Use GPS On My Laptop?
    You can run MT4 and the GPS ea on a laptop yes, but you need to be careful that it never goes to sleep. Often a laptop will power down when not in use, even when plugged in, and you don’t want to miss any trades. I use a dedicated pc to run MT4 but a VPS could also be a good solution for you as an alternative to a laptop.
  5. Does GPS Work On Mac OS?
    GPS ea runs on MT4, so as long as you can download and install MT4 then it can be run on various devices and operating systems (including Mac OS).
  6. Is this a scalping bot?
    No, GPS Forex Robot 3 is not a scalping bot/ea. It doesn’t trade very frequently (sometimes not for a few days) but when it does the success/win rate is very high.
  7. Can I Use GPS Forex Robot In My country?
    The robot will work on the MT4 platform in any country around the world. However, not all brokers accept every country, so it’s more about the broker (MT4 provider) than the robot itself. As long as you can find a broker that operates in your country of residence that uses MT4 then the robot can be installed and run with that broker. You can contact me if you’re not sure which broker you should use and I will try to help.

Full GPS EA Review

I’ve been monitoring the performance of this bot for about 1 year now and purchased it in November 2019. Since then I’ve been testing various settings so that now I have a bot that trades my account very consistently and profitably. In this detailed review, I will share the facts about this EA as well as describing my own experience of running the bot for over one year now.


See my post “Forex Flex EA Review”


This forex robot (EA) has been around for almost 10 years and it has certainly stood the test of time. On their sales page, you can see that they have various verified trading accounts that have made substantial profits. Not only that, but the accounts have not been manipulated or altered, and some show profits going back 8 years or more (when earlier versions were being released).

It’s important to see various verified sources of a long trading history. Many other forex robots hide their past performance because the bot will suffer huge losses as market conditions change and therefore they can’t show a full history. As we shall discuss, it’s not just on the GPS sales page where we can find a long track record, but their results have been proven in various third party sources. You’ll see as we go through this review that GPS Forex Robot 3 is incredibly good value at just $149!

Members Area

gps forex robot 3 members area image

After purchasing the bot, you will be granted access to the member’s area. This is where you get access to the software and your license. It’s also got additional content such as some FAQ’s some bonus strategies, and tutorial videos. Some of this content is a little dated now, and it could benefit from being refreshed in my opinion. However, everything you need in order to get set up is in this members area, and some of the bonus content is helpful for absolute beginners who know little about the forex market.


From inside the members are, you also have access to their customer support. Although many of my subscribers have purchased this EA and enjoy it, not many people have many good stories to tell about their support! It’s probably the biggest negative of this product. If you need billing support, that can be done through clickbetter (who will have emailed you an order confirmation document). For anything else, you might be better checking if your question is already answered in the member’s area FAQ, or my FAW’s above. Hopefully, you won’t need their support anyway, but if you do, don’t expect a swift response.


The GPS Forex Robot 3 will work well with any broker as long as they use MT4. Different brokers have very different services to offer, and you do need to consider factors such as whether or not they offer free MT4 accounts, where they are regulated, if they accept customers from your country and the cost of trading (spread and swap rates). I have used GPS forex ea with multiple brokers, including FXChoice, FXPrimus and LQDfx. The suggested leverage for running the bot (according to GPS developers is 1:200 so your broker needs to offer this.

Setting Up The EA

Setting up this bot on MT4 is very easy. If you’ve already set up expert advisors on MT4 in the past then you will find the process to be the same and only takes a few minutes to complete. If you’ve never done it before though, then installation instructions are provided in the member’s area. Once you have the EA installed on the currency pairs you want to trade with, you should see a smiling face on the right-hand side of the screen, which means you’re ready to trade. At this point, you can load my settings if you want to use them (I share my settings free of charge to those who sign up to the bot using my referral link). I explain how to load these settings on the free bonuses page, so make sure you contact me so you have access to this page.

Personal Track Record

We’ve already mentioned that on their sales page, GPS Forex Robot shows some of their own verified trading history using the bot. However, I have published my own trading history, and have found other 3rd party proof of exceptionally good profits using the GPS Forex Robot 3.

