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Seeking Alpha Review
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Investing can be a daunting process, involving both the selection of investments and establishing an appropriate plan. To make your decision easier, Seeking Alpha provides you with all the necessary data as well as sound advice.

We’ll explore everything the stock pick service has to offer (the good and the bad!) in this detailed Seeking Alpha review.

When it comes to sourcing beneficial insights for investors, Seeking Alpha is a leader in the market. Through their convenient mobile app and website, members can easily access data analysis and news related to the stock exchange.

With this powerful resource at your fingertips, you’ll never miss out on important financial information again!

How To Make Money With Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha provides a wide range of investing resources to help you make money. The website is especially useful if you are seeking investments in the stock market and need access to investment research, opinions, and analysis from industry professionals.

If you opt for their premium service, you can get exclusive insights like rating changes and analyst upgrades/downgrades that will help you make smart investment decisions and optimize returns.

In addition, Seeking Alpha’s investing tools, such as the stock screener and portfolio management tool, are also very useful in helping you find the right investments.

It is a great resource for investors seeking investment ideas and insights to help them make money.


Seeking Alpha is a crowdsourcing platform that gathers important investing research through the contributions of a wide variety of users. It was developed specifically for independent people who invest in making their stock selections.

Most of the information posted to the website is made freely accessible to users for ten days following its initial publication date

However, suppose you are interested in investment research, stock based on the identification, and unique rating systems. In that case, you will need to join one of Alpha’s premium service to access these features.

Services At A Glance

Here is a short summary of all of the stock investing services offered by Seeking Alpha;

  • News and analysis: Their website offers news and analysis on individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment topics.
  • Exclusive content: Premium subscribers can access exclusive content such as earnings call transcripts, rating changes, analyst upgrades/downgrades, quantitative models, and technology tools.
  • Quant service: Seeking Alpha’s quant service helps investors gain deeper insight into their investments by analyzing company data and financial statements.
  • Seeking Alpha author ratings: to help you find the best authors in their directory.
  • Seeking Alpha API: This investment platform offers an API that allows developers to access their data and build custom applications.
  • Premium subscription: They offer a very popular Pro service that provides access to exclusive content and additional features.
  • My Portfolio service: The “my portfolio” service allows users to track their investments in real-time.
  • My Authors service: The “my authors” service allows users to follow their favorite content creators and stay up-to-date with the latest investment ideas.
  • Top Stocks: Their top stocks service allows users to find the highest-rated individual stocks on Seeking Alpha and get investment ideas from other investors.
  • Markets: Seeking Alpha’s markets service provides a comprehensive overview of the global financial markets.
  • Stock Ideas: The “stock ideas” service provides investors with investment ideas from Seeking Alpha contributors about the very best stocks in the market that might be about to make big moves
  • Dividends:  The “dividends service” offers an analysis of dividend-paying stocks, helping investors identify the best investment opportunities. Great for those that want good quality stock picks but also want a residual income.
  • ETFs: The “ETFs service” provides investors with data and analysis on exchange-traded funds stocks.
  • Education & Training: Seeking Alpha offers tools and resources to help investors gain a better understanding of the financial markets.
  • Alpha Picks (Premium): Seeking Alpha’s alpha picks service provides premium subscribers with recommendations and stock picks from their contributors and experts.

For those that prefer watching video reviews to reading lengthy content, here is a nice Seeking Alpha Premium review from Youtube;

Contributor Benefits

Seeking Alpha gives its authors access to the most advanced Web 2.0 platform available, which helps them get the most exposure possible. Through this distribution system, the articles written by their authors have the potential to reach over 50 million new readers globally.

Authors who contribute to their content are eligible for various free bonuses and resources for professionals. 

Seeking Alpha believes that for their writers to move the market genuinely, they should have exposure to the very finest tools and possibilities currently accessible. To do this, they provide authors with a variety of valuation and traffic-driving incentives, including the following:

  1. Premium Partnership Program: Authors can earn money every time their pieces are read on the website, allowing them to make the most of their visibility on the site. In contrast to the industry norm, Seeking Alpha pays exclusive pieces selected for publishing a fee of $10 per thousand page views.
  1. Free Networking Events: Seeking Alpha allows its authors to connect to some of the most brilliant minds in the finance sector.
  1. Access to Journalists/Media: Seeking Alpha helps its authors set up talks with major news outlets and manages those interviews. Their writers have been included in several forms of media, including print, radio, and television.
  1. Seeking Alpha Certification: Gold-certified writers obtain a logo for their websites that informs users of the quality and trustworthiness of their work. If a stock market website displays its logo, it signifies that it is high-quality.
  1. Protection against ‘linkrot’: There will be no time limit on the archived content at Seeking Alpha Premium. It is, therefore, safe to link to SA posts with trust, and other writers can connect to your SA articles with the same assurance.


