WiseTraders Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Simplified Trading Solutions

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Welcome to our WiseTraders review. Although the name of this company is very similar to our own, we are in fact completely separate companies. We have been testing the OVI trading software for some time now and getting great results with it and therefore wanted to put out this review.

WiseTraders offers a range of trading solutions for both stock and options traders. Their unique approach focuses on simplifying the trading process through the use of logic-based systems and tools, allowing traders of all experience levels to take control of their trades.

In today’s fast-paced market, having a simple and effective trading plan is crucial for success, and WiseTraders offers just that. In this review, we will take a closer look at WiseTraders’ offerings and how they can help traders overcome common trading issues.

What Is WiseTraders?

WiseTraders is a trading software and education provider that aims to empower private investors to achieve their financial goals through wise, profitable trades.

Founded by Guy Cohen, an MBA Finance graduate and trading expert, WiseTraders is on a mission to level the playing field between non-professional traders and the world’s most sophisticated investors.

Guy Cohen – Founder of WiseTraders

The WiseTraders trading method focuses on revealing the footprints of big aggressive money in the market (big money footprints) and outlining a clear and simple strategy to minimize risk and maximize profits.

This is achieved through the use of their patented OVI (Options Volatility Indicator) which is proven with professional, quantitative portfolios.

They offer software and training solutions that cover both stocks and options and are best suited for traders looking to profit from short-to-medium-term price fluctuations in the market.

Their solutions are easy to use, thanks to their ability to transform complex algorithms into user-friendly tools, such as the OVI charts that reveal hidden market intelligence in an instant.

WiseTraders is passionate about giving their members a tangible edge through their software, education, and support, and they continue to explore new ways and technologies to make their solutions work harder for their members.

Introducing OVI SOFTWARE

The Options Volatility Indicator (OVI) is a proprietary tool developed by Guy Cohen that uses options data to reveal the activity of elite traders.

The OVI distinguishes between ‘aggressive position-building’ activity and ‘protective hedging’ activity, which enables traders to participate in stocks with a strong leveraged sentiment from professional players in either direction.

It has been validated by a quantitative portfolio live track record that has outperformed the S&P and can be used to trade stocks with enhanced odds and establish overall market direction. The OVI collects complex data from an options chain and transforms it into a simple line that gives traders a unique edge for assessing a stock.

The OVI indicator has proven successful and is trusted by professionals as a source of alpha in quantitative investment portfolios. The OVI is Guy Cohen’s proprietary and patented indicator, incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning principles, and is regularly reviewed to ensure adherence to the highest standards.

The OVI is the inspiration behind WiseTraders’ unique trading approach and is only available to private investors through their services.

WiseTraders Stock Trading Solutions

WiseTraders is a world-class stock trading education and software provider that offers three membership types to suit different levels of experience and commitment.

The FlagTrader membership, priced at $2997 per year, is the ultimate stock selection tool that combines unique filtering tools, dynamic training, and a 4-step EDGE trade plan. Members get access to OVI charts for all qualifying stocks, personalized and in-house watchlists, TradeFinder stock filtering software, specialized bite-sized training videos, live webinars with Guy, and much more. The membership is perfect for traders who seek to understand and optimize their stock-picking performance.

For traders looking to pinpoint the optimal strategies for prevailing market conditions, the OVI Markets Daily membership, priced at $197 per month, is the right choice. Members get access to OVI charts for all qualifying stocks, personalized and in-house watchlists, specialized bite-sized training videos, live webinars with Guy, and longer-term OVI sentiment indicators and medium and shorter-term overbought/oversold oscillators. Additionally, the membership includes the OVI dashboard for a complete market overview.

For more experienced traders, the Home Hedge Fund membership, priced at $3997 per year, provides automated trading ideas based on portfolios that have outperformed the S&P. The membership includes OVI charts for all qualifying stocks, personalized and in-house watchlists, a mini TradeFinder for flags, a quick trade idea generator, an automated portfolio manager, and several other tools for better trade management.

WiseTraders Options Trading Solutions

WiseTraders also offers three membership types for options trading, including 4XL, Vol-2-Cash, and Income Booster.