My full trading history is published here

myfxbook image

Even during extremely volatile markets, in which most traders were getting wiped out, my trading remained profitable. I have so far averaged about 8% per month and expect the returns to remain consistent now that I have found the best settings. Many investors pay thousands of pounds to fund managers, independent financial advisors, brokers and the like to earn them 5-10% returns per annum. This bot exceeds those returns quite considerably and is available for a fraction of the cost. You should always remember that forex trading is high risk though, and your capital is at risk.

ForexPeacearmy reviews

There are some interesting reviews on forexpeacearmy for this product. Some of them are from people who clearly gave up on the bot too soon without finding the best settings, but others are from people who have been getting consistent profits, as I have. Perhaps more importantly though, FPA themselves have been running a live test of this bot for many years, and their tests are showing a 552.91% return! See here for more details –

It’s very rare that FPA test bots, and getting such strong results goes to show the quality of this EA.


A lot of people buy bots such as the GPS Forex Robot 3 and test it for a short time before writing a negative review and looking for the next shiny object, buying that and repeating the whole process over and over again. Whilst it’s true that many bots out there simply don’t work in the long term, there’s sufficient evidence with the GPS Forex Robot 3 that it is reliable and profitable. Based on my own positive experiences, I think that anyone looking for an automated way of profiting from the forex markets should seriously consider it. My trading results so far have been excellent and consistent.

I hope you enjoyed this GPS Forex Robot Review. If you have any questions please post a comment below. Thanks for visiting.

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I’m Jon, owner of Trade Wise at and
I review forex and crypto trading products and services to find the best of what’s out there for creating a passive income without becoming a full-time trader.

175 thoughts on “GPS Forex Robot 3 Review [2021] – Plus Free Bonuses”

  1. It seems that your link to the personal track record doesn’t work, I’m getting an error from myfxbook:

    You cannot access someone else’s portfolio. If this is your portfolio, please login first.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I hope you are well.

    I have downloaded GPS EA from your link above.

    Could you please share your setup. Plus what was the amount you opened your live account with. Can you share any updates from your Myxbook account.


    • Hi Heiki,
      I got your email and sent over the free bonuses. Sorry it took a couple of days, I don’t check my emails that often over the weekend.
      Happy trading my friend!

  3. Will you be posting more video on YouTube when you find any real robots? Is this the only one you have tired? Is their any other robot i can take a look at?

    • Hi Umar. GPS ea is the best bot I’ve found so far, but I’m always testing more (right now I’m testing 7 bots, of which some don’t look so great but one or 2 look very promising!). Make sure you’re on my email list (subscriber on the homepage) or you subscribe on Youtube so you can see my reviews when I release them. Thanks

  4. Hi Jonathan, I took a look at GPS Forex, it would appear to be a scalping bot, with martingale when the trades go negative? Hence the small winning pips, and Large losing trades, and the very high % win rate? New to this, but this seems a risky strategy, as the looses could easily multiply as the lot sizes on the martingale strategy rely on significantly increased lot size and therefore bigger risk profile. Have I read that right? As you can tell a bit new to this, so been doing a huge amount of research…..

    • Hi Vincent. GPS forex robot is not a scalping bot and some of the wins can be quite large depending on trading conditions. It also doesn’t use martingale, but instead a hedging strategy that seems to work very well. With martingale, if a trade starts to lose quite significantly, you would continue to back the trade with higher positions in the same direction and therefore significantly increase your risk on the trade. What GPS does is if it sees a clear change in direction for the currency pair, it will hedge (trade in the opposite direction of the original trade) and therefore now trade with the new trend rather than against it. This hasn’t happened too often in my trading history but has effectively managed what could have been large losses into being roughly breakeven.

      • I have bought this,gps robot 3, over 1week now, i didn’t know how to set it up or install it to my mc book, and I also have vps. I need urgent help. how to get this working for me, I have bought it and received the Link but I am a novice at this. kindly help.

  5. Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for sharing, I had bought the EA through the link with my email add. Look forward to you sending over the files, thank you.


