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Zulutrade Review [2022] – Will You Lose Money Too?

Zulutrade Review 2021
  • Easy To Use?
  • Cost
  • Profitability
  • Time Needed


  • A Good Platform That Is Easy To Use
  • Can Attach Multiple Brokers
  • A Huge User Base And A Lot Of Money Backing Certain Traders
  • I Have Struggled To Make Consistent Profits
  • ZuluGuard Is More A Hinderance Than A Help
  • Very Few Traders With 3+ Years Track Record

Here is my latest Zulutrade review. Many people have asked me if Zulutrade is a scam, and although it’s not, I’ve also struggled to make money with it. There is a big difference IMO between a scam and a platform that just doesn’t have many good traders on it!

Even so, the platform is well built and easy to use. Some of you might still want to give it a try after watching this video. If you do, please let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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This is an honest review of Zulutrade based on my personal experience. Visit

Review Video Part 2

This is second part to my Zulutrade review. I recorded this several weeks later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zulutrade

  1. Is Zulutrade Profitable?
    This very much depends on the quality of the traders that you follow. I’ve been testing it for many years and have not found it to be very profitable. Others may have a different experience, but in all honesty, I cannot pretend that it has been profitable when it hasn’t!
  2. Is Zulutrade A Broker?
    No, Zulutrade is not the broker. You will need a separate broker account in order to connect to ZuluTrade for copy trading. You can find a list of accepted brokers here –
  3. Is Zulutrade Regulated?
    Yes. Zulutrade is regulated by Triple A Experts SA – EU Regulated, Licence # 2/540/17.2.2010
  4. Is My Money Safe With Zulutrade?
    Your money is deposited with a broker rather than directly with Zulutrade. Make sure you deposit with a trustworthy broker. Your money is also at risk of trading losses, and most customers lose money on the ZuluTrade platform.
  5. How Can I Make Money With Zulutrade?
    This is very difficult to answer because I myself have not figured out a way that it can be profitable yet. Ideally, you need to follow several traders in order to balance your overall portfolio, but there aren’t very many consistently profitable traders on the platform and therefore making money is extremely difficult.
  6. What Is The Best Alternative To Zulutrade?
    I have tested various social trading platforms (and continue to test new ones all the time). I have put together the best ones that are working right now in an email newsletter. Head to the homepage here to add your email address and get the details sent to you.
  7. Is This The Best Social Trading Platform?
    In my opinion, it is not. All social trading platforms have limitations, but some have better quality traders that can be copied/followed and I prefer to use those platforms over Zulutrade.
  8. Can I Use Zulutrade In My Country?
    Zulutrade accepts customers from many countries around the world, including Australia, Thailand, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and more. If you’re unsure if you will be accepted then contact their support to ask before applying.


Hello, it’s Jonathan here from Trade Wise. And in this video, I’m going to be reviewing ZuluTrade. I’ve had an account with Zulu trade for about seven or eight years now. I’ve had some successes with it, I’ve also had some failures with it. Basically, what I want to do with this review is give you a very balanced overview of the platform. I’m going to be talking to you about some of the negative aspects of it. I’m always very honest about the negatives. I’m going to tell you some of the things that I like about the platform. I’m also going to be logging in and showing you how I pick traders, just actually going over the shoulder. And show you from start to finish, and how you can go about trying to make money with the ZuluTrade platform.

If you like this video, if you find it helpful, please give me a thumbs up, I always really appreciate that. And make sure you subscribe to my channel, so that you can get similar videos about some of the best and the worst of the internet when it comes to trading signals, and services, and even brokers, and things like that. But without further ado, let’s get on with the ZuluTrade review.

Zulutrade logo

What is ZuluTrade?

Alright then, so let’s talk about ZuluTrade. So for those of you that are very new to this whole arena, ZuluTrade is basically a social wealth management platform. It’s been around for quite some time now, I myself have had an account for probably about seven years. And I deposited quite a lot, initially. And then since then, I’ve kind of been withdrawing funds and trading less and less with ZuluTrade. That’s not to say necessarily that I dislike the platform entirely, but I am finding that there’s much better products out there. And if you browse through my channel and my website, you’ll get a feel for what some of those more profitable products have been for me. Having said that, I do actually like certain aspects of the platform and I think some of you watching this will still probably go ahead and play some trade. So that’s why I wanted to just show you around a little bit and just show you some of the things that I’ve learned from costly mistakes, that hopefully will give you the best chance of making profits with ZuluTrade.