There are three distinct pricing tiers available for their services. These are;


The Basic membership is available at no cost to members. You will get access to free publications for the first ten days following their release when you have this membership. Additionally, you will have access to various asset management tools. 

The Basic membership is an excellent choice for most casual investors who are not interested in delving further into the study of fundamentals and technicals.

Here is a list of benefits to the basic membership;

  • Follow authors to get their new articles
  • Get up to 15 email newsletters
  • Blogs to read and post
  • Read, write, and keep track of comments
  • Check out some Quant Ratings and the numbers behind them
  • Look at the last five years’ financial statements
  • Check out 5 stocks at once
  • Sync your brokerage portfolio
  • Make a portfolio of stocks or ETFs and take care of it
  • Get email alerts about stock information and commentary
  • Receive email alerts about your earnings and transcripts
  • Read news and articles that are just for you
  • Find out when your equities report is by looking at the earnings calendar

Seeking Alpha Premium

All content on the website, regardless of age, is made accessible to subscribers of the Premium service. You will also gain access to these benefits:

  • Everything from the Basic membership
  • Access all of the best ideas for investing
  • You can listen to recordings of earnings and conference calls
  • Find the best stocks to buy with a rating screener and fewer ads
  • Find all transcripts of stock earnings
  • Check out author stock ratings on Seeking Alpha
  • View a list of author ratings on Seeking Alpha Premium
  • Keep track of how each investment idea is doing
  • View the sidebar for a stock chart, important data, and ratings
  • Check out predictions for stock dividends and earnings
  • Access Dividend Grades for each stock pick
  • You can download or print financials
  • Download presentations on earnings and the company
  • See ALL Quant Ratings and the metrics behind them
  • Look at financial statements from the last 10 years
  • Compare 7 stocks all at once
  • Get access to all the news and analysis
  • Check out the EPS Changes
  • Better news, having read experience
  • Get notified when your portfolio’s ratings go up or down

This membership is available for $9.95 for 90 days and then renews at $239 per year.


The Pro program costs $499 per year, with a free trial also available.

Additionally, the Pro service provides a selection of more information available through the site. Seeking Alpha developed its service specifically for clients who manage big portfolios.

Benefits include everything from Pro membership, Top Ideas, ideas screener, and VIP service.


Seeking Alpha, which focuses on financial markets and investment, is currently among the most popular websites available on the internet. 

Making use of the services that Seeking Alpha Premium offers brings with it several advantages, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Investments. Finding quality investment possibilities is challenging. Seeking Alpha features thousands of contributors’ greatest investing ideas. You can uncover outstanding ideas whether you favor development, value, or income investing.
  1. Free-of-charge services. The material accessible to users with a Basic membership will, in the opinion of many investors, supply them with all they require to make informed choices in the stock market.
  1. Exclusive scores. The company’s patented scoring method, which is utilized to give information about stocks in a look, is superior to any other rating system available. Not only does the firm consider broad essential data in developing these ratings, but it also incorporates a default risk component that is hard to locate in other places.
  1. Monitoring of a portfolio. As a self-directed investor, keep tabs on your portfolio’s performance and competitive advantage. If you’ve invested in a certain stock, you may sign up for email notifications whenever new information is revealed about it.


No Seeking Alpha review would be complete without looking at the disadvantages of using their service for investing ideas.

Whilst there are many benefits to becoming a subscriber of Seeking Alpha, there are some disadvantages you need to be aware of:

  1. The disadvantageous choice for technical traders. As a trader, you won’t notice much use for the platform if your strategy depends significantly on technical analysis. Most technical information is left to organizations specializing in delivering that kind of information because the company’s prime aim is to provide basic research and data.
  1. Many of these features can be found freely elsewhere. However, the firm does make it convenient to access it all in one location. A simple Google search for the equities you’re interested in will yield a collection of available opinion articles from various websites.
  1. There are no recommended purchases here. You can’t sign up for Seeking Alpha’s alert service. Some firms charge comparable fees but provide notifications to investors about when to purchase or sell stocks. You’ll have to search elsewhere if you want stock trading signals such as this.


Seeking Alpha faces stiff competition from traditional financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. However, Seeking Alpha has managed to differentiate itself by focusing on providing online content related to investment ideas and opinions from experts in the finance industry.

