Playa3ull Games Review 2023 – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

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Playa3ull Games Review 2022
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Welcome to my Playa3ull Games review. I’ve been investing in play-to-earn gaming companies with some success for over a year now. I was one of the first people to invest in a Gala Games node and my Youtube and blog followers got in early on what became a 10,000% return! My investment into a node whilst quite large (I paid about $8k each for my 2 Gala Nodes) they have repaid me many times over, plus I’ve earned a lot of free NFTs which I can sell or rent out to other gamers. It was definitely my best investment of all time, and many are saying that Playa3ull Games have similar potential. In this review, I’ll cover who the company are, what the nodes do and what you can expect in terms of earnings. Overall, I like the look of this company and would say they definitely have potential. Whether they have the potential to do what Gala Games did remains to be seen, of course. The nodes are increasing in value all the time though so if you also like the look of them then it’s better to get them before they start shooting up in price.

NOTE: If you do buy a node or even just connect your wallet to play some of their games, there are often incentives for being introduced by someone. My referral link for them is HERE if you want to be in with a chance of getting some bonuses. For example, Gala Games ran an offer where if you refer someone who plays one of their games you BOTH received $100 of Gala tokens! I’m sure Playa3ull will offer some similar rewards at some point.

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Playa3ull Games Review

Playing video games for fun is fine, but an innovative Australian company by the name of Playa3ull Games is taking things to the next level by creating a play-to-earn system using blockchain technology. This system features a rich economy revolving around the games, those that play them, and their token known as 3ULL Coin. Using this system, Playa3ull Games presents itself as an investment opportunity for those looking to earn extra while enjoying their gaming habits. In this Playa3ull Games review, we’ll take a closer look at Playa3ull Games, what they have to offer, and whether or not they are worth your time.

Here is a great review video that explains things in simple terms for those who are new to the world of play-to-earn gaming and NFTs;

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What is Playa3ull Games?

Blockchain technology has come a long way and Playa3ull Games has taken advantage of this. Using Avalanche blockchain technology combined with the latest in game development, they have created a way for players to enjoy games while at the same time earning a type of currency called 3ULL coin. To put it in simpler terms, by playing games using the Playa3ull system, you earn cryptocurrency that can have a real monetary value.

Buying Nodes

To fully understand Playa3ull Games, you need to understand their node system. Like other forms of crypto, coins come into existence through specific conditions. In this case, it is through the use of Master Nodes. The coins are then split evenly among the owners of the Master Nodes. The way this creates value is by limiting both the number of Master Nodes and the 3ULL coin of which there will only ever be 50,000,000,000.

As of this writing, 4375 nodes have been sold out of a total of 50,000. This leaves 45,625 nodes for sale. Each node costs USD 4400 at the moment, however, that is set to change. You see, every time 100 Master Nodes are sold, the price increases. This helps to vitalize the 3ULL economy and add value.

For example, right now there are 25 nodes left at the current price. Once those are sold, the price will increase to USD 4500. This means that those who get in early will see the value of their investment rise the quickest. You will buy at a lower price but you will also get more rewards because the daily rewards are split by the number of active nodes. The current number of 3ull coins paid to each node owner is 1,566 per day, but this will decrease as more nodes come online. My Gala Games node used to be similar when I got in, but is now at about 350 Gala tokens per day. This system rewards investors who are action-takers rather than those who are on the fence about it.

If all of this sounds confusing, you can take a look at the Playa3ull Games whitepaper. This document explains everything in great detail including how Master Nodes and the Playa3ull economy will work. This being the case, we would highly recommend giving the whitepaper a read before making any decisions regarding this project and your investment in it. They also have a discord available if you’d like to speak to someone about the project there.

How Much Can I Earn?

Running a node will currently earn each node owner 1,564 3ULL tokens PER DAY! Whilst the value of the 3ULL token is currently very low (less than 1 cent), owning a node is not designed for short-term gains, and is inteded to pay off significantly over the long term. No one knows exactly where the token price will go to in the future (it could go up as well as down) but if the token were ever to reach $1 then the returns for running a node wouldbe insane!