Guide to ZuluTrade

And so basically, the platform does allow you to copy trade, it’s very easy to copy trade once you’re set up. And however, ZuluTrade itself is not the actual broker. You will need a separate broker account. Now, that is probably both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you’ve looked or dealt with eToro in the past, you saw is a very similar type of platform, but eToro is the broker. With ZuluTrade, you open a brokerage account first and then you can add ZuluTrade to that brokerage account once you’ve opened it. So if I just have a quick look for ZuluTrade brokers, this explains what brokers you can use to connect to ZuluTrade. And so you would set up a live account first with one of these. If you’ve already got one of these broker accounts, then you can connect straight away. However, one thing I would say is that you’ll pay extra commission on anything other than Triple A Effects. Now, I think that is because Triple-A Effects is ZuluTrade’s own broker, as much…  I think they own the company. So I think that’s why the commissions are a lot lower, it’s quite a low minimum deposit as well. And I’ve used AAAFX, Triple-A Effects, myself. Found them actually to be decent, so no real issues there whatsoever. I probably would say you might as well save yourself the margin if you’re going to go ahead and open an account. Because if you’re paying commissions on lots and lots of trades, that’s really gonna add up.

So yeah, I’ve not had any problems at all with AAAFx in themselves, and it’s pretty easy to get set up with them. And it looks like you can even select it and go through the process while you’re actually on the ZuluTrade website. So you’ll get set up nice and easy. And then once you’re set-up, basically what they’re going to encourage you to do is follow different traders. And then basically, whatever trades they place, the traders that you’re following, will be executed in your account.

So you are going to copy trade for trade exactly as the other, let’s call them the professional traders, in inverted commas, are doing. And that’s not to say that they are all professional traders by any means, I consider myself very much an amateur part-time. Whereas, there are some people that are trading professionally within the ZuluTrade platform. But you need to be very careful about who you actually follow and I’ll go onto that in a minute.

How To Use ZuluTrade

And so what I’ve done for purposes of illustration is I’ve just opened a demo account. So I’m going to set up some traders and things as if it’s like a new account. So I’ve just set up this demo account, so you can see sort of behind the scenes. And I’m gonna just walk you through it all very quickly now.

So in the normal dashboard, this would show you some trading data, just a summary of the data. And it will also give you an idea of some traders in the left-hand side, some that you’re following in, some suggested traders. And you can see here it says “follow traders”. So it will show you the traders that you’re following on the left-hand side. And then you’ve just got very basic stuff that you’d expect, like your account information, inviting a friend, history and open positions, your settings. And if you want to trade yourself, that’s fine as well. At the top is quite interesting, because they do have a Forex. They’ve also got cryptocurrencies as well, if you’re into crypto. There are not many of those crypto traders, but it is on there. So you can still have some exposure. Combos is a kind of combining the results of various trader Bots. But the way I found it working best, I’ve not experimented too much with combos, but I’ve tended just to follow multiple traders rather than just following one trader. If that one trader goes down, blows the account, then you’ve blown your whole account.

So that’s one of the first things I would suggest if you do go ahead with your ZuluTrade and other purchases, and following this as an investment strategy. Just diversify your risk by following multiple traders. It’s easy enough to follow traders. And you’ll probably find that when you’re searching through them, that probably will be more than one that takes your fancy anyway, do there is a lot to choose from. And you probably would struggle to trust. You just follow one, because they’ve all got kind of strengths and weaknesses in different ways.

zulutrade infographic

Choosing The Best Traders

So with that being said, let’s just have a look for some traders now. So I don’t really like this. I mean, this is not enough info here. You can’t make a decision just based on this info. So what I would probably do is have a look at traders, and then this is going to bring up a much more detailed summary of the traders that you can follow, first of all.

