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The Technical Traders Review [2021]

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The Technical Traders is an ETF and index picks/signals service. After being a member for 6 months I created this review to show you behind the scenes and let you know if it’s worth investing in this service. Watch this video for the full review;

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Hello, it’s Jonathan here from Trade Wise. And in this video, I’m going to be doing an honest review of Technical Traders. If you’re thinking about maybe buying Technical Traders, maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve researched it online, want to know if it’s any good or not. I’ve been a member for about six months now. I’m going to be showing you what I know about the service. I’ll show you behind the scenes in the members area, and I’m going to give you my honest opinion, where I think it’s something that’s worth continuing. And basically, whether or not it can compete with some of the really standout products that I’m already using and profiting from as part of the trade wide system. So without further ado, let’s learn more about Technical Traders.

What Is The Technical Traders

All right. Here we are at a Technical Traders Ltd. website, The actual website address is, just to make sure you’re going to the right location. Basically, this is a stock signal service. I say stock signals, actually trades a range of different commodities and different markets. And a lot of the time i found from my experience over the last few months, it mainly focuses on ETFs. Now I’ve been a member for about six months, and I do feel as though I’ve gotten to know the service and the system quite well. But if you’re brand new to this, then you can find a lot of information on the homepage. You do have to be a little bit careful, because the whole idea of this website is to try and sell you on what they’re trying to do. But they are quite open and transparent, they’re talking about the system and how they make their picks. Some information here, which is fairly difficult to verify how many customers and things that they’ve got. One thing that I don’t really like about the homepage, they’re talking about some of their recent positions and things here. And obviously, you can see a lot of green versus a lot of red. Now I’m not 100% sure this is correct, to be honest. Based on the experience that I’ve had over the last six months, I’ve had more losses than the nothing indicated here, and some of the wins have been smaller than suggested as well.

Is The Technical Traders A Scam?

And that’s the first, sort of, slightly negative aspect of it. That’s not to say, though…  I don’t necessarily think that they’re scamming, I don’t have a problem with this service. I kind of like it overall, but maybe they’re trading in a slightly different way. I’m betting perhaps they’re using options or something else and just getting slightly different results, maybe just getting in at a different time in the market. You do expect some fluctuation, that’s for sure. All I’m saying at this point is maybe, just take this with a pinch of salt, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest that over the last few months you’d have made whatever the combination of 21%, 25%. It looks as though you’re making 100% return within just the period of January to March, but I was a member during this time, and I certainly didn’t make that kind of profit.

So that’s the homepage, and hopefully you can understand that I’m just trying to be honest about I’m seeing here and my own experience of it as well.

The Member’s Area

I’ll take you inside the members area now, because you can spend a bit of time…  If you want to go and have a look through the actual website in more detail, Then of course you can do. But when you actually go into the members area, one thing that I really like about this is that there’s a daily update. They do like an over-the-shoulder video that you can watch on where the markets at. That’s both a general review of markets and get a bit of market sentiment, but also specifically talking about the open positions as well. I do really like the fact that A) it’s transparent, and B) they kind of walk you through it. There’s other services that I’ve reviewed recently. And ones that I don’t like is where they just post the odd signal on the website, without any kind of narrative or ongoing support where you can find out, if you nervous about a trade or whatever. At least with this particular signal service, they will kind of walk you through and hold your hand and just reassure you of what is actually happening with those particular trades. While it’s on my mind as well, they also do email signals as well. Again, that’s really good. You don’t necessarily have to keep the website, I tend not to. I tend to just wait for the signals, and maybe the end of the week, I’ll just double check that I’ve not missed something, like with a closing signal or something like that, that maybe just have overlooked in my emails. But as I say, it is there for you. The video reviews and the timeline of some of the trading history.

What To Expect When Joining.

Now one thing I will just say is please don’t go ahead, I’m in the members area here, you’re going to see some trading signals and things. Do not copy these signals whatever you do, because they’re not going to be valid anymore. I mean, these are valid as of today. And by the time you watch this, those signals will be well and truly gone and subject to history. I’m only showing you the inside, I just like being open and honest with people. I don’t want you going and trading these, so please don’t just take these. What you’re seeing on the screen now has been signals, I’m just trying to show you what to expect if you do join this service.