The 4XL membership, priced at $1997 per year, is designed for traders looking to grow a small account or wanting to learn how to use ‘smart leverage.’ Members get access to premium tools and calculators, options 101 interactive tutorials, advanced options tutorials, call-and-put strategy tutorials, and long call-and-put TradeFinders with OVI filters.

The Vol-2-Cash membership, priced at $1997 per year, is for more adventurous traders who want to exploit volatility during earnings season without concern about direction. Members get access to premium tools and calculators, options 101 interactive tutorials, advanced options tutorials, straddle and strangle strategy tutorials, and the OptionEasy straddle TradeFinder.

For traders looking to generate regular income by putting their capital to work with managed risk, the Income Booster membership, priced at $1997 per year, provides nine different income strategies geared towards generating monthly returns. Members get access to premium tools and calculators, options 101 interactive tutorials, advanced options tutorials, and option easy TradeFinders for all income strategies.

WiseTraders’ proprietary OptionEasy software dramatically simplifies options learning journeys and empowers traders to identify higher-probability trades in various market conditions. Members can choose from any of the mainstream options strategies and specialize in just a few to fit their trading preferences.

With OptionEasy, traders can have clarity and simplicity in their options trading activities, and have a clear set of rules based on logic. Additionally, WiseTraders’ proprietary OVI options selection tool enhances the returns of stock trading with built-in risk control.

Benefits of Trading with WiseTraders

Trading with WiseTraders offers numerous benefits for traders of all levels.

  • Their stock screening solutions provide clarity and simplicity, enabling traders to follow a logic-based approach to trading with a very strong track record.
  • One of the key benefits is the empowerment to identify higher-probability trades with risk control using WiseTraders’ proprietary OVI stock and options selection tools.
  • WiseTraders also offers various tools for managing trades and optimizing profits, including specialized training videos, webinars, and access to a members’ forum.
  • Members can also learn to trade with ‘smart leverage’ using WiseTraders’ OptionEasy software and algorithms. This will help them to maximize returns whilst still managing risk.
  • The testimonials from satisfied members speak for themselves, with many expressing their satisfaction with the transformation of their trading results after joining WiseTraders.

WiseTraders Proprietary Trading Tools and Algorithms

WiseTraders utilizes unique and effective trading tools and algorithms to help traders achieve success in the stock and options markets.

One of their most notable tools is the OVI (Options Volatility Indicator), which is based on demand and supply logic and used to identify higher-probability trades in various market conditions.

WiseTraders also offers the OptionEasy software, which simplifies the options learning journey for traders at all levels of experience. The software applications are user-friendly and accessible on mobile devices, providing traders with flexibility and ease of use.

These tools and algorithms have been tested and validated by quantitative portfolio live track records, which have consistently outperformed the S&P500.

Educational Resources and Customer Support

In addition to their powerful trading tools and algorithms, WiseTraders also provides members with a wealth of educational resources to improve their skills and knowledge.

They offer regular webinars, tutorials, and courses covering a variety of topics related to stock and options trading. This educational content is designed to provide traders with a solid foundation to help them become successful traders.

WiseTraders also offers exceptional customer support, with fast response times, availability of customer service representatives, and overall high satisfaction ratings.


WiseTraders offers a comprehensive range of trading solutions for traders of all levels, from beginner to experienced. Their focus on clarity and simplicity, logic-based approach, and proprietary selection tools make them a standout in the trading industry.

This is seriously powerful software!

With their various membership types, personalized support, and dedication to helping traders achieve success, WiseTraders is a top choice for traders seeking to take their trading to the next level.

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  1. Hi there I am interested in Wisetraders stock trading. I am just wondering what kind of results and experience you have had? I really like these trading systems where I have more control than sending funds to a company and hoping for the best.


    • Hi Anthony,
      I’ve been test trading so far and I have to say the software AND the support from the team has been excellent. I think they’ve got a very sensible apporach to stock picking and you can either follow their signals or use the software to find your own. There is a bit of a leanring curve (although this depends on you experience levels too) but overall I’d say this is a truly excellent company for stocks and options trading signals.


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