Becoming an Investor

One of the main things to remember about the Playa3ull project is that you’re not just a player if you get on board with this, you’re an investor. This being the case, you should take your involvement with the system and product very seriously. In other words, Playa3ull isn’t just about games or even crypto, it’s a major financial decision that should be made with care and there is a chance your investment might not be repaid if the project fails.

That said, Playa3ull rewards those who take action. As previously mentioned, price increases concerning the nodes ensure that those who join early receive the most benefit. The play-to-earn sector is only just getting started and is set to be worth multiple trillions of dollars. If you don’t have the funds to buy a node or prefer not to go down that route then buying NFTs and taking part in their play-to-earn ecosystem is another great way you can be rewarded by supporting Play3ull Games. The prospect of making money while having fun playing games is something that will likely appeal to a wide audience, and is certainly the thing that first attracted me to this space. I own not just nodes but NFTs and coins too so that I can earn in several different ways from this sector.

Innovative Game Design

So, what about the games themselves? This is actually one of the more interesting aspects of Playa3ull Games. Instead of just cranking out a myriad of substandard mobile games, the developers are focused on providing investors with a brand-new gaming experience. In fact, it is stated in the whitepaper that their game design revolves around the concept of novelty and that every game will have something in it that the world has never seen before. I find this very intriguing!

Other interesting facts about the games include:

  • Each game will be owned by a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization)
  • Each game will be directed by the DAO’s community
  • Each game will be built on its own world
  • Each world will have part of that world dedicated to the MetaVerse

What this means is that Playa3ull Games will allow players to engage in other activities such as purchasing land, building homes, developing businesses, and enjoying social environments. While the core aspect of the project is gaming, the connection to the MetaVerse allows players to enjoy a much larger experience that would be impossible through normal gaming platforms.

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Playa3ull’s Games

Now that you have an understanding of just how Playa3ull design’s their games, let’s go over the games themselves. It should be mentioned that these games are still in production but will be completed in accordance with the road map.

Nexus (Previously Revn)

“NEXUS” is a third-person MOBA shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. In 2046, a group of laborers discovers a subterranean cavern with mystical substances, Flow and Flux, leading to the creation of Pseudo Nexuses. These Nexuses, initially beneficial, eventually cause catastrophic mutations and societal collapse. Players are thrust into the Nexus Wars, fighting for control over the remaining pure Nexuses using the powers of Flow and Flux. The game emphasizes strategic gameplay, character customization, and fast-paced 5v5 battles, all powered by Unreal Engine 5. It’s a tournament-style game with no pay-to-win elements, offering a unique blend of strategy and action.

For a more detailed overview, please visit NEXUS.

Dogs Of War

“Dogs of War” is a unique survival game blending human and canine DNA to create distinctive characters. Set in a post-apocalyptic world after the devastating Corona 718 virus, players assume the role of Canis Sapiens or ‘Doggos’, immune to the virus. The game, inspired by titles like DayZ and Rust, offers a mix of survival elements, PvP conflict, and NFT collection. Players engage in a dynamic world, striving to reclaim it amidst dwindling human populations and zombie threats. The game’s visual and gameplay elements offer a fresh and engaging experience in the survival genre.

For a more detailed overview, please visit Dogs of War.

Starvin Martian

“Starvin Martian” is a farming-style game set on Mars, where players start with nothing and work to build a life on the planet. The game involves cultivating interesting animals, crops, and services. Players can own and upgrade assets through NFTs, enhancing the gameplay and earning opportunities. Regular competitions challenge players to find the most effective farming strategies, with winners earning in-game currency. The game focuses on strategic resource management, innovative farming techniques, and exploring the mysteries of Mars to ensure the survival and growth of the colony.

For more details, please visit Starvin Martian.