Morningstar Vs Seeking Alpha

Morningstar vs Seeking Alpha is often compared in terms of their respective services. While Morningstar has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading providers of financial research and analysis, Seeking Alpha offers more specialized content related to investing ideas and opinions from experts in the finance industry.

In addition, Seeking Alpha’s premium service provides access to exclusive content such as earnings call transcripts, rating changes, and analyst upgrades/downgrades that can help investors maximize their returns.

Seeking Alpha vs Motley Fool

When considering whether to utilize Seeking Alpha or Motley Fool, it’s important to understand the differences between their respective services.

Whereas Seeking Alpha specializes in delivering content related to investing ideas and insights from industry professionals, Motley Fool offers a range of subscription-based services like newsletters, stock reports, and portfolio management tools.

Furthermore, if you opt for the Pro plan with Seeking Alpha, you can access exclusive components such as rating alterations and analyst upgrades/downgrades that will help optimize your returns on investments.

To learn more about Motley Fool, check out our Motley Fool review here.

Seeking Alpha Vs Warrior Trading

Seeking Alpha vs Warrior Trading is often compared in terms of their respective services. While Seeking Alpha focuses on providing online content related to investment ideas and opinions from expert investors in the finance industry, Warrior Trading offers a variety of subscription-based services such as trading education, live trading rooms, and access to an active forum with other traders.

Warrior Trading is ideal for those that want to trade using technical analysis, whereas Seeking Alpha is a great place for gathering fundamental analysis.

For more information on Warrior Trading check out our detailed Warrior Trading review page.

Seeking Alpha vs Simply Wall Street

Seeking Alpha vs Simply Wall Street is often compared in terms of their respective services.

Seeking Alpha focuses on providing online research related to investing ideas and suggestions from experts in the finance industry, while Simply Wall Street offers a variety of subscription-based tools such as a stock screener, portfolio analysis, and valuation models.

Seeking Alpha offers free, premium and Pro accounts depending on the level of research you want to do. It also has one of the largest stock fundamentals libraries of any subscription service out there.

Other Services

The final section of our Seeking Alpha review looks at some of the other services offered to their users.

Quant Service Explained

Seeking Alpha Premium service offers access to the Quant Service. This service helps investors gain deeper insight into their investments by analyzing company data and financial statements. The Quant Service also provides advanced research tools, such as stock screeners and portfolio back-testing capabilities.

The Quant Service from Seeking Alpha is a special way to learn more about investments. It helps people understand company data and financial statements. It also has tools like stock screeners and portfolio back-testing which can be helpful for investors.

Customer Support & Website Usability

Seeking Alpha’s customer support is excellent. The website has a comprehensive FAQ section with detailed answers to common questions. In addition, Seeking Alpha offers 24/7 email and phone support for premium subscribers.

The website itself is easy to use and navigate. Users can quickly find the information they need, as well as access exclusive content with their premium membership.

Seeking Alpha API

Seeking Alpha also offers an API, which allows developers to access their data and build custom applications. The API provides access to their financial news, stock market analysis, investment ideas, and opinions from experts in the finance industry.

Past Performance & Trading Results

Seeking Alpha’s past performance and trading results have been impressive.

They have consistently provided valuable insights to investors, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their investments.

Seeking Alpha Premium Review: Frequently Ask Questions

Have a question? This section of our review of Seeking Alpha will answer your burning questions!

Is Seeking Alpha trustworthy?

When it comes to analyzing the performance of companies using quantitative data, Seeking Alpha does indeed have a remarkable track record of accuracy.

Is Seeking Alpha a good investment?

Seeking Alpha pays a rate far more than the benchmark for the industry, which is $10 per thousand page views, for exclusive pieces chosen for publication. Here you can read how to sign up for the Premium Partnership Program.

Can anyone contribute to Seeking Alpha?

Yes, anyone can contribute to their platform. This includes personal and organizational traders, investment managers, college kids, retirees, experts, and virtually anybody who wants to share investment knowledge and ideas with the community.

Who shouldn’t upgrade to the premium version of Seeking Alpha?

If you are not a full-time trader or have limited time to research stocks then the basic account might be sufficient for you.
New investors should also stick with the free edition and use the website to read articles about investment strategies. However, you will need to upgrade your account to view articles more than ten days old and access their stock ratings.

Is Seeking Alpha free?

Yes, there is a free version of Seeking Alpha available.