  6. Hi,

    I want to purchase this bot through your link but have several questions:

    1) I am in Kenya but want to use my local broker EGMSECURITIES and NOT FXCHOICE. Is that possible. DO all brokers work with the Bot
    2) Will I receive your settings before or after purchase?
    3) How many currency pairs can I set for a small live account of $300
    4) Once the algo is at work, will the account be blocked for withdrawals- Incase I need to.
    5) Can you recommend the best VPS provider to host my server?

    Waiting to hear from you ASAP and look forward to the next step.

    • Also, can you share your current full results for the month of May & June. Your last report was partly month of May

    • Hi Mwanza,

      Thanks for your message.

      1) The broker MUST use the MT4 platform. As long as they do you should be fine.
      2) After purchase (just message me back)
      3) I use 4 pairs, but really EURUSD is the best pair
      4) The bot has nothing to do with withdrawals. You always own and manage the MT4 account so no problems if you need to withdraw
      5) I don’t use a VPS at the moment so difficult to recommend one but in GPS members area they do suggest one you can use.


  7. Hi Jonathan, have you ever taken a look at Worldmarkets AI trading, they claim 21% a month. Too good to be true?

    • hi Vincent. Yes I have heard of them but I wasn’t able to verify their track record and the minimum balance is quite high at €5,000 so I didn’t look into it in too much detail. I may reach out to them and see if they can provide any verified trading history etc and review them

  8. Hi there

    Will this robot work on Plus 500 , i have an account set up with them for two years now ?


    • Yes, I’ve owned Flex ea for several years. I will be putting a full review on my Youtube channel in due course, but basically it isn’t very profitable and requires quite a lot of ongoing maintenance. It’s highly customizable though so I kinda like playing around with it, but I prefer GPS.

  9. Hi John,

    I am interested to get your settings for this robot, but i want to use my own broker XM as i dont trust other broker. Can i still get the bonuses you mentioned (especially the the robot settings) from you after purchasing the robot via your link?. Thanks

    • Yes of course, Rezo. Just email me via the contact us page once you’ve purchased the bot and I’ll send you all of the bonuses my friend.

  10. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for sharing the info about the bot. What is your current DD is you don’t mind me asking? I was looking to purchase the bot but most of the bots that I have tested have had the worst DD. Also, can one do a backtest as well?

    • drawdown on the GPS robot is extremely low since I changed the settings in February. It’s like 1% or something crazy. Check out the Drawdown tab on myfxbook page and see how DD just disappears once the settings were tweaked.

  11. Hi,
    I was going to buy Forex Fury when I saw your review. Thank you very much for saving me from wasting my money.

    I’d like to buy GPS Forex Robot, use it on MT4, and VPS at Oanda.
    Will all this be Okay?

    I’m waiting for your response.

    • You saved yourself some wasted money on forex fury then Samuel!

      I haven’t used Oanda before but I’m sure that’s fine as long as they have MT4. Don’t forget to email me once you buy the bot so I can send you all the bonuses!

  12. Hello Jonathan,just bought the EA, Love your vids and contents, can you share your recent fxbook and profitable settings with me. is it still profitable through this pandemic and recent event?

    • Thanks a lot Albert. I emailed you all of the bonuses. The myfxbook link is always live on this page by the way – you can monitor my trades as they happen to check my results and also make sure your bot is working correctly.

  13. I know the bot comes with 4 EA’s for 4 different pairs, can you run the 4 EA’s at the same time with the one purchase of GPS Robot?



    • Yes you can Paul. The license is for 1 MT4 account, and you can easily run 4 different currency pairs/bot in one mt4 account – that’s what i do.

  14. Hi Jonathan. I am curious that why your setting can be better than the original designer. Supposedly, the designer has conducted a lot of testing to find out the optimal setting. Have you shown your setting to the designer and any comment from him? Especially, the negative side of your setting comparing with the designer’s setting.


    • I am bit curious about this too, but ultimately i think it comes down to potential returns. The default settings are more aggressive than mine. They do work but the results are more volatile with a higher drawdown. My settings “tame the beast” as it were, and get it to trade slow and steady. This means I can totally forget about the bot and let it do it’s thing while I get monthly returns on complete autopilot.