There’s quite a few positives. I do like the way the communication is done, you’re not left alone with it. They’re kind of educating as they go along, putting you in the picture. There’s video archives her, live portfolio is what trades are open right now. I’m going to show you this portfolio in a minute, that’s the history of the portfolio, instructions on how to do different things. Again, just walking you through it. There are some educational areas as well, it’s talking a bit about ETFs, and there’s the management section where you can manage your own account. I guess ultimately, this is not a particularly cheap service, and I think I’m paying $199 per quarter. That’s not pocket money, it’s a reasonable sum to pay. Ultimately, for me, it comes down to… Now, because I’m happy with the communication, and I’m happy that it’s not a scam. But if I was in your shoes right now, you’ll be thinking “How profitable is this?”.

Does The Technical Traders Make Money?

My answer is that it’s relatively profitable, but not profitable enough for me, personally, to justify the cost. Let me just show you over the last few months; some of the trades, again, I’m only showing you this, because I would just want to be transparent about the service. We can see different trades here, you can see the types of things that are being traded as well. Hopefully, that’s useful for you to just get a feel for what is being traded. As I say mostly it’s sort of ETFs or it will track specific commodities. Like, just say gold, for example, or gold mining, or something like that. It just plays depending on what the market’s conditions are like at the time. I’ve not seen many fads, like an individual stock. It’s more so ETFs and sectors and things like that. But if you look at the profit down the right-hand side, some of these have been profitable and some of them have been nicely profitable. 20.8%, that’s a nice trade.

What you don’t see is there was a string of losses just earlier, the previous two to these gains. And also, 1.6% gained, 2.5% gain. But then these were quite heavy losses, with which these losses took me into an overall loss with the service. Since then, I did go and one of these just about broke even with these trades. You can see, there’s only a small amount of margin. Depending on your broker and things, one or two percent return isn’t really going to impress most people, and how to turn a profit on that. Since then, there has been a bit more profit, that could have brought a lot of traders back into steady profits. I’ve not traded, though. I can’t say whether the 20% return is realistic. But for me, over the last six months that I’ve been a member of the service, I did only just break even. So maybe I stopped trading it a little bit too early, and again, I just want to be totally transparent about those those kind of things, you can see here that they’re being transparent and I’m trying to be transparent with everything as well.

For me, this one has got potential. Maybe I just traded at a bad time, I could have made this more profitable. But certainly over the last six months, if I include the subscription fee, I’ll have probably slightly lost money. If I’d have been more aggressive, maybe over the last three or four weeks, I might have gotten to a small profit. If I compared it to other products and services that I’m sort of invested in, I’m so far in profit over the last six months, compared to those other ones. Some of them are total autotrading where I don’t lift a finger, others are ones where I get really good signals that are sent out to me via email or text, and I just execute those signals nice and quickly and easily. And I’ve had far more profit and success with those services than this one.

The Technical Traders Overall

That’s really what my review is about. It’s not necessarily to say that the technical traders, in this case, is a bad service. I do like the daily video reviews. They are having some success, undoubtedly. Maybe if you’re a larger investor or you just like investing in this type of ETFs and things like that, then this may well be for you. Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information to determine whether or not it’s the right product for you.

If I haven’t by the way, then please leave me a comment below and I’d be happy to answer any questions that you’ve got about it. This is probably one that I’m not going to continue, just because I’ve got so many other good products that are making me the money. For me, I’m just probably going to be cancelling this fairly soon. But even so, it probably scores about four out of five, and it’s the kind of product that if I’d have found it a few years ago, when I didn’t have the really good ones, I probably would have kept it going to be honest, and I probably would have been looking for ways to just make the best of it. But I don’t really need to adapt and try and make the best of it right now, because I’ve got other things that are working so well.

If you want to know what any of those are, you can browse my YouTube channel. But I’d probably suggest that you’re at the website, which is, and you’ll see there some of the five-star products went you know working very well right now.

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Closing Remarks

That’s it for this video, I really hope you found it helpful and insightful. I’m always looking to just try and keep safe out there, that’s the whole idea of Trade Wise, it’s about making profits, it’s not about getting pulled into all these ridiculous scams and things like that. I hope you enjoyed this video. As I say, any questions and comments, please feel free to leave them below. If you enjoyed the video, please give me a thumbs up. And yeah, I look forward to seeing you in the next video. Bye for now.