So just to familiarize you with this screen, here. If you want to filter them by different means, and I tend to do it winning last year. Because if you just do winning today, it’s going to give you a very temporary overview of someone that may have had a great day or whatever. I want the longest period possible, So I select winning last year or the last six months, just to give me someone with the longest trading history possible. And that is the second tip and probably the biggest tip of all that I would give you. Do not trade or do not follow traders who have had a fantastic week or a fantastic month. And maybe the ROI, the ROI looks amazing, but it’s unsustainable. Don’t follow people just based on the ROI. Have a good look at the trader’s history, and make sure that they’ve been trading profitably and consistently for quite a period of time.

How Does ZuluTrade Make Money?

So let me show you what I mean by that. You can sort it by winning last year, and then you can sort it by these metrics as well. So currently it’s sorted by live investor’s profit, so that’s not a bad way to look at it. How much profit are these people making in the last year? $50000, is pretty good. The amount following can also be useful, this is the amount of money that’s backing this trader. It is useful because if a lot of people are putting money behind it, then that probably is something there. I’m not telling you to follow the crowd blindly, but by-and-large better traders will have more following. Because they’ve been trading for longer, so they’ve accrued more over time. And people have got confidence in them, so maybe they’re reinvesting winnings or maybe they were actually even increasing their positions over time with that trader because they’re successful. So amount following is also really useful, the number of followers again can be quite useful as well, for similar reasons as the amount of money following them. And the ROI is also important but not as important as you might quite think. Because really, as I say, you don’t want a trader that have some really high spikes in ROI and it looks amazing. If it looks amazing then, there’s probably something else going on and you need to be careful.

Finding The Best Traders On Zulutrade

So I’m gonna look at these two traders because they’ve got quite different ROIs and let’s just get a feel for both of them. So if I have a look at this one first of all… And by the way, these traders might not be trading anymore when you’re looking and watching this video. so I’m not suggesting in any way that you should follow the traders that I’m talking about, what I want to give you an insight into is what I’ve learned as to maybe how to spot troublesome traders that might put you into losses, and maybe some of the better traders. And they’ll come and go over time. So I’m not saying necessarily if I suggest this looks like a good trader doesn’t just go and blindly follow them, do your own research and see what you think. And maybe they’re not even available, but try and find similar traders. So if we have a look at the trader’s history, I was also set for overall as well, rather than just one year. Because again, I want to know how long they’ve been trading for and how long they’ve been profitable for. That’s important to me. And because if someone has just come onto the scene three months ago, they might look amazing but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to continue to be profitable. They might be having a lucky run or there might be something else going on as well.

So looking at this trader, they’ve been going since late 2016. And even though they had considerable losses, it looks like they’ve done fairly well. So that’s quite a good sign, it’d be great if they’ve been trading for even longer. But at least we’ve got here two years of trading history and that starts to put a bit more confidence in me in terms of what this trader can actually do. Now you can have a look at the profit, you can have a look at performance as well. And so that’s just going to break down to profit and losses. And there are lots of different metrics that you can look at. But for me, a gut feeling just tells you the growth of it over time. But the other thing that I really look at is the open positions, and this is really important. Because what you’ll find with some traders is that this looks great, they’ve got profits running because this is closed position, this is profit over time trades that have been closed. But some of them run very heavy open losses so they’re carrying losses in the account. So they’re sat for weeks or even months with positions that are just moving against them, there’s an increasing open position and an open liability. And at some point that’s when accounts can go “pop” and you’ll lose all your invested funds into them, so I quite like the fact.

There are only 110 pips down, which isn’t too bad at all, really. You can easily imagine that swinging back. And it just means that they’re not holding trades open for long periods of time or it suggests that to me, anyway. And that they’re not holding losing trades. You can see further down the trading history…  So again, you can get a feel for the fact that they aren’t actually closing lost positions, which I don’t mind, I don’t mind that at all. Because as long as they’re getting more pips in, more positive pips than negative pips, then your account balance is going to go up. And as I say, for me, it’s far better if a trade hasn’t worked, and even if it’s quite a big loss like this one here, 278 pip down. You better just to come out of that trade and keep on moving forwards. So this suggests to me that this graph is showing a realistic return, because the trader is actually just accepting losses, closing those positions, and moving on, and you’re not gonna get yourself into a very difficult position with very high drawdown positions.

