Token Metrics Review: 100x Altcoin Machine Or Total Scam?

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Token Metrics Review: 100x Altcoin Machine Or Total Scam?
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“Do you wish you’d invested in Amazon, Google, and Netflix, before anyone knew about them?” asks Ian Balina on Token Metrics home page intro video.

“One thousand dollars in[vested] in Netflix turned to half a million dollars,” he says. “At Token Metrics, we help you find the next Netflix.”

Sounds good. We’d all like that.

Is it true?

In this Token Metrics review, we take a look at the online platform that combines machine learning (AI) with algorithms and human expertise to provide strategic information to crypto investors and traders.

We’re going to weigh the good, the bad, and the ugly. Actually, there’s no ugly, so we’ll be evaluating the mostly good with a look at the bit of bad.

Overall, Token Metrics is a very good platform with some excellent data. We believe that it does genuinely give crypto enthusiasts an edge in finding projects that might be about to explode in value. Perhaps that’s why Token Metrics has thousands of active users and hundreds of positive testimonials!

✅ Easy To Use❌ Data Can Be Slow/Inaccurate
✅ Convenient For Tracking Your Portfolio❌ Recently Acquired By FTX
✅ Free To Use

Begin at the Beginning: Token Metrics Summarized

Here’s how Ugandan-born founder Ian Balina describes Token Metrics on his LinkedIn: “a data-driven cryptocurrency investment research platform that helps retail investors leverage analytics and machine learning to become better investors.”

The company was founded in 2018. Its current pool of subscribers includes passive investors, crypto fund managers, DeFi newbies and those who’ve been around since the beginning of open finance. They are all ages and come from several dozen countries.

The platform provides real-time data on 6,000 cryptocurrencies that helps investors “eliminate the emotions of investing, find profitable investment opportunities,” and filter out scams.

Who are TM’s Ideal Users?

According to Balina, Token Metrics’ investors are “early adaptors looking for financial freedom,” and “people who see a better world without international borders.”

Throttling back on the ethereal, you could say that TM’s ideal users lie in four camps: 1) new crypto investors, 2) experienced long-term crypto investors, 3) day traders, and 4) short-term investors keen on utilizing volumes of data accessibly packaged.

How It Works

It’s All About the Data

What Token Metrics provides is dataanalytical and technical data on 6,000 coins and tokens, presented in evaluative formats that allow investors to make investing and trading decisions based on that data. TM draws from three sources of information:

  1. Humans with analytical, investment, and development experience from major institutions (think Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, State Street, Liberty Mutual, IBM Watson, Mastercard, Citibank, Amazon, Cointelegraph)
  2. Analytics derived from running every cryptocurrency through 70 data points and producing profitability evaluations
  3. Integrated algorithms, artificial intelligence, and price-prediction models that generate graphs, charts, and tables which investors can use with confidence to buy, trade, or HODL

What the Data Delivers to TM Customers

Token Metrics data crunching provides four areas of information for crypto investors, HODLers, and traders.

Crypto Indices

TM customers can follow over 30 indices customized for crypto exchanges such as All, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Uniswap, and Kucoin.

Ratings & Rankings

Ratings and reviews of crypto assets are generated from 70 quantitative data points and 20 million AI models.

Trends Indicators

Token Metric’s proprietary Visual Trends Indicator creates signals to indicate which crypto assets are bullish or bearish.

Price Predictions

TM provides rolling daily price predictions with transparent twelve-month model histories.

A Deeper Dive into the Data

The Token Metrics team looks at numerous factors when it evaluates cryptocurrencies.

  • How many customers the token has
  • The developers behind the token–their history and experience
  • The token’s strategic partners
  • If a token’s team members have experience at a Fortune 500 company (2+ years preferred)
  • If a token’s team members have experience at top 20 blockchain project (2+ years preferred)
  • Does the token have large Twitter or Reddit followings?
  • Does the coin’s code support it being a good project, development-wise?
  • If the coin’s code is updated regularly
  • A coin or token’s liquidity

Token Metrics: Plans and Pricing

What does it cost to get access to Token Metrics tools and data?

There are three plans: basic (“HODLer”), advanced (“Investor), and super-charged (“Professional”).