There is no need to purchase Seeking Alpha Premium once your free two-week trial expires if you wish to continue reading after that point. Many sophisticated tools are included in Premium and unrestricted access to analytical articles to aid your investment.

Is Seeking Alpha good for day trading?

For day traders, market participants, and even swing brokers, Seeking Alpha is most likely one of the most useful tools available. It is a particularly excellent fit that performs your research on investments and learns from professionals in the field.

Is Seeking Alpha Premium Worth It?

Seeking Alpha’s premium subscription service can be valuable to investors seeking to make informed decisions about their investments. The premium subscription provides many benefits that are outlined in detail in the above review.

Ultimately, whether their premium services are worth it will depend on the individual investor’s needs and objectives.

Who Owns Seeking Alpha?

The platform is owned by Seeking Alpha Inc., a privately-held company with offices located in New York and London. The company was founded in 2004 by David Jackson.

Why Is Seeking Alpha No Longer Free?

Seeking Alpha switched to a premium subscription model in 2018. The premium service provides access to exclusive content such as earnings call transcripts, ratings changes and analyst upgrades/downgrades that can help investors maximize their returns.

As Seeking Alpha has grown in popularity and added new features, the company decided it was necessary to switch to a subscription model in order to continue providing high-quality content.

How Much Is Seeking Alpha Premium?

Seeking Alpha’s premium subscription service is available for a 90-day low-cost trial at $9.95 and then goes to $239 for an annual membership.

How To Write For Seeking Alpha?

If you are interested in writing for Seeking Alpha, you can submit your ideas and articles through their online submission form.

Editors will review all submissions and will contact authors of accepted pieces to discuss payment and further details. For more information on Seeking Alpha’s article guidelines and submission process, please visit their website.

How To Unsubscribe?

If you no longer wish to be a Seeking Alpha premium subscriber, you can easily cancel your subscription by logging into My Account and navigating to the Manage Subscriptions tab.

From there, you will be able to view and manage your current subscriptions. If you need further assistance with canceling or managing your premium subscription, please contact their customer service.

What Is The Best Website For Stock Analysis?

The best website for stock analysis depends on the individual investor’s needs and objectives. Seeking Alpha is a popular choice among many investors as it provides access to valuable content such as Real-time news updates, Stock Quant Ratings, author ratings, and an Idea screener/filter.

However, there are several other websites that offer similar services so it is important to compare multiple websites in order to find the best option for your investment needs.
It is a great platform for investors seeking access to exclusive content and analysis of financial markets, especially for trading stocks and ETFs. It is not great for technical analysis or specific stock signals though.

How Many Free Articles Do I Get?

You can still access free content on Seeking Alpa, although on the basic plan, you have limited access to. This means that you can access any article on any stock in their database, but if you look at a lot of content you will soon hit the monthly content limit.

What Are Growth Stocks?

Growth stocks are those that have higher-than-average returns compared to the overall stock market. They tend to be more volatile and carry more risk, but they can also provide greater potential for return. Growth stocks usually come from companies that are rapidly expanding and have a high potential for growth in revenues and profits.

Examples of growth stock include technology companies, biotechnology firms, and companies within the entertainment industry.

What Are Momentum Stocks?

Momentum stocks are those that have seen a recent surge in value due to positive news or market sentiment. These stocks may be risky investments, as the price of the stock may plummet just as quickly as it rose.

Momentum stocks tend to be highly volatile and can be difficult to predict.

Examples include penny stocks, small-cap tech stocks, and stocks that are benefiting from recent news or events.

Online Reviews

Customers of Seeking Alpha are really happy with the service quality, but it is still wise to be ready if they have negative comments or suggestions. The opinions of a variety of consumers are presented here.


The aggregate score of 3.87 out of 5 stars from 252 customer ratings and reviews for Seeking Alpha demonstrates that most consumers are pleased with their purchases. Customers who are pleased with them highlight the company’s customer service and investing recommendations. Seeking Alpha is now in second place among sites for stock trading.


TrustPilot is an online review community that connects businesses and customers by making it easier for users to provide truthful comments about their purchasing and service-receiving experiences.

Seeking Alpha has received 4.3 out of 5 stars, which results in an exceptional rating. Additionally, 71% of customers have a positive opinion of the company.


Seeking Alpha is a reputable stock-picking service with thousands of subscribers. Despite a small number of negative reviews, most of their subscribers are very satisfied with their service and seem to be making consistent profits.

They offer a range of subscription services to allow investors to pick a suitable membership for their needs. Whilst the amount of content can be overwhelming at first, they are one of the best websites out there for investors wanting to research stocks.

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