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Plus500 Review 2023
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Are you considering Plus500 as your go-to trading platform but unsure whether it’s the right choice for you? Look no further, as we dive into an in-depth Plus500 review, a popular global CFD broker known for its user-friendly platform and competitive fees. We’ll explore all aspects, from account opening and trading platforms to fees and customer support, leaving no stone unturned. Let’s embark on this journey to discover if Plus500 is the ideal platform for your trading needs.

Short Review Summary

  • Plus500 is a publicly-traded company offering user-friendly features and competitive fees.
  • It provides essential research tools, though more comprehensive resources may be required for advanced traders.
  • Plus500 adheres to strict regulatory guidelines with measures such as client fund segregation and negative balance protection for investor protection.

Plus500 Overview

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Plus500, listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2008, has become a well-known name to retail investors around the world. They provide their own proprietary trading platform for CFDs with competitive fees and excellent customer support. Despite this, 81% of retail investor accounts still lose money when trading through Plus500 due to the associated risks involved in such transactions.

Key Features

Plus500 is well known for its straightforward design, which makes it easy for beginners as well as experienced traders to get going. They provide a web-based platform featuring watchlists set in advance, sentiment data signals and an economic calendar that contains all the necessary information on different markets. Their mobile app also offers plenty of options such as graphing tools, research functionality along with reports. They offer biometric authentication ensuring maximum safety when accessing your account anytime.

The only drawbacks noted are their lack of telephone support and limited resources regarding researching market trends, etc. This broker still remains appealing due inactivity fee and to its low minimum deposit requirement: £100 per credit card/debit card or electronic wallet allowing you to start trading without investing too much client money upfront.

Pros and Cons

Plus500 stands out as a great trading platform, especially for those who are new to the market and appreciate its user-friendly interface coupled with competitive fees. On top of that, customer service is easily accessible should there be any queries or issues that need attention.

Advanced traders looking for Education may find themselves frustrated by Plus500’s lack of in-depth research tools and limited educational resources, something they would need to factor into their decision before signing up for a professional account.

Account Opening Process

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Plus500 makes account opening a stress-free process, with their completely online system. Investors from most countries are able to open an account. Citizens of the United States, Canada, Cuba, Iran and Syria do not qualify. They provide a demo account where newcomers can try out trading without any risk before embarking on real trades.

Demo Account

Plus500’s demo account is an invaluable resource for those just starting out in trading. It enables beginners to gain a practical understanding of the platform, its tools and how to perform trades without having any financial risk. This allows users to test their strategies and techniques as well as study market trends so they can manage their risks better upon transitioning into a live trading account. The setup process takes only several minutes, which makes it quite easy for everyone!

Account Restrictions

Though Plus500 is available to many investors globally, there are certain restrictions with regard to opening an account. U.S. and Canadian citizens cannot open accounts on the platform, while specific countries have particular limits imposed upon them. Also, strategies like scalping. Automated entry systems and hedging in trade activities do not come under consideration by this broker’s rulebook either.

Trading Platforms

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The WebTrader platform, designed for convenience and efficiency in online trading, is regulated by several different organizations, including the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. Plus500 also provides a mobile app which shares many of its features with that of the web-based version mobile trading platform. Making it accessible from iOS, Android or Windows. Phone systems so you can invest while on the go!

Platform Features

Plus500’s WebTrader comes with an array of features to make your trading journey easier, such as customizable charts, different types of orders and notifications. You can utilize technical analysis charts and indicators for various time frames in order to be more informed about market trends. The platform has multiple investment possibilities including indices associated with AI companies or ESG/impact funds along with cryptocurrencies too!

Still though, it is important that you are aware that this system does not enable automated trading nor any customisation due to its closed nature – meaning there won’t be a possibility to integrate or manage third party funds third-party analytical tools into your own unique strategy.

Platform Usability

Plus500’s platforms have become popular for their user-friendly design, yet advanced traders may find limited customisation and integration with third-party resources. The focus is on providing a straightforward trading platform which lacks certain analytical features or the potential to incorporate other tools into strategies used by experienced investors.

Many users enjoy Plus500’s clean interface as it offers them an intuitive and smooth experience when investing online.

Tradable Assets

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At Plus500, investors have access to a variety of CFDs that span several asset classes like foreign exchange (forex), stocks, indices, commodities and ETFs as well as cryptos. It is important for active traders to note that popular options and futures are not available, which might be an issue for some traders who desire additional trading possibilities.

