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Timothy Sykes Review [2021] – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

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Tim Sykes turned his life around, from a failed hedge fund manager to a millionaire in just a few years. Sykes is a shining example of what hard work, dedication, and positive thinking can do. Now, he shares his best trading techniques through video lessons, introductory courses, and webinars through a trading course called Timothy Sykes. Let’s find out if this online trading course is legit, or it’s just one of the many scams on the web with this Timothy Sykes review.  

Timothy Sykes review

Timothy Sykes Headquarters And Short History

Timothy Sykes trading courses are available online through his official website, and the company is headquartered in Miami, FL, USA.  

Sykes began his journey to becoming one of the most profitable day traders in US history when he used his Bar Mitzvah gift money amounting to $12,415 to invest in penny stocks. Through an in-depth study of day trading and adapting different trading styles, he earned more than $4 million in profits.

Besides being a prominent trader and entrepreneur, Sykes has also launched trading websites like, Stocks To Trade, and Investimonials. Today, he has one of the most popular online day trading educational sites and has students from different countries.

What Is The Timothy Sykes Training Course All About?

Timothy Sykes is for beginner and aspiring traders who would like to learn about Tim Sykes’ day trading techniques. It is a training program available at different membership levels, such as TimAlerts, Tim Challenge, and PennyStocking Silver.

All trading lessons, strategies, and courses offered in Tim Sykes are made by none other than Tim Sykes himself.  He guides his students personally through webinars, video courses, and daily watch lists. Many say that he can be too “in your face” as he challenges his students daily. He is also guilty of feeding his students too much information, too much that many often find it too hard to handle. But if you listen well, use every chance you get to study Sykes’ advice, then this style may be useful for you. 

What Are The Services Of Timothy Sykes?

The following are a part of Timothy Sykes’s daily trading training courses.

  • Video Lessons

Tim Sykes owns the most extensive collection of video lessons (6000+) regarding everything you need to know about trading. New video lessons are uploaded weekly, so your membership gives you access to fresh lessons week after week. All video lessons are categorized, and thus, you’ll find it easy to look for precisely what you need.

  • DVD Library Lessons

Aside from thousands of video lessons, your membership gives you access to 24 different DVD courses from You’ll learn a lot from tiles like ShortStocking, Trading Tickers, and Spikeability. Once you become a TimChallenge member, you’ll get 16 DVDs for free. 

  • Daily Watchlist

Sykes sends daily watchlists, which are emailed to every member. The list includes companies or stocks that Sykes are watching and why these stocks are worth your while. 

  • Video Introductory Courses

Be a TimChallenge or PennyStocking Silver membership and will get daily exclusive video lesson access for 60 days.  

  • Webinars 

Finally, all membership types will get Q and A access as well as live trading. You can also get access to archived webinar content. 

What To Expect With Timothy Sykes?

Here are essential features that you must consider before taking Timothy Sykes courses.

  • Membership Signup

To sign up for Timothy Sykes, visit their official website After signing up, check out Sykes Trading Challenge and read guides on penny stock trading, all included in the official site. Become a member on the same day you visit; select the right membership type that suits you best. 

  • Tim’s Alerts – costs $74.95 a month. This plan includes daily access to chatrooms, stock watchlists, real-time emails, SMS, push alerts, and trade alerts, and iPhone and Android app access.
  • PennyStocking Silver – costs $149.95 a month. All the features of Tim’s Alerts plus access to the video lesson library and weekly video lessons.

Meanwhile, Tim’s Challenge is for professionals who want to join Tim Sykes’ team of experts. If you think that you can be as good as Sykes, then take his Trading Challenge. The price for this offer is not indicated on his official site.   

  • Supported Trading 

Timothy Sykes offers training for day trading as well as other trading markets. Sykes has all the tools you need to learn trading from penny stocks to good stocks available in the market today. 

  • Tools And Training

Timothy Sykes offers tons of training materials, including video lessons, DVDs, and introductory courses. Members get a chance to talk to Tim Sykes and his moderators through webinars as well. If you have questions, check their expansive knowledge base because you’ll likely find the answers here. 

You will also learn from graphs, charts, and apps, while Tim Syke’s daily stock watch list will also help members make sound trading decisions. 

  • Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Timothy Sykes. You may call the company at (866) 567 – 9537, or you may send them a message through their customer form found at their official website: All emails are answered despite delays.  

What Are The Advantages Of Timothy Sykes?

The following are good reasons to use Timothy Sykes.

  • Affordable membership fees.
  • You’ll have access to tons of video lessons, training materials, DVDs, and introductory courses.
  • Video lessons updated daily.
  • You’ll get daily tips and a watch list from none other than Tim Sykes.
  • Trading chat rooms are available with lessons held in a virtual classroom-like atmosphere.

Some Timothy Sykes disadvantages to consider

  • Too much learning material to digest!
  • Your email inbox will be flooded with daily emails from Tim Sykes.
  • Tim Sykes has a “tough love” attitude to students, which may not be appreciated by all. 
  • Webinars are only available for Tim Challenge members.
Tim Sykes inforgraphic


Timothy Sykes is a good beginner educational site for trading penny stocks, as expected from someone who has mastered penny stock trading. However, trading can be harsh and in-your-face, but Tim Sykes wants you to focus, become determined, and dedicated to trading using his time-tested techniques, and this is what you’ll get when you go for Timothy Sykes trading training. I hope you enjoyed this Tim Sykes reviews. Discover more content here.

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