Having said that, the drawdown has been quite high by the looks of it in the past as well. So you can start to build the profile for the trader using all this information, and look at the metrics that you like to look at. But definitely, don’t just blindly follow someone. Just because the ROI, It’s quite an important thing for me to point out. Because if we look at this next trader here, it’s got over a million dollars following and decent investor profit, as well. Quite a high number of investors, so that all looks pretty good. ROI is amazing. I mean, if you can do that consistently, That is life-changing ROI. 1605% return on investment, that’s huge.

Checking a Trader’s History

But let’s open this up and just get a little bit of a feel. So it has a quite lengthy period where he’s kind of lost money there. In fact, let’s just set this to overall. How much history we got, first of all. Since 2017, we’ve got two years or so, which is fine. Didn’t do much in the start, but had a big jump up here, a big win for something, which has really been the bulk of the profit. And then it’s kind of been steady, it’s been flatlined there which is a bit of a concern. And then it’s just kind of up and down, and over time it has made money. So you would say “okay, overall this looks relatively profitable”. However, if you come over here and have a look at the open positions, they’re carrying a 9000 pip open position, which is a negative amount. So they’re currently net down 9000 pips, which is a bit of a concern to me. As I mentioned with the last trader, you don’t really want to be getting into a position where it all looks great on your chart because it looks as the money’s going up. But in reality, it’s because you’re carrying heavy losses that you just haven’t closed off yet. So if I go here, down to the trading history, firstly you can see all green, which kind of looks fantastic That they’ve got all winning trades. I can see why that might be appealing to people, but why aren’t they getting losses? Every trader has losses from time to time. Well, if you go to open positions, this is where you’ll see the lost positions here. Some of these are quite sizable, losing positions, GBP/JPY. I mean, I don’t know why you trade GBP at the moment, it’s such a tricky currency with all the brexit news and things as well. But you can just see a lot. The list goes on and on of losing trades all the way down here.

So for me, that is a definite warning flag for this trader. Let’s just have a look when they’re opened. Because this is one great thing about this platform, everything is so transparent. There’s a lot of information here that you can get from the traders. So open date, let’s just scroll down to some of these. So that was opened on the 11th and 10th, so a lot of these were open. And this is a very busy trader, placing a lot of trades. So they’re actually about five days old. These trades, which actually, is pretty good. It’s not as if the traders holding or carrying losses for months and months at a time, as I’ve seen in the past. So that does mitigate some of the risks. Yes, they’ve got a big exposure on pips here, but perhaps this will swing fairly quickly in it and it’s not going to blow the account. But it’s something to be mindful of, because it could still grow, and it could get worse over time. You just don’t know. And this is why again it’s important, in my opinion, to have a range of traders and mitigate the risk of one trader doing something silly, and have three, four, or maybe even five traders that you follow, so that you’ve kind of got exposure to different markets. You’ve got exposure to different traders and so on.

Zulu Rank

Now, this trader whose apps have got a Zulu Rank of 10, so that’s like an overall ranking. So let’s have a look at, maybe see if we can see trader 9. Again, It’s got quite a nice flow here. Number 8 here’s got some good profits. And again, steady. Quite a small amount following, which is unusual. I mean, the Zulu rank is based on things like risk appetite, and things as well. So it’s not necessary to do with the return. And look, these are quite low figures that are following them. But maybe they feel as though they’re quite low-risk traders, may be quite stable, maybe got a higher win rate, etc. Don’t necessarily mean they’re going to be the most profitable overall. And here’s another one, decent chart, open positions are all in profit as well, so that’s quite good. But just not much trading history. So it frustrates me that there’s only a year’s worth of trading history here, and they’re saying that they’re ranked number 6 with one-year trading history. I don’t approve of, that to be honest, but there we are. And you can obviously do this yourself, once you’re in the platform, I just wanted to give you an idea.

So this was the one that we looked at earlier. So it’s actually got a Zulu Rank of 3. So let’s have a look at the top three, a lot of profit, a lot following this one as well, nearly one and half a million dollars following, got three stars. It might be worth looking at some of the actual reviews on that one, open positions,  that’s quite a few losses there. but when they opened, they opened within the last two days. So that’s not too much of a concern, really. And it’s putting in some losses, but mainly trading profits. So that’s quite good. What’s the full history overall? About a year and a half. So the returns look good, but again there’s not a lot. I mean, there’s some big losses there. But overall, it’s upwards and but again, not a huge amount of history for that trader, and here. Well, this is the Zulu ranked number 1 trader, and they’ve only got six months’ worth of history. So I wouldn’t necessarily follow the Zulu Rank. And personally, it’s that’s not what I would be doing if I were you.