  15. Hi-
    You mentioned Oanda would be fine to use. However, US traders cannot hedge there. Doesn’t this EA require hedging. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Dean. Thanks for sharing your comments about Oanda. I haven’t used them personally, and I think most people in the USA are using FXChoice because the bot works seemlessly with them. The bot does use a hedging strategy but might still work on Oanda. I’ve never tested that broker so I couldn’t say for sure. If in doubt I would suggest using FXPrimus if you’re outside the USA, or FXChoice from USA.

  16. Hello Jonathan,
    thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us for free.

    I have just downloaded the BOT from your link above, could you please send me your set up and bonuses?

    I also wanted to ask you if you can suggest me any good Social platform similar to eToro which is unfortunately unavailable from Japan (not Zulu tho).

    • Hi Berni. To get all of the free bonuses just go to the contact us page and message me. I always respond to messages within 24 hours with all of the free bonuses for GPS ea. I do reviews of other platform and if you sign up for my email list on the hompepage I provide a good social trading platform that very few people are aware of.

  17. Hi Jonathan,

    I have downloaded GPS EA from your link above.

    Could you please share your set up settings and also what you would recommend as a good starting investment?

    Many thanks!

  18. Hi John

    Is this the only account you are running for gps forex ea ?
    The myfxbook link says it is a demo trading account.
    Are you trading real money with it at all ?

    • Hi Carl, I’ve been running a live account for many months now, but I’ve moved broker 3 times so the trading history is very disrupted. I’ve recently moved to FXPrimus and I intend to stay with them for a long time because I’m making much larger profits with them thanks to their deposit bonus. I will always keep the demo account live on myfxbook, but I will also be sharing my live account on myfxbook very soon too as the returns are even higher than on the demo account.

        • I’ll have my live account setup and verified on myfxbook within the next few days. It won’t have a huge amount of trading history at first, I only just got it set up with FXPrimus, but I’m more than happy to share it and you can see how well a live account performs even with conservative settings.

  19. Hi Jonathan, thank you for your info and review. Interested in buying GPS Forex Robot through your link. I have one question…when a profit is made will it then add to the account so it is accually compounding? Example…you start with a USD 100 investment and you make USD 10…will those USD 10 add to the account GPS Forex Robot is trading? Complete newbie here…Thanxs


    • It will only trade a few times per week on my settings, so leave it for 2-3 days and if you don’t get a trade then there is probably something wrong. Some people expect the bot to trade all day long, but that just increases risk. The best thing to do is just let it trade every now and again when there’s a strong signal, and the returns for doing this are still extremely high (up to 30% return some monnths!)

  20. Hi Jonathan,

    I have downloaded GPS EA from your link above.

    Could you please share your set up settings and also what you would recommend as a good starting investment?

    Many thanks!

  21. Hi Jonathan,

    I’ve just bought GPS bot using your link on this page, please send through the latest settings, set up video and bonuses. I understand from your latest video, you’ve just adjusted it slightly.


    • My pleasure. GPS Forex Robot 3 so far has been nicely profitable and low DD for this type of thing, as I mention in my review.

    • I explain how to get the most out of the GPS forex robot as part of the bonuses – I filmed a video specifically on setting it up and how to increase profits if you want to take a bit more risk.

  22. In my previous comment, I said I was looking forward to your live account trading using this bot. I just realised you had already posted it here. It looks impressive.

    Thanks for sharing. I will contact you again when I purchase the bot.

    • Yes it’s live now Kenneth, I’ve made great proftis on my live trading in 2020 using various brokers, but FXPrimus gives it an extra boost with the 100% deposit bonus

  23. Hi Jonathan,

    I am intersted to buy this robot and have opened an account with FXPrimus. However, my concerns are the broker’s commission is $10 per 1 lot plus the there’s spread? Do you think it would still be profitable after these charges? Appreciate your response on this. Thank you!

  24. Hi,

    I purchased the GPS forex robot via your link, I am eligible for the free bonuses (setting, VPS etc.) right?