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I’m Jon, owner of Trade Wise at and
I review forex and crypto trading products and services to find the best of what’s out there for creating a passive income without becoming a full-time trader.

42 thoughts on “The Technical Traders Review [2021]”

  1. Thanks for your review,I lost lots of money following various alert services,was seriously thinking about technical traders and Tom gentiles weekly money calendar.

    • I share your pain Mahendra! That’s exactly what this website and YT channel is about – I take the losses so you don’t have to!

  2. Avoid these guys. They are clueless about the business cycle and markets in general.
    They are your typical bull market only cowboys.
    Tried the service beginning January 2020 . They had No fixed income positions (bond market rallying for a year , 6 months, 3 months)
    long gold etf- and if you can believe it – long ENERGY etf/positions.
    What could possibly go wrong??
    Save your money – avoid like the plague!

  3. The technical Traders based in Ontario are bull market cowboys.
    Have no understanding of markets or the business cycle.
    Save your money – Avoid subscribing like the plague.
    Better alternatives out there that can handle the full business cycle

  4. Jonathan, thank you for doing a review of this trading service. My name is Chris Vermeulen, the owner, and trader for it. I want to clear up a few comments that you made, which were incorrect if you don’t mind me sharing here.

    1. You said it looked like we should have made a 100% return in a few of the last trades on the home page green and red track record. That is far from reality. In short, yes, we make 1-40+% gains on trades, but we do not trade the full portfolio position in any trade. For example, the more volatile an asset is, the smaller the position we take to counter that volatility. So if we trade something fast-moving, we will trade 1/8th or 1/4 of our portfolio in that trade. If we make 20% on it, that really is only a 5% growth in our entire portfolio. Then if you look at our smaller 1-5% traders, they are slower asset classes like utility XLU. When we make 5%, it is on 1/2 of our trading account, which is a total portfolio gain of 2.5%, which is a big gain for the entire account with an overall small trade gain all because of position sizing. I am looking for a 2-4% return a month on the entire portfolio, which 24% – 48% a year. Steady low-risk growth is the name of the game.

    2. As we all know, trading results will go in waves. Some months or years are terrible, others are incredible, and we get a mix of both as well. As you stated, you stopped with the service just as we went into a string of decent winners, and if you were not following my position sizing, then the losers you took would have hurt your account much more than they should have.

    3. You mentioned you are a spread better, so it’s possible you could not trade some of the ETF trades I issued, which was part of why you were not going to continue possibly.

    To touch on John’s comment above. Not everyone is a fit for the services trading style (time frame, ETFs, number of trades per month), which is normal. Some individuals like to go out of their way to hurt people’s reputations even when the issue has nothing to my trading service.

    Anyways, be safe, stay healthy and happy trading Johnathan
    Chris V.

    • Hi Chris, thank you for leaving your comments. It shows that you care about your service and I think you raise some fair points.
      1. I perfectly understand your money management percentage allocation, but the way you were promoting it on your website was misleading IMO. At least now people understand the 5% or 2.5% account allocation after your explanation.
      2. Whilst this is true, I simply wasn’t getting the same results that you were showing in your past performance on the website and that above all else was a red flag. Again, I appreciate that there could be legitimate reasons for this that are completely out of your hands, such as my choice of broker, and of course timing of getting in and out of the trade.
      3. I think I had access to all of the markets, but trading with a different derivative could easily impact the results.

      As I stated in my video, I think there’s potential with your service but I just wasn’t successful and that being the case I did not want to pretend that I was. My video is simply an honest appraisal of my personal experiences and not aimed at being an attack on the service. If you stand by your service and the results then I would be happy to conduct another trial under your supervision and if the results come out differently then I would be more than happy to update my review accordingly.

      • Like many ” trading services” the money is made in the adding of new subscriptions when the performance does not live up to the posted returns.

  5. Because they are talking heads without a proven , consistent and most importantly VERIFIABLE process. They make more money on new subscriptions than trading.

  6. Used Chris’ service fir the year and he had us in 50/50 market and cash after the Match crash now a year later at top of nailer rebound he goes all in 100 market. We’ll see if he’s correct but the loses he caused me over the year is frustrating. Why now all in, his emotions have taken over his investing sense.

    • Interesting and thank you. I’ve been with the service just a few months and am willing to give it a solid chance. He is highly recommended by Eric Sprott which is okay in my book.