Are you Finding this Helpful?

Now I hope this is all helpful, I’ve got more to show you, but I really hope this is helpful. If you are thinking at this point that maybe you do want to give it a try, it would mean a lot to me if you just use the link below to sign up. And it won’t cost you a single penny more. But ZuluTrade do offer a thorough program, and it just helps me to fund some of the losses that I make, putting this kind of content together, and some of the time it takes as well. And once you do sign up, if you become part of my team, I can communicate with you then. As to like anything that changes or anything new that I like, any exciting products, my five-star rated products, etc. So it would be amazing if you are going to give it a try if you use my link. But if not, then don’t worry at all. If you are enjoying the content though, just give me a thumbs up, that would be amazing on this video, and subscribing is always great so that you can be up to date with new content as it comes out.

How To Make Money With ZuluTrade

Alright. So, we’ve looked at different traders. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m actually going to follow some traders. I’ve settled this demo account. I’m just gonna follow some traders, so you can see the process and I think what I might do as well. I think what might be helpful to you is if I set it up with traders that I think are reasonable, and I’ll leave it for a month and I’ll come back and do another video and show you the results after a month, as to whether I am in profit or not. And then you know that’s given you probably the most information. I possibly can, not just about the platform at about some of the traders and things as well. And so hopefully, that gives you a feeling of what to expect.

So we’ve had a look at these two traders in detail, and I do like this particular trader. As I’ve mentioned before, they’ve taken some losses of course and overall the pips is good, there’s a lot of money following, and I like the way that they’re just taking the losses and just accepting them and kind of moving on, so I do like that overall. I’m going to follow this one, I’m logged into my demo account. So I’ve only got 7500 in total. So let’s change that to 2500, that’s 33.3% on my account, and I’m gonna do it as fixed, then follow. So it’s saying I’m following now, I can easily unfollow as well. That’s quite good. It’s quite easy, just as following and unfollowing the trader.

Problems With the Demo Account

So I did have some initial concerns about this trader. A huge amount of open losses on this account, but overall it’s still highly profitable, and it’s only a demo account. I’m not sure I would trade this with real money, and this is where I’m not convinced that demo training is the best thing to do. And because you don’t make decisions that you normally would make. To me, there are alarm bells ringing that would probably have stopped me from following this trader if I was using real money. But because it’s a demo account, and it’s kind of helpful for me to show you, kind of demo account mentality, as it were. Because ever since I’ve started trading, I’ve kind of always felt as though… In fact, I was told by my first mentor, that you don’t really learn a lot from demoing, because you’ve not got that emotional attachment that you do when you’re trading with real money. So you do react differently, It’s a fact of human nature that you’re going to do things differently. So you might be profitable with a demo account, but then as soon as you switch to a live money trading account when there’s real money at stake, and you’re a bit more nervous and cautious, and so on, then you make different decisions. So you can’t always learn a lot from a demo account and I’ve been trading for so long with the live account, I didn’t really want to have my live account blatted all over the Internet. But I also wanted to show you me setting this up as well, So you can see how it all fits together.

How To Make Money With ZuluTrade (Cont.)

So I’ve got two so far, with one more, so thinking in terms of maybe balancing things out. So I’ve got one with a very high ROI, but one with…  I don’t want to say low, It’s still a very good ROI, but it’s lower than the rest. Let’s have a look at some of the ones that have got big money. So that one’s 1.5 million, what others have got high following amounts of money. So this was one of the top ones, it’s got 1043 investors, a 250% ROI. Let’s have a quick look. I’d like one with quite a long trading history, really. It’s not really got a very long trading history, that one. This one seems like it’s on the decline a little bit. So look at this one, not many of them have got a long history of trading. It’s enough to give you a feel for it, but it’s not really a reassuring length of time. I’ve got investors that I’ve got funds with, that have been trading for 10 years, and got ten years trade training record. So let’s just have a quick look at what the open positions on this one, there’s a lot of green, which is good. But what’s the open position like and how long have they been open for. So only in the last couple of days, has there is quite a large pip loss position, but they’ve not been running for a long period of time. So I’m fairly comfortable with that. And it’s only for demo purposes anyway, so I will I’ll go ahead and follow this trader with the last of the amounts that I’ve got. And I think I’ll do .3, follow that one.