    Thanks in advance

    Jaroslav Jakl

  25. Hi!

    I bought the robot 2 days ago and been running it on all 4 pairs on a demo account with a $1000 initial deposit.
    So far the robot has not done any trade but I have the smiley face at the top right corner and the settings seems to be correct.
    Is this normal? How long time does it take for the bot to place a trade in average?

    / Alexander – Sweden

    • Hi Alexander please note that support questions need to go via he contact us page so I can email you back. Email me if the bot still hasn’t traded and I’ll try to help you.

  26. Greetings sir
    I’m bafana Dlamini living in south africa in Durban ,im interested in buying GPS forex robot 3 would it work as im on this side of the country .

    • You can set it to trade very day by setting the AutoAnalysis setting to FALSE but in most cases this seems to cause to bot end in disaster so keeping it as per my settings seems the most stable and profitbale long term.

  27. Hi Jon,

    What if i would like to increase the speed a little bit. Which indicators should I twist on to achieve this. I’m aware of the risks this brings with this.

    • There are faster settings you can use (if you set Auot Analysis to FALSE it will trade more aggressively, but everyone I know who tested this ended up blowing their account, so I stick to the slower settings which are more proven and ultimately more more profitable anyway.

  28. Hi, I purchased GPS Forex using your referral code. I sent you an email asking for your settings as promised. By the way. Please continue on uploading awesome content.

  29. Hi,
    I have purchased GPX Forex Robot 3 using your link. I am very interested in using your settings, Kindly send me the details.

  30. Can a US client use this bot as we are limited to a 50:1 leverage?
    I’m considering or TD Ameritrade as brokers, are either one reliable for these bots?

  31. Hi Jon. Great review there.

    Quick question.

    With this GPS Robot, given Im gonna use your setting IF I purchased one, would our trades be identical? Or would it adjust to the price according to the mt4 of the broker Im in?

  32. Hi Jon

    I am from Singapore and the brokers here only allowed everage of 1:20. ie deposit of 5% as directed by the regulator.

    Can the gps robot 3 work with this low leverage?


  33. Hi Jon

    I’m preparing to buy the GPS Robot from you. I see two accounts on myfxbook one in profit and another sitting on -12% loss and this happened in both September and October. Are these accounts using the same settings, whats the cause for these losses? Looking foreward to receiving your feedback.


  34. Hi Jon,
    Thanks alot for your review, I have been researching on this GPS forex robot 3,
    I wanted to ask what an ideal spread, broker fees and etc. would be considered as good deal from broker for me to be using this GPS forex robot 3 and have a good average net profits,

    • Hi Josh. Yes you’re absolutely right – the GPS forex robot is good with the right settings, but people get greedy and force the bot to trade aggressively, ending in disaster. I try to explain that this was my experience too, and since I got the settings just right the bot has worked well. As promised in the review above, I share my settings and setup video for anyone that buys the bot through my link. Thanks!

  35. Hi, I have been doing at lot research looking for a long term, profitable and sustainable EA bot system. I have read and watched dozen of reviews and the GPS seems to come back positive from a number of parties. However one thing I have concluded from my research is that the settings is what makes or breaks this particular bot. Please let me know how I can get access to your setting. I am ready to buy.

    • Sorry and perhaps a more pertinent question, are you able to lose more than your initial deposit with this? Like in a worst case scenario? What happens if your balance goes below zero?


  36. Hi Jon,
    Just curious…you mentioned that your DD now is ard 1-2%? With that u r getting ard 10-13% profits?
    Can I set it to abit more DD just to get more profits or there were problems trying to achieve that?

    • I really wouldn’t suggest doing that. Normal trading has low DD but the reversal trade has a much larger trade and this is where the risk increases quite considerably.

  37. Hi Jon! Can you use GPS Forex Robot 3 from Android phone, I’m using Samsung Note 9 & Z fold 2. This means can MT4 be used via Android with GPS or is it best to use a Laptop.