You can get a cheap seven-day trial for the first two subscription tiers.

The basic level costs $39.99 per month or, commit for a year, get three months free, and pay nearly $360.

The second level (the “Popular” choice, according to the green flag) costs $99.99 per month or, commit for a year, get three months free, and pay nearly $900.

The Pro level has no toe-dipping provisions; you must fully commit at $399.99 per month or, commit for a year, get three months free, and pay one penny short of $3600 per year.

What You Get with a Subscription

Depending on the plan users choose, Token Metrics members get the following:

  • Top 100-6,000 Visual Trends indicator
  • Top 100-6,000 Mcap quant grade
  • Top 500-6,000 Mcap price predictions
  • Crypto indices plus example portfolios
  • Daily investor newsletter
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Access to Token Metrics TV
  • Email alerts
  • SMS alerts
  • Private investor network Telegram group (pro plan only)
  • Weekly investor webinars (pro plan only)
token metrics data sample

Free Stuff for Anyone

Don’t want to pay anything? Token Metrics offers free resources for casual visitors, including webinars (email required for access), blog articles, podcasts, and YouTube videos.

How It (Maybe) Doesn’t Work

Is there anything wrong with Token Metrics? A fly in the ointment somewhere?

Here’s what we found.

Not So Supportive

The customer support scenario with Token Metrics is a little unclear. The site itself does not list a phone number for live support. As of this writing, TM gives three support options: send an email to and wait; go into the forum and hope someone can help you; or visit TM’s knowledge base and possibly spend your one free afternoon of the year scanning articles in search of the Holy Grail.

Nevertheless, Sarah Horvath on Benzinga provides this Token Metrics customer support phone number: 888-908-6536. It works.

And the site does have a chat feature with a usual reply time of “under 1 hour.”

Ooo, Expensive

Enough said.

Negative Nellies

Most companies will have a few negative reviews left by people with legitimate complaints, or by frustrated users who fire off bad reviews and later figure out what they did wrong, or by people just having a bad hair day.

So, we always take negative reviews with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, we still mention them, especially if there are several that have been left within weeks of each other.

As of this writing, there are a handful of recently-left complaints about Token Metrics:

Samantha Atkins on YouTube: “I subscribe as both Investor and Professional. The more expensive one is not at all worth it IMHO. Their indices are inflexible even on the weekly trader . . . .”

Trustpilot reviews give Token Metrics an averaged rating of 2.6 out of 5.

Tian: “. . . whenever I bring these issues to customer service, I either receive a vague response or no response at all. . . . The free YouTube content is actually better than the paid service.”

Sammy: “I believe Ian Balina has a good idea but just that the system is nowhere ready, and the customer service is below par.”

Kim Nyrr: The “free content is better than paid content; the project is not ready yet in my opinion.”

Dianne Jones: “What started out as a good service has rapidly declined into a totally unusable and frustrating service (i.e., forward guidance charts have not been updated for a month now, price predictions are just flat out wrong, service desk is a one-man show who has no authority to do anything other than give scripted non-answers). . . .”

At the Better Business Bureau, a billing complaint was lodged by a frustrated Token Metrics trial subscriber. Three days after the BBB complaint was filed, Trust Metrics responded that a full refund was issued the day of the BBB complaint. The complaint status is now “Resolved.”

Summing It Up

Despite the few negative reviews, it appears that Token Metrics is a robust platform on track to continually better its deliverables and expand its offerings.

Overall, the platform is easy to set up and use, even for new crypto investors. The data is accessible and on-page pop-up guides help all users understand terms and information.

In terms of analytics, data volume, tools, resources, and Token Metrics team caliber, we are hard pressed to find many other platforms that come close.

Two thumbs up.

2 thoughts on “Token Metrics Review: 100x Altcoin Machine Or Total Scam?”

  1. Scam. Ian balina said Armor is the most bullish crypto from February to November 2021. On 15 November 2021 after losing 90% of my money he said it is time to get out. You can find videos on tokenmetrics youtube channel about how bullish he was. He probably sold the coins he received without paying any money on people who trusted tokenmetrics. Be careful with his next recommendations lik He is a scammer.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. You have to be willing to take some hits in the crypto space though. One losing trade is not so bad if you’re making large wins at the same time.


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