So now my funds are allocated, let’s go and have a quick look at how this looks. So my trader dashboard will look a bit more interesting now. So these are the trades that I’m following here on the left, there’s no data yet though. Because I’ve got no open trades, I’m waiting now. As soon as these traders execute trades, then they will be copied into my account. And as soon as they’re closed off, they’ll start to show me a profit and loss in the account. So it is very straightforward. I mean, you’re probably getting a feel for the fact that this is quite straightforward, and there are some, on the surface of it, good-looking traders.

zulutrade review

Downsides of ZuluTrade

However, it’s time to come on to the negatives, because I always want to give a fully balanced review. And I said at the beginning of this video, I’m investing less and less into ZuluTrade in favour of other platforms. And for a couple of reasons, really. Well, the main one obviously is that I’m not making that much money from it. Probably overall, I’ve made losses, rather than profits overall. The frustrating thing about ZuluTrade is they have a “feature”; which they’re calling it a feature, for me, is a real nuisance, and it’s called “ZuluGuard”.

Now, let me just read this. It’s an account protection feature that monitors each trader’s behaviour and automatically removes a trader when detecting a trading strategy has deviated from its expected loss profile. So basically what it’s saying is, that there’s something working in the background that will pull you out of trades if they feel as though something has changed in the behaviour of that trader. Now that sounds like an amazing feature to protect you if you know the trader goes rogue. However, in practice, what I’ve found is that it just pulled me out of all the trades that I’ve been in, even ones where the trade is still active and actually has, when I monitored them after I’ve been pulled out, the open trades went on to be profitable. But I’ve lost money because this ZuluGuard feature has just pulled me out of the trades, so it’s really frustrating. And I was trying to figure out how to disable it, I couldn’t disable it at the time when this was happening. And you can probably disable it now. And hopefully, it won’t impact the actual trades that I’ve got open in this demo account. But this was a huge frustration for me, and it basically meant that I was losing money after…  I’ve put my confidence in the traders, I want to sort of leave that confidence open and take the risk that they’re going to do the right thing. That’s why I spend the time finding better traders. You’re already taking a risk, but for a computer program to actually take you out of trades automatically, without any kind of input from you or the trader; to me, it’s kind of madness and doesn’t work fundamentally, just doesn’t work as well.

Let’s just have a quick look to if there’s any kind of way I can disable that ZuluGuard feature, actually. Well, there are no settings here that I can remove it on. And if you’ve traded for a long time with ZuluTrade, and you know how to turn that off, then, by all means, let me know. If it was anywhere, I would have thought it would be in the Advanced Settings. So you can put a limit in, if you want a limit of the maximum open positions. You can put take profit as well, and so if you want to take profit a certain amount with each trade, you can do that. But here, it’s saying the Capitol protection mode. If you set capital protection to 500 dollars, in case the trader is losing 500 dollars in your account, ZuluGuard will step in. Well, you can set it to 500 dollars, But what if you’re happy to just let…  you know, what if it’s been some bad news just came out that disrupted a trend. But you know that once that news settles down, it will recover. You don’t really want to be closing out on position just because it’s gone 500 dollars over. So again, this for me was a problem now. Maybe… because this was a little while ago, it was several months ago and the feature was fairly new, maybe the traders weren’t used to it either and maybe they’ve adapted their style. So that’s why I don’t want to just categorically say that ZuluTrade is worthless. I kind of like it, I do kind of like this platform, I think there’s definitely potential here. But ultimately comes down to making money, and I’ve been making losses now for for quite some time. And the reason partly was because the trading quality wasn’t there, but also because the ZuluGuard thing was causing me problems as well. So you can trail it or have it fixed, but I’m going to leave it for now. But we’ll see what actually happens with that feature, just on this on demo going forwards.