Asset Coverage

Plus500 offers over 2,800 CFD investment options for you to choose from. From Forex and Shares trading right through to Commodities and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), the platform provides a wide array of markets that can accommodate your specific trading preferences. You could even get involved in cryptocurrency speculation if desired, an area which is growing rapidly due to its ease of accessibility. Whatever underlying asset, class or type you’re interested in investing in, Plus500 has suitable products available so as to allow seamless entry into the market with minimal fuss!

Leverage and Margin Requirements

In terms of leverage levels and margin requirements, traders who use Plus500 may experience different values based on their location or regulatory rules. The maximum amount that can be leveraged is 30:1, which offers greater potential returns but also increases the risk factor involved in trading.

Considering this increased danger should always take precedence when engaging with high-risk-leverage activities such as this financial services sector. It’s important to think about possible risks before starting out.

Fees and Charges

Plus500 provides highly competitive prices regarding fees and charges. You can carry out trading without being concerned with the high risk of either losing money rapidly fact that high charges will make a dent in your earnings due to their low transaction expenses, zero withdrawal costs, and typical CFD foreign exchange rates.

It is important though for you to be aware of all other associated fees like those applicable when funding overnight client transactions or an absence of action since these might apply depending on how much trade occurs from your end.

Fee Comparison

Plus500 stands out for its low fees compared to industry standards. Their spreads on EUR/USD and USD/JPY vary according to the prevailing market rate, but they are typically competitively priced. With a minimum deposit that is quite reasonable plus no withdrawal costs associated, Plus500 is attractive when it comes to cost-effective trading solutions.

Fee Transparency

Plus500 provides clear details on the charges related to its trading products, such as spreads and inactivity fees. This transparency ensures that customers can make well-thought-out decisions without any nasty shocks down the line. In this way, Plus500 helps traders by giving them insight into potential costs associated with their investments before they enter a trade so that there are no unwelcome surprises later on.

Research and Analysis Tools

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For traders that require more comprehensive research and market analysis, Plus500 offers limited trading tools such as customizable charts and market analyses. While these can offer basic information for those just starting out with the markets, advanced investors may not find them adequate to fit their strategy’s needs. Thus it is suggested they search elsewhere for additional resources in order to make informed decisions on their trades.

Research Quality

Advanced traders might find the research tools Plus500 provides lacking compared to those of their competitors. While charts can be customized and there are daily articles along with market analyses, they do not have much more than that, no fundamental data or recommendations. This could prove a disadvantage when it comes to making informed trading decisions.

Third-Party Integrations

For traders who rely on extra features from external sources, such as their trading algorithms, bots or advanced analytical tools, Plus500 does not provide any type of third-party integrations. This could be a disadvantage to those with an intricate and technical approach to their trading strategy.

No additional financial services providers are offered by the platform, which means investors need other options when seeking out these resources outside of Plus500’s offerings.

Education and Learning Resources

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Advanced traders may not find the educational resources offered by Plus500, such as demo accounts and trading videos, adequate for their needs. To stay competitive in the market and excel in their trades, these more experienced investors need to source additional advanced trading tools elsewhere. While a demonstration account can be beneficial for beginners who are just starting out with investing or new to using this platform specifically. Overall, it might prove insufficient when compared to other services’ comprehensive training materials.

Educational Content

For those already familiar with the world of finance, Plus500 provides content to help advanced traders deepen their understanding. The range includes insights into different CFD trading strategies and risk management tools as well as technical analysis charts that offer essential information on margin requirements.

Plus500 offers a comprehensive guide for newcomers interested in entering the financial markets and learning about various financial instruments such as contracts for differences (CFDs). Educational resources include introductory videos/articles about CFDs so newbies can get up-to-speed quickly before delving into more complex aspects associated with this popular form of investment.

Traders who need even greater depth will require supplementary educational materials, but what is available via Plus500 covers the basics adequately enough that novice users are equipped to safely navigate these murky waters!

Learning Path

Plus500’s Trading Academy offers video content, webinars and written articles on trading. These resources are not structured in a way that tracks users’ learning progress. This may be off-putting to traders who would prefer an organized approach to education. Despite the lack of structure for educational materials, all relevant information is available via this academy, making it possible for Plus500 users still access quality sources of knowledge regarding investing.