      It’s a long game newsletter with minimal trades. I’ve been apart of just two sets of trades. Unfortunately the first set was minimally successful. Couple percent increase but the market pulled back hard so it was good we got into cash at just the right time and watched the market fall over a couple weeks. Unfortunately the second set started with a 5% drop on the first day. No doubt I was unhappy but I know it’s a long game investment. Not day trading. It has recovered to within a percent of even and with a long way to go. I believe in the sectors we are in just not the methods of entry and exit price.

      It’s 4 ETF trades of equal dollar weighted positions and it’s 100% TA. I don’t get the rationale for when they decide to enter the positions. It’s proprietary and I’m not in full agreement with it so far. As a swing trader I think I can take their solid sector recommendations and find better entry and exit points. However, I don’t believe I could pick the hot sectors without extensive research and the benefit of the newsletter is its a set and forget style trading. I really like it so far.

      Not everything is sunshine and blue skies however. Is anything in life?

      I’m on here because I’m wondering what other people’s experiences are previous to the last 6 months. I believe Chris to be an honorable man looking to make a little coin while providing a good service. However, today has me slightly concerned. He states the portfolio is xx percent up when its actually xx percent down. He is using a chart that incorrectly assumes each position has the same number of shares instead of weighting them equal dollar value. I actually made the same mistake looking at the same exact chart before going back to the positions and their dollar weights. I think he made a no big deal mistake but instead of owning up to it he talked about intraday prices and dividends and “top level” views. So many people caught the error that he had to issue a special email alert. None of his explanations supported the mistake he made in valuing the portfolio. I would have been fine if he just said oops sorry about that but now I’m wondering what others have experienced in the past.

      So far I’m pretty happy.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience. I too believe Chris to be an honorable person, I just didn’t find the service particularly profitable. I’m sure people find that it works for them.

        • I agree.

          I should have added, I think its a very conservative way to invest vs trading. You aren’t going to blow the S&P out of the water with this but it should beat it by a few percent over the long term. Additionally, it will keep you out of the market when it goes down the toilet. That is important to me. The worth of that would be up to the individual and their style. If you like trading and watching the market everyday this isn’t for you. I hate being in front of the computer and looking at my phone all the time.

          Its great video education everyday in the pre-market and then a quick blurb wrap up after it closes. Once a month Chris and his business partner do Q and A session that is about an hour and I really like that. It gives me a look inside what Chris is looking at and how he approaches the market. He answers all questions too so its not a get me out of here type thing. He definitely cares about his product and clients.

          Chris also states the BAN trading method shouldn’t be your entire portfolio but a portion of its overall composition.

  7. So its only been 2 weeks since my last update but I’ve exited the positions. My first set of trades was a 2% gain but I was late to the trading so I didn’t enter when the strategy said too. Coincidentally the strategy gained just over 2%. This last set has been nothing short of a disaster. I’m not going to give away the positions to give respect to Chris and his team. But the returns thus far are 1 position stop loss exited at a 15% loss. I’m still in that position. One position currently in at a 1.4% loss. I sold at a 1% gain. 1 position currently at a 11% loss. I sold at a 9 % loss. 1 position currently open at a 13% gain I sold at a 15% gain. You can do the math. The position exited at a 15% loss is coming up to the biggest day of the year for the sector so I am staying in it until at least that day. They have hard and fast rules to exit at a 15% stop loss. It really isn’t for people who have a clue about trading. They set it up for set and forget and its maddening to me how they enter and exit positions. They look at all 4 positions as one trade. So if you trade the positions to its finality then look at the return vs what I did you will have a better idea of what you can expect. I wasn’t going to wait for more losses to pile up or small gains to be frittered away.

    We entered all the positions on the same day right at 9:30am when the premarket was screaming a big down day because of bond yields. All the positions were quickly down large single digit percentages and they spent a couple weeks trying to get back to even. At one point the team thought we were .5% up when in fact the 4 positions were 1.5% down. They were flooded with emails and ended up issuing a special alert to address the error. Instead of explaining the error it was a weird defensive email kind of lashing out. It was, quite frankly, very concerning for a professional newsletter. I decided that was it for me and I was going to attempt to exit the positions with some skin left instead of blindly following their system.