ZuluTrade In a Nutshell

So that’s the platform in itself. Now in terms of reputation, you’re bound to find a lot of negative reviews on ZuluTrade out there, because people will just go ahead and follow the wrong traders. You got to bear in mind that the success of people’s trading is only as good as the traders that they follow. So ZuluTrade… as you can see it’s a good platform, its data has been around for a long time. Actually, I like the platform, I like the usability of it, and everything, it’s very stable. There’s an app, it’s very good as well. But if people are choosing crazy traders…  I mean, let’s just choose ROI for the last, I don’t know, today or the last month even, you’re probably going to find some traders that are just having a good run, and they’re maybe not particularly good traders overall. I mean, you could say “wow this guy’s having an amazing week”. But if you go back overall, they’ve been having heavy losses, it’s very up-and-down trading sort of style and there’s not a long period of time that they’ve got evidence of them, either. So people will go and do silly things, and they’ll follow the wrong traders, and then they’ll lose their money and write bad reviews. So I get that, and I’ve followed bad traders as well. And personally, I just kind of blame myself for that. In terms of my overall rating. As I’ve said, I like the platform. But I’m struggling to make money with it overall. So that’s as honest as I can be about it, I think there is potential.

What I’m kind of hoping in putting out this video as well, is that perhaps other people that are having success with it might pick up on this, or you might watch or review this review video, decide to give it a go, and have a bit of a punt on ZuluTrade, and see how you get on with it and actually have good success with it. And if you do, please come back to me, come back to the comment section, and tell me how are you doing it. And because I’m not discounting this one, there’s a lot of stuff on my channel and on my website that I just think they’re just no good. And eToro is probably one of them. For me, there are better trades actually on ZuluTrade than eToro, that’s my personal opinion. But I do see more value in Zulu trade going forward, you only need two or three really good traders that are going to stick around, for say, four or five years. And you could make a lot of money off the back of the platform. But coming back to my personal experience has been that I haven’t made a lot of profit. And so I just want to be honest with you about that.

And so I’m not saying “go ahead and jump in”, and I’m not saying “run to the hills”. It’s one of those where it’s kind of overall scores probably gonna come out at about four out of five, some people might have huge success and some people might not, and I’ll leave that to you to decide whether this is the right sort of thing for you or not. I’m just trying to give you as much information as I can and a balanced review as well, and not trying to persuade you either way. One thing that would be hugely important to me though, if you do decide to go ahead, as I’ve mentioned earlier. If you could just click the link below this video and just subscribe to my team, that just means that I get a very small reward, it’s not like a multi-level marketing thing or anything like that, I just get a small reward for putting the review together and I can also keep in contact with you, if you want me to. And tell you things that are working well and just keep you up to date with good and bad products and services out there.


So I want to conclude with my high-tech document here of some of the pros and cons. You’ve probably been making your own mind up as I went through the video, but let’s just start with the pros of ZuluTrade.

So it is a nice interface and it’s easy to use. As you’ve seen, It’s nice and easy to get set up, and you do need to set up a broker. But if you’re going with Triple-A Effects, then it’s pretty straightforward. Just follow up follow my link to ZuluTrade and then set up the broker from there. You do have a choice of brokers, though. So that is a positive. You’re not stuck with with one broker, people are using lots of different brokers and that’s absolutely fine, as well. But Triple-A Effects will be more profitable because there is less commission to be paid. There’s a wide range of traders to follow, and there is a wide range of currencies and there’s also Kryptos and stuff as well. So there are different markets here and it… you’re not being too restricted in what you can trade and who you can follow, I’ve just followed three traders. If you want to be ultra-cautious, you might want to just follow five, you might even want to follow ten, it’s entirely up to you, whatever you’re most comfortable with.

By and large, the more traders that you follow, the less risk you carry with one individual trader. But obviously then, if you’re following a lot of traders, 20 or 30 or more, you are also increasing the risk of finding lower quality traders, as it were, as well. So you just got to find a balance that works for you.

Is ZuluTrade A Scam?

So there’s a wide range of traders to follow, and it is easy to deposit and withdraw. You definitely don’t need to worry about ZuluTrade being a scam or anything like that. They are properly regulated, they’ve got a really good help and support, I do like that. And I spoke to them earlier today, actually. Just about setting up my demo account and they were very helpful and got things sorted very quickly. And so you can withdraw very easily, you don’t need to worry about funds being stuck in the platform or anything like that. The negative reviews that are out there are more in line with the quality of the traders and people losing money and getting upset and writing bad reviews. And I’ve taken out money very easily, several times in the past. Both depositing and withdrawing funds is nothing to worry about.


