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Warrior Trading Review [2021]

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Warrior Trading is a day trading educational platform that provides paid training courses for people who would like to become expert traders. This is not a live trading platform, and it won’t trade on your behalf. Instead, it has many day trading materials like trading chat rooms, day trading strategies, stock scanners, daily watch lists, coupons, and many more.  This is a full review of Warrior Trading of

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Warrior Trading Headquarters And History

Warrior Trading is headquartered in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA.  Most of the members of their team work remotely to assist their members from all over the world. Warrior Trading started as a trading blog created by Ross Cameron back in 2012 with a mission to recruit 50,000 “freedom traders” who will live lives “with freedom and independence by 2020.” The company has managed to fulfill that goal, and now, it has more than 500,000 active traders and 5,000 premium users. 

What Is The Warrior Trading Program All About?

The Warrior Trading program is an educational service that trains future traders all about the stock market and how to conduct a day trade online. Warrior Trading uses online courses and chat rooms to simulate actual classrooms where members can learn together.

Many are asking what Warrior Trading is and if this is a scam or not. A proof that it is a legitimate company is its two-time nomination for being the best trading educator at the Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2016 and 2017. 

What Are The Services Of Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading offers three basic services: a chat room learning service, trading simulator service, and trading training courses. 

  • Chat Room – the chat room is Warrior Trading’s web conferencing platform where chat moderators interact with members live. They share their screens, stock charts, and explain stuff like in an actual classroom. Chat rooms can have at least 1000 attendees daily. 

Ross and his moderators provide stock watch lists of 3 to 5 real stocks with good activity and trade at around 9:30 EST. The chat rooms are busy with commentaries, recaps, and Q and A sessions.  Chat room pricing starts with the basic at $149 a month. This membership fee gives you exclusive access to daily stock watch lists, day trade tips, and various chat room alert through email or SMS.

  • Live Trading Simulator – the live trading simulator is an additional service paid separately from the chat room. It is a helpful tool to promote beginner’s trading skills before they do live trading. This simulator prepares users for live trading through Speedtrader or Suretrader. 

The live trading simulator is available in three packages, with the basic option for $99 a month as the most popular. This basic account has a 100k simulated amount, charting, and reporting. An annual subscription will help you with advanced reporting through a simulated stock trading platform. Moderators are present to help users out and may even warn them if they make unrealistic trading amounts. 

  • Day Trading Materials – Warrior Trading ensures that users get the most out of their subscription by providing free materials. These include a free trading webinar, trading chat room access, daily stock watch list, day trading strategies, stock scanners, trading tools, product reviews, coupons, and many more.  

What To Expect With Warrior Trading?

Here are significant features that you must consider before using Warrior Trading.

  • Account Sign Up And Verification

You can sign up for an account through Warrior Trading’s official website: Select from a Chat Room account, Warrior Starter for beginners for $997, and Warrior Pro for $4,299 if you want to become a professional trader.  Finally, there’s the Warrior Inner Circle, an exclusive platform accessible through an exclusive app. 

Among the three, the Warrior Inner Circle is the most exclusive and the most expensive. Included is a weekly mentorship, access to warrior pro system, and Ross and other traders in the inner circle for a year. You may also get to meet Ross with his team twice a year for personal mentoring.

  • Supported Trading 

Warrior Trading trains members on how to engage in day stock trading and other types of investments. Moderators offer simulated trading rooms for large and small cap trading and provide members of the hottest stock watch list to identify excellent investment opportunities. 

  • Tools And Training

Because Warrior Trading is an educational portal, you can expect many trading tools and training materials. Foremost, users learn from the chat room where Ross and his moderators interact live with their students. Many simulated materials are also available such as live trading charts, trading tools in Excel, and stock scanners. 

  • Customer Support

To get help, users may ask their questions through the chat room or check out through Warrior Trading’s vast knowledge base. If users can’t find answers to their inquiries, they may create a ticket, and answers to these tickets are sent via email.

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What Are The Advantages Of Warrior Trading?

The following are good reasons to use Warrior Trading.

  1. It’s excellent for beginners to learn more about trading through live simulation.
  2. Moderators are very active on chat, video streams, and through live audio and webcams. Users can ask questions about the course and get immediate answers. 
  3. With excellent trading courses for pros and first-timers.
  4. You can get specialized hands-on mentorship courses.
  5. Online assets offer a great user experience.
  6. They have a vast knowledge base to answer any questions about trading in their website.
  7. Customer support is excellent as any question, or complaint ticket gets answers quickly and in the most professional manner.  

Some Warrior Trading disadvantages to consider

  1. The courses offered are costly, and prices are unreasonable for people looking for ways to earn money.
  2. There’s no guarantee that you’ll win with your trades. 
  3. Not for people with a tolerance for small risks.


Warrior Trading offers an intensive, personalized, and easy-to-understand training courses on day trading. It’s made with beginner traders in mind with an extensive selection of training materials and simulated trading charts and tools. However, courses are costly, which defeats the purpose of learning how to trade to make money. Also, there’s no guarantee with your trading and is not for people with low-risk tolerance and those looking for long-term trading strategies. 

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