    The method they use is to find etfs that have already run up and have pulled back a little. They look for bull flags and then run Fibonacci extensions on them to eek out the last few possible gains of sectors that are in the mist of losing steam. I don’t really understand their ETF rankings because it is proprietary. The list can be used quite well to your advantage if you do not follow their entry and exit advice. However, I do not believe that alone is worth the price they charge.

    2 weeks ago we were in the mist of being down a large percentage but I wasn’t fretting it. It was clear from the daily videos people were not happy and expressing it via their email or other communication. People are emotional and sometime expect too much from newsletters. However, I understood the concern. After they had no idea that the portfolio was down a lot against the S&P and thought the portfolio was up .5% just tells me they aren’t invested in the system nor are following it very closely. So while I like Chris and his education. His team is very responsive to inquiry. The daily updates and monthly webinars are very good. The negatives out weigh the positives in this case.

  8. I don’t know how much this site is reviewed by people but if you have made money with this service please post below. I’m very curious because there are very few newsletters that use the relative rotation of sectors. Maybe for good reason.

    They took another 15% loss on one of the 4 positions today. Two positions are now closed both at 15% losses. One position is down now 3% and one is up 12%. Conversely the SPY is up 4.5% during the same time frame.

    I’m glad I got out of this ridiculous mess before today.

    • You did right getting out when you did Brian. Unfortunately, I stuck with it and paid a heavy price. Wish I’d never subscribed.

  9. I have tried many different services, this one is the worst, based on my experience. Also, be careful, when you signup.
    1. There is no refund if you do not like the service.
    2. It is very hard to find a way to cancel the service on the website.
    3. If you think your membership will expire automatically at the end of your subscription, be careful they will try to charge you and extend your membership. They want your money.

    My opinion is to stay as far away from these people as you can. (there is not star here I would have given it zero)

    • Mehdi,

      You have to email them to turn off auto renew. I’ll say they promptly responded to my request and asked why I wanted to cancel. They also offered my money back if I didn’t make money over the course of a year. Since I was a 6 month subscription I would have to sign up for another 6. No thanks. I can’t afford the losses!!

  10. Stay well away if you want to keep your money.

    I subscribed earlier in the year and it has been an absolute train wreck. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

    Any service that can (in the middle of a bull market) place FOUR trades at the same time, manage to trigger 15% stop-losses on two of the trades, lose money on the third, and make only a nominal profit on the fourth, all whilst the SPY is rising takes some doing. I honestly think you’d have struggled to find two ETFs that bombed as quickly and as badly as two of these, and that third one barely ever went in to the green in two months. The fourth one did make some gains, but then plummeted back down to almost breakeven.

    As others have pointed out, there was a time when Chris said the selections had made a positive return when this was simply not true. I can’t remember the exact details now, but I remember staring at that on one screen, whilst looking at the clearly negative results on my own portfolio on my other screen. Others have said, and I’d echo it, mistakes happen, but take responsibility for it and don’t try and brush it under the carpet. It also brings in to question any of the claimed returns on their web site, as if he can say a losing portfolio is profitable whilst it is happening, then it will be only two easy to put rose tinted spectacles on when making claims for promotional purposes.

    Yes, Chris does good educational videos and has a pleasing presentation style, and seems like a nice guy, but for well over $1000 this really isn’t worth it at all. Unfortunately I still have over half a year to run on my subscription. I can’t ever imagine me taking a risk on any of their selections again. They talk a good talk, but the reality is VERY depressing.

    I wish that I’d been like Brian and got out of this mess a lot sooner.

    My recommendation to anyone thinking of signing up for is DON’T!!! Stay well clear.

  11. Thank you, Jon, for this community review. You saved me from joining the Ban trading system. Chris is good at PR and always on a a variety of trading channels on YouTube. Likeable and knowledgeable, but seems like his service is not a scam, just questionable returns for the price, etc. Thanks again!!

  12. Well, I still have some time left on my membership so I have been watching them. The BAN system went to cash for quite a while and I watched as the market has been teetering. Many other traders I follow have shorted the market in anticipation of the big drop that happened after the latest FOMC. I don’t know if they made money on those shorts. Since the DOW dropped about 5% in the last week I’m guessing they have.