“Ordinem” is a trading card game inspired by popular titles like “Magic: The Gathering” and “Hearthstone,” with a unique twist of players owning their cards. The game revolves around using cards from five magic orders to cast spells, summon followers, craft artifacts, and weave enchantments. Players start with base decks and can expand them through gameplay, victories, or by purchasing card packs with 3ULL coin on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES marketplace.

For more details, please visit Ordinem.

War of Steel aka Roboto Royale

War of Steel is a fast-paced battle Royale game that focuses on several phases. The first is the survival phase in which you must attempt to keep your giant military robot alive by making quick decisions amidst the chaos. After that, you and your 50-player team will need to meet up and move towards your objective. During the battle, you can swap out parts to make your robot even stronger.

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Playa3ull Roadmap

It’s always important to take a look at the road map when considering whether or not to invest in projects such as these. As of right now, Playa3ull has a roadmap planning out operations from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023. Let’s go over some of the most important points of this road map.

Q1 2022

This quarter is focused on launching the platform and marketing it. Stage 1 coin and nodes were released and coin exchanges became available. The white paper itself was also created and released during this time.

Q2 & 3 2022

This phase will be about expansion. Not only does Playa3ull plan on expanding its development team, but they will also extend the reach of its marketing campaign. Game production is slated to continue and Roboto Doggo is planned to be released during this quarter as well. Furthermore, nodes will upgrade to Stage 2.

Q4 2022

The final quarter of 2022 will see the construction of the DAOs. To accomplish this, strategic gaming experts will be hired to oversee the process. Marketing for the coin, node, MetaVerse, and game awareness will increase and more betas will be released as game development continues.

Q1 2023

This ambitious phase of the roadmap states that Playa3ull will begin purchasing gaming companies and will host the Playa3ull Games Awards. However, there is no elaboration on what these awards are or where the event will be hosted.

The Main Benefits of Playa3ull

Let’s wrap up this review by touching on just what makes Playa3ull something you should look into. Keep in mind though that many of the features and options are still in development and won’t be rolled out until late 2022 and early 2023.

Gaming Economy

While Playa3ull is certainly a play-to-earn system, it is something that should be looked at as a serious investment. In addition to earning 3ULL Coin by playing their games, you can invest in virtual real estate in the MetaVerse as well. The land you purchase can have structures built on it and can be developed in any way you want. Once again, this should be viewed as an investment just like a real-life real estate purchase.

Joint Ownership

Each game released by Playa3ull will be owned by a DAO. Becoming a part of the DAO entitles you to have a say in the game’s development by voting on upcoming game changes. While this won’t make you a designer or developer of the game, it does allow you to shape the direction of the game. Becoming a part of the DAO is done by purchasing a Playa3ull NFT.

Is Playa3ull Games A Scam?

Playa3ull Games is a public team and seems to be legitimate. They have genuine games coming to their platform and I think they will achieve many of their roadmap ambitions. However, investing early means taking the biggest amount of risk because they could potentially still fail. When thinking about investing into this company, you could certainly wait until they have more games in development or even until the games are launched and you can see the platform working first-hand, but normally by this point the big move in the token price has already happened. So getting in early means taking the biggest amount of risk but also has the most upside potential too. The same thing can be said about owning a Playa3ull node because the price is currently very low compared to what it will be in the future, plus the rewards will slowly diminish over time as more nodes come online and they have their annual token halvings too.


Overall, Playa3ull Games is an interesting project with a lot of unique features. Whether you’re already into crypto, NFTs, and other blockchain-related gaming or not, this is worth taking a look at. If you do get involved early you have a high potential upside but also still a risk that the project will fail. Buying a Playa3ull node is a serious financial commitment and should be treated as such. If you’re unsure of your suitability you could buy some tokens instead or wait until the games progress further and buy some NFTs for a lower outlay. Overall, the play-to-earn and NFT gaming sectors are set to explode over the coming 3-5 years though, and Playa3ull Games are getting involved at just the right time to potentially see exponential growth.

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