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Customer Support

Plus500 offers excellent customer service, with the ability to contact them 24/7 through live chat and email. Quick replies from knowledgeable staff mean any concerns or queries are dealt with in a timely fashion. On the downside though, there is no phone support option, which could be an issue for those who prefer this form of communication.

Support Channels

Plus500 offers several customer support options such as live chat, email and WhatsApp to meet their customers’ needs. The lack of a phone line service might be disadvantageous for some clients who prefer direct communication with an agent.

Phone assistance is typical among online brokers, so its absence could put off potential users.

Support Quality

In general, Plus500 offers excellent customer service with helpful reps accessible to help resolve any issues or questions. There have been just a few clicks and reports of inadequate responses for specific inquiries, which may be an issue if you need in-depth assistance.

To sum up, despite this minor negative point, the platform has a great reputation when it comes to client support and is always aiming at making improvements where needed.

Security and Regulation

Plus500 values safety and regulation highly, complying with authoritative regulations such as those of the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. Funds belonging to clients are kept separate from corporate funds in specially earmarked accounts for additional security.

A negative balance protection feature is included so that customers cannot spend more than their initial investment.

Regulatory Oversight

As a transparent trading platform, Plus500 is regulated by some well-known authorities including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) from UK, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) from Cyprus, and the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority in Estonia. This regulatory oversight makes sure that investors are fully protected while they invest in financial markets via Plus500. The FCA, CySEC, the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority and other top agencies such as the Financial Markets Authority have their set of regulations to ensure protection for traders using this trading platform. These policies include regulating the financial services compensation scheme schemes which Helps to establish trustworthiness towards users engaging with authorised financial services provider and products online.

Investor Protection

Plus500 takes necessary steps to secure and protect its retail clients by adhering to regulatory guidelines, implementing negative balance protection which guarantees no losses beyond invested funds, and segregating client funds. These measures ensure that users can trust their trading environment with confidence.

Negative Balance Protection shields. Plus 500 customers from any possible loss of more than the amount of money they have already contributed, a guarantee for successful investments without risk or worry. All customer’s investor accounts lose money are kept segregated so as not to prevent misuse of these finances. To sum up, the safety features employed by Plus 500: adherence to regulations combined with practical safeguards ensures safe trades through this platform at all times making it reliable for traders alike.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Many traders have offered positive feedback for Plus500, lauding the platform’s intuitive layout and mobile app, as well as its competitive costs and helpful customer support. Experienced investors may be disappointed by the lack of comprehensive research options or educational materials available on this trading site, it is crucial to evaluate all aspects before settling on a retail account on Plus 500.


Frequently Asked Questions

Plus500 offers competitive trading costs and a wide range of user-friendly platforms, including web and mobile apps. For debit/credit cards and electronic wallets, the minimum deposit required is £100, while for bank transfers it’s £500. To ensure account security Plus500 uses a two-step login to Google authentication or Facebook authentication. Users have access to various educational resources such as demo accounts with basic information about trading strategies plus videos covering different topics related to this activity.


In the end, Plus500 is a highly-regarded online CFD broker known for its simple-to-use platform, lower fees and reliable customer service. Although there are certain downsides such as limited research tools or learning materials. It still provides an extensive trading experience suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Considering all of the good aspects compared to negative ones along with your individual needs should be taken into account before deciding if this trading platform is appropriate for you. Have fun investing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Plus500 be trusted?

Plus500 has earned a remarkable trust score of 99/99 and is considered Highly Trusted. It’s publically traded, ensuring its reliability and security since it isn’t operated by a bank.

Is Plus500 good for beginners?

Plus500 is a great option for new traders, with CFDs, shares and futures trading accessible through user-friendly tools. The multi-asset platform simplifies the process of tracking stock prices making it easier to break into the field.

Does Plus500 work in the UK?

Plus500 is a UK based company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), offering Contracts For Difference (CFD) on popular markets such as the USA, UK and Germany. Therefore, it does work in the UK.

Is Plus500 better than eToro?

For experienced traders, Plus500 is the preferred option with their narrow spreads on forex trading and all-day customer assistance. On top of that, eToro boasts a wider array of assets to choose from.

What is the minimum deposit for PayPal Plus500?

Plus500’s minimum deposit is $100, which can be completed through several methods such as Debit/Credit cards, Bank transfers or using electronic wallets (PayPal and Skrill). There are absolutely no associated fees for deposits. Bank transfers allow you to conveniently withdraw money invest the stipulated minimum amount or deposit money into your account.

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