The cons are that it hasn’t been profitable for me. So like I said, I’m not going to lie, there are other more profitable things that I follow at the minute. But as I say, there might well be that someone watches this video and does things slightly differently, and can come back to me and tell me the way to do it. And if they do, and if I can find a way of making this profitable I’ll do it. I’ll shoot a new video, and I’ll be perhaps more bullish on this particular system. But the ZuluGuard, for me, is the biggest issue. And again, if anyone’s got any pointers on that, then, by all means, send me some comments and feedback. I’d love to hear it.

Closing Remarks

And but that’s it, that’s about it for this particular video. If you’ve enjoyed it and you found even just one thing of help in this video, please just give me a thumbs up, it’s much appreciated. And I love getting positive feedback in terms of thumbs up. And subscribe to my channel as well, so you can watch lots more of similar kind of content. And I have got some very good products listed that you can follow on my website, as well.

I really hope that you found this review of ZuluTrade to be helpful. Please leave comments below and on my channel, and join the discussion. I always like to hear from you, and thank you very much for watching. Bye for now.

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11 thoughts on “Zulutrade Review [2022] – Will You Lose Money Too?”

  1. After reading the whole review, I disagree with one of your statement – “ZuluGuard Is More A Hinderance Than A Help”.
    I’ve been on the platform for a while now. Zuluguard is one of my favorite features as it automatically closes the trade if the expert trader strategy deviates from the actual profit-making strategy. Also, I’m not aware of any copy trading platform that offers such an account protection feature to safeguard your investment.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. For me, it definitely caused significant losses even though the master trader remained in profit, but this was years ago now and maybe Zuluguard is better now than it was.

  2. I spent with Zulutrade about 10 years as affiliate and a trader. This year I have reached the minimum amount for payout first time. And Zulutrade has declined my first earnings due the 700 points rule. I need to say that  the main essence of the situation is not that I was fined, but that with one click someone crossed out all the accumulated funds. Not only for a specific month, or for specific trading positions, but absolutely all the funds that I have collected on this account since the moment it joined ZuluTrade. 
    I wrote to trader department and talked to manager. He said that the 700 points rule will be canceled in few days for traders with live forex accounts. But month passed… and Zulutrade declined all my funds second time. Do I need to say that this was done on the basis of the same open trading positions, for which all my savings were destroyed the previous time? 
    And what do you think, all these (so far) about 1000 dollars of commissions were paid back to the users who paid for them, or Zulutrade kept them for themselves, taking them from the followers and not paying the trader? Can it be called a fraud in this case, or what is it called? However, they still take commissions from followers for my work. And I can suspend (not delete) my Zulutrade account only when all orders on the account are closed.

      • After rewiew at the Trustpilot, They first restored the amounts in the account, but then reset them to zero again. As far as I understand for 8 years of working with them, their main positive quality is their sociability. It’s easier to talk and give the impression of decent decent service than to act as such.

  3. Dear,

    How are you ?

    I have sent many many e mails to, but no body satisfied me about my below mentioned questions, if you guide me, I will be greatful to you.

    Zulu Trade inform that Trader will get 0.5 pip per LOT(Please guide me about it, what is meaning by 0.5 pip per lot, with one or two examples) this is for Classic Account Model.

    Second Trader will get 20% Performance Fee for Profit Sharing Model (Please guide me about it ? what is meaning by 20% Performing Fee , with one or two examples)

    Third ,,, What is High Water Mark (HWM), please brief me about it.


  4. zulutrade selling your phone number and email to other companies and also other companies they selling you number and email to hackers and yesterday they want to hack me but they couldn’t THANKS to OTP passwords verify with phone
    so be careful
    i didn’t want to put this message but i searched and i called them and i talk to them and i record the conversations and YES i was right
    and after all today i had message on whatsapp to try another hack
    but FAILED
    i am trying to take revenge but legally and it takes time
    best regard

    • George I will soon be providing all the auto-trading and signal services I’m using right now and I’ll give it to all my subscribers for free.


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