    The emails I received from the TTT team were along the lines of, “We are safely in cash as the market shakes out.” I thought maybe I’d check in and give it another try with very small positions. I got an email to enter 4 positions at the 9:30am open as the BAN system has triggered new trades. I paused. The premarket was in free fall from the previous day’s FOMC. I paused because nothing said enter positions. The ETFS they recommended to enter have all been up for the last month and are just about out of steam. Simple indicators including the RSI, MACD, and moving averages are all saying get out or stay away. Tracking the 4 positions they promptly lost a cumulative 1% the first day. It takes a special kind of system to be in cash while the market is going up and then enter the market the day it crashes 600 points on the DOW. Simply paying attention to what is going on around the world for a couple days would help this system.

    I’m continuing my review of this newsletter because I don’t want others to lose money like I have. If things turn around and it beats the S&P I’ll be sure to post positive comments.

  13. Thank you for your continued feedback on this service. May I ask if 15% stoploss was triggered earlier, what ETFs do they replace them with once they decide to get back in?
    Do they ever give reasoning for their enter and exit signals (for education purposes)? I wanted to learn about technical trading and sign up for the service for educational purposes.

  14. An update for people wanting to invest in this newsletter of sorts. They hit it out of the park on their last set of trades. Again 4 ETFs with one being an 2x bull of one of the indices. One ETF hit a 7% target and they sold 25% of the position to lock in profits and it then pulled back but has held steady in the green. One is up 15% and the other two are up 2-4% at this point.

    So maybe if you take a long term approach to the strategy it might do ok. Give it a full year of analysis and determine if it is worthwhile to you. I happen to start it with a really bad taste in my mouth. The second round of ETFs still haven’t covered the losses from the first round so for the last 6 months I’m still down a couple percent in addition to the face I paid a lot of money for the privilege to be in the red.. If I were to leave it in an S&P ETF I would be doing a lot better. My 6 month subscription is about to end and I’m not renewing to give a full year review. The basis of the system is they make good money in a bull market. Maybe a little more than the broader market. In a down market they are going to lose a lot more in relation. The system is nothing special and in fact you could look at a relative rotation graph and pick out a few sectors and do just was well on your own. Good luck to all.

  15. I’m not a member of TTT but I follow Chris Vermeulen’s free research. In the UK, ETFs are traded in low volumes, so they can be problematic. Mr V has been bearish this summer and last, and the promised big correction hasn’t happened (he’s not the only analyst in this position). He sometimes seems to be bullish at more or less the same time. I think he’s realising that the central banks’ support for economies has changed things and made Fibonacci/Elliott etc less dependable than in the past.

    What I have learned from him is the importance of stop losses. The principle- that you recognise leading sectors, invest in them and take profits in stages- is sound, as is the strategy of using inverse index ETFs when (if?) indices fall. The theory that 2020’s leading sectors would probably continue to lead this year is taking time to work out- with, for example, INRG clean energy, Cannabis ETFs, and China.

    It’s a bit harsh to say “I would have been better off tracking the indices”, considering the miraculous run they’ve had and how hard it has been to anticipate the sector rotations the TTT strategy depends on.

  16. Thank you very much for the feedback provided. I am a currently subscribing to TTT and I find some of the comments from past subscribers very interesting. I must admit that this year has been terrible in terms of trading BUT the losses (which there have been many) are quite limited, especially compared to if I had gone on my own. That being said, 2020 was very good. I was up over 50%. I will take a 50% return on my investment on any day. People always claim that they could have bought the index and make more… so why have they not? No system is perfect and no matter what or who you follow, you will lose money at some point. You will lose money even more if you don’t understand the system or the approach, which most of what we do because we’re looking for someone else to make us money rather than understanding how to make money. Hence, why we subscribe to those financial services. Had I subscribed to TTT for the firs time in 2021, I would not have been happy, I must admit. That being said, with a 2-year overview, I made money last year and limited the losses this year. The same goes for my subscription with Marin Katusa. I made a lot of money with Katusa but I also took a few good ones on the chin. Nevertheless, I am way into my money after three years. You are well within your rights to not like a financial service and there are a lot of charlatans (a lot!) out there with pretty presentation and the usual BS. While TTT is guilty of using the same BS selling technique, I find that TTT has been honest and upfront about their records since I have joined. They are not perfect but my experience with them so far has been very positive. I may have not made money with them this year but the education I got over the last year as saved me a lot more money (and I am extremely good at losing money!). In the end, TTT may just not be for you but I would not characterize them as dishonest and scammers, far from it. I hope that everyone finds a financial service that they are satisfied with.


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