  38. Hi Jon

    I have opened an account with FXPRIMUS through your link. I am almost ready to buy the Gps robot through your link. However, I am a bit concerned whether I can link it to my MT 4 account as I know next to nothing about mt4 though I am eager to learn. Would you be able
    to guide me to the set up until it works.


    • I doubt it (they haven’t changed in the last year) but I can’t say it’s impossible they won’t change. I discuss anything I’m doing in my monthly updates though so I’ll share any settings changes in those updates.

  39. Hi..
    Does the robot make the trade for you?
    Or do I still have to buy or sell the trade myself?
    If I download the program to my laptop do I have to keep it continually running, can’t log it off?

  40. please am interested in the robot, but my problem is that i have lost huge amount of money in the market , so i want to be sure that the robot wll not cause me more loss.

    • GPS forex robot has been working great for me, but you need to understand that it’s a high risk trading so no one can make promises that you won’t suffer more losses. If you can’t afford to risk some losses then you need to invest in something with a capital guarantee.

  41. Hey – bought through your affiliate link and requested the settings earlier this week, how do I get access to the bonus content … please ?!

  42. Your live account GPS FXbook is showing pretty bad trading history, that’s a bit of a concern as is the GPS website reads like a early 2000s sales funnel for some get rich ebook package written by Billy Mays. Just worrying this is an affiliate link squeeze, seeing live account history would be great?

  43. Hi Sir,

    I have bought the GPS v3 about four weeks ago and I set it on EUR/USD H1 $100 with FXCM broker but I have made $9 worth of profit. could you please help me

    Thank you
    Mazin Bakous

  44. I would like to know more about this robot. I am really new in this domain. Is it possible to by this robot via Litecoin or any other crypto currency? What is the meaning of VPS, FPA, EA and MT4. It sound ridiculous but I am a learner and want to buy this robot at the end of the day. Thank you for your highly appreciated assistance.

  45. Hi Jon, so far this is the best independent review of a bot. I’m a newbie in ccy trading, just signed upbeith a broker. Will it work with ETFinance which has a 1:300 leverage? Also, what VPS would you recommend? May I also know the bots profit factor? Lastly, have you heard of ROFX which claims to have a drawdown of 0.35% and a profit factor of 5.94? Could you also do a review of ROFX? Thanks for your blog.

    • Hi Benjamin. GPS developers suggest suing 1:200 leverage so your broker should be fine. I don’t recommend any particular VPS, they’re all quite similar really. Check my February update video for ROFX I think it’s a scam.

  46. Hi Jon,
    I bought the GPS Robot via your site about yesterday. I have emailed you. Still waiting for your settings for this Robot as well as other bonuses?


  47. Hi Jon,

    I received the settings, thanks 🙂
    I am deciding which broker to go with, I have read that GPS works best with 1:200 leverage, I already have an account with IC markets they offer 1:500 leverage. Is it ok or should I go with a broker that has 1:200 leverage like FX Choice.


  48. Hi Jon,
    Thank you for giving such a thorough and insightful review. I purchased using your link. You have responded promptly to my emails and were helpful.
    I finally got the robot setup properly, and this past week it executed its first trade. My $1000 account grew 1.25% in just over 5 hours.
    I use a platform that only offers 1:50 leverage. With this lower level of leverage being used is there much danger of blowing my account by adding the three other currency pairs, or should I just stick with eurusd?
    Thanks again for all the work you’ve done.

  49. Hi Tradewise, thanks for your work and what you have done for your community!
    I use this Bot since 1 year. The Profit was unbeliveable high and it worked perfect. On october 19th i got an margin call because the Reversal Trade was 1250 points in minus. Thats a huge Drawdown, when you multiple your initial trade volumen with x7. I think many others does also got in this situation. The bad thing about is, that the Developer is advertising a “small drawdown”. This is not the case. So maybe the review and stars are not so correct for this bot. If you need information about my settings (standard settings from the developers myfxbook) or when the trade happend, feel free to contact me.

    • Hi Julz yes my bot has also got very high drawdown at the moment as you’ll see from the myfxbook links. Typically it is very low but the reversal trade can create periods of high drawdown that’s for sure.


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